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The Sims: Superstar Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Sims: Superstar

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims: Superstar Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..

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During game play press Ctrl + Shift + C then type in the codes to unlock the corresponding.
Create a Character Mode:
Move Objects (off:
Move_objects off

Move Objects (on):
Move_objects on
Disable Map Editor:
Map_edit off
Enable Map Editor:
Map_edit on
Toggle Music:
Quit Game:
Unlock 1000 Simoleons:
Add Family History Stat to Current Family:
Allow Visitors to be Controlled using the Keyboard:
Architecture Tools automatically set the Level as needed:
Display Personality and Interests:

Disable Floorable G..


Hold down shift+control+c and type in rosebud and then type in !; and repeat intil you can no longer see rosebud.

When you boosting up your Sims states do it unt..

When you boosting up your Sims states do it untill your sims is low on energy.

Then you call a cab to the studio's just go there and go back to your house and use the cheat move objects and sell your sim and clic on his face, all your sims states are still there and he's fully healed....

How to delete a sim without getting rid of it's skills.

First press ctrl+alt then c. then type in "move_objects on" and press enter.
Then get your sims to study e.g. read a book, practise speach in the mirror, use the exercising machine, etc.
Then when they get tired and can't study click on the three dots (bottom left of the screen) and then click save.
Once you've done that go onto buy mode click on your sim and delete it.
Then go onto live mode and click on there face when they come back they will be fully happy and ready to study with all the skills you already gave them.
If you keep doing this you should be able to get all of their skill points (i have).
From Aimee Smile

Superstar friends

If you need friends that are superstars for your job.. its easy.. first meet them in studio town.. just shake hands.. then go home and call them up inviting them to downtown.. ( I always go to the place with the three bildings, and get the gut buster meal) by the end of the night were best friends!

Get a genie

Buy a magic lamp it costs about $375 then put it on a table and click on it. It should say clean click on it a genie should come out and you get a wish you can only do this once per day

How to earn more money on the sims...!!!

To earn more money onb the sims you press ctrl + shift + C all at the same time and then it will come up with a grey box in the top left corner...type in rosebud and then click will then see that your money has can repeat this as many times a necessary! Hope it helps


I have been doing this for ages now, and it really cuts off time on sleeping and eating and stuff. First you do the cheat- move_objects on- then you save the game.
You go to Buy mode and then you delete your sim(s). When you go to live mode you click on their faces and the will re-appear!
All healthy and happy as well, and if you saved it before you deleted them, they will still have all their skill points!!!
I do this so my sims can go to Studio Town happy, will all the skills they need, to make them Superstars! (in a shorter time.)


How do I become famous, without having to do thing. Can I just put a cheat code in? That will help alot thanks

In The Mood Sim

Have you just got this new cheat called move objects on? Well.....
If you deleate your Sim, all the skills you did before the deleating, will be gone...and that means job too.!

Quickest superstar!!

Hey all I have struggle a long time to get 5 stars until I went to
Http:// I went to the house/job option
And I maximized my star power.
P.S.Do it fast before the 2 day trial expires!
Theres also a suprise at
I hope I helped!!

Make your sim a superstar

Get a piano play it until your charisma is full then go to superstar island go to a place where you can sing keep singing tell a message comes up
if your sim has a job this may not work

Easy superstar

Heres what you do to make your sim famous. Bring up cheat console, type moveobjects_on. SAVE THE GAME!!!
Go to buy mode delete your sim. Go to live mode and click on your sim's icon, your sim should reappear somewhere. Then your sim will be all happy so you can make him work on his skills.
Eventually he'll get in a bad mood again so you will have to repeat. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SAVE OR YOUR SIM'S SKILLS WILL GO TO ZERO. When you have full skill points on everything you can get an agent and rocket through fame to the top.
I've gotten as far as driving in a lovely white stretch limo. Break a Leg (i think)
Oh and to get money type in rosebud;!;!;!;!;1;!;!;! And hold down enter to get a TON of money iv gotten to like 5,000,000 simoleons

An Easy Way For Stats to go up fast

I have found 2 different types of mood boosters from also at this website there is a computer that allows adults to up all the stats.
Be warned the shower that perfects the moods costs $10,000
And the mood booster costs $250 each time.
So you would need the Rosebud cheat. Download the items before getting a job perfect your stats then get an agent it will help you rise stars quickly.

Naked sims

If you wont to see your sim naked take them to the shower and then pause the game and move the shower away from the sim.

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