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Minikit Locations - Dead Man's Chest hint for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Minikit Locations - Dead Man's Chest

To find the the 10 minikits on the Curse of the Black Pearl installment of Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean follow the text and video instructions below.

The Curse of the Black Pearl:

Port Royal:

Minikit #1: In the first area, climb up the wall and use a strong character to rip down the wooden fencing above to collect the first minikit (video time: 00:14).

Minikit #2: In the next room, swing on all seven chandeliers to get the next minikit (video time: 00:30).

Minikit #3: In the same room, in the first area, shoot the three targets in the upper corner of the dungeon. This will push skeletons to the floor - reassemble them and then break down the cell to the right to find the fourth target and skeleton. Reassembling this one gives you another minikit (video time: 00:52).

Minikit #4: Once outside, go along the bridge and jump up the wall section. Continue upwatds until you come to the dead end with the switch and platforms. Pull all the platforms out, pushing the green brick in to activate the last one. Use your female character on the jumping pad to get the fourth minikit (video time: 01:54).

Blue Flag #1: In the next area, run along the ledge to activate all the flags and the first of three blue flags (video time: 02:50).

Minikit #5: On the beach, stand next to the poles going out to sea. Switch to the platform icon on your compass (the 1 o'clock one) and get the dog to dig it up. Build the platform and then jump from one to the next to get the minikit on the final one (video time: 03:30).

Blue Flag #2: Climb up the palm tree onto the roof to find the second flag (video time: 04:21).

Blue Flag #3/Minikit #6: Jump down into the courtyard section and climb the gate to raise the final flag. This gives you the next minikit (video time: 04:29).

Minikit #7: In the next area, go through the green teleporter to find a sausage on a balcony. Take the sausage, go back down, and give it to the man who wants them - he will give you the next minikit in return (video time: 04:50).

Minikit #8: In the next area by the river, use a female character to build the platform and jump up onto the rigging into a window. Upstairs, walk to the left to get the next minikit (video time: 06:18).

Minikit #9: On the first beach section, build the 3 boats (video time: 03:00). In the second beach section, by the river, build another two boats to get the next minikit (video time: 06:55).

Minikit #10: Switch to a character that can walk on the seabed, and walk out to sea from the final boat location. Open the lobster pot at the end of the coin trail to get the last minikit (video time: 07:25).


Minikit #1: Go to the right at the start, through the gate. Build the cogs and place it by the dock to launch the boat and get the first minikit (video time: 00:10).

Minikit #2: In the boat house, teleport through the coral and on the left, pick up a torch and use it on the cannon. Place the cannon to the right and dig up all the items in the area. Put the cannon on the platform you have built and shoot the targets to get the next minikit (video time: 01:00).

Minikit #3: Shoot the rocks to the far left for the third minikit (video time: 01:58).

Fireworks #1: In the next area, fix the furness to get a torch. Use a strong character on the gate opposite, and then use the torch to set it alight (video time: 02:06).

Fireworks #2: Use Blackbeard to open the gate to the next area and unearth the second set of fireworks. Set them alight before moving on (video time: 02:38).

Minikit #4/Fireworks #3: Go through the right hand gate out of the central area and shoot the barrel to unearth the last set of fireworks. Set them alight to get the fourth minikit (video time: 03:16).

Minikit #5: Use the dog to dig up the rubble nearby for number 5 (video time: 03:30).

Minikit #6: Use a female character in the central area to climb up the balconies and get to the roof on the left where the sixth minikit is located (video time: 03:37).

Minikit #7: Go into the underground cavern near the central area. Use a strong character to open the tunnel descending into the second cavern benlow. At the bottom, use a character who sinks to find the next bottle (video time: 03:54).

Minikit #8: Inside the building, out on the balcony, blow up the gate to get number 8 (video time: 04:43).

Minikit #9: Use Jack Sparrow to climb the bell tower, ringing the bells for number 9 (video time: 05:18).

Minikit #10: In the room with movable crates in, look for a white cabinet and use a scream to break it open for the last one (video time: 05:29).

The Black Pearl Attacks:

Minikit #1: On the deck of the first ship, head to the left and destroy the furniture to get the first ship (video time: 00:10).

Minikit #2: To the right, use Blackbeard to break the item blocking the mast before climbing up for number 2 (video time: 00:28).

Glass boxes #1-3: Use a character who can screm to break the three crates of glasses in the bowels of the ship (video time: 01:14).

Minikit #3: Use Blackbeard in the bowels of the ship to break the blockage down to the next deck for the third bottle (video time: 01:56).

