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Breath of Fire 3 Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Breath of Fire 3


We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Breath of Fire 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PSP

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Defeating Ghosts

To quickly defeat the Ghosts in McNeil Manor use 'Heal' to defeat them easily. 'Heal' is also is also effective on the McNeil boss.


Place: "?" location in forest west of checkpoint
Requirements: You must have Peco in your party and have visited the faerie realm.
Meryleep's Skills
Skill---Level Requirement
War Shout---8
Meryleep's Attributes
HP--- -1
Power--- -1
Defense--- -1
You need to have Peco bash a rock into the pond. Meryleep will then appear and ask that you get the flower jewel that a crow stole.
The crow is sitting in the "?" location slightly west of the Maekyss Gorge.
Hit the tree it is sitting in with Peco, and it will drop the flower jewel.
Whoever apprentices with Meryleep will have not only a high agility increase, but ..

Desert Weapon

Begin your trip from the Oasis town.
Make sure to have the water girl on the small dock in the village fill your canteen first. Head south for one night.
When day breaks, set up camp. Rest and then break camp and head south until you enter your first random battle.
After exiting the battlfield, turn west ansd start walking again. Keep heading due west for four nights.
When you break camp the on the fourth night, the first random battlefield should harbor the secret weapon--Royal Sword.
It looks like a sword with a red sheath near the center of the arena.
You' find it on top of the sand on the battlefield, much as you'd find an item bag.

An easier way to get Kaiser is to combine INFINI..

An easier way to get Kaiser is to combine INFINITY + TRANCE + RADIANCE to get a stroncer and more accurate Kaiser.


Place: Hut in Cedar Woods
Requirements: none
-------------Bunyan's Skills-------------
Skill---Level Requirement
Risky Blow---2
Super Combo---8
--------Bunyan's Attributes---------
AP--- -2
Intelligence--- -2
Bunyan is available as a master after you make it to Mount Mynerg after being attacked by Balio and Sunder.
His stats enhance physical fighting but hinder magic usage, so it would be good for Ryu or Garr to apprentice under him.

How do you beat dragon elder fast? Well you only..

How do you beat dragon elder fast? Well you only need is Garr-Beast spear, Ryu-Damascus sword and Nina-Laqer staff.

Then you use Garr-phyical, Ryu-phyical & Nina-Iceblast,phyical. One more thing you should equip some thunder,ice and fire rings.


Place: Cave of Ages in Mount Zublo
Requirements: Must bring Ryu to room beyond the stone tablet.
Deis's Skills
Skill---Level Requirement
Deis's Attributes
HP--- -3
Defense--- -3
Deis is a tough master. If you apprentice with her, you'll have a hard time gaining HP and Defense, but the payoff will be the host of killer skills you aquire after you meet the required levels.
Nina or Momo would be the best to have apprentice with her.
(Note: After you free her from her imprisonment in Angel Tower, and then return to Mount Zublo, say "I like you better this way..

Alternate ending!!!!!!!! Near the beginning of t..

Alternate ending!!!!!!!!

Near the beginning of the game you can beat Balio and Sunder (not with Rei and teepo this is much harder you fight alone....or it could be easier.)

When nina gets captured by Balio and Sunder at wyndia you'll have to fight them.

If your level is high enough you can beat them(make them run off) simply attack nina she will wake up,attack sunder and run. Then change into a dragon to have enough HP.

Balio might attack then he will run same thing for Sunder.

I won't spoil the ending but you have to train beyd until he gets ALOT of everything which means you must be at level 99 without using a gameshark, and you must have last resort this is..

These are some of the Dragons That I have found:..

These are some of the Dragons That I have found:

Super Kaiser: Infinity+Trance+Radince

Wild Fire: Marical+Reverce+Thorn

Mammmoth: Marical+???

Mermidon: Force+Trance

Free croc Tears go to the area in cedar woods wh..

Free croc Tears go to the area in cedar woods where buyan lives and go to the
water and press x u can repeat t his as much as u want

Everyone always says to kick the berry tree with..

Everyone always says to kick the berry tree with peco but I found you get loads of catipillars stinging you.

So if you go to the house by meakys gorge and then go along a different path near the house to the shally seed tree.

If you kick that you will get shally seeds which do the same and you get less caterpillars.

To easily beat the Ghosts & the Amalgam at the M..

To easily beat the Ghosts & the Amalgam at the McNeil Manor when Ryu is a child, just equip a Silver Knive with all of your party members.

The Silver Knive''s property is Holy & it is very effective against Undead & Ghosts. It can be sold at Manillo's shop. To catch Manillo, use a coin.

Defeating Berserker:People says that the Berserk..

Defeating Berserker:

People says that the Berserker is so hard and they can't defeat it easily.

I just beat it with characters: Ryu 43 lvl, Rei 41 lvl and Peco 42 lvl (Third character is pretty useless.) And this is how I did it:

I bought first like 50 Soul Gems from Faerie village (used about 10).

Then I equipped Ring of Fire to all my team-members. (Stolen from Red Drake in Myria station.)

I found Berserker in Container Yard near Caer Xhan as usually.

So my units and items were:

Ryu: Dragon Blade, Dragon Shield (I stole Aries Gloves from Berserker during the fight and equipped them), Dragon Helm, Dragon Armor, Sou..


Place: Windia City
Requirements: Play hide-and-seek with the four teens in Windia. Find them all and then return to Wyndia to apprentice with Bais.
Bai's Reward
Reward---Level Requirement
Chain Formation---3
Bais's Attributes
Instead of a skill, Bais rewards you with a new battle formation after gaining three levels under him.
In the chain formation, all the characters share the agility of the lead character in the battle party. It lowers the overall defense of the party though.
Since he doesn't affect stats much, anyone can apprentice with him.

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