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Follow the dark path or use the light

Shotgun Guide

by jimmythesnowman

| COD Black Ops: Shotty Guide
| FAQ Started: January 25th, 2011 
| Written By jimmythesnowman
| Original Version finished: January 29th, 2011
| Email: [email protected]
| Current Version: 1.10

| Introduction                                                           [INT]|

So, shotguns. Shotguns are a weapons type that shoots not a single bullet, but
a spray of pellets. These spread out over distance, making shotguns useless at
long range, but at close range...whoa nelly, it'll take your head off quite

In Modern Warfare 2, shotties were relegated to secondary status. As the
Shotgun guide posted on Gamefaqs tells, there were still people who just
ignored their primary and only used the shotty. Well, with the release of Black
Ops, the shotgun has been moved to the primary slot. Shotguns in the game boost
high one-hit kill capacity, high mobility, and sheer awesomeness, but are quite
useless at long range, and need careful use and the right mapwork to use right.
That's the part that most people lack when trying to use it. So this guide is
here to teach you to use it right, or your money back (too bad this guide costs

| Version History                                                        [VRS]|
 | 1.00                                                              1/28/11 |
 | First version. Mostly complete; wrote this over three nights. I might     |
 | also make a map section later on, when I have the time.                   |
 | 1.10                                                              2/ 7/11 |
 | Adding Faking It, Maps section.                                           |
| Table of Contents                                                      [TOC]|

| [INT] Introduction                | 
| [VRS] Version History             | 
| [TOC] Table of Contents           | 
| [SHT] Shotguns                    | Learn your weapon,
| [WEP] Weapons Overview            | Feel your weapon,
| [WPL] Weapons List                | Become your weapon.
| [PRK] Perks                       | Faster and stronger.
| [SCN] Secondaries                 | The back-up plan.
| [EQP] Equipment                   | Make your own arsenal.
| [KLL] Killstreaks                 | Big sticks and how to avoid them.
| [MOD] Game Modes                  | Playing the modes.
| [TIP] Tips                        | The best section! No really, do read.
| [MAP] Maps                        | * possibly coming soon * Map tips.
| [CNT] Contact Information         |
| [LEG] Legal Jargon                |

| Shotguns                                                               [SHT]|

Shotguns. In Black Ops, shotties are the Close Quarters Combat king. They deal
damage in pellets rather than bullets; instead of firing a regular bullet,
pulling the trigger releases a spray of small but lethal lead. This spreads
out over the weapon's range and blasts whatever enemy is being hit with damage
to multiple areas, often "gibbing" them (ae. cutting off body parts).

The actual mechanics in the game are pretty simple. All shotguns fire 8
pellets. Each pellet does 40 or 30 damage, which drops off to 10 at range.
Note that weapons in the COD series fire hitscans, not bullets; for shotguns,
the hitscans drop in damage to 10 at a certain point, at which range they
simply dissapear. The rate and range of damage dropoff depends on the gun, as
does the maximum damage.

Several other things differenciate the shotties. Magazine size, from 2 to 4,
firemode, between semi-automatic and pump-action, hipfire radius, etc. are all

| TIP: To see the exact stats for all of these, see Denkirson's excellent   |
| graphical breakdown at   |

One thing about kill range: range is deterimined by three things. First of all,
the most obvious is damage range and dropoff. The Olympia has the longest
range, followed by the Stakeout, then the SPAS, then the HS (dual wield,
single it's range is equivelant to the SPAS). Second, the Olympia and
Stakeout both do a maximum of 40 damage per pellet, whereas the SPAS and HS max
at 30. Last, the hipfire spread factor; the Stakeout has the smallest hipfire
spread from the hip, and all the other guns are the same. When aiming down the
sight (ADS), the Stakeout far outstrips all the other guns. Thus, a combination
of these factors comes out with the Stakeout having the longest kill range,
followed by the Olympia, then the SPAS, then the HS-10. Note that with the HS
you deploy double the firepower, so while it's got the shortest kill range it
does have a high kill percentage in that range, wheras the other guns can
occassionally fluke.

The Materkey is strictly inferior in all regards except for hipfire spread.
Yeah, don't use it, Flamethrower is better anyway. I'm not even mentioning it
again in this guide, it's not a shotgun for shotgunning at all...

| Weapons Overview                                                       [WEP]|

This section is a breakdown of the weapons; stats, abilities, and some tips
when using the weapons in question. General tips are in the Strategy section.

Here is a table of weapons stats (with a key). Note: All weapons are considered
with applicable attachments. As you only have one anyway, and none on the
Olympia, there is no reason NOT to use them.

| Key          | Olympia      | Stakeout      | SPAS-12       | HS-10         |
| Max-min dmg  | 40-10 damage | 40-10 damage  | 30-10 damage  | 30-10 damage  |
| Dmg dropoff^ | 10/15 meters | 7.5/16 meters | 7.5/15 meters | 5/15 meters   |
| Hipfire/ADS* | 5.5, 5, 8    | 3, 4, 7       | 5.5, 5, 8     | NA, 12, 15    |
| Firemode     | Semi-auto    | Pump-action   | Semi-auto     | Semi-auto     |
| Magazine     | 2 rounds     | 4 rounds      | 8 rounds      | 4 + 4 rounds  |
| RPM          | 92.3 RPM     | 109 RPM       | 312.5 RPM     | 341 RPM       |
| Reload**     | 3.3 full     | 1.0 first     | 1.5 first     | 1.35 full     |
| >>>>>>>>>>>> | 2.65 add     | 0.75 add      | 1.25 add      |               |
| >>>>>>>>>>>> |              | 0.567 after   | 0.567 after   |               |
| Attachments  | None         | Grip          | Silencer      | Dual Wield    |
| ^ First number is when the damage starts to drop off, second is max range   |
|   (at which damage = 10).                                                   |
| * First number is ADS spread, second is standing spread, third is running   |
|   spread. Fire spread is lower when you take a second to stop. Not included |
|   is Prone spread, which is even narrower.                                  |
|** All shotties but HS-10 Daul reload by single shells. This can be cancelled|
|   at any time to reload some, but not all, of your magazine. The first      |
|   number is first shell reload time (you need to raise the gun); second is  |
|   add time, for a single shell, when your gun is not empty; third is add    |
|   time once you've already loaded 1 bullet in.                              |

