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World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft INFO you might need! ---->PRO's INFO <--- cheats for World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft INFO you might need! ---->PRO's INFO <---


Hey!, I've been playing World Of Warcraft for a few years now and I thought I would share some stuff with you.!

1.Press the "Enter" key to enter chat box then type the following.


Those are most I know!.

2. Warsong Gulch - Level 10+ -

The objective of this BattleGround is to grab the enemys flag from their base and return it to your base. However you may not capture the enemys flag if they currently have your teams flag. Killing the enemy that hold your flag and grabing the flag back will then allow you to capture the flag.

In Warsong Gulch there are a few items / Upgrades, in the tunnels of each of the teams bases is a boost witch increases your movement speed by 100 for 15 seconds (Witch can be usefull while running with your enemys flag.) there are also four seperate houses two in witch have a healing type upgrade witch will heal you to full health and restore your mana ( if you have any) . The last two houses have a beserker upgrade witch increases your Strength and Size.

3.Arathi Basin - Level 20+ -

This particular BattleGround has 5 different flags with a base for each (Mine, Farm, Stable, Blacksmith and Lumber Mill.) You need to capture as many of these bases as possisble while also maintaining them and not letting the opposing team
Capture it!. (You need 1600 Resources to win the BattleGround.

4.Alterac Valley - Level 50+ -

Alterac Valley is where your team must capture as many buildings as you can. There are two "bosses" whom your team must kill. If your team kills BOTH "Bosses" FIRST! Then you win the BattleGround.

5.Eye of The Storm. - Level 70+ -
Pretty simple all you have to do it capture atleast one of the four bases then you need to grab the flag in the middle of the battleground and return it to one of the current bases you posses.

6.!!WINTERGRASP!! - Level 75+ -

In WINTERGRASP if your team is in controll of Wintergrasp Fortress then all you need to do is kill the opposing team members to get rank ups! Then when your have been ranked up enough you may go to a workshop a purchase a siege engine witch you use to destroy the towers at the bottom of the map. You need to destroy ALL 3 towers while making sure your opposing team does not break into WinterGrasp! There is also a timer of 30Mins!.

If you are NOT in controll of Wintergrasp Fortress then your objective is simple. Kill members of the opposing faction to gain rank! An then purchase your siege engine and ATTACK "Lake WINTERGRASP Fortress"!!

({Tip for just hitting level 80!} - Once you hit level 80 you will need some gear! (Epics) - Start off by Getting a group for some level 80 dungeons, (Trial of the Champion, Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls) when you kill each boss you receive a emblem! (Emblem of Triumph) after a while of doing alot of dungeons you get more and more emblems! Use these emblems in dalaran for gear!.(you also get gear from doing dungeons - Loot - etc -. Then when you have enough epics try some HEROIC level 80 Dungeons! And get yourself some MORE EoT - Emblem of Triumph. And EoF - Emblem of Frost!.)

8. Some Professions you can learn!
. Leather Working
. Skinning
. Alchemy
. Herbalism
. BlackSmithing
. Mining
. Tailoring
. Engineering
. Enchanting

-Minor Professions-
.First Aid

Hope you can use this INFO!
I hope my GREATNESS will be passed into YOU!

P.S - FOR THE HORDE!!!! - Down With The Alliance!.

Happy ELITE Gaming!

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