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All needs full and other things cheat for The Sims 3 Supernatural

All needs full and other things

Hold ctrl , shift and c together. When the bar pops up enter testingcheatenabled true and make sure to have that space with true or else it wont work.

Added By Guest
Nov 9th 2012, ID#17551


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Jan 28th 2015 Guest
you only have to do is exactly like this..
hold ctrl, shift and c.. then a pause thing will happen and at the top of the screen there's a grey line where you can type the following cheats..

motherlode it only gives you 50,000 cash

if you want the maximum money of 99,999,999 then you type this..

familyfunds lastname and the amount..

for example my character last name is cool then type..

familyfunds cool 99999999

clear as that...
ID #508340
Aug 8th 2014 Guest
You can also use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat to get lifetime happiness points by typing it in on the menu when you pick your family and if you want to do a new game an then entering the game then ctrl or maybe click on the chest icon hope this helped look me up on youtube sugarcane candy
ID #433175
Jun 17th 2014 Guest
enabled has no caps small e not big E
ID #401449
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
That testingcheatsenabled true doesn't work
ID #398376
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
How do I get the needs up
ID #398375
Mar 23rd 2014 Guest
@BloodyWolf it is
testingcheatsenabled true
(cheats not cheat)
That should work
ID #367336
Jan 16th 2014 Guest
Motherlode is the cheat of R50.000 ITS AWSOME what other cheat is there
ID #344374
Dec 30th 2013 Guest
whats the max amount for motherload is it just $50,000?
ID #336177
Dec 25th 2013 BloodyWulf
k, so motherlode works but I can't get testingcheatenabled true 2 work. wat am I doing wrong? any suggestions?
ID #333986
Aug 30th 2015 Guest
It needs to be "testingcheatsenabled true"
ID #603868
Nov 7th 2013 Guest
you do this ctrl shift press c cheat box shows up
pay attention to get mother load you must type in just like this

motherlode mother lode not load and at purchasing a house type in freerealestate free real estate you can buy any house for free
ID #318318
Jul 28th 2013 Guest
copy and paste TestingCheatsEnabled True Hope It Helps Smile
ID #300949
Jun 22nd 2013 Guest
most of you people don't know what you are talking about its not mother load its motherlode thank you very much. and btw it does work you just kneed to learn to spell right.

PS. you have to hold ctrl, shift, and c all at the same time.
ID #292075
Jun 22nd 2013 Guest
motherlode does work! if you put in motherlode, if you want the biggest amount of money your allowed to have put family funds (space after each one)

familyfunds last name of family amount of money

if you want the max amount put 99.999.999 but no spaces or anything. so like this: 99999999
ID #291998
Feb 26th 2013 Guest
click and hold shift, ctrl and c.
then enter exactly how its listed, no extra spaces & use the captials letters too.

unlockOutfits on
help (will give you alot of different things to choose from)

testingCheatsEnabled true(after you enter this then you can add the following:
buydebug on (this give you all the things that are normally hidden)
ID #258862
Feb 5th 2013 Guest
If you do Ctrl+Shift+C all at the same time (I will usually hold down Ctrl then Shift then C, it's easier) a bar will appear at the top of your game. Type in 'Testingcheatsenabled true' WITH THE SPACE and click enter the bar will disappear. This means you have done it right. Then for the actual cheats that go with it.
Shift Click on your house's mailbox.
One of the cheats here I like to use is 'Make needs Static' this will keep your moodlet bars at the position you clicked this at. You can turn this off with 'Make needs Dynamic'. If you are not looking for a big thing like that, and you are getting annoyed at the moodlet bars when they are low, try 'Make all Happy' this raises all of your Sims moddlet bars to full, but they can still go down after that. There are others with the testingcheats cheat which I won't go into now.

There is also the Motherlode cheat which adds $50,000 simeleons into your bank. Use the Ctrl+Shift+C again, but this time type in 'Motherlode'. If you are looking for a way to complete your lifetime wish early, choose 'Swimming in Cash' as your LW then use the Motherlode cheat once. the Swimming in Cash Wish is 'Have $50,000 simeleons' which is what the Motherlode cheat gives you.
ID #250612
Jan 27th 2013 Guest
When I try to use the shift+control+C I do not get any "bar" popping up, all it does is pause the game? What am I doing wrong?
ID #247180
Jan 24th 2013 Guest
for the cheat code TestingCheatsEnabled it has to be the way i put it and then space with True to turn it on and False to turn it off..
ID #246070
Jan 4th 2013 Guest
On my game, it says that the code doesn't exist...Idk if i'm typing it wrong or not... But mostly the problem is the space makes it not work. Any help?? Or any other cheats??
ID #237275
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
Motherlode does work, you just have to spell it right Smile It didnt work for me for a while because I spelt it wrong (mainly because I have the WORST spelling in the world) its spelt "Motherlode". But the game is much funner if you don't use that cheat, it provides more of a challenge. Hope that helped anyone Smile
ID #231801
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
Mother load does not work
ID #231452
Dec 28th 2012 Guest
Hi, I've just got super natural and it's great so far, I know basic cheats, Motherlode, familyfunds, testingcheatsenabled true but is there anything else???
ID #230585
Dec 27th 2012 Guest
if your a fairy/witch/whatever that uses magic, this tip is AWESOME. once "testingcheatsenabled true" is on, CONTROL CLICK the negative moodlet you get from running out of power and your power bar will instantly fill up. this also works with any other moodlet.
ID #229214
Dec 25th 2012 Guest
Is the sims supernatural a good game to get? What sims game is better, because they all look good to me.
ID #228236
Dec 25th 2012 Guest
And then you can type in

"familyfunds [familyname] [amount of money]"

and you will get as much money as you put in the bar


press shift and click on your mailbox and you will have a ton of options. Click on "make needs static" and it will do as it says. It's simple to work out what these are, but try the cheats on a game you don't want so that nothing bad happens - you can accidentally end up deleting your mailbox which is a bummer, and I know because it's happened to me before.
ID #227992