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Imperator: Rome Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Imperator: Rome

We have 13 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Imperator: Rome please send them in here.

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General Tips

• Make sure you manage Civil wars with utmost caution.
• There are no piece deals in civil wars – side loses when it runs out of territory.
• Territory taken in a civil war siege instantly switches to the besieger. There is no occupation like with normal war.
• Stability is decent, but not nearly as crucial as in EU4.
• Declaring an early war without a casus belli is a valid strategy most of the time, but has some limitations.
• Religious power is usually something you will have plenty of to spare.
• Past 50 points aggressive expansion starts to increase all your power costs, so it would be expensive to stay that way for long.
• Tyranny can be very difficult to get rid of to any country that is..

Research Tips

• Citizens are the only source of research points.
• Most important value for research is Research Efficiency - a ratio of research points produced in the country in a year to the total number of pops in it.
• Research Efficiency tooltip is confusing. The 1st number is a yearly research output which is just Research Points (as shown to the left of it) multiplied by 12.
• That in turn gives a Monthly Research value which is then affected by research speed multipliers as shown next to every research type.
• Each level of advances gives the stacking bonus in it's field (hover over 'Current level: x' and a green bar for details).
• Each level also gives access to 3 predefined inventions.
• Bonuses provided by eac..

Console Codes

The following is a list of cheats and commands you can enter that each have it's own role in altering specific aspects of the game. To enter the codes press the '~' (tilde) key to bring up the console and then press SHIFT + TAB at the same time to view all drop down console commands.
Note: To traverse through previously executed commands you need to press the 'up' or 'down' arrow keys. Most codes can be turned off by repeating the command, but there will be instances where reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary.
Annexes the specified country to yours:
Enter annex [country]
Adds specific amount of units in selected province:
Sets army loyalty to specified amount:

Economy Tips

• Most of your income is a result of pop and trade management so check those tips.
• Deficit will give you nasty modifiers as well as periodic bad events – avoid as much as possible.
• Economy tab (F6) provides plenty of useful information.
• All of the economic policies can be switched in an instant for free so feel free to use them.
• But keep in mind that armies, forts and fleets will not replenish their lost men or morale in an instant.

Cities and Provinces Tips

• Each city is a part of the province, which is a part of a region.
• All provinces in the region share the same governor.
• If province is split between multiple states each of those parts will have it's own capital for the time being.
• If your province borders a barbarian stronghold and your civilization value is high enough your 'Civilization Effort' edict will gain another effect – chance of increasing the civilization value of the stronghold eventually resulting in it's destruction.
• Each province has an automatically generated capital – it’s most populous province at the given time. It has to be conquered to allow demanding the whole province in the peace deal.
• If the province loyalty falls below 33 it bec..

Pops Tips

• Each pop has 3 defining characteristics: type, culture and religion.
• Best way to convert pops is using a 'Religious Conversion' policy in the province, but you can also manually convert them for the base price of 20 religious power per pop when necessary.
• Religion screen’s (F6) Religious Unity value will tell you how many pops of wrong religion are in your country when hovered over.
• Wrong religion among pops will lower your religious unity and thus affect your omen power.
• Every single pop with happiness below 50% will produce unrest in the city (see: Cities and Provinces)
• Base happiness is 20% for citizens, 25% for freemen and 100% for both Tribesmen and Slaves.
• Base happiness is then changed ..

Military Tips

• Each nation has access to 5+ tactics and new ones can be sometimes unlocked via traditions.
• Military skill of the commander is extremely important. 3 point difference in commander skill with offset attacking across the river into mountains.
• Army (and navy) without an assigned commander will suffer a 25% morale penalty.
• Only 1, best commander will actually lead in the battle.
• Armies are made of various cohorts, each with different cost, requirements, statistics, abilities and combat match-ups vs. One-another.
• Armies move at the speed of it's slowest units, so and army of 10 light cavalry will move at the speed of 4 while the same army with 1 additional light infantry will move at speed of 2.
• Each..

Characters Tips

• Characters are split into families.
• Each character has a number of statistics that describe them, including abilities, traits and personal relations with other characters.
• Characters have their personal wealth which is used to pay for their own troops in some events.
• Characters below 33 loyalty will be considered disloyal and will seek to start a civil war.
• Characters will sometimes have an ambition that will affect their stats and which fulfillment can have some additional effects.
• Giving a character a job will increase their loyalty by 20. Sacking them will lower it by 20. This can be very important for pretenders, clan chiefs and party leaders.
• You cannot unassign characters once they become ..

Diplomacy Tips

• Diplomatic options available to you change with your rank.
• Only countries of the same rank can be allies. For example a Regional Power can't ally with a Local Power, it can only guarantee it.
• Countries are ranked by the number of cities they control: City State, Local Power, Regional Power, Major Power and Great Power.
• Diplomacy is limited by diplomatic range. You can extend it via inventions and by climbing the ranks as world's power. As of 1.0 it seems to be off at times, especially on the eastern side of the map.
• Opinion penalty given to you by aggressive expansion will be the main limiting factor in your diplomacy.
• Aggressive expansion decays over time by 0.20% of it's current value when you're at peace. I..

Trade Tips

• Trade goods are managed on the level of provinces.
• Both importing and exporting goods provides you with commerce value.
• Import request from other countries are based on their diplomatic range, not yours.
• You can only import goods from countries in your diplomatic range. It gets bigger as you climb the power ranking.
• Commerce income provided by trading goods tends to scale much faster with expansion than tax income.
• To import goods a province needs to have a free trading route available. Those are created by laws, inventions, achieving a power rank, governor policies other country modifiers and even events.
• Creating a trade route costs base 25 civic power, but that cost can be lowered by selectin..

Basic Tips

• Map is split into Cities.
• Cities are grouped into Provinces.
• Provinces and grouped into Regions.
• Almost all interactions happen on city or province level.
• Each province has a city that is a province capital. They are indicated on the map with a white column.
• There are 3 distinct types of countries that play very differently: Republics, Monarchies and Tribes. Those then have a number of subtypes with different bonuses.
• Migratory Tribe is the only country that has access to the unique migration mechanic.
• Each country has a ruler who's abilities and traits may have a major effect on the whole state.
• Only countries of the same rank can be allies. For example a Regional..

How to view all console commands in game

Hit ~ to open console. Once open press SHIFT + TAB at the same time to see all drop down console commands. Happy cheating!

Unlimited power! "Power"

Type "Power" gives 3 effects of +1000 to Civic power, Oratory, Religious.

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