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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller

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Check out our collection of cheats which include unlocking Duel disks, clothes and spirits.

More Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller please send them in here.

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Unlock Uniforms

Defeat the opponent or complete the following task to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Duel Coat:
Get from Crowler when you defeat him.
Unlock Hawaiian Shirt:
Get from Atticus when you defeat him.
Unlock North Academy Uniform:
Get from Chazz when you defeat him.
Unlock Academy Jersey:
Get from Fonda when you defeat her.
Unlock Black Uniform:
Get from Chazz when you defeat him.
Unlock Yellow Uniform:
Get from Professor sartyr when you defeat him.
Unlock Stuffy Collared Shirt:
Get from linking With Nightmare Troubadour.

Unlock Titles

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding titles.
Unlock Dropout Boy Title:
Lose 475 duels.
Unlock King of Duels:
Win 475 duels.

Unlock Different Spirits

There are a total of 16 spirits which you can get in the game. Most of them are found in the northen part of the island and to get them you need to search and find them. You then must defeat them in a duel and it is random if they will join you or not so it may take several attempts. The following is a list of when they are unlocked.
Unlock Adhesive Explosive:
Starter at well
Unlock Jerry Beans Man:
Starter at well
Unlock Oscillo Hero #2:
Starter at well
Unlock Skelengel:
Defeat Kagemaru
Unlock Acrobat Monkey:
Defeat Kagemaru
Unlock Hane-Hane:
Defeat Bastion for the second time
Unlock Soitsu:
After Abandomed dorm events
Unlock Ebon Magician Curran:
After ..


NOTE: The touch screen cannot be used with the glitch for some reason...
Step one: go to the shop
Step two: go to a pack:
Example: Legend of White Dragon, Powerful Seal. Whatever pack you want it does
not matter
Step Three: select one pack from the list of packs. Any one pack works.
Then exit the list by pressing B.
Step Four: move over to the pack you want to buy out.
Step Five: Enter the pack and press L then B, this highlights all packs and
exits the pack back to the list of packs
Step Six: Move to a pack that you haven't been to yet and press R.
End Result: You'll see the high number of DP disappear in the lower right
side of the touc..

Easy Level Ups

In the game, you can do about 2-3 duels per day before having to go dorm. But there is an easy way to stay up past the time, so you don't have to worry about traveling late at night.
After being on the island for about a week, Crowler will call you into his office and tell you that somebody has been terrorizing the Obelisk Blue Dorm students, and that he has selected you and Jaden Yuki to put a stop to it. The person terrorizing them only comes out at night.
That night after hearing about your mission, go into your room. As soon as you enter, Jaden will come and tell you that he is ready to go.
Now instead of progressing the story line, you can just stay out and duel some of your fellow Slifer Red buddies.
I did this and now I am level 10!
And w..

Acquiring spirits

In order to acquire a spirit you have to beat the card that matches the spirit with your own spirit monster and also bring his life points to zero using your spirit monster. This does not gaurantee that you will acquire the spirit it will only increase the chances of you acquiring it. Hopefully this tip will help everyone out.

E-Hero Deck

I don't know how this works but it did at the school duel vs chazz and even the shadow riders all of them!
here it is
E-Hero Avian x3
E-Hero Burstinatrix x3
E-Hero Clayman x3
E-Hero Sparkman x3
E-Hero Airman x3 (important)
E-Hero Bladedge x3
E-Hero Bubbleman x1 (if you have it)
E-Hero Wildheart x3
King of the swamp x1
E - Emergency call x3
Feather Shot x1 (not important)
Fusion Gate x3
Fusion sage x3
H - Heated heart x3
HERO Flash!! x3 or x1
Hero heart x1 (not important)
O - Oversoul x3
Polymerization x3 (very important)
R - Righteous Justice x3
Skyscraper x1
Spark blaster x2 or x1
Clay charge x3 or x2
Feather wind x3-x0(not importan..

Unlockable Disks,Clothes and other unlockables

Some things to unlock:
Cheap Duel Disk:Get from linking withe nightmare troubadour
Pharao Disk:Beat Abidos until he gives to you
Vampire Disk:Beat Camula until she gives to you
Gorgeous Disk:Beat Admiral(appears on sub saturdays) until he gives
Alchemy Disk:Beat Banner until he gives
Amazonness Disk:Beat Tania until she gives
Kaibaman Disk:Beat Kaibaman(appear in hot springs at night in weekends)
Clothes:Collared Stuff Shirt:Link with nightmare troubadour
North academy uniform and Black Coat:Defeat Chazz until he gives
Yellow uniform:Beat Prof. Sartyr until he gives
Blue uniform:Beat Dark Zane until he gives
Titan coat:Beat Titan until he gives
Duel coat:Beat Prof. Crowler until he gives(note:if you use the titan or d..

Half price packs

Ok 1st select 1 card from 1 random pack then press R on 1 pack then press L on the pack with 1 card selected then the card pack with all of em selected should be half price

Staller Deck

I have a staller deck recipe that I beat Kagemaru the first time every time.
Here goes:

Title: Do NOT ask why
Recipe: Amazoness Swords Woman X2
Big Shield Gardna X2
Black Stego X2
Blast Sphere X2
Bowganian X3
Command Knight X2
D.D. Warrior X3
Des Koala X1
Satellite Cannon X1
Spirit Reaper X1
Stealth Bird X3
Magical Mallet X3
Messanger of Peace X3
Spell Absorption X3
Wave-Motion CannonX3
Fairy Box X2
Gravity Bind X1
Magic Cylinder X1
Mirror Force X..

