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Age Of Empires Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Age Of Empires

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We have several cheats which includes turning gazelles, lions, elephants and alligators into animal kings, instant building, get 1,000 gold, 1,000 stone and 1,000 wood.

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We have 27 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Age Of Empires please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Mac

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Press Enter during gameplay then input the following codes and press Enter again to unlock the corresponding effect.
Turn Gazelles, Lions, Elephants and Alligators into Animal Kings:

Win the Game:
Lose the Game:
1000 Food Bonus:

1000 Gold Bonus:

1000 Stone Bonus:

1000 Wood Bonus:
Accelerates your Chariot Archers:

All Enemy Units Die:
Kill Player X:
Priests are Faster and Stronger:

Removes the Fog of War:

Reveals t..


Ok people my cheats are
Oh before you type in the cheat press enter
And type....
Diediedie=Everyone dies!!!
Pepperoni pizza=1000 food
Coinage=1000 gold
Woodstock=1000 wood
Quarry=1000 stone
Medusa=transform villager
Gaia=animal control
Flying dutchman=Juggernauts may move on land
Steroids=instant building
Bigdaddy=Rocket launcher car
Photon man=Laser gunner
E=mc trooper=Missile soildier
Dark rain=Turn bowman into trees
Home run=win scenario
Hari kari=commit suicide
ICBM=Ballistas get 99 range
Big bertha=Upgrade catapults
Zeus=Invicible villager
Kill#=kill everyone

Cheat Codes ResultsPhoton man: Laser gun..

Cheat Codes Results

Photon man: Laser gunner.

Zeus: Villagers are stronger.

E=mc2 trooper: A nuke trooper.

Hoyo hoyo: Super fast priests with 600 health.

Bigdaddy: A black car with rocket launcher.

Pow: A baby with a shotgun.


Ok To Activate These Cheats You Need To Press Enter Then A Wee Box Will Appear, Then You Type In These Following Codes...
Diediedie = Everyone dies!!!
Pepperoni pizza = 1000 food
Coinage = 1000 gold
Woodstock = 1000 wood
Quarry = 1000 stone
Medusa = transform villager
Gaia = animal control (crap)
Flying dutchman = Juggernauts may move on land
Steroids = instant building
Bigdaddy = Rocket launcher car
Photon man = Laser gunner
E=mc trooper = Missile soildier
Dark rain = Turn bowman into trees
Home run = win scenario
Hari kari = commit suicide
ICBM = Ballistas get 99 range
Big bertha = Upgrade catapults
Zeus = Invicible villager
Thanks, Mikol-_

During the game press enter & typeSteroids=every..

During the game press enter & type

Steroids=every building & upgrades take 1 seceond

Dark rain=achers can walk on water & look like trees

e=mc2 trooper=Nuke trooper

Bigdaddy=car with gun

no fog=does what it says

reveal map=does what it says

Enter these codes after pressing enterwoodstock ..

Enter these codes after pressing enter

woodstock - 1000 wood

coinage - 1000 gold

quarry - 1000 stone

pizza pepperoni -1000 food

photon man - laser trooper

e=mc2 trooper - nuke trooper

bigdaddy - car with rocket launcher

black rider - black rider

dark rain - stealth archer

revealmap - map

nofog -no fog

gaia - control the animals

medusa -villagers changes shape when they die

flying deuchman - flying ships

big bertha - better catapults

jack be the nimble -catapuls launches cows and humans

icbm-ballistics get ..

Type the following cheats as chat messages - Only in Single Play

PEPPERONI PIZZA .... Get 1000 food
COINAGE .... Get 1000 gold
QUARRY .... Get 1000 stone
WOODSTOCK .... Get 1000 wood
REVEAL MAP .... Reveals full map
NO FOG .... Removes Fog of War
HARI KARI .... Suicide
DIEDIEDIE .... All players die
RESIGN .... You resign
PHOTON MAN .... Nuke trooper appears at the town center
GAIA .... You control the animals, but not your men
FLYING DUTCHMAN .... Catapult ships can go on land
STEROIDS .... Buildings and people instantly created
BIGDADDY .... Fast black car with rocket launcher
KILLx .... Kill player x
HOME RUN .... Win the scenario
BIG MOMMA .... gives you a white car with a machine gun
BIG BERTHA .... Turns Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas
BLACK RIDER .... Tur..

HeyFor 1000 food type :pepperoni pizzaFor 1000 r..


For 1000 food type :pepperoni pizza

For 1000 rock type :quarry

For 1000 gold type :coinage

For 1000 wood type :woodstock

For a rocket launching car type :bigdaddy

Hint: notice that in bigdaddy there are no spaces.

I'm not certain of the exact codes but these are a small amount more.

Happy Gaming

Age of Empires Cheatsquarry=stonewoodstock=woodp..

Age of Empires Cheats



pepperoni pizza=food


E=mc2 Trooper=little guy who fires missiles

photon man=little lasserDude

Age of EmpiesRise of rome

Stormbilly=star wars robot

convert this!=lightning preast

medusa=viller when dies is hourse archer when that dies it will turn into
heavy caterpaut!

bigdaddy= black sports car with a nuke

big momma=white sports car with nuke

photonman=little lasser dude

pow=babby on triesicle witch fires powiful stone

dark rain=arrow men turn in to trees

home run=win the scenario

grantlinkspence=animals kill with one bite

king arthur=turns birds in to dragons

Type in...... Pepperoni pizza = 1000 foodQuarry ..

Type in......

Pepperoni pizza = 1000 food

Quarry = 1000 stone

coinage = 1000 gold

woodstock = 1000 wood

diediedie = kill enemy[s]

home run = win scenario

transform villiagers to black rider when he is killed = medusa

rocket launcher car = bigdaddy

In any game mode, press enter, and a screen will..