Kill Range Probability comparisons. Positions are approximate, based on
personal experiences. High means generally one hit; medium, two hits; low, 
three hits. Note that because 10-15 are double digit, the back part of the the
graph is stretched out; also, Steady Aim is factored in here.

; Olympia                                     ;
| high    --------------.                     |
|                        \                    |
| medium                  .--.                |
|                             '-------.       |
| low                                  ''---. |
| meters  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 |

; Stakeout                                    ;
| high    ----------------.                   |
|                          \                  |
| medium                    .-----.           |
|                                  '.--.      |
| low                                   '.--. |
| meters  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 |

; SPAS-12                                     ;
| high    ------------.                       |
|                      \                      |
| medium                .------.              |
|                               '--.          |
| low                               '-------. |
| meters  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 |

; HS-10                                       ;
| high    -----------.                        |
|                     \                       |
| medium               .------.               |
|                              '--.           |
| low                              '--------. |
| meters  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 |
| TIP: A video range comparison: |

| Weapon List                                                            [WPL]|

Pros: Good damage, second longest range with a good firerate.
Cons: Only 2 bullets to a magazine with a long reload.

The Olympia is the first shotgun you unlock. It doesn't help that it's also by
far the most difficult to use. First of all, this shotty gets no attachment
choices, which means that it lacks that extra finish the other shotties have.
More importantly, however, it has only two bullets to a magazine. Coupled with
a rather slow reload, this realy cripples its abilities.

The Stakeout is superior to the Olympia in most situations. The Stakeout edges
out this gun in kill range, and has double the ammo capacity. In comparison,
the Olympia, being semi-auto, has a better chance for a follow-up shot. With
only two rounds, it's critical to conserve your shots. Hit and run is
particularly important with the Olympia. Also, be very careful about engaging
large groups; you want a reliable backup plan, because you'll be calling on it
more often then you would like.

Pros: Tight spread and high damage gives it the heftiest range of the shotties.
Cons: Comes at the cost of pump action, small four-round magazine. 
The Stakeout is the game's only pump-action shotty. The pump is fairly quick,
though, but it can still get you killed if you miss the first time. So using
the Stakeout requires more care for accuracy then the other guns, although not
as much as the Olympia. The Stakeout edges out the Olympia for kill range,
although not by much. It's pump action and four round magazine may seem
underpowered, but done right you'll get at least 2 kills out of every magazine.

The Stakeout's only attachment is the Grip. The Grip reduces kick, resetting
the gun back to the point it was at during the pump, wheras otherwise if you
fire as fast as you can you'd drag up some. More importantly, as it's a shotty,
the Grip increases the weapon's rate of fire, from 92.3 to 109 rounds per
minute. That translates into about a quarter of second when doing speed fire,
critical during firefights.

The Stakeout has one interesting charecteristic. When aimed down sight, its
cone of fire is reduced drastically. This means a couple of things. Firstly, it
means that when camping a hallway, ADS to enhance hit-kill rate. Secondly,
combined with its small magazine, it makes Sleigh of Hand Pro a viable perk-
the base effect buffs its problematic reloads, and the pro effect increases ADS
speed to enhance range. I still perfer Steady Aim, as having to ADS will always
be a drag, but try it both ways and see which you perfer.

+ There are two unusable shells on its right side.
+ The reload animation, and pump animation when ADSed, are very similar to that
  of the SPAS-12 in Modern Warfare 2. It also has the same firing sound.

Pros: Silencer makes it the best stealth CQC weapon in the game.
      Large magazine means it can spam lots of shots.
Cons: Large magazine comes with long reload time.
The SPAS-12 has changed drastically from its MW2 iteration. In Mw2 it was a
pump-action shotty similar to what the Stakeout is now. Here, it's a semi-auto
stealth killing machine. Attaching the Silencer gives you no range drop
whatsoever, which is the gun's main perk - it can silently kill at close range,
meaning enemy players are oblivious to your presence.

That being said, compared to the HS-10, it's a single shotty so it can't match
the HS for pure damage. However, it has stealth capacity, and is comparable in
ammo with a 8 round magazine versus the 4 + 4 rounds on the HS-10. Compared to
the Stakeout, it has double the ammo capacity, and although it doesn't have
near the range, it can pump out follow-up shots much more quickly. That
translates into better when you miss, same when firing a suprised enemy, worse
when they are firing at you (where the Stakeout's one hit potential matters

+ The gun has quite a few fingerprints on it.

Pros: Dual Wield means it can field double the firepower.
      Reloads all 4 + 4 bullets in one go.
Cons: Eats ammo, shortest range.

The HS-10 has the shortest range of the shotguns, but the highest power. The
Dual Wield HSs, which I call Typhoid & Mary after their own Zombies compadres,
are murderous at close range. In addition, since you have two shotguns, they
will kill in one go if shot double at mid-range. Interestingly, all eight
bullets reload in one go.

It can also be used single, although I don't recommend it, as the SPAS is
strictly superior in that mode. It's one extreme on the table. It field much
more firepower then the Stakeout, but also has much less range. One of the
reasons I like running these guns is because it reminds me of Akimbo P90s back
in Modern Warfare 2...yeah...

