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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Bastok quest (almost coplete) hint for Final Fantasy XI

Bastok quest (almost coplete)


* Blade of Darkness
* The Star of Ifrit
* The Gustaberg Tour


* The Siren's Tear
Client: Wahid
(South Auction House, Bastok Mines)
Talk to Wahid, then go the Port Bastok and find the
bard in the restaurant for more info. Then head to
J-8 and J-9 in N. Gustaberg with no weapon equipped
to find the ???. Examine it and obtain a Siren's
Tear. Return this to Wahid.

* Beauty and the Galka
Client: Cornelia & Parraggoh
(House, Batok Mines)
This quest actually starts in the Warehouse in Port
Bastok. Kill worms to obtain Zinc Ore and trade one
to the person who gives the quest in the Warehouse.
Then find Cornelia in Bastok Mines for the reward.

* Welcome to Bastok
Client: Powhatan
(Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
Talk to him again if you would like to get some
hints. Kill Quadavs in Gustaberg to get a Shell
Shield. Wear it (might need to change classes) and
talk to the NPCs behind the counters at the travel
agency. You will get a cutscene. Then go see

* Guest of Hauteur
Client: Powhatan
(Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
Reward: Targe
Kill Garnet Quadavs for a Maul and wear it (lvl 31
White Mage only). Then go talk to the gaurd near
the zone from Port Bastok to Bastok Markets. Get
a cutscene and a letter to give to Powhatan.

* The Quadav's Curse
Client: Corann
(House, Port Bastok)
Kill Quadavs for a Quadav Shell and trade it to

* Out of One's Shell
Client: Ronan
(House, Port Bastok)
Talk to Ronan, and then to the people in the
nearby area to learn that Shell Bugs are what
you need. Go to Beadeaux and kill Quadavs for
Shell Bugs (three needed). Trade them to Ronan
and then rezone for your reward.

* Hearts of Mythril
Client: Elki
(Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
Head to J-7 in N. Gustaberg and examine the
grave there to place flowers at the grave.
You will also notice some faded words... Go
back to Elki and talk to him for your reward.

* The Eleventh's Hour
Client: Elki
(Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
Head to Palborough Mines and examine the
Tool Box at H-7 (3rd Floor). Return to Elki
and he'll send you on a search for a Galka
in Bastok Mines. Find this Galka in the
houses to finish this quest.

* Shady Business
Client: Talib
(Tenshodo Warehouse, Port Bastok)
Kill worms to obtain Zince Ore. You can also
buy these in Mhaura or at the airport shops.
Trade four of them.

* A Foreman's Best Friend
Client: Gudav
(Construction Site, Port Bastok)
Reward: Key Item - Map of Gusgen Mines
First head to the houses near the gate in
Bastok Markets to find a young Galka who
tells you more about the foreman. You
will learn about the forman's dog. Kill
the dogs in Gustaberg (at night) for a rare
Dog Collar (or buy at the AH). Trade this
to Gudav and obtain the Gusgen Mines map.

* Breaking Stones
Client: Horatius
(Trader's House, Port Bastok)
Reward: (gil)
Go to Wadi and search for the ??? at J-5.
Obtain a Dangruf Stone and give this to

* The Cold Light of Day
Client: Malene
(House, Bastok Markets)
Malene can be found near the zone toward
Port Bastok. Find the young Galka in the
house near the gate in Bastok Markets to
learn that you will need to trade a Quus
(obtain from fishing) to the ??? near the
lighthouse (M-10) in S. Gustaberg to lure
out a monster. Kill the crab (it appears
behind you) to get a Steam Clock. Trade
this to Malene.

* Gourmet
Client: Salimah
(Trader's Home, Bastok Markets)
Reward: (gil)
Depending on the time of day, Salimah will
want various items for cooking. Talk to
her daughter to find out what she needs
(Sleepshroom, Treant Bulb, Wild Onions)
and give her the requested item for some
gil. If you give her an item that she does
not request, she will give you less gil.

* The Elvaan Goldsmith
Client: Michea
(House, Bastok Markets)
Synthesize a Copper Ingot (or buy one from
the AH) and give this to Michea. Four
Copper Ores and a Fire Crystal are needed.