Minikit #4: Right after number 3, this bottle is to the left (video time: 02:05).

Glass Box #4: Get glass box number 4 under the stairs in this area (video time: 02:14).

Minikit #5: Use Blackbeard to break the item in the next section and get the torch - drop down to the next deck and light the cannon. Complete the minigame to get the fifth bottle (video time: 02:19).

Glass Box #5/Minikit #6: The final glass crate is by the cannon on the right hand side in this section (video time: 02:45).

Minikit #7: In the last area, up on the sail, use the compass to locate the next bottle (video time: 03:08).

Minikit #8: Jump off the sail and get minikit number at as you fall down to the deck. (video time: 03:25).

Minikit #9: Scream to break the glass to get into the deck below. Once you have cleared the room, use the compass to find a treasure chest with the next minikit inside (video time: 03:34).

Minikit #10: Drop down to the next deck where the final minikit is (video time: 03:56).

Smugglers Den:

Minikit #1: At the start, use the compass to locate the first bottle (video time: 00:10).

Minikit #2: On the main island, use the compass to find the parts on the island and build the castle. Use a small character to go inside and teleport up to the cliff where the bottle is (video time: 00:40).

Minikit #3: On the other side of the island, climb the palm tree to get the next minikit (video time: 01:17).

Minikit #4: On the left by the sunken ship, clim up the central platform and shoot the bell to get another minikit (video time: 01:44).

Minikit #5: In the cave, teleport through the coral into a cage with minikit number 5 (video time: 01:53).

Minikit #6: Still in the cave, use a character that can sink to go underwater. They also need to be a strong character. Break up the rubble and build the item - then pull the starfish out to reveal the next bottle (video time: 02:02).

Minikit #7: After the elevator section, move the item away from the fencing with a strong character and break the fence to get the bottle (video time: 02:44).

Minikit #8: In the cog section, move the central one so that the beam is facing down. Shoot the blockage and then drop down underwater. Push the item underwater until it blocks off the beam. Rotate the item so that the mirror sends the beam into the corner, giving you another minikit (video time: 02:56).

Minikit #9: At the far left of the island, in the caves, break the bottles and climb up. On the surface, get on the cannon and complete the minigame to get number 9 (video time: 03:30).

Minikit #10: Scream on the left hand side of this island to break the ice. Ride the turtle through the arches quickly to get the last minikit (video time: 04:01).

Isla De Muerta:

Minikit #1: Get in the rowing boat and sail out to the left to find the first minikit (video time: 00:08).
Parrot #1: Cross the walkway and go to the right to find the first parrot (video time: 00:23).

Minikit #2: Go to the left from the parrot and shoot the target. Then use a female character to reach the minikit (video time: 00:37).

Parrot #2: In the next area you will find the second parrot (video time: 00:52).

Parrot #3/Minikit #3: As the cave narrows, find the third parrot for a minikit (video time: 00:58).

Minikit #4: After the icicles cut scene, use a character that can scream to break the underwater icicles. Climb out of the water on the other side and activate the machine to line up the colours. Then push the carts in. Do it for all three colours and more will drop down. You need to mix the colours now to make the one in the middle for bottle number 4 (video time: 01:24).

Minikit #5: Head to the left in this same area. Use the compass and the dog icon to generate a jump pad. Use a female character on it to reach the rope above and make the next minikit appear (video time: 02:42).

Minikit #6: On the right of this area, use Jack Sparrow to pick up the coin. This allows him to go underwater. Jump in and use the compass to locate the bronze helmet. Switch to a character who can always walk underwater and pick up the helmet. Then go back to the left and put it on the statue to get minikit number 6 (video time: 03:12).

Minikit #7: Still underwater, go to the left into a secret cavern. On the surface, switch to Jack Sparrow and use the compass to search for a clam. It's underwater, so you will need to swap to a strong character who can walk on the seabed. Use your strong character to open the clam for the next minikit (video time: 04:05).

Minikit #8: Back on the docks in the previous area, use Blackbeard to break the item and reassemble the cannon. Use the torch on the right to light the cannon and begin a minigame. Complete it and the next minikit will appear next to the ship (video time: 04:48).

Minikit #9: Shoot the target on the ship in this area and climb the rigging to the top. Jump onto the chain on the right and slide down. The minikit is in the ruin at the end (video time: 05:28).

Minikit #10: In the main area, break the ice on the right to get into another cave. Use explosives to open the crate. You now need to go back to the coin that makes Jack Sparrow sink underwater, and collect the telescope using his compass. Go back to the man in the crate, and he will give you a minikit (video time: 05:58).

Edited: Jul 9 2011

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