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How to get a Unicorn cheat for The Sims 3 Pets

How to get a Unicorn

Well first you need to find one! Then after that hit CTR Aalt delete then type in TestingCheatsEnabled true. After that hold shift and hit the Unicorn! ANd a button will paper that says add to active family! CLick it and you have to Unicorn! It will also work for any animals! If you have one unicorn and you breed it with a different gender horse it will turn into a baby unicorn!

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Jun 24th 2012, ID#17240


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Feb 23rd 2016 ImmaGummySim
I did all the stuff I was supposted to do, but it killed the unicorn.
ID #637075
Aug 24th 2015 Guest
Appaloosa plans
ID #601876
Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
In what town is the unicorns??? Plz help me!!
ID #519592
Nov 11th 2014 Guest
How do you find them?
ID #470295
Sep 9th 2014 Guest
Unicorns are shy so dont worry i have 18 [img][/img]
ID #446228
Sep 5th 2014 Guest
Got 10 of em'
ID #444603
Jul 16th 2014 Guest
i cant find a unicorn :(
ID #419533
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
I found one in the middle of the city once but is there a cheat to make them spawn
ID #403361
May 24th 2015 Guest
I'm not sure,you may need to look it up and see if there is.If you find one then please tell me,though.
ID #560467
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
I did the TestingCheatsEnabked True thing but I could no add to my family but I did make it the color I wanted it to be so help please?
ID #398921
May 13th 2014 Guest
Thank dealt helped you can get them every where on pc but nothing else look for glowing areas or cloudy water spots at 08:00
ID #383897
Mar 30th 2014 Guest
Haha i have 6 unicorns
ID #369838
Mar 19th 2014 Guest
ID #366002
Feb 19th 2014 Guest
It's control shift c then testingcheatsenabled true then hit enter then shift click the unicorn and click add to active family...
ID #356912
Aug 31st 2013 Guest
ALL you half to do is SHIFT and CTRL, the type testingcheatsenabled true, then SHIFT and click on the unicorn, then click add to active family and you have a unicorn< that easySmile
ID #307653
Aug 31st 2013 Guest
All you half to do is SHIFT and CTRL,then you SHIFT and CLICK on the unicorn and click add to active familySmile that easy
ID #307649
Aug 25th 2013 Guest
ok,can you get a unicorn in any other city or is it just the one that comes with the pet expansion pack?!?
ID #306744
Aug 20th 2013 Guest
I found a unicorn once but then it was gone :( and it was WHITE!!! Dx
ID #305800
Jul 11th 2013 Guest
You cannot get unicorns on the Xbox. It's only on the PC I believe
ID #296730
Jul 11th 2013 Guest
how DO you get a unicorn I have read they come out on 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM but are they in appaloosa and sunset vally or whats the deal?
ID #296686
Jun 5th 2013 Guest
How to get Unicorn in the sims pet 3 Xbox ??????? I really wanted it .....
ID #287901
May 22nd 2013 Guest
I have a question...about unicorns on the Sims 3. Where do you get a barn or a boxed in stall for it to live in? Do you make it or what???
ID #284528
Mar 14th 2013 Guest
Im Getting my Unicorn right now :o Smile though, its taking a very long time in sims days/weeks... Btw... Whoever Reads this and wants a unicorn, Here are the Steps... 1. At First, wait for nighttime, 8pm to 5pm, and wait for a aurora. 2. do Ctrl + Shift + C. 3. type in "TestingCheatsEnabled True" (like it said on the top), next, befriend a horse,dog,and cat, try to adopt them from the shelter (I Guess), then next, get them all to be your BFF's and keep on doing positive things to them, you as well may wait for the unicorn again, when there is a aurora, go there, and make the unicorn your "Best friend", then invite it to your household, and Tada! you got yourself a unicorn, and you now may control its powers and have fun using them. Smile
ID #263647
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
I have looked but i cant find 1 ive looked on the beach in sunset valley n its 8:32 pm :(

