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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

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A collection of cheats that includes renaming park guests, no height restrictions and rides and coasters never break down.

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Rename one of your park guests the the following codes to unock the corresponding effect.

ALL Rides and Coasters never Break Down:
ALL Guests Ride every Coaster before Leaving:
Sam Denney
Removes Height Restrictions when Building Coasters:
John Wardley
ALL Guests Laugh:
Guests Jump for Joy:
Chris Sawyer
Increase Park Value:
Andrew Gillett
Get Money:
John D Rockefeller
ALL Guests get Sick:
Make Me Sick
Big Explosion:

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats

Rename your park guests to the following to get the corresponding effect
Sam Denney - All guests ride every coaster before leaving
John Wardley - Removes height restrictions when building coaster
Jon Roach - Guests ride all non-coaster rides
David Braben - Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds
John D Rockefeller - Guests Get Money
Jonny Watts - Peep cam, see through eyes of guest

Frontier - All rides and coasters never break down

Guido Fawkes - Gives access to the advanced Fireworks editor

Atari - All guests Laugh
Chris Sawyer - Guests Jump for joy
Andrew Gillett - Increase park value
Mouse - Guests stand around looking down at the ground

D L..

Skip Introductions

To skip the clips at the beginning, press the space bar for each one to skip.

Irrestible Rides and Coasters

Renaming a peep JON ROACH makes all rides irresistable to peeps, who will then get in line to ride them.
Renaming a peep SAM DENNEY makes all coasters irresistable to peeps, who will then get in line to ride them.

All The Cheats!!!

Change the peeps names to:
John D Rockefeller - $10,000
Shifty - dancing guests
Atomic - bigger explosion when rollercoasters crash
Jonny Watts - Peep cam
James Hunt - Buggy Rides in the park(you can drive the car around)
John Wardley - No height Restrictions
Jon Roach - Guests ride non-rollercoaster rides only
Sam Renney - Guests ride Rollercoasters only
Guido Fawkes - Advanced Firework Editor
Frontier - Rides never breack down
Mouse - All guests become sad
A Hitchock - Coyote howles
Atari or Chris Sawyer - Guests cheer

Peeps Can't Leave!

Put a sign at the park enterance on the INSIDE of the park and make it "no Entery" and the can come but they can't leave!

P.S. Please Comment on cheat and rate THX!!!

Cheat Codes

Rename any guest these names:
James Hunt-Buggy rides in park
Atari or Chris Sawyer-Guests cheer
John Wardley-No height restrictions
Jon Roach-Guests ride only non-rollercoasters
Sam Denney-Guests ride only rollercoasters
Guido Fawkes-Advanced fireworks editor
Frontier-Rides never break down
Mouse-All guests become sad
A Hitchock-Coyote howles

how to complete the last 3 game?

im wanting to know how to complete the last 3 games on the first chapter of my game im wanting to move to the soaked chapter and am not to show to past some of the stages? could you please help

Easy money

If you have the mini maze, you can just make it a straight line from entrance to exit, with just 2 straight lines. The stupid people in the game still pay good money for it !!!! Then just sit backe, relax, and let the money roll in!!!

Mr. Super buggy. Da dada daaaaaaaa YA!!!!

Name a peep to get the buggy, sorry forgot name. Make ramps and hills out of ground to make a park for the buggy, you can also make a ramp to get onto roller coaster tracks!

Rich Guy and Pickpocket

Name one of the people in your park Richard Branson and he will make everybody rich.
Name one of the people in your park Richard Tan and he will pocket pick people!!

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