In any game mode, press enter, and a screen will appear saying chat. Type in diediedie and everyone but you will die. Note (This will not make you win unless your mission is to kill your opponent.)

big bertha: big catapultsbigdaddy:Corvette with ..

big bertha: big catapults

bigdaddy:Corvette with Rocket launcher

big momma:Corvette with Nuke launcher .Note Bigdaddy is better.

coinage:1000 more gold

diediedie:All enemys die

king arthur: turns birds into massive dragons.

pow:baby on a bike with devilish weopan.

pepperoni pizza:100 more Food

quarry:1000 more stone

woodstock:1000 more wood

reveal map:the map is revealed

photon man:Get a nuke trooper

stormbilly:creates a mechwarrior

quarry-1000 stonecoinage-1000 goldwoodstock-1000..

quarry-1000 stone

coinage-1000 gold

woodstock-1000 wood

pepperoni Pizza-1000 food

bigdaddy-Superfast car (attack-50)

e=mc2 trooper-trooper that can shoot across screen

photon man-trooper with laser gun

steroids- superfast building/research

big bertha-upgrades catapults

reveal map-reveals map

no fog-removes fog

gaia-control animals(lose control of humans)

resign-give up

diediedie-instant win

kill#x-type in the players no. in place of "x"

These codes were all tested by me.

Press return and type in:Quarry: 100 stonePeppor..

Press return and type in:

Quarry: 100 stone

Pepporonipizza: 100 food

Woodstock: 100 wood

Bigdaddy: Night rider with strange person in helmet with nuke

Kingarthur: birds>dragons

stormbilly: Robot

Amgod:god mode and recieve tributs

Harikari: kill yourself

Steroids:super villagers

jackbenimble: catapults launch cows (ready aim! MOOOOOOOO!)

Here are all the cheats I know. ..

Here are all the cheats I know.
Cheat Result
Woodstock 1000 wood
Pepperoni pizza 1000 food
coinage 1000 gold
quarry 1000 stone
diediedie Buildings and units of all players are destroyed.
resign You resign, the game is over
hoyohoyo All Priests have 600 hit points, and increased speed. If you have not researched mysticism before you activate this cheat, doing so later will give you priests with 1200 hitpoints!
icbm ..

Some things

Big momma:
a big car with a roket launcher on its top.
Super priests they have 600 health and move like thunder.

Best Deffence!

When playing a random map, the best defence is to build lots of watch towers to keep the enemy from attacking your base. Then in front of the watch towers, build a wall making the enemy only attack you in one entrance. There you should put all your troops and they wont stand a chance in attacking you.
Have Fun!

Best beginning

To start of a game, make 30 villagers as quickly as possible and then make 5 axmen and 6 bowmen for protection while your villagers collect resources. Then upgrade your town without doing many upgrades and depending on your civilization, build the best warrior that it has.
Produce as many of those warriors as you can with your amount of resources and upgrade only that warrior to get it to optimal efficiency. You can then later, build a bigger army and go for a victory.
Hope I Helped!!

pow=baby on a bike with a shotgun.bigdaddy=a car..

pow=baby on a bike with a shotgun.

bigdaddy=a car with a rockit lancher.

coinage=1000 gold.

woodstock=1000 wood.

pepperoni pizza=1000 food

quarry=1000 stone

Thats all i have for you so good bye

You must press enter before and after each code...

You must press enter before and after each code. select the code with your mouse in the box and copy it(Ctrl+c).Then paste it in a new one every time and get lots of what you want.

Bigdaddy - great car

how do you turn this on - greatest car

pepperoni pizza - 1000 food

quarry - 1000 gold

rock on - 1000 rock

woodstock - 1000 woood

some of these will work on age of empires1 and some on age of empires 2

Click here for Age Of Empires Walkthrough

If you like to attack long range you should use ..

If you like to attack long range you should use the egyptians and build a dock,archery range,siege workshop and a temple.

If you like to attack hand to hand and long range choose the greek and build a Academy,stable and maybe barracks for hand to hand.

Siege workshop,dock,temple upgrade everthing you can.another race is probably Choson,Yamato and shang.

Get all

Press enter and type
Woodstock - to get wood
Pepperoni pizza - to get food
Coinage - to get gold
Quarry - to get stone
Photon man - to get a nuke troopher
Big daddy - to get a car of attack 300

Some helpfull cheat codes!

Instant building steroids
Win scenario home run
Kill player kill[player's position 1-8]
Rocket launcher car bigdaddy
Everyone dies diediedie
Resign game resign
Full map reveal map
1000 food pepperoni pizza
1000 gold coinage
1000 wood woodstock
1000 stone quarry
Remove Fog of War no fog
Transform villagers [Note 1] medusa
Laser gunner [Note 2] photon man
Animal control gaia
Juggernauts may move on land flying dutchman
Increased catapult range and effect big bertha
Priest 600 hit points, speed 6 hoyohoyo
Increased ballista range icbm
Catapults fire peasants [Note 3] jack be nimble
Stealth archer, dressed as tree when still dark rain
Turn horse archers into black ri..

press enter then type in these codes(don't worry..

press enter then type in these codes(don't worry about what they are for)!



torpedo(then a number)


DARKRAIN(make sure capital leters!)

darkrain(make sure lower case leters)





















When starting a new game save as much stone, wood, food, and gold as possible.
when you travel the whole land you will find more gold, food, and stone. Wood is every where


Big daddy=You get this car thing
Photon Trooper= You get a man with a gun
Woodstock=Loads of wood
Quarry=Loads of stone
Coinage=Loads of gold
Pepperoni Pizza= Loads of food

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