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Nioh: Complete Edition Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Nioh: Complete Edition

Last Updated: by Dennis

Nioh is a dark, samurai-centric, action RPG set in feudal Japan which combines historical fiction with Japanese myths. The story follows the journeys of William Adams, an Irish sailor who pursues the sorcerer Edward Kelley into the final battles of the Sengoku period during Tokugawa Ieyasu's efforts to unify Japan. You will find our Nioh cheats and tips for PC helpful as you travel through this demon-infested Japan.

Nioh Cheats on PC

Below is a collection of cheats that will save you a lot of time searching during your journey. They include all the Hot Spring locations and all the Teakettle Fragment Locations.

Hot Spring Locations
Bathing at a Hot Spring Location will replenish your health and bathing in all 20 Hot Spring Locations will unlock the Spa Lover trophy. Take a look at our Hot Spring Locations Guide to find out where each of them are.

Easy Ressurector of the Hiragumo Trophy
In the Spider Nest Castle mission (Kinki Region) there are 6 Teakettle Fragment locations and finding them all will get you the Ressurector of the Hiragumo Trophy. Click here to see the locations of all 6 of the Teakettle Fragments.

Evil-Warding Bonfires
In the mission The Ocean Roars Again (Chugoku Region) there are 3 evil-warding bonfires in Itsukushima. Finding alll 3 bonfires and lighting them will unlock the Keeper of the Flame Trophy. Once you have this trophy Umi-bozu (boss of this mission) will not be able to spawn his minions which will make the boss fight easier. Click here to see the locations of the 3 evil-warding bonfires.

Nioh PC Gameplay

Nioh Tips on PC

We also have several tips that will help you to progress in Nioh. These include how to get easy Glory, the currency of the game and how to get disguises.

Unlock New Game Plus
When you complete the game New Game Plus mode will become unlocked. Click here to find out how you access it and what you can expect from it.

Easy Glory
The currency of Nioh is Glory and you can find out how you can get it easily by clicking here.

How to Unlock Disguises
Find out how to unlock disguises in Nioh by clicking here.

Have a look at our Questions and Answers to get additional help in Nioh for PC. These include where to find the Kodama Collectible.

More Nioh: Complete Edition Cheats and Tips

We have 2 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Nioh: Complete Edition please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Nioh: Complete Edition Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to Unlock Disguises

To unlock disguises in Nioh you must complete the Spider Nest Castle main mission (Kinki region). Once you have done this you must then enter the hidden teahouse from the starting point on the map (where you also access the blacksmith). Select 'Trade', then 'Transform'. Now choose a disguise you want to purchase and select 'Transform' in the hidden teahouse. The disguise you choose will overwrite your current outfit.

Unlock New Game Plus

After you have completed Nioh a new main campaign level will appear and to unlock the Nioh New Game+ mode you will have to clear this level. New Game+ is titled Way of the Strong and in it you can revisit the entire game using the region selection menu. You can also choose the mode for that region. Only the first three missions will be accessible, to unlock the rest you must complete these three missions. In New Game+ mode, you will retain your progress from your previous playthrough and have the ability to level up your Guardians to 30. There will also be a higher chance of random Divine drops and there will be new costumes for purchase at the Teahouse.

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