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Football Manager 2008 Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Football Manager 2008

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Our cheats include how to win easily and how to fix national teams.

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We have 23 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Football Manager 2008 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PSP

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Fix National Teams

Due to the licensing restrictions on the game not all the national teams have legitimate players. This can be easily corrected by removing the file that creates a 'mask' on the effected teams. To get rid of the 'mask' go to 'C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/data/db/800/lnc/all' and remove the file 'fake' inc (don't delete the file) and when you now start a new game the correct squads for ALL the national teams will be available.

Are you able to start off a new season with 100 ..

Are you able to start off a new season with 100 million pound transfer fund with any club

The money cheat

The money cheat consists of going the team you actually want go (for example- burnley) and also adding a rich user for example chelsea or arsenal. When you are in control of both teams go the rich team and bid for one of your actual teams players that you would never play anyway. When you get the option to negotiate a contract with your player give him a very high wage so that he definately goes. When the player finaly goes to say chelsea for forty million or so, your team will be left with forty million and chelsea will have your player. After that retire with chelsea and go wild with your money. (can go with multiple teams at a time)

FM Update

There is a new version of football manager available itts the update 8.0.2 they have added all the january transfers as well as fixing some problems to get the update go to then click the headline football manager update click forums and then click on the ling which is under
Football manager 08 then click the second to bottom linc named mirror

Be careful because there is more than one linc named mirror make sure it's the one second to bottom


Play 3 center backs . Two wing backs. Two canter mids. Two attackive wingers and one striker with wingers making runes into box nest to striker. Like this
+ +
+ +
Winger running to side of attacker... Top + is striker bottom + is keeper. I am tottenham and it is really working out... Thankyou

midfield domination

i started a game with roma and initialy played de rossi and aquilane but then sold him to milan after the 1st season and bought angelo palombo and bodmer and won two successive champions league titles i reccomend both these players as as they are both solid and can create. Another bonus for signing bodmer is that he can play almost anywhere on the pitch even striker.

kwabena aguoda

This guy is pure class by far the best stirker on the game within three seasons I'm in the season 2012/2013 and his attacking stats are:
First touch-18
Long shots-19
His record is played 32 score 48 unstopable in my man utd team

Brøndby IF

Here is my fantastic danish team with lots of talent.
Stephan Andersen
Espen Ruud Per Nielsen Mark Howard Ramiro Corrales
Tobias Mikkelsen Martin Retov Martin Ericsson Kasper Lorentzen
Peter Madsen Chris Katongo
My subs:
Benoit Costil
Mikkel Bischoff
Mikael Dorsin
Diego Valeri
Samuel Holmen
Mike Jensen/ Thomas Rasmussen
Morten Rasmussen/ Dong Fangzhou
Here are some fantastic talents:
Breno(The best defending talent in the game), Morten Nielsen, James McCarthy, Nicolas Millan, Nikola Saric. I hope this could help you.

Good players

These are a few good players to buy:
Billy Sharp- Sheffied Utd, Aaron Hunt- Werder Bremen for this set database to large,Jonny Evans, Fabian Brandy, F.Campbell,Pique, Eagles, Scott Sinclair, Andy Caroll, Carlos Vela, dnt buy defoe until next season get him for £4m trust me, loan Zarate from Al-Sadd or buy him for 3million but put clauses in etc
Send scouts to under 18/19/20s comps and to south america picks up great cheap players
Hope this helps- also want money add user and be a big team and buy a rubbish player on your team for loads of money then let the transfer go through and retire
Hope all of this helps football manager number 1!!

Good Brazilians

These are some good brazilian youngsters:
Alex Teixeira
Thiago Neves
Sergio Motta
Rodrigo Possebon

Old to New

Alot of premiership team nowadays have gone of the traditional 4-4-2 tactic and changed to a more attaking 4-5-1 formation so I thought I should use this in football manager so I have came up with a fantastic tactic that I am using in my current arsenal team this is a guide on how to do it:
Have your right back and left back do forward runs and cross balls often have a defensive mid player never go forward and everything should be on the lowest there is apart from through balls which should be full you should have two centre muds have one go forward often and make through balls and long shots as high as they go your second midfielder should have everything full apart from through balls and cross ball have them the lowest your two attaking wide players should have everthing full and ..

