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Rollercoaster Tycoon Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Rollercoaster Tycoon

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We have several cheats including naming guests, getting money, and special guests.

More Rollercoaster Tycoon Cheats and Tips

We have 41 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Rollercoaster Tycoon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo 64

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if u r able to sell umbrellas, put them up to a ..

if u r able to sell umbrellas, put them up to a high price around $10. at first, people may not buy them but when it rains, they will & u will get loads of money!!!

call people code names:

CHRIS SAWYER:takes loads of pictures around the park

SIMON FOSTER:paints loads of pictures around the park

MELANIE WARN:is always happy and smiling even when he/she is sick!

KATIE BRAYSHAW:waves to other guests

DAMON HILL:is a zoomy go kart racer

also, for code names, to call more than 1 guest the same name, use a range of CAPS and lowers, it will still work. example

MELANIE Warn will work

when 1 of ur rollercoaster crashes, clik ..

Roller Coaster Tycoon cheats

Naming your Guest:
To activate a cheat change a guests name to the following:
Katie Brayshaw
Guest waves to everyone
John Mace
Double payment for rides
Guest increases park happiness
Chris Sawyer
Guest takes photos
John Mace
Guest pays double entrance fee
Damon Hill
Guest floors go-karts
Mr Bean
Guest drives slowly in go-karts
John Wardley
Guest always thinks, 'WOW!'
Simon Foster
Guest paints portraits
Guest never runs out of money

Special Guests

Call your guests the following names to unlock the corresponding effect.
Melanie Warn:
Increase park happiness
John Bibrough Guest:
Increases park rating
Slow Go-Kart driver
Michael Schumacher:
Fast go-kart driver
Damon Hill:
Fast Go-Kart driver
Simon Foster:
Guest paints pictures
John Mace:
Guest pays double on rides
Chris Sawyer:
Guest takes photographs
Richard Branson:
Guest will make other guests rich
Richard Tan:
Guest will steal from other guests
Big Bucks
Guest never runs out of money
Tony Day:
Makes guest hungry.
John Wardley:
Guest always thinks, 'WOW!'

How to raise your park value fast!

I only had 6 months left to raise my park value from 8,000 to 10,000 on Dinky Park. I was able to raise it up to almost 13,000 when time ran out!
What helped immensely was:

  • Building new rides and snack bars frequently, (or deleting ones that had been there for a while and rebuilding them.)

  • lowering prices on all the rides so they were packed with people, as well as lowering the entrance fee.

  • constantly have as many of the "free coupons," or "discount entry to the park" campaigns going as you can.

These were what helped the most, but also hiring plenty of all 4 types of employees,having lots of benches and trash cans, as well as plants and trees. Guests like a cle..

If your roller coaster blows up click on it them..

If your roller coaster blows up click on it them double click the red light it you can use you roller coaster again.


Put a few (4-5) infomation booths around you park. Then make the price of an umbrella about $4-$5. The next time it rains, sit back, relax and watch the money roll in.

-Drown all unhappy guests!This may sound questio..

-Drown all unhappy guests!This may sound questionable but mad guests just make other guests mad.-Happy guests-a clean park is a happy park.

Webby's note - That's a bit harsh isn't it?

Disappearing Guests!!First click on any guest an..

Disappearing Guests!!

First click on any guest and then click the claw thing.Finally click the 'x' on the top right corner and he/she will have disappered

Keeping your park clean.To keep sick guests from..

Keeping your park clean.

To keep sick guests from puking all over ur paths, go to an open grassy area and put a 4 square area path. the n put wooden scenery fence arond it. Add benches and if you can a path to a batroom coneccted to the litte place. go to your guest list and pick sick guests in the sick house. hire a handy man to just clean in there. This will help clean ur path a little if you have alot of extreme rides

Enter these names for your guests 2 make somethi..

Enter these names for your guests 2 make something happen:
Chris Sawyer - Takes pictures of everyone he meets.
Simon Foster - Paints pictures of everyone he meets.
Melanie Warn - Very happy guest.
John Mace - Pays double for the rides he goes on.
John Wardley - Thinks WOW! all the time.
Damon Hill - Drives go-karts twice as fast.
Micheal Schumacher - Drives go-karts four times faster.
Katie Brayshaw - Waves at everyone.
Name your park BigBucks to earn millions.

Double Payment guest

Click on a guest and name it John Mace.

Lost people

If the stupid idiots at you park get lost put some infomation booths in you park. They will buy maps an then wont be lost

Filthy Rich

Buy about 5 information booth/desk knock off 0.10 from the park maps and raise the price of the umbrellas to 20.00 and when it rains it might as well be raining money.

