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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Gym Leader Walkthrough

by Serlkamb

                             Pokémon SoulSilver
                           Gym Laeder Walkthrough
                                Nintendo DS
                                Version 1.01
                        Walkthrough by: Kambel Serle

= Table of Contents - TAB01 ===================================
=============================                                 =
      = Section                                   Lookup Code =
      = ----------------------------------------------------- =
      = Table of Contents                              TAB01  =
      = Introduction                                   INT02  =
      = Updates                                        UPT03  =
      = Gym Leaders (Johto)                            GML04  =
      =     Violet City Gym                            GLJ01  =
      =     Azelea Gym                                 GLJ02  =
      =     Goldenrod Gym                              GLJ03  =
      =     Ecruteak Gym                               GLJ04  =
      =     Cianwood Gym                               GLJ05  =
      =     Olivine Gym                                GLJ06  =
      =     Mahogany Gym                               GLJ07  =
      =     Blackthorn Gym                             GLJ08  =
      = Gym Leaders (Kanto)                            GMK00  =
      =     Pewter City                                GLK01  =
      =     Cerulean City                              GLK02  =
      =     Vermilion City			       GLK03  =
      =     Celadon City                               GLK04  =
      =     Saffron City                               GLK05  =
      =     Fuchsia City                               GLK06  =
      =     Seafoam Island                             GLK07  =
      =     Viridian City                              GLK08  =
      = Credits                                        CRD05  =
      = Approved Sites                                 APV06  =
      = Contact Informtaion                            CON07  =
      = Copyright Disclosure                           CPD08  =

= Introduction - INT02 ============================================
========================                                          =
   = Welcome to my very first Pokemon walkthrough. In this walk-  =
   = through, I will be introducing you to the Gym Leaders of     =
   = the Johto and Kanto Regions. I will also be describing in    =
   = etail each Gym Leaders Pokémon and how to defeat them. I hope=
   = you have as much fun using this walkthrough and playing the  =
   = game as I did creating this. Please enjoy this wonderful     =
   = walkthrough. Thanks. KS                                      =

= Updates - UPT03 =================================================
===================                                               =
   = Version 1.01- Added Walkthrough Build code. Added more Gym   =
   =               Leaders data to the list. Fixed some minor     =
   =               flaws in the guide's design. Fixed some        =
   =               spelling mistakes. Fixed major ponctuation     =
   =               errors. Fixed size of guide digits. Changed    =
   =               spelling of "Pokemon" to "Pokémon" throughout  =
   =               the entire guide. Removed defaulted program's  =
   =               footnote. Added new document endnote to the    =
   =               guide. Fixed seventh Gym location from Cinnabar=
   =               Island to Seafoam Island.                      =
   = Version 1.0 - There are currently no updates available.      =

= Gym Leaders (Johto) =======================================================
 Here are the gym leaders of the Johto region and what Pokémon they use and 
 how to defeat each of them in a pinch.

Violet City Gym - GLJ01
Leader: 	Falkner
Pkmn Type:	Normal/Flying

Pokémon: 	Pidgey 		Level:	9
		Pidgeotto	Level:	13

Badge:		Zephyr Badge
Description:	All Pokémon you get in trades up to level 20 will now obey
		you. You can also use Rock Samsh outside of battle.

How to Defeat Falkner:
  His Pidgey likes to use Sand Attack followed by Tackle. Tackle is used a
  lot, so I suggest you may want to bring a Pokémon that can take it out
  quickly, before Pidgey uses Sand Attack too many times. Pidgeotte however
  is the real problem. It likes to use Gust, Tackle and Roost. If you chose
  Cyndaquil or Totodile as your starter Pokémon, or have one of their
  evolutionary stages, use them. If you chose Chikorita as your starter
  Pokémon and have it or its evolutionary stages, you are going to need to
  be crafty in using its moves to defeat Pidgeotto. Once you have defeated 
  Falkner in battle, he will reward you with TM51 (Roost) and the Zephyr


Azalea Gym - GLJ02
Leader:		Bugsy
Pkmn type:	Bug

Pokémon:	Scyther		Level:	17
		Metapod		Level:	15
		Kakuna		Level:	15

Badge:		Hive Badge
Description:	All Pokémon you get in trades up to level 30 will now obey
		you. You can now use Cut outside of battle.

