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Dragon Fable Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Fable

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Find out how to make gold quick and get Aria, the pet shop owners daughter in your party. We'll also show you how to get exp fast and easy PvP trophies.

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We have 34 cheats and tips on PC.If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Fable please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Dragon Fable Questions & Answers page.

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Get Aria the Pet Shop Owners Daughter in your Party

At the pet shop in Falconreach talk to Aria's grandmother. Go to Critter Cave and defeat the creatures that are guarding it and then search for Aria inside. When you find her defeat the spider until Aria tells you that it is her pet. Press 'Continue' and Aria will join your party untill you are out of Critter Cave.

how to get exp fast i got to level 97 today by doing it.

If you want to be good like me you must go to amityvale and choose artix on your team if you are not a level 10 or 9 or higher you must add artix and valencia on your team then you beat all the enemies and the pumpkin king and you will get for lv4-10 1000 exp and for level 11-level 40 you will get 2000-3000 and for lv50-lv999 you will get 3500-5000.

Get Easy PvP Trophies

To do this little trick you need to make a Level 1 character at the Character selection screen and make a note of it's ID #. Then go to the arena and enter the ID # you made a not of into the 'Battle ID' feature and keep defeating to get as many trophies as you want.


There are no cheat codes or passwords that we know of for this game, but if you would like an easy way to accumulate bags of gold, just keep repeating the beginner tutorial.

Easy 2000+ exp

Do the entire qwest for moon glow and you should get over 2000 exp. If you have trouble beating the pumpken slices, then take the strongest light weapon and if you don't have one beat the crystal cave and then go talk to Warlic and buy the strongest light weapon you can use.

Easy money and good weapons

Go to Amityville and the the paths from Thursday. Do the Crystal Clear Lake quest and you get good exp. And a good weapon. Sell the weapons you don't want and get money.
Hope this helped!

Money or Exp

If you want money obtain a bounty hunter list from robina then repeat the bounty hunter level. Sometimes you get a marked stain of honour whitch sells for high prices.
Complete the quest for moonglow whitch can be found in the Amityvale Sword shop to get over 2000 exp

EASY exp. 3000-5000

go to osprey cove and do the mission called box of ninjas there is four floors and each floor has about 10 ninja sneeviles giving you about 3000-5000exp

Great Quest for XP and Gold

Quest: Yaga Stone Circle
Where: Amityvale, Talk to Thursday
After you beat the 5 Yaga Sisters and Guffer the boss (around 500hp, does lots of damage make sure you have potions, and the purple pumpkin heals)you get:
XP: 1473 Gold: 68
Weapon: Flamestone Blade/Staff/Daggers LV19 Damage:30-48 Rarity:5 Bonuses:Critacal+2 If it's not your type(Warrior-Sword etc.) you can sell it at a store for 200 gold (thats why it's good for gold)

Easy Gold

First, you must go to the Robina Zone and talk to her, click on the Bounty Hunting option and then say you want the Most Wanted list.
Second, go past the waterfall and you'll notice 4 diffrent ways to go. Go to the north and you'll see a bunch of sharpend logs in the ground. Go in there and then you'll now be in a quest.
Notice the Most Wanted list.
Just keep doing the quest and you'll get lots of gold.

make gold quick

1. Go to falchonreach
2. Click on shes back bally hoo
3. Repeat this to get 115 gold each time

Strong Team

To get two strong people on your team, go to Yulgar. Do the quest Battleon Burns from the Fire War. Then press on invite guests. You should get Xor Vralin II, and Cranix. Do the boss fight, but when it asks you how hard you want the boss to be, go to options and go to your hometown. You should still have them on your team.

Seriously an excellent way to get tons of gold and experience!!!

You don't need one but it will really help if you have a good energy weapon. First go to Falconreach and go to the gryphon and go to Dr. Voltoblot and just do the quest a lot and it gives you a ton experience and if you do it enough times you can make one of his pets. The one that I made was the lowest level and it sold for 1k!

fast exp and easy money

(you must be lvl 9 of higher) go to Aeris Battlespire win a trophy to gain a novice rank, buy a novice Battlespire weapon (staff,sword or dagger), go to Warlics zone, head north (up) the road near Warlics tent then right to a cave, inside you will be assigned on a quest, equipt the BNW (battlespire novice weapon) and kill the monsters (since they are FIRE elementals water hits them HARD) finish the quest and sell the gained item (if you want to) to recive 200+ gp (or something like that) have fun and enjoy ;)

easy exp

ok now that dragonfable 9.0 has come some changes and stuff are going too happen. im level 33 so here are the best places to train
moonglow doesnt work at this level

easy weapons

Do you want lvl 7 weapons and junk... Then keep on doing the sneevil forest quest I got a lvl 7 static weapon that costs like 600 coins on it I hope you enjoy but one problem they are random weapons they always change but have fun with new item P.s. I found a blood stained mark of honor you can sell it for 500 Gold!!!

Skip dragon egg saga

At the beginning of the game go to book 3 falconreach talk to twilly and click on a hero is thawed after your dragon is done talking click baby dragon and your dragon will go any where with you in books 1-3.
(You don't have to go on a big hard quest for your dragon with this cheat)

Easy money

Go to amityville and go to thursday and do crystal clear lake and after you should get a wepon sell it it sell from 170-200 gold

easy money and exp (DA only)

go to the portal in faconreach then goto widdowshiere click on 'gorkok?' keep clicking next then summon dragon and go throw the dragon people then battle gorkok then after you beat him you get 3000exp and 412gold (think) thats how you get easiest way on geting exp and gold (or ballyoo for money and dragoncoins).

Mass Damage for Mages

Mages are great because of their ability to stack a ton of power-ups, so here's how to get the best out of all those buttons.

Power > Energy > Wind > Ice > Fire
Wind ensures that the two essential ones - Ice and Fire - will hit. Ice will make the enemy less resistant to fire, giving you a ~+25% when using any fire weapon.
Fire does so much because of the stacked +65%, plus the +25% since it's less fire resistant, and finally (around) +100% for the bonus "extra damage when frozen". total: +185%
I'm level 20 and I do ~250 Fire damage when stacked like that. For things already non-resistant to fire, I do above 400.
This works best in PvP or against (NOT FIRE) bosses since they have enough HP for you to do the enti..

Easy Money and Daggers

When your level 7 or above then go see robina the hood, east of falconreach and talk to her about bounty hunting. She will then give you a wanted list.when she gives it to you go north to the bandit camp and defeat all the enemies.when you have done you will get 75+ gold and a weapon every time.
Keep repeating this and soon you will have a lot of gold and a lot of weapons.

Get money

Keep doing "the begining" tutorial and collecting the bag of gold every time

Easy Money

This is used to get good wepeons that have a high damage amount and can be sold for a good amount of money. First do the Sir Jings wepeons quest and get Sir Jings sword, dagger, and staff. Then level up to about level 4 or 5 then do the Sir Koffagus quest and beat Sir Koffagus then keep the wepeon he gives you it is strong and can be sold for atleats 60 gold. Both quest are given to you by knights in oaklore

easy weapons

Do you want lvl 7 weapons and junk... Then keep on doing the sneevil forest quest I got a lvl 7 static weapon that costs like 600 coins on it I hope you enjoy but one problem they are random weapons they always change but have fun with new item P.s. I found a blood stained mark of honor you can sell it for 500 Gold!!!

oops made a mistake

I mean't to write I got that blood stained mark of honor on the bounty hunting so sorry whoever thought they would get it but im really sorry

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