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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Sims Makin Magic Pack Shot

The Sims Makin Magic

The Sims Makin Magic Cheats for PC

We have 7 cheats on PC

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Added 18 Nov 2004, ID #5502
Having troubles finding magic beans, then look no further! If you managed to get your beanstalk higher than your house then you can climb it. Up there will be a special surprise.....

Deleting SimsAdded 13 Jul 2004, ID #4947
I would just like to correct a cheat put on here by Goojoy called "Dont delete your sims". You can delete your sims without loosing all your skill points. The trick to it is to save your game first then delete your sim, your skill points will remain intact. Now you can delete your whole family and get their moods looking fantastic. Just remember to save it again if anyone in the family gains a skill point before you delete them again.
move_objects offAdded 21 Mar 2004, ID #4336
Move_objects off - it turns off your ability to delete your sim and/or other things
Loads of CheatsAdded 20 Feb 2004, ID #4200
Hold CTRL + SHIFT + C while playing to call up a code entry screen.

You can actuall enter a number of the following cheats in the same command by seperating each code with a semi-colon (;) an exclamation mark (!) will duplicate the last cheat you entered.

So for example you could enter interests;map_editor_on at the code entry screen to display all Sims interests and turn on the map editor in one hit.

You could also get loads of money (patched versions of Makin Magic ony) by entering rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!

rosebud - adds $1000 for the patched Makin' Magic only
hist_add - adds family history stat
write_destlist - creates Sim path routing to file AllRoutes.txt
auto_level - tools are levelled automatically
import - imports and loads specified FAM file
house - loads specified house
prepare_lot - autofixes all lot objects
flush - WINNT flushes application to VM file
crash - crashes current session
water_tool - calls up water edit cursor
debug_social - shows debug interactions between Sims
shrink_text - creates files shrunk_test_#.bmp
edit_char - enter create character mode
interests - displays all Sims' interests, et al.
draw_floorable_off - disables grid
draw_floorable_on - enables grid
draw_frames_off - disables drawing all animations
draw_frames-on - enables drawing all animations
draw_origins - marks all Sims' original positions
core_dump - dump memory to file core_dump_[timestamp].txt
dump_happy - records selected Sim's recent interations
dump_mc - records selected Sim's contribution curve
sim_log begin - starts logging
sim_log end - ends logging
cht - runs file.cht (you can place these cheats in that file)
assert - force testing
log_animations - log animations in developer prompt
map_edit_off - disables map editor
map_editor_on - enables map editor
move_objects_on - click and drag any object
tutorial_off - no tutorial messages in training
restore_tutorial - enables tutorial messages in training
browser-failsafe - reduces web browser crashes
title_info - display stats
quit - exits game
#import - reads behaviour constatns from file tuning.txt
rebuild_cp - refreshes control panel
reload_people - refreshes all Sims and actors in session
refresh_faces - refreshes all Sims' graphic resources
refresh_textures - refreshes all bitmaps for Sims.
preview_anims_off - disable animation previews
preview_anims_on - enables animation previews
rotation <0 ... 3> - rotates camera to preset angle(s)
lot_border - sets lot border (requires rotation cheat)
fam_test - run random actions on homeless Sims
save - saves current house layout
history - displays family history
draw_routes_on - display Sim's visual routing
draw_routes_off - disable Sim's visual routing
log_mask - set-up event logging
autonomy <1 ... 100> - sets AI
sim_speed <-1000 ... 1000> - set game speed
edit_grass <0 ... 150> - sets grass growth
lot-size - sets lot size
sim_limit - set max time for simulator
set_hour <1 ... 24> - sets hour of day (unpatched Makin Magic only)
bubble_tweak - z-axis off-set for thought bubbles
- determines neighbourhood directory
allow_inuse - sets items for use as objects
memview - shows memory usage in developer prompt
sweep off - disable ticks
sweep on - enable ticks
tile_info on - display tile information
tile_info off - disable tile information
visitor_control - toggles control of visitting Sims using keyboard
report_assets - shows/hides assets
auto_reset - automatically resets objects
sim_peek - shows/hide Peek Message
cam_mode - toggles camera mode
all_menus - toggles unavailable interactions
music - music on/off
sound - sound on/off
obj_comp - object compression on/off during save
quats - quaternation transformation on/off
sound_log - shows/hides sound log window
html - toggles webpage creation
soundevent - triggers set sound event
write_routes - records routing to RTE file for each route found
#export - records behaviour to file tuning.txt
plugh - causes Sim to utter word
porntipsguzzardo - causes Sim to speak word
xyzzy - causes Sim to speak word
Loads more money. More than rosebud!!!!!!!!!!!.Added 26 Jan 2004, ID #3999
Here is a cheat that will get you of in a hurry!!!

First do Ctrl, Shift, C then type rosebud.
Second do Ctrl, Shift, C and type this !:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:klapaucias
There easy and fast.
Tons of MagiCoinsAdded 29 Dec 2003, ID #3799
You don't have to do much to get magicoins. You can get magicoins from just performing, whether you did it right or not.

To get lots of magicoins, your sim needs to be in a good mood and you need to buy a checkerboard or chess game to raise your sims logic level. The higher the logic, the better the tricks. Get your sims logic up to three or 4 bars...if you want to go over 4, thats even better.

Take you sim to a place in magic town where there is a stage to do the mummy trick, and the ghost trick, and the water trick. Perform a few times, it doesn't matter what trick, and you should be getting 15 magicoins for each performance. Come on, thats easy magicoins, for just going up and making a fool of yourself.
Never quitAdded 2 Nov 2003, ID #3577
Are you angry when you are learning new skills and you have to stop to get more energy well I have the perfect cheat.

Press ctrl shift c altogether to bring up a green box on the top left hand corner and type in it
"Move_objects on"

Go to options and save the game.

go to buy mode and click on your sim. A yellow sqaure box will appear around your sims feet.

Press delete and go back to live mode. You will see your sims face in the bottom bar. There will be a little cross beside your sims face. Click your sims face and he/she will appear.

Now you can learn your skills again and keep repeating this process when your sims is in a bad mood.

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