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World of Warcraft Cheats

Cheats and Tips for World of Warcraft

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Check out our collection of cheats to get to the top floor of the auction house in Stormwind, go through walls and get the 'Prairie chicken' special pet. We'll also tell you the best professions for classes.

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World of Warcraft cheats

Emotes List
The following must be entered in your 'Chat' window to achieve the desired effect. Follow a 'slash' (/) with the command name


Guild Commands

Type the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) at the chat window to enable the corresponding effect.
Basic Information about Guild:
Type '/ginfo'
Send Chat Message to ALL Guild Members:
Type '/g'
Send Chat Message to ALL Guild Officers:
Type '/o'
Invites Player to Join Guild:
Type '/ginvite'
Remove Player from Guild:
Type '/gremove'
Promote Player One Rank within Guild:
Type '/gpromote'
Demote Player One Rank within Guild:
Type '/gdemote'
Set Guild's Message of the Day:
Type '/gmotd'
Remove Self from Guild:
Type '/gquit'
Give Entire Guild Roster:


OK when you are in Trade District go in front of the tunnel that goes to Mage quesrter but don't go through! Now if you see some boxes jump on the middle one. Next run against wall and jump (it wont seem like you are jumping though) and then you will see a torch while you are running and jumping go towards torch and junmp on it and stay there! Next just jump on wall. Last go through wall lol and you will be under StormWind City!

PS: Alliance only! Unless you are raiding SW!

,Lucario987 :D Hope you like this!

World of Warcraft INFO you might need! ---->PRO's INFO <---

Hey!, I've been playing World Of Warcraft for a few years now and I thought I would share some stuff with you.!

1.Press the "Enter" key to enter chat box then type the following.
Those are most I know!.

2. Warsong Gulch - Level 10+ -
The objective of this BattleGround is to grab the enemys flag from their bas..

How to get to the top floor of the Auction House in Stormwind

Head over to the Trade District, go to the westernmost tunnel, which, if you went through it would take you to the Mage Quarter. Don't go through it. Face the tunnel, but still be in the Trade District. Look to your right, you should see a crate with a barrel on either side of it. Jump onto the crate in the middle. Face the flaming torch in the wall, jump onto it. Then jump onto the wall next to the arch. Don not go through the wall, otherwise you'll have to start again. Instead face towards the arch and jump onto it. Then run towards the top of the arch. Once you can't run any more, stop. Then use your mount. This should make you go through an invisible roof, then run to the very top of the arch. Once you reach the top face the auction house, and dismount. Then run towards the auction ..

Best proffesions for classes

Shaman: herbalism, alchemy, skinning, leatherworking and tailoring
Druid: herbalism, alchemy, skinning, leatherworking and enchanting
Warlock: enchanting, first aid, herbalism, alchemy and tailoring
Warrior: 1st aid, fishing, cooking, mining, blacksmithing and engineering
Mage: tailoring, herbalism, alchemy, fishing, cooking and 1st aid
Priest: herbalism, alchemy, enchanting and tailoring
Rogue: skinning, leatherworking, tailoring and 1st aid
Hunter: 1st aid: skinning, leatherworking, mining, blacksmithing and 1st aid
Paladin: herbalism, alchemy, fishing, cooking, 1st aid, mining and blacksmithing
Thanx, Tauren druids rule.

Pet Chicken (Alliance only)

The alliance can get a special pet: "Prairei Chicken"
To do so, create a macros (name & symbol don't matter) but make the command /chicken. Find a chicken (commonly found in Elwynn Forest) and continuasly click your chicken macros. Eventually the chicken will become a quest-giver and will give the quest "cluck". To do the quest go to westfall and buy chicken food, then find a chicken type, /cheer and then use the chicken food. When you do so the chicken will lay an egg which you can take, when you do you shall receive your pet chicken, YAY FOR YOU!!

Money Making: Money in Mild Speed

Making money is quite easy, well, not really, hard work is involved. If you are just starting a new character, try doing quests that tell you to kill the beasts in the area, or to get money or equipment, since the beasts drop items most of the time, sell off the items that you get from whatever beasts or humaniods you kill. Don't push it when you are Lv. 6 in the start area, you won't be making much cash for your Lv. Move on to the next area and do the same thing, only with harder quests. Once you are at least Lv. 15, move to the next place, (Humans for example go to Westfall) and do the quests there and train to the next 5 other levels. Once Lv 20, go to the nearest contested territory, you'll be pushing yourself here to make some money, but it will be worth it. If you haven't been spen..

Get Easy Experience

Here it comes, an easy way to increase the speed of leveling up is being rested. This will double the experience from killing enemies only. Discovering an area will not get you double the experience. An easy way to get rested is logging out at an inn. Whenever you know you are going to be away from the game for awhile, try to log out while inside an inn. This will get your player rested while you are away. To tell if your character is rested, look up at the circle next to his or her portrait where it shows your level. A "zzz" will be there instead of your level. This indicates that you are rested. You can also tell if you are rested by looking at your experience bar. The experience you have gained so far will be blue and all of the experience you gain will be blue until you pass the smal..