+ The first bullpup shotgun in COD, and also the first akimbo shotty (back in
  the day that woulda drawn some nervous laughter from the peanut gallery).

These sections may feel very slim, but that's because 3/4 of what you need is
layed out in the sections above this one.

| Perks                                                                  [PRK]|

The right perks are a crucial part of your weapons build. With shotgun running
there really are only a couple of outstanding perks you should be using, for
the best possible results.

Tier 1

Lightweight * recommended *
Lightweight is the recommended perk for the first tier. The way of survival for
a shotgun user is speed, and having that 8% bonus and, with pro, no fall damage
increases your manuverability greatly. Without Lightweight you may find
yourself arriving too late to kill someone you stunned, or getting killed
trying to get to cover.

Arguably usable. Having more ammo is always good. However, I find that
Scavenger is not nearly as useful as it was in Modern Warfare 2, and it's
certainly not something for shotgun users. If you run outa ammo, just grab
something off yor enemies.

Now, I've always seen this used on shotty builds, and very effectively at
that. Imo, mobiltity trumps stealth with these weapons.

Flak Jacket
Also arguably usable, but explosives resistance does not impart a direct
benefit on shotties. Again, staying mobile is your best defense against what
they throw at you.

It's ok, but once again having speed is better then faster killstreaks,
especially now that killstreaks have been watered down somewhat by disallowing

Tier 2

The base effect is useless; shotguns have nearly no penetration, and are
supposed to kill out in the open. Shotties don't deal well with walls at all,
and trying to give them that ability wouldn't be a smart idea. The pro effect,
however, is pretty ok: low flinching allows you to align shots better, and is
critical on the pump Stakeout, which is punishing when you miss. Still not
worth it though.

You can't hold breath with shotguns. Even if you could their nature means it
doesn't matter.

Steady Aim *recommended*
Steady Aim decreases the size of your cone of fire, and adds buffering effects
to your knifing and flinch speeds (pro perk). Steady Aim is BUILT for shotguns.
Being able to aim in a concentrated cone of fire enhances kill range when
firing from the hip, which you will be doing practically all the time. This
should by your choice 99% of the time.

Sleigh of Hand
SoH is an interesting choice, and some players perfer it to Steady Aim. It is
most helpful on reload-heavy weapons, ae. the Olympia and Stakeout. It's pro
effect increases ADS speed. Now that's critical when using the Stakeout, which
gets a major range enhancement ADSed. In the end, I perfer Steady Aim, but you
should try this on and see if you like it.

Shotguns only have 1 attachment!

Tier 3

Marathon *recommended*
Marathon is your go-to perk for shotgun running. Marathon allows you to sprint
for increased or infinite (pro) distance, which is a simple must have for the
mobile shotty runner.

Hearing has been nerfed in Black Ops, by a lot. It's a little dissapointing I
suppose, as it used to be such a major factor in detecting enemies. Either way
you can bank on that ability to detect nearby enemies. If you don't use Ninja
you'd never hear them. Wether or not Ninja beats out Marathon in usefulness
depends on how consistant you and your team is at getting UAVs, and generally
I find that they are consistant enough to make Marathon a superior perk. Use at
your own discretion.

Second Change
No direct benefit for shotgun users, although getting downed so close to the
enemy would allow you to hit them better.

Hacker is a useful perk. Being able to see Claymores would save you from
getting blown to bits, and seeing Tactical Insertions and other equipment as
well would allow you to figure out campers. But still, Marathon is a better

Tactical Mask
The pro effect is nice, but the base effect is useless.

The perks I use most often are Lightweight, Steady Aim, and Marathon. If you
want faster reloads, Sleigh of Hand is a decent second choice, especially with
the Stakeout and Olympia. 

| Secondaries                                                            [SEC]|

Secondaries are cruicial on a shotgun build. They're what you have to rely on
if you get caught in a bad position with your shotgun empty of ammo.
Choosing your secondary determines what you can do with your primary out of

Because you have a secondary that doesn't suffer from a range cap doesn't mean
you can recklessly try to go for long-range kills. It's your Plan B and not
your plan A, and someone with an AR will mow you down with your Pistol in hand
right quick. There are three secondary choices: Pistols, Launchers, and
Specials. I'm excluding Launchers and the Crossbow from this section, because
it's a really bad idea to use Launchers with a close-combat class in general.
ARs and LMGs would be much more comfortable with them, and you can't exactly
pull out and lug the things in a bad situation, like you can with Pistols and
the Ballistic. Note: Upgraded Sights is not discussed here, because it is
basically garbage.

ASP: The ASP has a small 7-round magazine. To compensate, it also has a fast
1.25 second reload and the faster raise and drop times in the game, clocking in
at 25 seconds. This reflects its nature: the gun was originally designed as a
Special Ops concealed weapon, meant to be carried in your short pocket and 
quickly deployed when the oppertunity or danger presented itself. The
guttersnipe sights are interesting as well, better for close range and worse
for the long, but you should not be using them past mid-range anyway. The ASP
does suffer most from a lack of attachment choices, however, with only one
option - Dual Wield. DW is discussed at the end of the Pistols section, but it
looks like you'll have to use this gun bare.