Top Team Manchester United

I`ve Just Started A Season With Manchester United And Have`nt Lost A Game In 24 So Id Like To Reccomend Some Players To Get Started With I Signed Thiago Neves On A Cheap And He Scored 17 In 23 From Playin Left Wing I Also Signed Alex Teixeira For 5Million From Vasco Hes Only Played Once Because He Joined In January Due To The fact Brazilians Are`nt Aloud To Join A Foreign Club Until There 18. Then A Scout Highly Reccomended Giles Barnes From Derby So I Made An Enquiry And They Said They`d Let Him Go For 11.75Million So I Signed Him And He Scored 2 Goals On His Debut Against Portsmouth.I Hope This Helps

Newcastle 2015

Hi I'm newcastle in the season 2014/2015 and I have won the league title for the last three years nearly every one of my players have me in there favourite personnel this is my squad
MF-Walcott/De Guzman/Anderson/Kalou
Most of my reserves get at least ten games a season but these bellow alternate with my actual squad
I hope this helps you
Some of my players don't become good untill you are far on in the game

Decent Young Players.

Thiago Neves- One of the best young players on the game.
Asmire Fef'fe
Ronaldo Barbosa
Alex Teixera- The Next Ronaldinho
Oscar Trejo
Luiz Adriano
Bruno Mezenga
Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke (AKA Edu)
Carlos Vela
Hope this Helps!

A Couple Good Players

Here Are Some Decent Players I Found On The Game :
Thiago Neves
Alex Tiexiera
Giles Barnes
Carlos Vela

Must Sign Players

Make it your mission to sign these players!!!
Vincent Enyemea
Andrea Barzagli
Mattea Cassini
Christian Zaccardo
Henri Saivet
Jeremy Menez
Craig Gordon
Angelo Palumbo
G. Dos Santos
Carlos Vela

Also send you scouts to youth tournements and to south america to get some young bargin starlets

good players

carlos vela pops up a lot


micheal owen is awesome be warned this year is in 2010
top scorer also dagoberto and tuncay are ok (sorry if i have spelt anything wrong in any of posts


bojan is a awesome player in my barcelona squad hes sub and his ratings are not that great and almost in every game he scores as long as You give him enough time hes got like 11 in 12 for me

Barcelona 2009

I Got Sacked From Chelsea After A Poor Season And Barcelona Offered Me A Job So I`d Like To Share Some Of My Ideas With You. First I Signed Aaron Hunt From Werder Bremen Hes A Really Good Player & Put Henry On The Transfer List I Sold Him For 12Million Exchange Deal W/Sergio Aguero From Athletico Madrid. Also Ustari From Getafe Is A Great Goalkeeper Hes Only Cheap At The Start Of The Game You Can Sign Him For Around 6Million At The Start Then When You Play Him About 10 Time He Goes Up To 8Million When He Started As 4Million & If You Win The League With Him In Your Squad He Will Go Up To 14Million & Then Loads Of clubs Will Want To Sign Him Like AC Milan,Juventus.Inter,Real Madrid,Manchester United,Bayern Munich,Werder Bremen & Arsenal. Aaron Hunt Went Up To 15Million Pounds Worth When I..

free players

First open fm editor then choose your favourite team(mine is liverpool) then look for affilated club and add world's best like barcelona,milan etc. Then select the option players move freely add any team and then start play the game all players fromt those team will cause nothing offer for "0" and you get all better players for free NOTE: some players will refuse so if you make you're team's reputation to10000 then 99%will agree best of luck

win at Football Manager 2008 made essey

there are several ways to have a perfect season.
Option 1. One day before each match take control of other team make them lose
Option 2. Have a massive squad cheepist way to add players is football management data editor section located ( my p.c. -> c drive -> program files -> sports interactive -> Football Manager 2008 then load data editor.)
Option 3. Take control of your team then take control of team with lots of money
Then make them by a rubbish player of all there money (spend this money on players )
Lats Option. Take control of the team you wanna by the players from and you can get them for $0 this might reduce the market value of certain players. All the best of luck

Great Player

This player plays for rimini and is an amazing attaker only 22 so if he doesnt get in your team send him out on loan when you buy him he has 17 finishing 15 first touch and dribbling but after just one season he has got 20 finishing 18 dribbling and 18 first touch he only costs 3.8 mill and in his first season for me he played 28 vames and scored 38 I am man utd.

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