Class strenghs

shaman: Shaman are great solo based classes. they have a healing spell but it isnt as good as the priest or druid. Shaman can also cast totems to enchant other players near it.
druid: Druids are great solo based classes. thay have a healing spell it is better than the shaman but not as much as the priest. Druids can take animal forms to increase thier strengh, stealth and speed.
warlock: warlocks are great team players: Warlocks can summon creatures to attack creatures.Warlocks can also summon thier own type of mount called a fellhorse.
warrior: Warlocks are the ultimate class if you like to deal damage. They do most damage out of every other class. they can also wear the best armour on world of warcraft and any proffiesion you chose will help a warrior.

make train noise


Easy Money

Not sure if all the servers have this price, but for Alliance on Kirin Tor, you can sell 10 Copper Ores on the Auction House for about 50 silver (buyout).
If you empty your inventory, go out and mine, and don't come back until it's full with copper ore, you'll be rich once someone spots your ores. Some people will make theirs higher prices than 50, some lower. It always works best to be the lowest price by about 5 silver, so people buy yours first.
My level 7 paladin has 7 gold from this.
Happy WoWing Smile

Instance Guide - Warrior

Instances - Warrior
Firstly, when in instances there is two important things you must do in order to tank to the best of your ability, even before entering the instance:
Equip a 1H weapon and a Shield
Make sure you are in the defensive stance
It is of a great interest to purchase a ranged weapon, doesn't matter which. You don't need an ammo pouch/quiver for it as you only use 1 piece of ammo per pull. It can be simply put in one of your bag spaces. Before going for a group of mobs, pull the patrols (mobs that move around and could become unwanted adds) After all the patrols are gone, the group must pick a spot in which you can pull the mobs onto until there is one group left in the room. That is when pulling is unneccesary and you c..

Easy leveling up

At the begining of the game when you first make your person, do all the quest in the starting place. If you do that you are already lvl 6! After that when you get to the next town do all the quest you can do without leaving the country/territory thing. If you do thins in a few days you will be at lvl 11-14. You don't have to do this but it helps.
Happy playing! :D

Best for pvp

If you want to pvp (player nersus player) I suggest being horde because they always dominate the battlegrounds and I also suggest being either a hunter or warlock.

E-Z skill choices

Here are my advice-things to you new WoW players.
Now, I bet you're wondering"What skills should I learn??"Well, I got 'em all here
If you're a mage, warlock,or priest, go with enchanting and tailoring. The tailoring will give you something to wear, and to dissenchant!
If you're a hunter, druid,shaman or rogue, leather working and skinning is great for armor
If your a Warrior, or paladin, Blacksmithing and mining go great, you can make weapons and armor
Alchemy and herbalism can be a good choice for classes who can't heal themselves(warrior,hunter,rogue,mage,warlock)
If you want to be rich($$$$$) go with gathering skill like mining, skinning, or herbalism only
Well, thats my advice, the end

Effective Uses Of WoW Gold In this day and age, ..

Effective Uses Of WoW Gold
In this day and age, the internet contains several no charge games and plenty of persons execute online games in their leisure time to gain amusement. World of Warcraft is a free online game that is widely enjoyed on the internet which is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This specific MMORPG video game yields a new enthusiasm in the individuals to play it again. This game gives several personalities for the participant and a online game fanatic has to pick just one persona to research the area, grapple with terrible creatures. Wow is the small name of the world of warcraft game. A player can obtain the particular currency in the shape of gold during the gameplay which usually plays a significant role within the game. There are some weapon..

Easy leveling 1-6 for night elf hunters.

When starting an adventure as a night elf hunter,you start out with a weak dagger, bow and 200 arrows. You might want to take the nature quest that is a few steps away from you. You will have to kill 4 hogs and 7 young nightsabers. Get as far away as you can from the sabers and hogs and make sure you stay in range to shot an arrow, use the auto shot feature and you should get in 3-4 hits, now just finish him off with an attack or two and he will die, do this to all of the nightsabers and hogs. now you are about lvl 2 1/2 just start killing the near by grelkin base ( lvl 3 demons). Now you are lvl 3.then you should head the the cave full of spiders ( to the north) and kell them till you are lvl 4, getting to lvl 3-4 will take about 10-20 min. Depending on how fast you kill and the lvl of ..

good combination char.

Well I have found that I warrior human is really good. One because warriors can wear mail armor right away (except for the fact must buy it) and they can buy really good swords (for lvl 1- like 10) right in goldshire. And right across the river is lvl 4-6 defias brother hood dudes. And you got lvl 4 laberors in the mine. so a warrior human is really good. I might let you guys know more l8er when I know more. (I'm still kind of a noob to so)

How to make easy money if you are a noob!!

Now once you start WOW (world of warcraft) you should find some quests near the beginning.Do all of those quests and then keep doing other quests until you earn lots of money. Hope you enjoy this "good/ok" cheat. Happy Cheating Iownpokeeemons!

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