Enter these as Gests names:Chris Sawyer: takes p..

Enter these as Gests names:

Chris Sawyer: takes pichers of Rides

Simon foster: pantes pichers

Damon Hill: Rides Go karts Faster

john wardly: thinks WOW

john mace=pays doublericard tan=pickpocketerTony..

john mace=pays double

ricard tan=pickpocketer

Tony day=hungary all the time

john wardley=thinks wow

big bucks=unlimited money

michael shcumacher=FOUR TIMES FAST ON GO KARTS

Name any person a cheat name. Use a capital let..

Name any person a cheat name. Use a capital letter anywhere in the name. The next time you name a person that name use a capital in a different spot.

P.S. you can do it with any number of capitals

To Win the Mega ride and Mega Park Simply win al..

To Win the Mega ride and Mega Park Simply win all the Scenarios and then Build one of each roller coaster and have at least 50 peple ride each one then you will have the mage coaster

People are:-

Simon Foster

Chris Sawyer

Richard Branson :- Makes guest richer

BigBucks :- Gives guest unlimited money

Damon Hill :- Go karts faster

Brad Pitt:- Everyone follows him to all scary rides

Hidden AnimationsName Chris Sa..

Hidden Animations
Chris Sawyer

Takes Pictures of people
Simon Foster

Paints Pictures of people
Melanie Warn

Is always happy
John Mace

Pays Double for rides
John Wardley

Thinks WOW! constantly
Damon Hill

Drives Go-Karts twice as fast
Michael Schumacher

Drives Go-Karts 4 time as fast
Katie Brayshaw

Waves to everyone she meets

Unlimited cash
These Next four cheats may not work on all versions
$5000 cheat
Go to finances by pressing f and then press enter + M this..

On the map forest Frontier if you look in the ll..

On the map forest Frontier if you look in the lland that you dont own there will be some old buildings by a pond,so click the entrance place icon,and then the buy land icon.

Then by the land that has buildingson it then click the dig land icon and right click the biuldings and it will give you money.

When building the Log Flume or the River Raft ri..

When building the Log Flume or the River Raft ride don't build the ride so long,if you build it too long, like more than 5 minutes the guests begin to say"I want to get off River Ride" and get angry.When they get off the ride they will vandilize or leave the park.

How to kill people without that noise!

First select the shovel at the top of the screen.
Rase the land so high people won't hop off.
Then put people on the land.
Then select underground view.
After that higher the land.
Then you will see at least 1 person falling to his/her doom.
P.S.Do this fast so it will work.

Rollercoaster Building

Put Brakes before the station platform so that if you have 2 train they don't crash if it breaks down. Try and build the station platform high and have the drop first so it doesn't speed into the station platform.
The best ratings for a coaster are High (exictment) medium (intensity) low (sickness).
Medium Meduim Low is also good. You can build a rollercoaster with Meduim Meduim Low easily if you have an inverted or Steel Corksrew. Have 6 station platform units then do a right corksrew then another (remember to change from left corksrew) put an on-ride-photo 5 staights the 2 tight corners.
Powerlaunch it at about 31. Another rollercoaster with the same ratings is if you get a steel rollercoaster put 6 station platform units then a loop, Launch at about 25 or..

This is one way to make a guest kind of dissapea..

This is one way to make a guest kind of dissapear.

Well it goes like this. If you click on guest and then on his claw, and move him to a different spot, and have him in the air still, if you click on the x on his box, he will be gone.

But when you move the screen, he will be on the screen, until you click on a ride or something, but not a different person, or at least I think.

Trust me I did it a hour ago, and it was really , really funny. The guy was just on my screen with no legs, up in mid air. I could only see him from his waist up.

Name any person in your park Big Bucks and he wi..

Name any person in your park Big Bucks and he will pay double or even more for your games ,food,rides . Its really awesome .

To get your park realy popular: Get the wooden..

To get your park realy popular:

Get the wooden wild mouse coaster and build 6 sections of station platform get the sharpest turn and build 2 sections, then build 2 chain lift steep sections.

Do a straight then 2 steep down then a straight then 2 sharp turns back into the station !!!

If you want to make a roller coaster like Defrib..

If you want to make a roller coaster like Defribulattor, build a steel track that has a giant chained hill behind the station, then make a very long track in front of it (remember to make a big enough length.

Otherwise it will crash), then, when you go to the test and go screen, go to the gears, then click where it says Continuous Circuit Mode.

