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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dino Crisis Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Dino Crisis


We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation.If you have any cheats or tips for Dino Crisis please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : DreamCast

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Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Alternate Army and Battle Costumes:
Complete the game once
Unlock Ancient Costume:
Complete the game 2 times.
Unlock Unlimited Grenade Gun Ammo:
Complete the game 3 times
Unlock Operation Wipe-Out Mode:
Complete the game in under 5 hours

Number codes and ID numbers for di..

Number codes and ID numbers for dino crisis
1Box in Chiefs room 705037
2lounge code 8159
3Gaurds supply 0426
4Mark doyles Id # 57036
5Gas lock 7248
6card key 1 3695
7card key 2 0392
8Kirk ID 31415
9score sound code 367204
10Stabilizer design code1 0367
11Stabilizer design code2 0204
Hope this roxx your world!!!

These are all the codes u will need to go throug..

These are all the codes u will need to go through every door that has a pass code I forget some of the names of the door's because didn't write them down and I sold the game but here they are:

0426, 57036, 8159, ddk H= head, sol leo or 705 037, ddk N=newcomer, ddk L=laboratory, 7248, 3695, ddk E=energy, fbaca, adabccc, ddbadabb, ddk W=waterway, 0392, ddk S=stabilizer, ddk D=dr.kirk, 31415 I don't think that they are in order but they may be try it out.

When you go on the 2f floor go to the chiefs roo..

When you go on the 2f floor go to the chiefs room and there should be a survivor, he will give you somthing

then go to the wall behind the desk press x to read the medallions or somthing on the wall. Put panel key 1 in the left slot and panel key 2 in the right slot then type in the code, the ddk code to get in the room is Head.

type in 507037 then get the tresure

before you go any where else change your gun into the gernade launcher

then start walking out of the room.

before you got out of the room a T-REX comes through the window and tryes to kill you but eats the survivor

and then he comes after you, shoot him with the gernade gun 3 or 4 times and then he'll leave

Sound password

In the part in which you have to enter in a password that you get from the tape recorder behind the bookcase, I don't know what yours might be, but on my file, the password was as follows:
3,2,1,9,4,0 thanks thats all I wanted to say for now.

Not wasteing bullets on t-rex

When you have to go and activate the anntenna for the helicopter breifing. After you leave the room and the t-rex chases you down the balcony when you get to the door rick is trying to open for you instead of shooting the t-rex you can just stand at the door walking backwards intell Rick opens the door for you. When you get to the door you need to push R1 or R2 (can't remember wich) but the one that makes you do a 180 turn you must turn that way or he will get you!!!

Kill harder dinos easier

The dinos you fight on floor B3 and etc. Are much harder than the raptors on the ground floor and the underground levels. So heres my tip if your really good at the game. The medicine you use when you die instead of keepin those on you you can make poison darts with them and the way you make them is mixin the revive med and the strongest sleepdarts L.dartsL+ and then you get Poisen Darts!! Then you stick the darts in a yellow or red emergency box what ever you got plugs for you could use a green box but you would have to wait longer which I don't think you should do. Finally when you get to floor B3 open the yellow box or red box depending on what color box you put the darts in. Get them and wipe out them hard dinos!

When you go up agenst the T-Rex that comes up wh..

When you go up agenst the T-Rex that comes up when you turn on the satalight.

Hit him two times with a gernade useing the gernade launcher.

Kill harder dinos faster no easier

Here is another hint on how to kill difficult dinosaures easier. Raptors are the easiest dinos to kill (for me). Now the black dinos that you fight on floor B3 (the ones that stand on there back legs and are really tall) are the hard ones because they can hit you once and your down. Now my way you can kick their asses is at the beggining of the game only use your handgun. Now I know that sounds kinda hard but if your good it's not. Then if you save your grenade bullets and shotgun shells for the black dinos then you can beat the game alot easier. It takes more time but you beat it better because you kill mostly all the dinos in the game. Thats somthing to be proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save anywhere:Press L1,R1,R2,and L2 all at the s..

Save anywhere:

Press L1,R1,R2,and L2 all at the same time when u do this it will ask u if u want to save your progress y/n, but u will have to start back at the last door u went through.

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