M1911: The M1911 also has a small 7-round magazine, and a longer (pistol-
standard) reload, take-out time (although still very short), and regular
sights. It does come with one major advantage over the ASP, however: it can
accept Extended Magazine. That doubles its ammo capacity to 14, putting
it over the ASP in that regard by quite a bit. The other choice is a
Suppresor, an interesting idea for stealth but one that leaves you dangerously
weak at mid-range. Note: the first three guns of this section all have the same
damages - 40 to 20 - and damage ranges - 9.5 to 22.5 - and recoil patterns as

Makarov: The Makarov is almost completely identical to the M1911, except that
bare it has 8 rounds to a clip to the M1911's 7; however, the M1911 Extended
Mags has 2 more bullets to a clip then the Makarov's 12, making it a superior
stand-off weapon to this gun. The Makarov is better then the M1911 with a
Suppresor, however, because it gets one more bullet in the magazine.

CRZ11: Ah yes, the Pistol that makes the other pistols look stupid. The CRZ11
has only marginal differences from the M1911 and Makarov, but comes with a 12
round clip standard. That's 4 more then the Makarov and 5 more than the M1911.
In addition its damage dropoff occurs 2.5 meters further away, so it has range
advantages as well. With Extended Mags, it gets a whooping 18 round clip, still
4 more than the M1911. It's the best choice with a Silencer too, again because
of its clip. But wait, there's more! The CRZ also gets a unique attachment
option, Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire basically cripples the gun's strength in return
for the quick dispensing of bullets in the magazine. It lowers the hit
strength to 30 and hightens damage drop off similar to a Silencer, but gives
you the ability to spam it at enemies. Combined with its large magazine, it's
an interesting choice, but I still perfer the basic version, which can actually
fire faster if you have a quick finger.

Python: The Python is unique in that it's not a Pistol at all, but a Revolver.
The Python does much higher damage, 50-30, and has longer range, with dropoff
at 10/30 meters. That basically means that, at close range, you can kill in
* only * 2 shots, wheras the other Pistols take 3. Lastly, it has a smaller
hipfire spread then the other guns. In return, the Python also has high recoil,
only six bullets to the magazine (yep, it's a six-shooter), and has to reload
each bullet seperatly. It also has a good few unique attachment choices:

Speed Reloader - The Speed Reloader solves reloading for you. Instead of
putting each bullet in seperatly, you put them all in at once in a formed
group. It still has a longer reload then the other Pistols, but it's much more

Snub Nose - This basically converts the Python into a regular Pistol, except
with a longer range and smaller/longer-reloading magazine. The Snub Nose drops
max damage to 40, meaning three-hit kills like the other pistols, and increases
centering speed, ae. the speed at which your gun puts itself back on target, to
the point that the recoil basically matches that of the other pistols.

ACOG Sight - When the game came out everyone said LOLWUT when they caught sight
of this. ACOG and a revolver are totally misplaced. Interestingly, the Python
ACOG is unique; it increases two-hit-kill range by a good five meters, and
DOESN'T reduce centering speed as it does with all the other guns. That
basically means that, in return for crappy magnification and slow ADS speed,
you get a slightly increased killbox. Not worth it of course, but fun as heck
to field.

Dual Wield

Dual Wield is an attachment universially available for each pistol. It's only
useful on the CRZ and the Python, however. Having a second gun increases your
firepower, but cripples your range. It may or may not be the right choice for
you: you're going to be going in close anyway, but you have to question wether
or not losing the ability to aim down sights is worth it. Your choice,

Ballistic Knife
I won't argue, the Ballistic Knife is a wacky weapon. It's also the one I field
most often with my shotgun classes. The Ballistic Knife is basically a super-
knife. On the one hand, it comes with 2 "knives" which you can press on the
trigger to shoot. The knives travel slower than that of even the Tomohawk,
however, so using it to kill is a universially appreciated skill kill. In
addition, shot knives can be gotten back by pulling them out of wherever they

The second use is for knifing. You are basically holding two knives at once;
because you don't have to pull it out and swing, as it's already in your hand,
your knifing speed is doubled. Now knifing is an effective companion to shotgun
running. In fact, if you forget about your knife, you will find enemies often
reminding you of its effectiveness. A doubled knifing speed is amazing for
rushing a group of players that are either unaware or flashed/stunned/too close
to you to shoot you down/can't aim for life. Using the Ballistic gives you an
effective plan B for when you have to deal with a large group - plus, it pulls
out just as fast as your standard pistol!

| TIP: Every time you respawn, take out your Ballistic Knife. The Knife |
| has a short pulling-out animation that eats up time if you take it    |
| out for combat later. Pulling it out and stashing it again when you   |
| spawn ensures that you will be able to pull it out quickly when the   |
| time is right.                                                        |

| Equipment                                                              [EQP]|

There are three types of equipment slots in Black Ops: lethal grenades,
tactical grenades, and equipment. They are covered separatly below.

Lethal Grenades

Fragmentation Grenade
The classic frag is much improved from its Mw2 nerf. It's now a viable
contendor with the Semtex, which has recieved a nerf to its throw distance.
It's not as good for contact kills because you have to charge it be effective,
but the rolling can get you some epic kills down slopes and off walls.

The Semtex has less throwing distance then the Lethal, as well as a smaller
blast radius. However, it has the ability to stick to enemy players, which is
an instant KO when it explodes, and has a much shorter fuse time, not requiring
cocking to always be useful. A workhorse grenade. Also, when you cock it, you
can pull it back.

Tomohawks are sex-y. They work great when combined with Stun Grenades
especially - stun 'em, aim, throw, and get the kill. Using them is an instant
ko, but the problem is with enemy movement. It's not nearly as fast as a bullet
so if they get off where you throw it it will miss. Also it follows a downward
arc, which makes kills beyond a certain range a matter of luck. Either way, a
very cool thing to use on the close-range shotty build. Also, you can pick them
back up after you use them.

Tactical Grenades

The Flash is a very potent weapon, and with a proper hit it is the strongest
tactical. When it hits, it causes enemies in a wide radius to get hit with a
whiteout - they won't be able to see, will get a ringing sound in their ears,
and won't be able to run either. They have a wider blast radius then the stun
grenade, but it also has one major disadvantage, which is a longer throw time.
Which of the two you perfer is up to you.