* A Flash in the Pan
Client: Aquillina
(House, Bastok Markets)
Kill worms to obtain Flint Stones. Give four
to Aquillina.

* Smoke on the Mountain
Client: Hungry Wolf
(Craftsmen's Eatery, Bastok Metalworks)
Find and talk to Offa to learn how to make Galkan Sausage.
Go to the top of the hill at K-9 in S. Gustaberg and
find the Goblin camp at the top. You should see a ???
at the center of the campfire. Kill the sheep nearby
for some Giant Sheep Meat and trade this to the ???.
You must wait an entire game-hour WITHOUT ever leaving
S. Gustaberg for the meat to cook. Give the Sausage to
Hungry Wolf once it meat is done cooking.

* Stamp Hunt
Client: Arawn
(Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Examine the stamp sheet in your key items menu to get
hints on the location of the people who will offer you
stamps. Once all guards have been found, talk to Arawn
again. (Anyone remember the names/location of the NPCs?)

* Forever to Hold
Client: Qiji
(Docks, Port Bastok)
Talk to the old couple near the water. Qiji wants you
to get him a Brass Hairpin (synthesis item or check
AHs). Trade it to his wife, Romilda to get a silly
cutscene and your reward.

* Fallen Comrades
Client: Pavvke
(House, Bastok Mines)
Kill Quadavs in the Palbourough Mines to get a Silver
Name Tag. Trade this to Pavvke. You can also find lots
of these in the armor section at the AH.

* Mom, the Adventurer?
Client: Nbu Latteh
(Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Make (or buy -- easier and cheap) a Copper Ring and
find the young Mitrha in a house in Bastok Mines. Give
her the ring and obtain a letter to Nbu Latteh. Talk
to Nbu Latteh once you get the letter.

* The Signpost Marks the Spot
Client: Nbu Latteh
(Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Head to G-4/G-5 in the Konschtat Highlands to find a
Signpost which you can examine. Get a key item (some
sort of painting) and give this to Nbu Latteh's daughter.

* Past Perfect
Client: Evi
(Harbor Way, Port Bastok)
Head to G-8 in the Konschtat Highlands and examine
the ??? to find the buried mission orders. Return
and talk to Evi to finish up the quest.

* Stardust
Client: Baldric
(Darksteel Forge, Bastok Metalworks)
Head to Valkurm's beaches and look for a beat-up
boat that has marooned on the shores (I forget
which beach). During sandy weather, a ??? will
appear. Examine it for some Sunsand. Give this to

* Mean Machine
Client: Unlucky Rat
(Cermet Factory, Bastok Metalworks)
Reward: Warp scroll
Kill slime-type monstes (Jellies in the Shakhrami
Maze, for example) to get Slime Oil. Trade this
to Unlucky Rat for a scroll of Warp. (This is a
magic-learning scroll, and not the one-time-use
version obtained from conquest points)

* Father Figure
Client: Michea
(House, Bastok Markets0
Synthesize a Silver Ingot to give to Michea.

* Drachenfall
Client: Black Mud
(Ore Street, Bastok Mines)
Reward: (gil)
Head to Wadi and go to J-3. Use the geyser to get
up to the ledge and continue north (not visible on
the map) and you will end up at C-8 in N. Gustaberg.
Head to the waterfall to find a spot where you can
trade the urn given to you by Black Mud and obtain
some water. Give this back to Black Mud for some

* The Curse Collector
Client: Zon-Fobun
(Near Sororo's, Bastok Markets)
Reward: Poison Cesti
Solution: Go to Beadeaux and examine the Afflictor
and the Mute to be cursed and silenced. Then
return to Zon-Fobun to get Poison Cesti claws.

* The Wisdom of Elders
Client: Benita
(House, Port Bastok)
Talk to Benita and then find her step-mother just
outside with Benita's daughter. Talk to the step-
mother to learn that Bomb Ash is needed to
clear out the clogged chimney. Get some for Benita
from Bastok Metalworks.

