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Battle Realms Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Battle Realms

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We have a cheat code that instantly demolishes buildings.

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Note for the Get 7 Brothers hint: Instead of hav..

Note for the Get 7 Brothers hint: Instead of having half stamina they will be summoned with empty stamina.

Get 7 Brothers in Lotus

How to get 7 brothers in lotus
1. Build Crypt of Brothers
2. Summon the 3 brothers
3. Get them in the watchtowers (3 first)
4. Destroy the Crypt of Brothers
5. Let them out of the watchtowers and build another watchtower
6. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 & 3 (4 now)
Hope this helped.

Instant Demolition of Buildings

During game play click on an enemy building and press and hold Ctl + D. This instantly destroys an enemy building.

Make more ninjas in Lotus Clan

Train a peasant. Make him a Warlock. Then, summon Brother Tausil if you already have a crypt of brothers and a yin. Use the battlegear of Brother Tausil named Tausil's Life Siphon. Use it to the Warlock .
Then summon all four ninjas and get one. The ninja you select must be near to a watchtower.Select the warlock with a battlegear.Press B to use it to the ninja near the watchtower.
You will notice that the life of the ninja had decreased. If the life of the ninja become red.Select the warlock put it in a distance from the ninja. Use the warlock's battlegear by pressing B.
Use it to the ninja. If you are fast enough and timed it correctly, The ninja will go up in the watchtower then the battlegear of the warlock will take effect on the ninja in the watchtower.
Click the keep and presto!! You will have 2 additional ninjas.Don't wait the ninja to regain health. Make him go down to the watchtower then do it all over again and again.Good luck!!.(^_^)
The ninja must be far enough to the warlock.The ninja's life must be red. Timing is everything .
P.S: I would rather to number the Keep for faster ninja-making as well as the watchtower.

If you're the lotus clan in skirmish and you wan..

If you're the lotus clan in skirmish and you want to earn instant yin simply summon brother sehk and brother lythis and then make them force attack on the


You'll be getting instant yin.

Serpent Clan:Double the necromancer- train a ron..

Serpent Clan:

Double the necromancer- train a ronin and let it learn blood bond/bind. apply blood bond to a necromancer.

Put the necromancer on an empty watchtower. make sure that you have 4 ronins ready at the necromancer's shrine. let the ronin with blood bond go to the enemy's base.

When the ronin dies, there will be another necromancer at the shrine.

infinite yin- let a ronin with a yin blade attack the tree. while attacking, click the ronin and enter b.

Lotus Clan:

infinite yin-craete a brother lythis and let it attack the water.

Make sure it is spinning...

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