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The Sims Makin Magic Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for The Sims Makin Magic

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims Makin Magic Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..

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Loads of Cheats

Hold CTRL + SHIFT + C while playing to call up a code entry screen.
You can actuall enter a number of the following cheats in the same command by seperating each code with a semi-colon (;) an exclamation mark (!) will duplicate the last cheat you entered.
So for example you could enter interests;map_editor_on at the code entry screen to display all Sims interests and turn on the map editor in one hit.
You could also get loads of money (patched versions of Makin Magic ony) by entering rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!
rosebud - adds $1000 for the patched Makin' Magic only
hist_add - adds family history stat
write_destlist - creates Sim path routing to file AllRoutes.txt
auto_level - tools are levelled automatically
import - imports and..


In Magic town there are a few different ways to win magic coins, one way is deuling. There are 5 different choices of spells and only 2 will beat each spell, casting the same spell will result in a draw. The choices are: Red Wave which looks like two sets of parenthesis with a dot in the middle ((.)) , Blue tornado, looks like a spring, or a tornado, Black Blizzard has three lines crossing with dots on the end, Yellow Brimstone looks like a flame, and White Lightning is a lightning shape.
Red Wave is beaten by: White Lightning and Yellow Brimstone
Blue Tornado is beaten by: White Lightning and Red Wave
Black Blizzard is beaten by: Red Wave and Blue Tornado
Yellow brimstone is beaten by: Blue Tornado and Black Blizzard
White Lightngin..

The Wizard Dueling Cheat

Hey all! I have dueled a lot in my Sims game and I know whats good against what. So here they are!
White Lightning beats Red Wave and Blue Tornado.
Red Wave beats Blue Tornado and Black Blizzard.
Blue Tornado beats Black Blizzard and Yellow Brimstone.
Black Blizzard beats Yellow Brimstone and Red Wave.
Yellow Brimestone beats White Lightning and Red Wave.
Now go out and beat those other Sims! If you have any qquestions about this cheat or anything else e-mail me at [email protected]

Tons of MagiCoins

You don't have to do much to get magicoins. You can get magicoins from just performing, whether you did it right or not.
To get lots of magicoins, your sim needs to be in a good mood and you need to buy a checkerboard or chess game to raise your sims logic level. The higher the logic, the better the tricks. Get your sims logic up to three or 4 bars...if you want to go over 4, thats even better.
Take you sim to a place in magic town where there is a stage to do the mummy trick, and the ghost trick, and the water trick. Perform a few times, it doesn't matter what trick, and you should be getting 15 magicoins for each performance. Come on, thats easy magicoins, for just going up and making a fool of yourself.

Magic Eats

For a new look, use your magic oven to bake a Magic Tart by adding the following ingredients:
Pixie Dust, Butter, Baking Mix.
To talk to ghosts on your lot, or just for the fun of it, create Magic Nectar by adding the following ingredients to your nectar press:
Grapes, Grapes, Toadsweat.

Buy Items You Cant Normally

There is a website that has a free program download. If you go to google and search for Bunny Wuffles then look for a thing that says Bunny Wuffles Shcool of Transformigrifiying or somthing like that. Download the Transformigrifier and you can change items.
You can go through and make car pools buyable and you can put funhouse traks at you house or buy starter kits for unlimeted magicoins and even buy magic crystals and beanstalks.
P.S: You can also change colors and shapes of things. In the Bunny Wuffles site it gives instructions and hints to the program. There are also other sites that tell you. Happy Gaming!!

move_objects on

To move anything you whant even sims you do control shift c and a box will pop up then you put move_objects on then you will be in complet control of the game

Never quit

Are you angry when you are learning new skills and you have to stop to get more energy well I have the perfect cheat.
Press ctrl shift c altogether to bring up a green box on the top left hand corner and type in it
"Move_objects on"
Go to options and save the game.
go to buy mode and click on your sim. A yellow sqaure box will appear around your sims feet.
Press delete and go back to live mode. You will see your sims face in the bottom bar. There will be a little cross beside your sims face. Click your sims face and he/she will appear.
Now you can learn your skills again and keep repeating this process when your sims is in a bad mood.