* Groceries
Client: Tami
(Near Residential Area, Bastok Mines)
This is actually two quests (one is "hidden"). Get
a memo from Tami to give to her husband Zelman in
the Zeruhn Mines (I-8). If you examine the memo
before you talk to Zelmun, you will also be asked
to buy some Meat Jerky for Tami (get some from the
inn in Bastok Mines). Return to Tami and talk to
her to get 50 gil. Then trade the jerky for another

* The Bare Bones
Client: Degenhard
(Near Galkan Bridge, Bastok Markets)
Reward: Key Item - Map of Wadi
Kill skeletons and get a Bone Chip to give to

* Minesweeper
Client: Gerbaum
(Work Area, Bastok Mines)
Kill anything in Zeruhn Mines and get three
Pinches of Zeruhn Soot.

* Buckets of Gold
Client: Foss
(Firewater Circle, Bastok Markets)
Reward: (gil)
Fish either in towns or in small freshwater lakes
and streams. Use Worms or Fly Lure and hope for
Rusty Buckets. You need to trade five of them.

* Brygid, the Stylist
Client: Brygid
(Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Dress up the way she suggests (a Robe and a
Bronze Subligar).

* Bite the Dust
Client: Yazan
(Harbor Way, Port Bastok)
Head to K-9, L-9 in Valkurm Dunes and kill the Sand
Bats to obtain a Sand Bat Fang (different from the
regular Bat Fang).

* Altana's Sorrow
Client: Virnage
(Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
Reward: Teleport-Dem scroll
Go to Garliage Citadel (enter from bottom left corner of
H-10 square in Sauromugue Champaign). Find the ??? in
G-8 or H-8. Sneak and Invisible is needed to get by the
beetles. The bats there do not aggro (but watch out for
the undead). Also, avoid falling through the holes in
the ground. The ??? is often found inside the square
rooms near fallen rocks. Examine the ??? to obtain some
paint and then talk to Virnage. He will send you to see
Eperdur, who then gives you Teleport-Dem magic.

* A Lady's Heart
Client: Valah Molkot
(Near Residential Area, Port Bastok)
Reward: exits from mog house expanded
Buy an Amirilis from Upper Jeuno and give this to

* Ayame and Kaede
Client: Ensetsu
(House, Port Bastok)
Reward: ability to become Ninja
Refer to:
On that one page, there are five maps. I will call them
maps 1 through 5, where map 1 is the topmost map.

You will enter the tunnel at N-6 of map 1. From N-6, head to
the letter "A" at A-9/A-10 on map 1, which connects to N-7/N-8
of map 2. Continue west (passing a couple of giants and what
appears to be a mini-bridge located just above your head level)
to about E-9/F-9. You will pass a set of steps; just behond the
steps is a "secret" passage going south -- secret because it's
shown on the in-game map. Take this secret passage and it
eventually leads east. Go to the east border of the G-9 square
(this is still in map 2, of course). You will eventually see a
pass leading north. (This will take you onto the bridge you saw
on your way to E-9/F-9) Head north until you are forced to go
east (do not drop down). Make your way toward the "D" on map 2
(again, don't fall off!). Point "D" on map 2 connects to point
"D" on map 5. On map 5, continue to H-10 (a bridge; don't fall
off), then to H-8 where you will turn to go east. Make your
way to J-7, and then you will be forced to travel south. While
heading south, hug the wall to your left and eventually you'll
end up at K-8/L-8 where you will find the ???.

When you examine the ???, THREE leeches will spawn and you must
kill them all. Then re-examine the ???. (Note that if you are
in a party, only one person needs to examine the ??? to spawn
the leeches. After you all kill the leeches, everyone in the
party can then examine the ??? and finish that part of the
quest. I.e., you all don't each have to examine the ??? and
each spawn the leeches.)

Return to Bastok and talk to Ensetsu, and he will send you to
Norg. Get to Norg by going through Yuhtunga Jungle, then
the Sea Grotto (s.w. corner of Yuhtunga Jungle) -- just hug
the wall to your right inside the grotto and enter through a
door. Once past the door, you can just run past any aggro to
Norg. Once you enter Norg, find Ryoma by the water and talk
to him. Then return to see Ensetsu in Bastok.

Added by: AnarchyChild
Jan 16th 2004, ID#3963


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