Stun Grenade
I personally perfer stuns. They don't have as wide of an effect, and throw in
less, but when they hit the blanket effect is practically the same. Compared to
flashes, stuns freeze up the enemy player, keeping them from moving themselves
or their gun. Although they could still get lucky and spray in the right
direction, most of the time that's an easy kill. The arc of effect is not as
wide as that of the Flashbang, however, so keep that in mind. Note: Flashed
players can still move their gun, so they can also get lucky and randomly spray
you down in the whiteout.

Decoy Grenade
These are an odd one. When dropped they roll around on the floor and simulate
gun fire and reloading. Their jerking movements are meant to look like a real
player on the enemy radar. They're ok for luring enemy players out, but
depending on how aggressive and/or smart the enemy is they may not take the
bait. Overall, a fun choice to play with.

Willy Pete
The new smoke grenade. The Willy Pete drops a dense cloud of smoke wherever it
is dropped. Extremely useful for capturing objectives-which is a lot easier if
you have one-distracting opponents, and covering your movements through a choke
point. But their use is always and always has been very iffy. Damage use is
neglicable. Remember, Infrared can see right through it!

Nova Gas
The Nova, when thrown, releases a puff cloud of damaging yellow smoke. The
radius is not nearly so wide as that of the Willy Pete's, and you can still see
through the smoke. The smoke damages enemy players that move through it, keeps
them from running, and blurs their vision. However, its damage is neglicable-
even if you hit the enemy with a direct impact and they get a full whiff, they
are not likely to die from it. In terms of direct usefulness, the Stun does a
better job, but the Nova has the longest linger time of the grenades.


Camera Spike
The Camera Spike is a thermal camera. Basically just drop it and it will toogle
to your minimap, allowing you to see what's going on below. Good for camping,
when your eyes tell more of the story then the radar, and having an extra set
helps. Not useful in any way for shotgunning.

Placeable explosive pack. Good explosive radius, but low throw distance makes
it a difficult option for anything not involving objective defense. Not

Tactical Insertion
Extremely useful. On a hit-and-run class like the shotty you want to be able to
get behind them. Drop a Tac in behind them, and you will be able to return to
their backs every time you die. Just be careful of people camping it for a free
kill. You want to drop them in a nice, shady spot, away from the action. They
are a bit noisier then they were before, and take a different form then Mw2's
flares, but they're just as good.

A good item to drop in a high traffic area. It's better for camping corners and
such, but being as mobile as you are you can use them to mess with the enemy
team. Still, as it imparts no direct benefit on you (you don't want to be in
one place for too long, ever), it's not as useful as the other options.

Motion Sensor
There's a lot of options for campers in this game...the motion sensor acts as
a mini-uav, performing sweeps in a limited area. Drop it in a high traffic area
and it will find good use, but again, there are more directly benefitial

Clays are a strong choice on any class. With shotgunners, you can drop them
waaay ahead of the crowd, and in high traffic area's they're almost always
going to get tripped. Overall, usually a free kill if you get it in a good spot
on anyone not using Hacker.

| Killstreaks                                                            [KLL]|

This section is on using killstreaks and dealing with enemy killstreaks.

Spy Plane - 3 kills
An enemy spy plane is your worst opponent. You can't mix and mingle with the
enemy crowd too well if you're on their radar and they are prepared for you.
Therefore it's great if you can get Strela support to take them down quickly.

On your side, the Spy Plane is your greatest friend. By looking to radar you
can see were the enemy crowd is, and find the best path to take them all. I
would always keep one enabled, as it's a bridge to higher streaks.

Counter Spy Plane - 4 kills
The Counter Spy Plane is the most annoying perk in the game, at least for
the affectees. For its duration it blocks the enemy team from seeing anything
on the minimap. That pretty much makes you immune to Spy Planes, which is
incredibly useful. On the enemy though, it's a major annoyance. Again though
you can't do anything about it except hope for a friend to shoot it down.

SAM Turret - 4 kills
I lied, you can use this :P. The SAM Turret gives your team practical immunity
to killstreaks, except for the Napalm Strike and Blackbird. It'll even take out
Care Packages for pete's sake. Put it in a confortable position in the back of
your spawn, and it will do the gritty work. On the enemy, again, it's the

Care Package - 5 kills
Care Packages are random. You never know what you'll get, but be careful of
enemies stealing it, and steal your enemy's packages as much as possible.

Napalm Strike - 5 kills
When you get this I recommend you wait for a Spy Plane. Placement is key for
kills, and placement is also key for the blocking effect - they won't be able
to walk through the flames for those the five seconds they're active. When
dealing with an enemy Napalm, where they drop it is key. You can tell a few
moment before it drops wether or not it's going to be on top of you. If it is,
run to the side quickly. You want to avoid taking the hit, after all! Staying
inside helps too. Your high mobility lets you swerve out of the way 90% of the
time, as long as it doesn't drop directly on you.

Sentry Gun - 6 kills
Sentry Guns are fun in objective games, but given your mobility you can avoid
them pretty easily. If you want to take it out, go around the size and punch
their circuits, or throw flashes and stuns to temporarily disable it and run
it right down.

Mortar Team - 6 kills
The mortar drops six bombs on three locations, by twos. You want to drop them
on the enemy spawns and maybe a foward position. Positioning mortars is kinda
hard. Anyway, to avoid them, go inside, as you can't really predict where they
will land without seeing them land.

