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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Fable: The Lost Chapters

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We have a collection of cheats which includes getting unlimited Gold and getting the Execution Tree quest easily.

More Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats and Tips

We have 29 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Fable: The Lost Chapters please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Special Produce Items

During the game you will find the following special produce items which will give you the corresponding bonus.
+5 Good Points.
Crunchy Chicks:
+5 Evil Points.
Turns day into night instantly.
Golden Carrot:
Turns night into day instantly.
3 Skill Experience Points multiplied by Combat Modifier.
3 Will Experience Points multiplied by Combat Modifier.
Red Meat:
3 Combat Experience Points multiplied by Combat Modifier.

Unlock Codes

There are currently no known unlock codes for this game but hints and tips on the various stages can be got by going to the SuperCheats Q&A section or reading the FAQ/Walkthroughs we have or by going to the SuperCheats forum for Fable: The Lost Chapters were you will meet many members who know a lot about the game and will be happy to help you.

Location of all 30 Silver keys.

1. Lookout Point - Behind the bushes you cut down near the statue.
2. Bowerstone South - On the Balcony of the Clothing Shop.
3. Fisher Creek - Fished out of the water beside the fisherman's shack.
4. Fisher Creek - Given as a prize in the fishing competition.
5. Guild Woods - Fished from the ripples in the water.
6. Greatwood Lake - Up the hill at the broken bridge, to the right when you first enter this area.
7. Orchard Farm - Fished out of the water from the end of the dock down the path past the barn.
8. Rose Cottage - Dig out of the ground in the dirt patch to the left of the house.
9. Hobbe Cave Focus Chamber - Dig out of the ground in the dirt patch to the right and towards the back of the cham..

Easy money

Easy Money
Go to bowerstone north shop buy all dimonds(65 if it isn`t whait 1 more day)for +- 25000,then sell all the dimonds as more as better, and now your official rich you an reapet the porocesse every time you wana.

The sword in the stone

Here is how to pull out the sword in the stone at the temple of avo. First you need all srength up full. Second go to stone with people around you. Then pull and it'll come out

Infinite money

Go to the shop at the gate of that city you get in first, he will have loads of chocolate, buy them all AT ONCE and sell them all AT ONCE. You can do the same with emeralds at oaksville.

Book Locations

Good Books:
1. The Arena - Hero's Guild Library.
2. Creatures of Albion Book 1 - Hero's Guild Library and Witchwood Stones Demon Door.
3. Creatures of Albion Book 2 - Hero's Guild Library.
4. Creatures of Albion Book 3 - Hero's Guild Library.
5. The Dragons - Hero's Guild Library.
6. The Northern Wastes - Hero's Guild Library
7. The Old Kingdom - Hero's Guild Library.
8. The Other Land - Hero's Guild Library.
9. The Pale Balverine - Hero's Guild Library.
10. A Love Story - Hero's Guild Bedroom and Witchwood Stones Demon Door.
11. The Tale of Maxley - Hero's Guild Bedroom.
12. Making Friends - Library Arcanum, Oakvale Shop, Bowerstone North Shop, and Hook Coast Shop.
13. The Trials of Aarkan - Stolen from a house in Oakvale...

Assassin locations.

Knothole Glade, near the narrow path across from the Demon Door.
Witchwood Cullis Gate, near the focus site.
Windmill Hill, near the Windmill.
Prison Path, just walk down the path.
Hook Coast, near the lookout bell.

Multiple swords of aeons

I finally found it! The ironic glitch that they accidentily put in!
Ok so we know that the hero save is for saveing collected xp and collected items and world save is to save the entire thing totally.
Well they only want you to have the choice of being evil or good by sacrificing the sword. Well I figured out a way that you can stop that. Before you go on the quest to beat jack world save in the heros guild. Then when you are faced with the choice of being evil and killing your sis, or being good and destroying the second best sword just do a quick hero save to the world save in the guild, then reload it to that one. You will find that because it was anitem and is in you inventory that it was saved on your person along with the xp and cash you got from killing jack ..

a LOT of money

To do this cheat I would recomend you have max guile if not it wont give as much money but any ways heres the cheat:go buy every health potion or mana potion or gems two or three hundred(dimonds rubys shapires etc.)and sell them and the store owner gives you a lot of money if hes sold out of the item and then you buy them back for a quarter of the price and repeat this for as much money as you want I made one or two million in about ten times of this and I think I only had a hundred dimonds see ya Animemaster21

Massive Will Exp

You HAVE to do the Lychfield Graveyard quest for this one. Get any level summon, and physical shield level 3 or 4 is a must. Lots of will potions help immensely. Now, make sure you can click fast and go to Lychfield Graveyard and start the quest. Get your combat multiplier up to about 20-25 by fighting the never-ending swarm of undead, run into a crypt, and start using summon, clicking as fast as you can. You should, depending on your multiplier, be able to get tons of experience in a short time. When the multiplier gets low (as it will) down to about 10. Go out and kill more undead, and repeat!

