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Pippa Funnell 4: Secrets of the Ranch Cheats and Tips

We have 4 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Pippa Funnell 4: Secrets of the Ranch please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Pippa Funnell 4: Secrets of the Ranch Questions & Answers page.

All Pippa Funnell 4: Secrets of the Ranch Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


In this chapter, you discover the stuffed toy belongs to Hugo.

You are to go to Hugo with the toy at the Village Entrance, then when he runs away you must watch where he goes and follow him until he stops in a small alley on the other side of the court yard from Mrs Hilda's shop.

Hugo will let you in through a door that takes you directly outside the ? Symbol which is on the other side of the blocked passage on the door you see in the abandoned village.

Enter the door and follow the steps into the jail. There will be a battle with the Mayor. After just keep pressing the space bar when she is the floor to keep moving through the chapter. (She will only lift her arm then it will continue).

When it comes time to get out of the jail, there are 2 planks of wood in there.

There is a blue gate, a red gate & a green gate. Board number 1 is near the green gate, you will see the other in the next chamber.

You must work with Oliver from the window it will say 'embrasure', to manuver the outside leaver from position 0 to 3, left or right, to pick up the wooden planks to jam the gates. If you first pick the plank at the green gate, put it down and work with oliver to work the gates until you are able to get to the 2nd plank. From there you will be able to jam both the needed gates to get out. And don't forget to pick up the figurine and the snow globe.

Chapter 13 -How to get the Keys to Maries Safe.

After discovering the cottage in the forest, if you decide not to continue in the photography competition, you need to meet back with Mrs Hilda at 10am back at Town Hall Square. Speak to her about the key to the gate then continue

To the following day with Emma's diary entry. Go to Oliver's apartment to agree to meet him in the forest at the gate at 9pm.

Oliver doesn't turn up as he is inside the cottage. Once you proceed to the cottage, you then have 19 minutes to ride back through the forest and Gorge to the village entrance to Mrs Hildas house. There is a letter on the side board from Luigie where you will find Mrs Hilda at his workshop. Talk to her about the key, return to her house and pick the Knitting book. It opens a trap door to the shop where the keys are behind the counter. Exit back to the Village entrance and gallop back to the forest to the cottage.

The second last key in the inventory opens the door.

You will then need to decide if you can trust Esteban (after his wayward ways in Horsez 1)but if you don't, you won't get the key to Maries Safe!

Meet Oliver back at his apartment and open the safe.

Find Maries Safe

After meeting Oliver in his apartment to read the diary, the clue in the diary is 'ALTER', go back to the church to the trap door vault it will show you a blue cross, but still open it with the space bar where you will re-enter the vault and find the safe near the alter.

You will then discover the photograph off the top of the box of the cabin is behind the wall in the forest on land that belongs to Helga, near the fallen tree inland lake, but you will need to wait until the next chapter and sign up for the photography competition to access it.

Then you will have two choices, either enter the cabin, or continue with the photography competition.

Finding Maries Pendant

Once the pendant is found in the Mayor's apartment, Emma meets oliver at Luigies with the pendant. To find the replica symbol, go back to church square and enter the church and walk up and talk to the preist. Exit the church up the stairs on the left back to Luigies workshop.

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