Attack Helicopter - 7 kills
Fire and forget. The heli will come up to the map, stick around the are you
drop it at, and kill whomever it decides to kill, adding to your total. It can
get you a good bit of kills over time, but it's vulnerable to launchers, with
only 1 set of flares. The minigun only does 10 damage per bullet, but it's
laser accurate and high rpm, so it will be difficult to avoid once it's firing.
A launcher or staying inside helps.

Valkaryie Rockets - 7 kills
Pretty gimmeky. The valkaryie plays like the Predator from MW2, only with two
missiles, it has to be airdropped, and it doesn't drop down from above but you
launch it. The blast radius is dissapointing, but it's fun to use. I can't say
I know any specific technique for avoiding it. Stay inside if you want, but it
can reach through windows :)

Rolling Thunder - 8 kills
Like the Stealth Bomber from MW2, except it's one kill lower and less stealthy.
Basically comes on the map and drops a whole lot of large-radius bombs in a
row. Kills everything on Nuketown. Hear it coming, GET INSIDE.

Blackbird - 8 kills
Blackbird is an intelligence cou al natural. For 60 seconds, it basically
functions like a massively upgraded Spy Plane. It provides real time data
instead of five-second sweeps; it gives enemy positions as arrows, indicating
their positions as well as their directions; it works through Ghost Pro; and
lastly it cannot be shot down. It can only be jammed with a Counter UAV, but if
the team is any good that will be quickly shot down. While it's up it's not
that easy to shotgun, or do anything really. But, if you play your strengths,
remember that they can't tell if you have an LMG or a Shotgun, so you can still
potentially stack kills.

Chopper Gunner - 9 kills
Pretty generic tip: just stay inside. Remember that as long as you put a solid
surface between you and the chopper, you will be fine.

Attack Dogs - 11 kills
Another fire-and-forget streak. Call in the dogs and you'll passively get
kills. they wrck havok on enemy teams. Fortunatly, being a shotty runner you're
well equiped for dealing with them; they have as much health as regular players
so the best thing to do is to keep going, shotgun any that go for you. Maybe
help a teammate in need, too.

Gunship - 11 kills
Same as with the Chopper Gunner, just harder to avoid.

| Game Modes                                                             [MOD]|

Hardcore vs. Core
Hardcore has become more common in Black Ops, now that Dedicated Servers are
allowed. Hardcore is basically Core, except you play with less health, limited
HUD, no minimap, and limited health regeneration. It's NOT recommended to play
shotguns on Hardcore, as any gun will kill in one hit at close range on
Hardcore, without suffering the damage drop. Core, meanwhile, is the game
archetype we all know and love.

Team Deathmatch
The standard. The main problem with TDM has always been that when your team
presses the other team to the limit, the spawns swap. That may be benefitial to
you, getting you out of situations where you would be trapped in a limited area
by player movement, or bad for you, getting you caught with your back to their

In Demolition you have two bomb sites. You either defend it on the one side, or
try to blow them up on the other. The way to accomplish this is to plant the
bomb, and then protect it until the fuse sets off. Shotguns work very well for
rush-defending the bomb sites.

In Domination you are given three flags. You must capture them, and they will
give you points. The first team to get to 200 points wins. There is generally
one situation: the two teams each control their spawn flag, flag A or C, and
are constantly fighting over posession of the B flag. Occasionally you might
get trapped on the B flag, or even get completely dominated. Either way,
shotguns win find plenty of love ruining potential flag caps.

Capture the Flag
You have two flags, one on your side and one on the enemy's. Rush the enemy
flag and bring it to your flag to score points, and defend your own flag to
deny them points. Capture the Flag will definetly appreciate shotgun user's
ability to quickly terminate flag runner or defenders before they can snatch
the flags to safety.

Not commonly played, but the premise is simple. You have one bomb on the map.
Get it and carry it all the way to the enemy's bomb site, deep in their spawn.
Then, protect it until it blows to win. Sabatoge takes a gruelingly long time,
but is overall similar to Search & Destroy in tactics.

Search & Destroy
Yeah, this is not a mode to use a shotgun in. In Search you have a limited time
to plant the bomb at one of two sites. There is no respawning, so players are
MUCH more careful in their movements. Tactics often trump close-range firepower
so shotties have little place here.

A personal favorite. A headquarters spawns at a random point on the map. The
object of the game is to first capture it. Once you do, you will get points
every five seconds or so. The enemy team then has to execute your team as
quickly as possible to stop you from getting too far ahead. Once you capture
an objective, beware, as you do not respawn until it is destroyed.

| Tips                                                                   [TIP]|

Right, well, this is the nitty-gritty of this guide: shotgun tactics. All of
the stuff up to this point has been pretty dry; but learning techniques for
effective use is anything but.

| TIP: A video on Olympia tactics, but the author covers the nitty-gritty  |
| of shotgun work in general (and has some sweet clips running):           |
|                              |

1. Know the maps.
It's very important to understand the maps when shotgunning. You want to know
the safe spots where you can reload; the corners that you can use for suprise;
the no-go long range zones where you don't do anything except run across; the
enemy spawns and routes to get into or behind them; and lastly high-traffic
areas. You need to know all of that to be most effective, so use an easier gun
until you understand the maps. Get to know them; it can't hurt to do so!

2. Know your gun's kill range.
It's important that you understand your gun's kill range, and to what range
it will have its effect. If they're out of your kill range, you absolutely need
to run up to them. If they don't know you're there, it's easy enough, but it
gets harder when they're shooting you. In that situation...

3. When you're outgunned, run...
When an enemy is out of your range, and shooting, you can do one of two things.
You can run, using your superior mobility to sprint the heck out of there. Once
safe you can recover, reload, or flank or lure them into the easy kill zone.
They generally do one of two things; either they rush at a weakened you,
something you should greet with a shotgun blast to the nuts, or they stick
around with their sights up. It's important to keep clear of grenades, either
way, as they can be your doom. Should they camp, it's always, always a good
idea to just leave them alone. Go down the other side, or go around them.

