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Virtual Villagers: A New Home Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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Find out how to get extra food and develop the island faster.

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We have 36 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Virtual Villagers: A New Home please send them in here.

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Get Extra Food

To perform this you need to find a mushroom and have at least two kids. You place one kid next to the mushroom and then quickly place the other next to it to get double food.


While I haven't figured out how to make an elderly villager live longer, I have figured out a use for the females. Since the elderly villagers walk slower than the others, they tend to take longer doing most tasks. So if you are in need of babies, use the Elderly women. A nursing mother will do nothing else anyway, so you might as well give the slower villagers the task of motherhood. That saves your younger, faster females for farming, building, etc.

Pond, fish

I kept puttin the Master Scientist in the pond, finally he found a fish, it was a fertility fish to help villagers with fertility. Also after he came out, he headed for the ocean and started to find fish there, also the other ppl started to bring fish out of the ocean.

Develope the island faster

On the bottom right hand corner of most screens is the time and date of the day. When you move the time forward, the time in the game changes too. This helps a lot if you don't want to wait forever for people to finish tasks like building the hut or clearing the beach. But don't do it too much at a time or people will end up dieing or bad stuff can happen.


There is a way to multiply the mushrooms. If you see a mushroom, pause the time. Then drag all your children to the mushroom before it disappears. All you have to do is un-pause the time. Then each child bows down at the same time. Hence, you will find all children have a mushroom in their hands. This keeps your food stock going even if you have no farming choices.

Get children to go dance at school

When you've got the master scientist to found the school you can use the hand (mouse) to beat the drum at the right of the large hut(by clicking on it) to make the children come and dance. When you click a child to see what there thinking it will say going to school. Nothing major but I thought it was fun.

This will help...

To find the treasure you must have all tech points in construction done. When you have all of it done then you can use a master builder to look to the left of the temple and below the food bin (This takes a long time so keep doing it until he finds it). To make a golden child you must take a nursing mother and put her in the lagoon. The grassy field on the right side of the village there are dead flowers, take either a master farmer or constructor( I forgot which one) and put them on the field. The villager will then go get water from the lagoon and keep watering the field until it is full of flowers. Once you have flowers in the field take the golden child and place him on the field to make butterflies. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, NO VILLAGER EXCEPT THE GOLDEN CHILD CAN MOVE THE BOULD..

Concerning the Mysterious Crate

I saw someone submitted that if a mysterious crate washes up on the beach don't open it poisonous spiders. I have found this is not always true. I have also found in the crate tools which led to thousands of tech points. But the choice to take a chance or not is yours! Remember villagers can be healed and you won't lose everyone by making a decision.

apprentice doctor

When villagers get sick use a child to heal them. The child will then become an apprentice doctor

Second flower puzzle and the last four

Drag a nursing mom to the lagoon her child will become a golden child put the child in the new flower garden and butter flies will come the child will also open the blocked cave, also south of the food bin ,left of the restored ruins is burried treasure while moving a villager nothing will appear so you can't tell where it is exactly I moved almost every one to the spot and eventually someone started digging. Don't know after that they are still diggingfor me. So good luck

Some tasks to do - set one

1. Unblock the well - above village
2. Build a Hut - village center
3. Clear the Sea - south west
4. Collect info of herbs - plants around edge of village
5. Unblock the river - north west (need to have advanced in building)
6. Water the strange plant garden - East, must have completed 5.
7. build second hut - west side of village

Tons of children

I agree with the person named Midnightli.....I left the game for a few hours and had just 1 male villager in the breeding back and had all 7 of my ladies pregnant. It didn't make me shorthanded, I still had lots of males to handle the building, healing and farming. Will have to double up on the farming to feed all the xtra children now. Good luck, happy gaming

Second flower

Be sure to put golden child in the flowers again , he will walk to the fruit less plant and the butterflies will pollenate it and it will produce fruit

Double (or triple,or Quadruple or any amount of kids you have)

Now, this only works with children.
When you see a mushroom get one child to pick it up then another then another and so on until you have run out of children and they will each pick up one mushroom.
For example,if you have five kids and one picks up the first mushroom then drag another onto the same spot where the mushroom was then that child will pick up another mushroom out of nowhere! You can Keep doing this until you run out of children.
P.s, It really does work, trust me

Golden Child

You can't just grab any mother and baby to produce the golden child. Choose the mother that has "butterflies" in her likes under details. As she and the baby go in to the lagoon, you should see this across the botton of dialoge "the baby seems to be reaching for the lagoon". Also, the child must be male, or you will have to wait and try again. Hope this helps.

Playing with time!

It was suggested by someone you could play with your computer clock, and move forward with your islanders...WARNING... I wiped out 46 people, and left 2 little children to die all by changing the clock. Not a good idea.


