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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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We have several cheats including how to jump higher, how to go through walls, unlimited decal spraying, blood thickening and getting a headshot every time you kill an opponent.

You can also ask your question on our Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Questions & Answers page.

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Get a "headshot" every time you kill an opponent
What it does is to give you almost every shot a 'headshot'. Just simply type the code "cl_dynamiccrosshair 99999" or anything higher. This will guarantee you almost all your shots will end up in a 'headshot'.

Console Commands
Press the ` key to access the console to enter the following codes for the corresponding effect.

Enable Cheats:
Sv_cheats 1


Go through Walls:

Only buy Snipers:
Bot_sniper_only bots

Only use Knives:
Bot_knives_only 1 Bots

Enables you to Fly:

Invisible to Enemies:

Bots go to Specific Places:
Bot_goto_mark #number

Makes the Bot's stand still:
Bot_stop 1

Bots become Zombies:
Bot_zombie 1

Set Bot's Difficulty Level:

Bots only buy Pistols:

Dissables Rogue Bots and they follow your c..

If you feel like committing an unpatriotic suicide just shoot at the U.S. Flag which is on top of the embassy in the deleted scenes level called Alamo and your character will instantly die.

Enables Unlimited Decal Spraying
"Decal Spraying" is where you spray your decal logo onto a wall, ground etc. There is actually a limit imposed on this and in each round, you can spray once. But you can change the value to make it unlimited spraying in just one round. To do this, just change "decalfrequency 30" to "decalfrequency 0".

However, abusing the decal spraying results in some of your decal logos to be banish after some time.

Bot_no weapon
The bots have no weapons and knife

Miloys cheats
Use one of the following values with the "give [name]" code to spawn the indicated item:


Enables Death Notices
What this does is to show people who kill their enemies and it lasts until the game is over. Just simply change "hud_deathnoticetime 6" to "hud_deathnoticetime #". The "#" must be replaced with a number higher than 100 preferably 9999. The value after "hud_deathnoticetime" is the number of seconds to display death notices.

Blood Thickening
First, press "`" to access your console. Then type in "gl_spriteblend 0". This command lets you thicken your crosshair and at the same time thickens blood that comes out!

Easy win
If you want to win any match ,it is very easy.
1. Press` button.
2. Now write bot_knives only
Thus all computer player of counter-terrorist and terrorist will only fight with knvies.

caution:-You need to press ` as soon as game starts.

To restart
Press sv_restar 1
This will restart your game for 1 second
Note:this can be only done by the host(server)

Easy way to kill an opponent
To deal heavy damage to your opponent, you can do a "headshot". How you do this is just aim your crosshair to your opponent's head. Beware, if the opponent is moving, you should keep the aim at your opponent's head and you should fire your weapon. It misses most of the time but it's effective especially if your using weapons that have smaller crosshair.

Enables Autoteambalance and Autokick
These codes are both turned off by default. To turn them on, type "mp_autoteambalance 1" for enabling autoteambalance. "mp_autokick 1" for enabling autokick. You must first access the console by pressing "~" and type the codes to enable them.

Get through bullet-proof glass in training.
When you are in the training level and in the live fire range get to the bit where you have the smoke and the flashbang grenades.

Throw the flashbang grenade at the ammo window and the window will smash! You can then do the duck jump (which you learnt how to do earlier) into the room.

Sadly you can't get any grenades or guns SHAME! :'( and you can't hurt the guards unless when you had the weapons you shoot at them through the hle in the bottom the the bullet proof glass!

Stop all the bots.
Press tilde(~)and in that write bot_stop 01... And all the bots will stop.

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