Limited, Semi Limited, and Forbidden Card List

Hope you like!
Left Arm of The Forbidden One
Left Leg of The Forbidden One
Right Leg of The Forbidden One
Right Arm of The Forbidden One
Breaker The Magical Warrior
D.D. Assailant
D.D. Warrior Lady
Dark Magician of Chaos
Exodia The Forbidden One
Forest Guard Green Baboon
Injection Fairy Lily
Magician of Faith
Mask of Darkness
Morphing Jar
Night Assailant
Protector of The Sanctuary (i don't know why)
Sacred Pheonix of Nephthys (for obvious reasons)
Spirit Reaper
Treeborn Frog
Twin Headed Behemoth
Victory D. (they should put it in forbidden in my opinion)
Book of Moon
Card Destruction

Pack Cheat (easier works 100%)

Ok so a lot of you know the pack cheat but then you run out and you still have to packs left in the store. Well you can easily avoid this:
1 go to store
2 enter the option where you buy packs (i forgot it)
3 enter any random pack by using A and select 1 pack then press B
4 enter a different pack and press L THEN deselect one of them
5 press B and go to a pack you havnt been to yet BUT DO NOT enter the pack
6 press R on that pack
7 you should notice that the total price has dropped to 150
8 press X
Now repeat these steps so you should end up having 1 pack left over. Just buy that last pack normally (150 DP). And now you can make a better deck :P

Yellow Uniform

After getting your spirit, you shpuld be able to duel Yellow Prof at sundown. After beating him 5-15 times he will swipe you a yellow uniform.

Easy Cards

When you go to the Academy's Study Hall, You have the option of doing puzzles or reading tutorials.
If you read all the tutorials (or atleast open them once) the professor will congradulate you on doing so much *reading*, and will give you a couple free cards.

Some unlockable stuff

Okay I beat this game. By beating I founnd out some interesting stuff.
If you keep beating dark zane he will give you a oblesk blue uniform. He still hasn't register me as a duliest yet. I faced him 99 times. It wont go higher than that. If you want to know more just ask.


Unlock Duel Coat:
Get from Crowler after you beat a few times.
Unlock Hawaiian Shirt:
Get from Atticus after you beat a few times.
Unlock North Academy Uniform:
Get from Chazz after you beat a few times.
Unlock Academy Jersey:
Get from Fonda after you beat a few times.
Unlock Black Uniform:
Get from Chazz after you beat a few times.
Unlock Yellow Uniform:
Get from Professor sartyr after you beat a few times.
Unlock Stuffy Collared Shirt:
Get from linking With Nightmare Troubadour.
Unlock Blue Uniform:
Get from Dark Zane after you beat a few times.
Unlock Kaibaman Jacket:
Get from Kaibaman after you beat a few times
Unlock Titan Coat:
Get fro..


If you want to get EXP faster just do this.
Beat Dr. Crowler 3times in a row. Then play easy people, I don't no how it happens but it dose, I've tried it and so has my two mates and it's worked all the time.
By sloaner

Pack Glitch

This glitch will put any amount of packs as 150 DP. Here's how to do it:
1. Go into whatever set, and checkmark 1 pack.
2. Select the set you want to buy all, or some of, and press L. Or checkmark them manually.
3. Exit out of that set, and highlight another set (Do NOT go into the other set) Now press R.
4. After doing all 3 above, Press X.
If done correctly, the packs you wanted, plus the one you checkmarked earlier, are only worth 150 DP altogether. This can be done with any pack.
Note: The set must not be empty in order for this to work.

Easy Life points

If you have a lot less life points than your opponent, use 3 emergency provisions and chain them with 3 dian ketto the cure master, giving you 6000 LP.
Hope this helped

Make day go By Way Faster:

Be on the map right outside of your dorm. Ok, now click on the Mountain looking thing on the bottom screen in the upper right-hand corner. Now, go to the very top place. Now go to the vary bottom place(where Ra Yellow and Girl's Blue Dorm is). Now repeatedly do that until the day is over. Then go to your dorm, Sleep, Go Outside, do it again.

Unlockable Duel Disks

Alchemy Disk Defeat Prof. Banner until he gives it to you.
Amazonness Disk Defeat Tania until she gives it to you.
Cheap Duel Disk Get from linking with Nightmare Troubadour
Gorgeous Disk Defeat Admiral until he gives it to you.
Kaibaman Disk Deafeat Kaibaman until he gives it to you.
Pharaoh Disk Defeat Abidos until he gives it to you.
Vampire Disk Defeat Camula until she gives it to you.

Get cards easy

All you need is a yu-gi-oh! GX Spirit Caller, another ds console, a yu-gi-oh wc 2007 and nasty cards on gx. Begin the game in wc 2007 and go to shop. You will have 1500 DP, and buy what you want. If you want some cards, trade them. When you want more begin a new game on wc 2007. And there you go, easy cards.
P.S. If you don't care about wc 2007(like me)you are like me!!!!

Unkillable Monsters

All you need is sogen and 3 command knights put them all on the field and the command nights can't be targeted by battle and have an attack of 2700!

Unkillable deck

This is to add on to my unkillable deck cheat you need 3 command knights sogen and 3 aqua choruses put all those on the field and the command knights will be unkillable and have an attack of 3600 each! Thats stronger than blue eyes white dragon!

About the making time go by faster is that other..

About the making time go by faster is that other dude was wrong you only go to the east side then the bottom side, you SHOULD go from the slifer dorm to the top. Not insulting the other guy just correcting him.

the school duel

To do the school duel you need to be at level 20-21 and then it will be three diffrent people in there you and tow others from the school. You will then have the match against eachother, to get the match for the school duel you need to win at least 2 matches. In about a week time in the game time you will then have the maytch and you will be facing chazz as he comes back to the school.

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