Faking It: An adaptation of the above. Basically you let them see you, and
then go the other way. They expect you to flank, but in reality you wait a
second and then come back the same way you came before. They have to rescope
on you and you gain valuable shooting/distance-closing time.

4. ...or throw tactical grenades
Assuming they're still trying to aim at you, and haven't gotten a fire-lock
yet, you can duck down and blow them with a quick Stun or Flash - the Stun's
quicker throw really, really matters here. Once they're disabled, move around
their hipfire spread (they tend to spam shots when disabled) and put a grenade,
shotgun shells, or knife into them. Your choice.

5. If they're running away and you really want to kill them, use tacs.
If an enemy is going in a different direction and you'll lose them, you can
throw a tactical grenade and "catch" them. They'll be forced to slow down, and
you can catch up and easily kill them.

6. Your knife isn't obsolete, keep using it.
Just because you're using a close range weapon doesn't mean you should stop
knifing. It saves ammo and is a reliable kill at extremely close ranges. In
fact, it's often a superior choice to just backstab someone that doesn't see
you. If you run out of ammo or are at extremely close range, put the knife over
the shotgun. The Ballistic Knife and maybe Tomohawk are both extremely useful
in that regard.

7. Get used to dying.
Shotgunning is an extreme form of rushing, and like rushing, it's liable to get
you killed. A lot. After all, if you go the wrong way and someone is waiting
for you with an AR, your broomstick won't help one tiny bit. If you'd like easy
kills, slap a silencer on a FAMAS, get some Claymores, and camp somewhere like
a noob; but shotgun running is infinitly more fun and rewarding.

8. The size of their profile is key.
The shotgun's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness to a point. If
they dropshot you, they're reducing their profile heavily, making it harder to
land shotgun shells in them. It's one of the most effective counters to the
shotty. Also to avoid are people camping behind dumpsters etc, with only their
head sticking out; yeah, not a kill-happy situation. Flank instead.

9. Aim down the sight can help in certain situations.
Unlike in previous iterations, aiming down the sight (ADS) is actually
benefitial now. It's very clumsy to do on the go, but if you have the time
going into your sight will enhance kill range, especially if the gun you're
using is called the "Stakeout." Note: this is null 'xcept for the stakeout if
you are using Steady Aim.

10. Always be mobile.
The main, main, main point of shotgunning is to be swift. Never camp in one
spot. You'll get spammed to death by automatic fire and a shrapnel heap of
grenades. Your gun is fearsome, but not so fearsome that the enemy can't get to
you. The main point of running with a shotgun is to be swift. Get a kill or two
in a hallway, and then run through a different way. Camping is extremely
counter-productive with a shotty, and should only be done when, for instance,
holding the flag and waiting for your teamates to kill whoever has yours.

11. Shoot on the fly.
Don't aim down the sight. Usually, you don't need to, except for point 9. Keep
moving as you fire, closer to the enemy, down the side. I find that bunny
hopping, ae. jumping to the sides, is great for messing with their aim. If they
spot you just outside of kill range, they generally need a bit of time to get
their sights up and start firing, and you can use that time to close the gap.
If they try to knife you, hey, it's their funeral. Give them a shotgun blast
to the head.

12. A coordinated team is a winning team.
One of the things that teams in COD lack is coordination. When everyone on the
team knows what they are doing, and have microphones, games can get pretty
professional in informational quality. A well-synchronized team is able to keep
UAVs in the air, share information on enemy locations and spawning (via audio-
typing takes a lot of time. AKA: you NEED a microphone), and in general support
one another. This becomes extremely important in modes like Sabatage and CTF,
where teamwork is absolutely critical.

13. Know where they are.
Related to the above. I always keep a UAV when using my shotgun kit, it's your
best friend (aside from the Blackbird but an 8 killstreak is a really good
run in of itself...). Having UAVs up, and using general map knowledge and the
mini-map to figure where they are firing, is critical as well. Footsteps are
also useful, although not nearly so much as in Mw2. The footsteps have been
nerfed pretty badly, but you can still hear them close up, with a good set of
headphones. Use them to pinpoint enemies close to you. Quality headphones are
priceless; not everyone can get Turtle Beach HPA2s like mine, but even crappy
ones sure beat stereo.

14. Don't be predictable.
Never go the same way twice. Especially, if a camper is bothering you, flank
them! It's pretty simple - if they can predict you, they can shoot you, and if
they can shoot you before you can shoot them, well, you're dead.

15. Get good reflexes.
When you start to take damage, you need to quickly assess the situation. Should
you try to run them down? Should you toss a stun? Should you flank? Should you
flee? When you see a big enemy group heading for you, you need to quickly
assess the situation. Should you try and mow them all down? Should you retreat?
Should you try and trap them with grenades and equipment? When you...yeah, you
get the picture.

16. Be ready to use plan B.
Your secondary can be a litteral lifesaver. When out of ammo and there are
enemies left standing, pull out your secondary and get ready to rumble. Pistols
and the Ballistic Knife are recommended choices, as is a Tactical + Lethal
Grenade combo. Secondaries are covered in more depth in their own section.

17. Get them in a row.
What you don't want is for there to be too many enemies to handle at once, or
to be caught under fire reloading. The best case scenario with a shotty is to
engineer your running such that you have a nice, consistant flow of dead meat,
er, enemy players. If you ever catch a large group, a stun + explosives,
Ballistic Knifing spree, or explosives party is recommended. This is especially
true wth the Olympia and the Stakeout.