Hero Doll Locations and how to Aquire them.

Briar Rose is given as a prize for beating card pairs in the Bowerstone Tavern in less than 30 seconds.
Whisper is given as a prize for beating coin golf in the Oakvale Tavern in less than 12 strokes.
Twinbalde is given as a prize for beating spot the addition in Twinblades Camp in less than 25 seconds.
Scarlet Robe is given as a prize for beating card sorting in the Knothole Glade Tavern in less than 25 seconds.
5. Thunder is purchased from the Arena vendor or Bowerstone North shop.
Maze is given as a prize for beating shove ha' penny in the Hook Coast Tavern with a score of 30 or better.
Scythe is given as a prize for beating coin golf in the Snowspire Village Tavern in less than 11 strokes.
Jack of Blades is given ..

Treasure Clues

Treasure Clue #1 Is given for completing the Bounty Hunt Quest.
Treasure Clue #2 Is given for completing the Lost Trader Quest.
Treasure Clue #3 is given for killing all 5 Assassins.
Treasure Clue #4 is given for beating a high score at the Knothole Glade Archery Competition.
Treasure Clue #5 is found in the chest behind the windmill in Windmill Hill.
Treasure Clue #6 is found in the chest to the left before you get to the apple trees down the path to the left of the barn.

Demon Doors

1. Hero's Guild - Turn on your lamp, which is given to you by the Guild Master for graduating from the Guild. - (Elixir of Life, Book of Spells, Making Friends Book, and a Howl Tattoo.)
2. Greatwood Gorge - Eat 10 Crunchy Chickens or kill about 4 people in front of it, or be completely Evil. - (Wellow's Pickhammer.)
3. Rose Cottage - Give the door a box of chocolates or any gift. - (Bright Will Users Outfit.)
4. Greatwood Caves - Have a Combat Muiltiplier of 14 or higher showing when you talk to the door. - (Cutlass Bluetane.)
5. Darkwood Marshes - Defeat the Doors summoned Hobbes. - (Dark Will Users Outfit.)
6. Darkwood Bordello - Have sex at least 10 times. - (Pimp Hat.)
7. Grey House - Be Married to Lady Grey. - (Ronok ..

Get Money Easier than house thing....

Okay, because the economy is set that the trader or shop guy will pay more for stuff that he doesn't have and then sell stuff really cheaply if he has loads of it, so all you need to do is simply go to a trader or a shop attendant and make sure he sells potions, buy them all up (if you can't then sell first).
Then sell all your potions he pays loads because he doesn't have any then you buy them back he sells them cheaper because he has loads of them.
After a couple of times you make hundreds of thousands and you also gain loads and loads of potions, I myself have about 3,000 potions over the time that you do it, you gain money and potions but do not sell Resurrection Phials they always up the price so you lose money for selling them Enjoy.

Easy Experience and Money

Here are some tips for VERY easy experience and money. Fair warning, it is a little repetitive and very tedious, but also REALLY REWARDING.
Strategy Number 1
This is for people who have not beaten the game and let the credits roll by yet. YOU MUST HAVE MADE IT TO THE LYCHFIELD GRAVEYARD NOSTRO QUEST FOR THIS (you know, where you have to find 'my armor, my helmet, my sword and my shield'). It is suggested that you have a Level 3 Physical Shield for this. A Level 4 Enflame would be nice, but not necessary. A lot of Will Potions too. Definitely.
You can win a constant stream of 3 Silver Keys with this one too, so pay attention. Finish off the Lychfield Graveyard part of the Quest. In this part you can find up to three Silver ..

