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Cheats, tips, strategy

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Walkthrough for Overlords of Oblivion

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Overlords of Oblivion is a free-to-play RPG set in ancient times. It tells the story of the war between angels and demons and how the angels lose the battle leaving the mortals of the world defenceless. There is hope though as a prophecy fortells of an Overlord who will rise to the challenge and protect Eleland, the city of blessing and the last citadel of mankind from Lord Mammon and his army of demons.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Deactivate Auto-Battle Mode

When your character reaches a certain level in the game the Auto-Battle mode will become available. It is advised that you play manually and don't turn this feature on because when activated time is consumed quicker than usual and your character doesn't dodge the enemy which results in them getting easily hit. To disable this feature tap the Auto-Battle option at the top of the screen.

Defeating the Boss

When you face off against a boss the best strategy regardless of which character you have chosen is to employ hit and run tactics. The reason why you should avoid a head-on attack against a boss is because they deal massive damage that reduces the HP by a huge amount making it almost impossible to obtain 3-stars. Use the dodge skill to avoid the boss and make sure you keep your character out of the red zone during the battle by moving them to a safe zone to avoid attacks. You characters dodge skill button is on the right side of the screen.

Buy Potions

During a battle you will be given the opportunity a certain number of times to buy potions to replenish your HP. To buy potions costs silver and they are purchased by tapping the red potion button on the top right of the screen. Take advantage of these potions when you are low on HP as they will restore a huge amount to your character and help you clear the stage.

Defeating Elite Bosses

To have any chance of beating the elite bosses on the higher level stages you will need to significantly power-up your character by increasing their BR. There are a number of ways this can be done and they have been listed below.

Upgrade Skills

Upgrade Runes

Equip/Upgrade Wings

Equip/Upgrade Pets

Level Up Avatar

Equip Relic to Avatar

Escalate Avatar

Put Gems to the Equipment Socket

Shuffle the Gear Stats

Polish the Equipment

Enchant the Equipment

Get better Equipment

Refine Equipment

Earn Blitz Coupons

To earn blitz coupons you must omplete the quests and event missions, they are also given as rewards for reaching online milestones. blitz coupons can be used to instantly clear a stage regardless of how many stars you have.

Repeat Stages

If you are struggling with a particular boss you may want to consider repeating Adventure mode stages to earn more EXP, runes and scrolls so you can power-up your character.

Free Daily Relic Draw

Make sure you claim the free relic draw daily as they will improve the stats of your avatar's by a decent amount, this includes their HP, ATK, DEF, and Critical Hit. Although your chances of getting one are pretty low there's always the possibility you may get lucky. You can only get one relic for free, to get more you will either have to wait another day to draw again or spend gold.

Claim The Donor Reward

The Donor Reward is a VIP system where you start from 'Beginner' and work your way up to 'Order Master'. Make sure you claim the privilege and prime pack daily as it gives you the opportunity to earn silver, avatar potions, and blitz coupons. To move up through the ranks you must accumulate a certain amount of gold.

Join a Guild

Consider joining a guild and choosing a useful profession so you can gain the benefits that goes with it. Joining a guild and completing the guild tasks enables you to earn rewards as well as participate in the guild events.

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