Spells on others

Whenever you cast a spell on another wizard, the spell doesn't work and may have bad effects.
If you cast the toadification spell on another wizard, he or she instead turns you into a toad. So be careful, anyone who wears a magic stick is able to strike back, even children. And by the way, you can get pixie dust by just playing with the new toy box.

Loads more money. More than rosebud!!!!!!!!!!!.

Here is a cheat that will get you of in a hurry!!!
First do Ctrl, Shift, C then type rosebud.
Second do Ctrl, Shift, C and type this !:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:klapaucias
There easy and fast.

A giant in your yard!

Sometimes if you live in magic town a giant will apear in youre yard it happend to me when I was having a party there he was.....

move_objects off

Move_objects off - it turns off your ability to delete your sim and/or other things

Be smarter than smart

You know your logic and all that stuff must be hight to get
magic coins and the (move_objects on) cheat.
Well do that stuff you need to do and when your sim get in a bad mood save your game and delete your sim and than click on your sims head and do it over and over.

Deleting Sims

I would just like to correct a cheat put on here by Goojoy called "Dont delete your sims". You can delete your sims without loosing all your skill points. The trick to it is to save your game first then delete your sim, your skill points will remain intact. Now you can delete your whole family and get their moods looking fantastic. Just remember to save it again if anyone in the family gains a skill point before you delete them again.

More magicoins

I haven't tried this yet, but I have heard that you open up the cheat window (control shift and c) and type in magi_bud.
It wont work sometimes, but apparently it gives you a LOT or magicoins...!

Various hints, tips and tricks to make life easier.

*There are NO cheats for magicoins. You have to earn them...or use this simple trick:
One of the lots in the neighborhood is something like 3500 simoleons. Move your family into this lot, and wait for the Mystery Man to visit. He'll leave behind a box with ingredients and magicoins. Take all the ingredients and the magicoins. You can sell the wand charger, spell book and table for some extra money. Save and go back to the neighborhood, then evict your family. Go back to the family section, and move them back into that lot. Keep doing this as many times as it takes, you get 35 magicoins per box. For more simoleons use the 'rosebud' or 'klapaucius' cheat.
*When you are given a quest to cheer someone up by one of the vendors in Magitown, find that person and greet them. If i..

Having troubles finding magic beans, then look n..

Having troubles finding magic beans, then look no further! If you managed to get your beanstalk higher than your house then you can climb it. Up there will be a special surprise.....

To make magic you have to be smart.

If you want to make magic there is no point in tring to read a spell book with no equitment because you will just get a shock.
you need:
1. A Wand
2. All your skills up
1.You can get a wand if you go to magic town.
2.Pick one area to go to and when you are there you should find a man in a light brown suit.
3.Click on the man and will see the option, "Buy wand-50 simoleons"click on that option and the man will give you a wand.
4. you should know how to get your skills up.

Get Magicoins at Home!!!

Yes it is true, I have found a way to get Magicoins at your Sims' house! Okay, here's what you do:
1.Go to and then click on community, located at the left of the page. Then click on fansites.
2.On the right side of the page, there should be a list of fansites (the first one is The Sims Zone.) Scroll down until you find "Wilkare's Fun Sims" link and then click it.
3.Now you should be on Click on the "Hacked" link on the left side of the page.
4.Click on the green arrow at the bottom of the page untill you find the At-Home Fairie Cart. Then click "Download the Fairie Cart here" link. 5.Click run. Then click run again at the next box that appears. Then click unzip. Click ok. And last, click close. There! Now the A..

To get magic crystals.

To get magical crystals you should use a lot of magic. If you use 7 times in a row charms you can get beanstock, and 17 times in a row you can get magic crystals. There are 7 crystals that you can get.
Yellow - coints pulled out of friends ear.
Purple - teleportation.
Blue - hand buzzer.
Green - spoock someone.
Black - extenguish a fire.
White - levitation.
Red - hot foot/ set someone else on fire.
If you move to another house you crystals will be gone but your powers wont.

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