A whole lot of EXP with Lady Gray

Well, when you find an Ages of Might/skill/will potion,don't use it immediately.
Save every one of these potions you find because they're extremely rare until you get your champion Seal from the arena.Then go to Bowerstone north(Lady Grey will invite you),and do everything she tells you and marry her.Then leave from Bowerstone and come back when it's night.She'll be in her manor.Enter and lock on to her.
Start punching her for a minute and she'll divorce you but you'll be in her manor.Then punch her with all your might.She is not going to die and there will be no guards.Your combat multiplier will raise.Then,when you think that's enough,use all of your ages of might/skill/will potions you have and get a whole lot of EXP for each one.(I got a multiplier of 62 and use..

All the exp and gold you want

Ok what you have to do is get to the arena,
Play it through till the boss, then save and load you're save file.when you load you are standing outside the arena with all the exp you got before.
You get about 50 to 90k exp per time Smile
Hope this helps
Ps. A good idea is to lvl 1 skill at a time

Chickens do not drown!

In the Bowerstone Quay, kick a chicken again and again until it's thrown to the sea. Fun thing about it is the chicken can still walk and come back to the earth, unharmed. But because the chickens walk randomly on different directions, there's a chance that it wont come back.


If you have finished the game and you are strong enough, go to the guild and steal from the shopkeeper and the guards will come after you. As you notice you should get about 250-350 xp points from each guard. I GOT 60,000 XP POINTS IN 15 MINUTES

Amazing EXP!

At the end of the game while you are chasing jack to the focus sites you can make lots of exp. Lots of will pots will help and try to have a physical shield lvl of 3 or 4. When at orchard farm turn on physical shield and fight the minions, screamers, and skelotons until you get a multiplyer of about 200 mine was 250 but anywhere between 150 and 250 will do fine. Make sure that when you are low on will power to use a potion make(make sure you keep an eye on that will bar!). Keep battling for about 30 minuts after you get 200 combat multiplyer and you can get 999,999 general exp I did it I also got 100,000 will, 150,000 skill, and 540,000 strength. It takes about 45minuts-1 hour and 15 minuts. After that I upgraded all my stats to max and still had 200,000 general exp left! (I can't stress..

To get a high combat multiplayer stretch your bo..

To get a high combat multiplayer stretch your bow back for a minute or so and fire at a ice zombie, when I did mine went straight to 25

Too much money too quickly

Hi, to get loadsa money real quick you need to have a bit of money alredy and a few good trophys, first, buy the house in the place closest to the guild ( sorry, can't remember the name of the place, I no it's south something though ), upgrade it fully and place ure best trophys on the trophy spaces on the walls, go out, knock ure door down, then sel the house, for loads ( it's only loads because you hav trophys in there ) go back in the house, take ure trophys off the walls, buy the house agen, you will notice the price has gone down because there are no trophys in there. And repeat for loads of money. Bye

Evil or good!

Lets say you are pure evil or good at the end of the game you can kill your sister than become pure evil or be good by taking out the strongest wepon in the game.

P.s you need full strength to take out the sword.

All Armor Ratings

Archons battle armor 1104 Armor Rating(Collectors)
All 3 Plate mail suits 937 Armor Rating
All 3 Will User Suits 487(With Bright wizard or Dark Wizard hat)499(The Hats Are Collectors)
All 3 Dress Outfits 409
All 3 Chain Mail Suits 831
Bandit Armor 524(collectors)
Assasin Armor 487
Aprentice Armor(hooded and no hood)487(Collectors)
All 3 leather Suits 636
Guard Outfit 585
All 3 Villager outfits 487
Fire Assasin Armor 487(Collectors)

Easy Gold

This Cheat Requires a little gold not much but about 1500, it also requires a trophy. First buy a house if you just started buy the one in Bowerstone South. Once you own the house, break the door down or you could do it later, but now has no consequences. Walk up to a trophy mantle (in bowerstone it's by the stairs, it looks like a bulletin board). Then walk out and sell your house. Walk back inside, if you broke down the door then you can just walk in. Go over to the mantle and take back your trophy with the action button. Then walk back outside and buy the house. The more the trophy is worth the more you make.

The Sword in the Stone (Harbinger)

To get the sword out of the stone not only do you need max strength, but also toughness.

Kill more monsters to get more items

Kill more monsters to get more items

Easy Execution Tree Quest

Get the quest "Execution Tree".Do the quest where you help the gaurds. When you have the card then go boast and do all the challenges on the quest. When you get to the begining of the quest [ when those gaurds take the prisoner out of the cell ], fist fight the guy [but no magic or weapons] and kill him. Then it should let you be finished with the quest. Plus you got some money from the boast.

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