I left my game, and when I came back, most of my women were pregnate!
I have learned not to leave anyone on "breeding" mode if I'm going to be gone for a long while. Now I am short handed in all catagories!

If a man wanders up from the ocean asking for sa..

If a man wanders up from the ocean asking for samples of flowers and plants, say yes, let him do it, he will give you some antibiotic and better healing powers.

Dont die through birth

It sounds simple but if you have a lot of pregnent women then they can't do there jobs. I got set back well far when 3 of my farmers got pregnent overnight. Always have a back up plan like dovoting both men and women to a job

Few babies

If you don't want a lot of babies leave just one woman in breeding and you will have just one woman on that.

Easyer way of making babys.

When your making babys, wach the popultion.If you see it go up when you bring 2 villagers together move the woman away and she'll have a baby in her hands.

Puzzle Help and Hints!!

The Golden Child will help you with these puzzels:
1. Moving the boulder
2. The fruitless plant
3. Gracing the garden
4. Getting the Golden Child
Having fully researched spirituality helps you with the following puzzles:
1. The cemetary
2. The rock carving
3. The temple
Some puzzles you probably need to have a Master Scientist:
1. Studying rare plants (I think any villager can do this)
2. Converting building into school
You really need teamwork for these:
1. Uncovering the well (one person..

Speed up Time and Change Clothes

To speed up time put the time on your pc up.
To change clothes click on the person you who's clothes you want to change and press F6.


Stopping Time

If Your Afraid Of Your village dieing or villagers doing something you don't want them to do such as have kids. Like During the night Go to the menu and click pause and it will stop them and freeze everything till you click it back to one of the play speeds I love doing this during the night so they don't hatch a million babies on me.

What is the another source of food?

If your berry bush already withered,Purchase Farming level 2 or 3.Farming level 2 will unlock the fields.
Just simply add a villager to the fields below the research table.Farming level 3 unlocks the fishes.It REQUIRES FARMING LVL. 3 AND PUZZLE 3 TO BE COMPLETED.
Just put an villager to the ocean.

Berry Bush Empty?

Well, first of all, when that empties, go to Tech (hit T on the keyboard) and upgrade your farming to get the crop field. But, is your berry bush really empty? No. The berries grow back, little at a time. You'll see a few berries on the bush in the lower left corner of it. If you have the crop field, focus on that and let the berries grow in case of emergency. You do have to wait for the crops to grow in the field. Hope I helped!

A few more things to do

1.found a school something with the ruins
3.carve the silver looking stone to something
4.make a graveyard
(some of these I haven't done)

What to do once you've beaten the game!

Wait until one of your villagers finds an old book on the shore. Do NOT let them look at it alone!!!! Make them take it to the other scientists and I think you get to go to the other part of the island. All I know is that the book showed up on the shore and I told the girl who found it to look at it alone and she ran off with it to the other part of the island. Good luck!

Golden Child and book

I dragged mom with baby into the magic waters and when child was still young I put her in the flower garden, nothing happened....any ideas?
If you find the book ...I took it to the scientists and it dissapeared right away, have no idea where it went. If you find box in on the beach...dont open it..poison spiders.


1. If your Golden Child is reluctant to do what you want him to, put him under some butterflies and he will be more cooperative.
2, Just for fun, I decided to categorize my vilagers by appearance, to make it easier to direct them to do the tasks I have assigned: I made all my parents redheads (I am one!) I made all farmers brunettes (they are the most prevalent) I made all the builders blondes; I made all my healers grey haired little doctors, and the fishers are all the "blue-haired" villagers. My researchers (scientists) are bald or balding (eggheads! LOL)
3. I periodically take my elderly villagers over to the Magic Berry bush, give them more time in the Lagoon, and put them in the flowers often, to promote longer life.
4. I take my children over to stand in front of th..

Want To Stop Time???

Click Pause When you don't want you villagers to die I did this last night so they would do anything and they didnt go hungry die get infection. Course you wont gain anything but you wont lose anything either!

Golden Child and book

I dragged mom with baby into the magic waters and when child was still young I put her in the flower garden, nothing happened....any ideas?
If you find the book ...I took it to the scientists and it dissapeared right away, have no idea where it went. If you find box in on the beach...dont open it..poison spiders.

The Golden Child

I dropped a nursing mother of twins into the magic lagoon.
And that is how I got my golden child..
But I'm not going to guarntee that it will work every time.....

Sunken gong piece

Its two Orange one black flower. Make stew , eat ,and go swimming.


At the time of writing there are no tap in cheat codes that we know of for this game, but please see our user submitted cheats and hints for this game for further information.
Or read up on the guide on the LDW website:

Quick way to get all skills up.

Train all of your people for every skill, then just swap the selected skill, really easy, but it works.

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