18. Open spaces - avoid them.
Avoid open spaces like the plauge. You'll get camped to death and won't be able
to retaliate. Every map has 'em, and the ones to avoid are outlined in the Maps
section. The worst possible thing you can do with a shotgun is to try and run
down someone out of your range in an open area. You better pray they have bad
aim, or you're going to eat loads of lead.

19. Use reload cancelling.
I'm suprised how many people don't know this. Your gun is reloaded when the
magazine counter is reset, NOT when the animation is finished. For instance,
when reloading off an empty mag, rechambering the gun, the last "extra" action,
is not actually needed to fully reload it. There is a short time between reload
and bringing up the weapon on practically all animations. The amounts vary, but
it basically allows you to break out of reloading straight into combat. This
can be done by pressing sprint, shifting guns and then back again, or by
knifing. With shotties, this basically allows you to ignore pumping the gun
after reloading, and to partially reload your guns, leaving a few shots out if
you get caught reloading. A very useful technique.

20. Adapt to the target.
Shotgun users are good at eliminating two targets in particular. First, the
campy camper. Figure out where they're holed up, then go down a shady side
route to get to their backs and execute them. The second are other rushers, who
run right into the jaws of your shotgun. LMGs especially suffer at close range
from shotgunner-schitsofrenzia.

| Maps                                                                   [MAP]|

A good map for shotgun running, Array aint. This map is full of long ranges
and clear pathways, making shotgun running anywhere except for inside the
dish and inside/behind the electrical station rather risky. However, on the
flip side, there's a lot of bush to mask your movements in the back spawn.
It's possible to shotty here, but I don't recommend it.

Cracked is an urban map, and urban = good for shotty running. This a square
building-to-building map. Tons of pathways, a real mess. Leapfrog between
buildings and keep from straying outside. The middle and right roads in
particular are killer.

Crisis can be divided into three basic sections: the beach, the middle area,
and the back area. There are three general paths between the two sides of the

1. The left pathway. This takes you through the auto shop, past the BMG, and
   down past the rocks. The rocks above are often camped, so as a shotgun
   runner you have no way of taking them on efficiently, the greatest problem
   on this pathway. Be careful of getting flanked, there are several small
   buildings and a rock passageway to the right here.
2. The middle pathway. This takes directly between the two other sections via
   an underground tunnel, which is a great conduit for foot traffic in a narrow
   space. However, it's very predictable, as there are only two covered
   positions inside.
3. The right pathway. This also takes you underground, and is linked to the
   middle path via a junction. It's the narrowest path of them all. The most
   predictable of all, but also the most effective :)

The many buildings on this map are perfect for shotgun running. However, avoid
the rocks as much as possible, those places are camper land, as well as the
lake and shallow water area behind them.

Firing Range
A small, dense map. Very good for shotty running. Again, the open roads in the
center and right of the map are killer, so avoid. Get inside the buildings and
clear them out, the best way to play shotgun on this map.

Another winter map. Grid features a wooded area in the front spawn, an
obvious no-go area. However, the two buildings in the center and the power
station and extra buildings in the back spawn are all excellent areas for 
shotty movement. However, be sure to keep linear distances to a minumum. The
center road is a no-no area, and being a shotgunner in the building requires
smart movements.

Hanoi is a good map for shotguns. It's basically a building complex with some
open roads here or there. Avoid the open area of the train tracks, the garden
area, and the roads to the left and the bottom, beyond sprinting across them.

Another great map for shotgun running. In fact, arguably the best. There are
three pathways, the center road (bad), and the buildings to the left and
right (good). The building paths are somewhat linear when you've played them
as much as I have, but still fantastic for shotty running. Besides the center
road, the two roads on either spawn are another bad area to be.

A messy map, as it was meant to be. This is another large map with areas for
both long and close range. In general you want to not be in the long paths
on the ground floor, and instead by looping around the side roads. A general
rule of thumb is, the greener/housier, the better.

Another all-purpose map, this one does veer towards some long range fighting
however. If you use a shotgun, stay amongst the buildings in the center, and
avoid the train tracks in the center of the map beyond sprinting across them,
it's horribly exposed.

The most overused map ever. Anyway, shotties work wonders here. A small
box map with narrow corners, a bunch of vehicles in the center, and many
narrow corners. Great, great, great for shotguns, especially if you can
infiltrate the enemy building and drop a tac there...

Radiation is an industrial facility. It has several buildings, which makes it
very good for shotty running. The area to avoid is the center of the map, out
above where everyone can shoot you, and the same place underground, as it's a
stretch of mostly empty cememnt and you can get shot very easily. The outside
area behind the back spawn isn't ideal either, but the rest of the map is game.
There are four paths you can take here:

1. Center, outside. Not recommended, there's a ton of empty space.
2. Right side factory building. Watch for people camping on the ladderways up
   above, and you can do plenty of damage.
3. Center, downstairs. Watch for people dropping in behind you, and be super-
   careful of the large room for movement here; otherwise it's very compressed
   so a good spot to shoot in.
4. Right side. People love to camp the ladderway here. Excessivly. You can go
   down here of course, but keep a grenade ready to drop people.

Another Russian winter map, again as varied as the others. The building are
obviously good areas to be, but the long paths on the sides, and the semi-open
areas on either back end of the map, aren't.

Villa is pretty good for shotgun running. There are lots of buildings to creep
through. But be sure to avoid the open areas, again: the road on the side and
back of the map, and the central square in general.
WMD is everything at once. There are multiple large buildings scattered in the
map, and several open roads as well. Stay off the roads and crowd into the
buildings. The back spawn area, the main road in the center of the map, and the
road the left-top junction road on the left side are all obviously dangerous
areas to be in.

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