ID #249726
Aug 13th 2015 Guest
Do you have The Sims 3 Pets expansion pack? If you do, the unicorns only spawn in Appaloosa Plains. Look for an aurora and there will be a unicorn and shift-ctrl-c and type in testingcheatsenabled true and shift-click the unicorn and press Add to Active Household.
ID #597589
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
I was wondering what coloured unicorns everyone else has seen?I have seen a black one with a red glow but it had a name. Does this mean that the unicorn already belongs to sombody? P.S this unicorn was a foal.PPS It always runs past the house closest to Appaloosa's beach.PPPS I live in that house.
ID #248873
Dec 20th 2012 Guest
Guys I have 3 questions where do you find it, how do you find it, and when do you find it? By the way ya'll need to go back to school! Ya'll type like 2 graders! And I'm in fith grade and better than you at grammer! Bad idea!:D
ID #224998
Dec 9th 2012 Guest
Well, you can get a unicorn this way, but the trick is, you won't be able to edit it or put it in your sim bin so you can get a unicorn when you create a family. What you need to do is find a unicorn (I hear they come out between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am) and then type "testingcheatsenabled true" (without the "). Go to relationships, drag the relationship bar up to best friends with the unicorn, and make sure you are BFFs with a dog, a cat, and a horse (I think they have to be in your house hold, but I'm not 100% sure). Then click on the unicorn and ask to invite him/her into the household. Once it accepts, you can edit the unicorn by clicking on the unicorn, then "Saddle" and then "Edit Saddle". You can save the unicorn into the sim bin from there. In fact, you can even edit what the unicorn looks like, change its gender, etc.
ID #217660
Nov 28th 2012 Guest
where would you find the unicorn?
dose it really work or not im desperate?
i want to know if you can or cant
ID #213262
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
ID #207589
Sep 30th 2015 Guest
Not beaches fishing places or the water treatment place
ID #612862
Oct 29th 2012 Guest
Do they appear anywhere? In the town? By the sea?? I'm confused!!!
ID #202881
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
wow this aculy works i have now got a baby unicorn soooo cute
ID #195650
Oct 4th 2012 Guest
I believe it's all chance, I was lucky enough to get the option of creating a unicorn in create-a-family purely by luck
ID #191362
Sep 19th 2012 Guest
Unicorns come out at 12:00 at night pause when it comes exactly to that time and go onto city map. There will be a cloud and that is where the unicorn will be then do the following above.

they only are found every now and then
ID #187389
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
Okay so at 8:00 pm you go to the town map and you look for a glowing light. after click on the light to zoom in soon enough you will see a unicorn.
ID #187103
Aug 12th 2012 Guest
where d u find the unicorn???
ID #175170
Aug 7th 2012 koukidoo
Well okay guy's you can find a unicorn in sunset valley and in appaloosa plains i have just see one in sunset valley(and obviously you had to have the pet package)...
ID #173314
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
Anyone know how to do this on the xbox 360? or even if you can?
ID #172580
Aug 5th 2012 koukidoo
Can you find them in sunset valley or in appaloosa plains only??
ID #172376
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
why did sum one say where do u find a unicorn in sunset vally u wont will u unless u have sims pets
ID #172373
Aug 4th 2012 Guest
When do the unicorns come out?
ID #172007
Aug 3rd 2012 Guest
where do you find the unicorn in appaloosa plains?
ID #171753
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
can we get more than one unicorn? if so how? i have one now but havent seen any other unicorns other than the one i own.
ID #168412
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
my unicorn is death
ID #168319
Jul 24th 2012 Guest
So my family lives in Appaloosa Plains (or however you spell it) and I can't find a unicorn. Does anyone have any idea of where they appear and when they will appear there?
ID #167967
Jul 19th 2012 Guest
where is the cheapest place to get pets 3 expanstion?
ID #166130
Jul 10th 2012 Guest
easy way to get a unicorn:make friends with it, then find 3 pets, put in the cheat code testingcheatsenabled true (space in between enabled and true) press "relashunships" and pull the slide to best friend, find the unicorn again, then click invite to household, and bam you got yourself a unicorn. P.S. unicorns apear from 8:00PM to 5:00AM
ID #162631
Jul 4th 2012 Guest
And this appears on Sims3 Pets too?? And do they come out every night or no??
ID #160495
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
Were in sunset valley do you find an unicorn?
ID #159131
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
Ther is a way to get a unicorn al you have to do is putin "Testingcheatsenabled true " and hold in SHIFT and CTRL. And clik on the unicorn and clik on ad to family.
Unicorns apeer between 10:00PM 04:00AM
ID #158274
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