Click on the one that says Reverse Shuttle Incline Mode. Then test, and if it doesn't fall of, open it. (To do one like Shuttle Loop, take away the big hill step, and go to the CCM.

Click on the powered launch, then Jack up the speed.)

The best ride is the whoa belly. My design costs..

The best ride is the whoa belly. My design costs 400 and gets me at least 4,000 every scenerio.

A good roller coaster design is what I call Whatever.

It consists of 5 station pieces than straigt into a left loop than to a right loop than to a left loop than to a right loop than go straight up. Set the lauch speed to 60, set the price to 2.00, have a black and blue color scheme, and you are ready.

This design got me 16,000+ on Pacific Pyramids. By the way any lauching coaster works because it gets you around 16.00 every 30 seconds.

You can also change go-karts tracks to mini cars tracks and vice versu.

To make sure that your rollercoasters are not to..

To make sure that your rollercoasters are not too intense make sure all of the fast turns are banked.

For very exciting go-kart tracks make the circuits as long as possible.

To complete Evergreen Gardens easily delete all of the path at the back of the park .

This not only gets you more money but people don't get lost

want some extra cash the easy way. first build a..

want some extra cash the easy way. first build a stand-up-steel rollercoaster( research this in forest frontiers.

(build the venom one) then select the power launch mode,( raise it to about 20 too high and no one will go on it because of the nausea rating) then raise the fie to $2.00.

Then when the "long" queue line is full and while the rolercoaster is running raise the price to $16.00(you may be able to raise it higher, i dont know) then after the ride stops the people in the quiu will go in the ride and pay $16.00 to enter.

Then lower the price down again so that the quiu line will keep filling up. do this as many times as you want.

Rich guest and Pick pocket

For a rich guest click on a guest and name it Richard Branson, for a pick pocket click on a guest and name it Richard Tan.

Ghost Park

Set up two coasters, each with powered launch.
= is station. - is track. | is the division between the does not exist in the real game. It is all straight track.
Test them both at the same time, and watch what happens!
DO NOT CHANGE THE LAUNCH SPEED THIS MAY MESS IT UP! If you folowed the instructions right the coasters should go right threw each other!

Find a toilet, wait until someone goes inside, f..

Find a toilet, wait until someone goes inside, find the eye icon at the top of the screen then select see through-rides. And invade their privacy.(you should see them going to the toilet.)

Use the shovel tool to dig a pit like a hole any..

Use the shovel tool to dig a pit like a hole anywhere in your park.

Then put a burger bar in it or a drink stand and make the item $10.00 to $20.00 and put a hungry guest or more guests in the pit with the food or drink stall.

Wait about a year and they should buy from the stalls. You will make big Bucks!

Ps: You can make the pit as big as you want, but don`t put a lot of stalls in it!!!

For the most money without the bank taking it aw..

For the most money without the bank taking it away is you take a guy that is mad and you take him to a cotten candy stand and keep trying till he steels from it.

Then get the police and take him away.then fire the police and you will get $1,000 and you will never get it taken away!!!!!!!!!!

Guests Drown in Mid-Air

(you must have a lot of money)
First you have to pick out a flat spot.Dig a hole about i block deep and fill the block with water.
Place a guest in the water and raise the water level and then drop it and he will drown in mid-air.

The floating boats

Get a boat hire and open it. Make sure that there is water in the place you set it soon as the boats are gone delete the water and valah! Good luck "cheater''

Eternal Fall

Make an underground path. When someone's walking on it delete the part the person is walking on and then. Bye bye.

I know U all are experts and I'm just a begginer..

I know U all are experts and I'm just a begginer and when you are near the end(october 31,june 9 etc.)and you have less guest but you all have Many money---I'v done this before and it's funny-do this:

1.Double-click on the cash U have. on the advertising button. up All Advertisement.(needs alot of cash but it's better than losing the scenario).

This is my second letter I wrote for U all.

Hope this helps!(my other letter is at Tiberian Sun IF the web site choose my letter!!)

Ok, if you need a little bit of extra money duri..

Ok, if you need a little bit of extra money during gameplay you can go to the icon at the top with the coin on it.Down below says loan.You can get extra money from the loan.Just click the arrow up until it stops or when you want it to stop.

Intensity levels

If you have a really intence ride but the people wont ride it heers what you should do.
Ride 1 intensity is 13
Ride 2 intensity is 9
Close ride 1 so the people ride ride 2. They will build up nerve then open ride 1 and they should ride it. Hope this helps.

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