How to defeat Bugsy:
  Bugsy's strategies are different than it was in the Original Gold, Silver
  and Crystal games. One main change is he starts with Scyther. The reason
  is probably because Scyther knows the move "U-Turn", a powerful attack
  that switches out another Pokémon after it has been used. Kakuna and 
  Metapod are both very weak and only have the attacks they had when they
  were Weedle and Caterpie, so they will be easy to KO. They real danger
  begins after both Metapod and Kakuna have been knocked out of battle.
  Bugsy can now use Scyther's U-Turn without having to switch out a new 
  Pokémon. Chances are that if your Pokémon receives a hit with U-Turn,
  it will probably be an instant KO, so be careful. Scyther also knows 
  Quick Attack, Leer and Focus Energy. Be careful when he uses Focus energy.
  The Best Pokémon type to use against Bugsy is Fire and Rock. So try using
  Quilava, Geodude and / or Onix. Using Pokémon with high resistance helps
  as well. It would be a good idea to carry some Potions with you. Once
  you have defeated Bugsy, he will reward you with both the Hive Badge and 


gOLDENROD gYM - glj03
Leader:		Whitney
Pkmn type:	Normal

Pokémon:	Clefairy	Level:	17
		Miltank		Level:	19
Badge:		Plain Badge
Description:	Decription Unkown.

How to defeat Whitney:
  Whitney's Pokémon are the same level as when you first foght her back in 
  Gold, Silver and Crystal. Her Clefairy can use Mimic to learn the last
  attack you used, it also knows Doubleslap and Metronome. Metronome uses 
  random attacks, so be careful. Her Miltank is the same as it has always 
  been. It knows Attract, Stomp, Milk Drink and Rollout. Be careful of the
  Rollout Attack, every turn that passes by, it gets stronger and stronger.
  Try to defeat Miltank before it uses Rollout and Milk Drink. Milk Drink
  allows Miltank to recover it's health. To avoid being under the spell of
  Miltank's Attract attack, its best to use a Pokémon of the female gender.
  The best type of Pokémon to use are Fighting, and Ghost types or Pokémon
  taht know Fighting type moves. Since Rollout is a Fighting type move, it
  would be best to avoid using Flying type moves and Pokémon. Once you have 
  defeated Whitney, she will refuse to give you the badge. Try to leave the
  Gym and one of the Trainers will stop you. She will tell you to go and 
  talk to Whitney again. Whitney will now give you the Plain Badge and TM45


Ecruteak Gym - GLJ04
Leader:		Morty
Pkmn type:	Ghost/Poison

Pokémon:	Gastly		Level:	21
		Haunter		Level:	21
		Haunter		Level:	23
		Gengar		Level:	25

Badge:		Fog Badge
Description:	Allows you to control traded Pokémon up to and including
		level 50. Also you may now use Surf outside of battle.

How to defeat Mort:
  Morty was one of the toughest gym leaders in the original Gold, Silver and
  Crystal games. He continues to keep that title here in the Heart Gold and
  Soul Silver games today. Be warned, if you are unprepared, you are going to
  have some major issues. First, does not use too many attacks,
  but its biggest threat is Curse. Curse is an attack that halves its HP and
  takes away some with every passing turn. It cancels if you switch out 
  another Pokéon, but it also likes to use Mean Look to prevent you from
  switching out in the first place. Finally, it uses Spite to lower your
  attack PP slowly. The Level 21 Haunter is another threat. It likes to use
  Hypnosis first, then it likes to use Dream Eater. It also knows Night
  Shade and Curse. Best thing to do is to carry a lot of Awakenings before
  you enter battle. Morty has a second Haunter, so take care of this one 
  quickly as well. Finally his last Pokémon is Gengar. This last Pokémon is
  Morty's  biggest threat of all. Its main attack is Shadow Ball. Shadow ball
  is a very powerful ghost attack. He can also use Sucker Punch as well. Best
  thing to do is to use a normal Pokémon to cancel out his Shadow Ball
  attack. It is recommended to use Normal-type Pokémon since they have total
  resistance to all Ghost-type Pokémon and Ghost-type moves. Psychic and
  Dark-type moves work as well. Once you have defeated Morty, he will reward
  you with TM30 (Shadow Ball) and the Fog Badge.


Cianwood Gym - GLJ05
Leader:		Chuck
Pkmn type:	Fighting

Pokémon:	Primeape	Level:	29
		Poliwrath	Level:	31

Badge:		Storm Badge
Description:	Allows you to use Fly outside of battle.

How to defeat Chuck:
  Even though Chuck may only have two Pokémon, they are both at a very high 
  level and can be a real pain in the butt if you are under-leveled. Its 
  recommended that you are at least level 26-28 or above before you enter 
  into battle with him. His first Pokémon is Primeape. It uses Leer to lower
  your defense, then Double Team to make it hard to hit. For attacks, it can
  use Rock Slide and Focus Punch to do massive damage. The trick to Focus 
  Punch is he needs to not be attacked before he uses it or else it misses
  and he loses his turn. If he is about to use the it, use an attack on him 
  to conter it. Flying attacks work best, but it might be hard to hit him
  with Rock Slide. Ghost attacks work well for dodging his Focus Punch.
  Poliwrath is his main fighter. He likes to use hypnosis to knock you out,
  and then use Surf, Body Slam and Focus Punch to slowly lower your HP. Like
  Primeape, use an attack before he uses Focus Punch. You can use Flying-type
  Pokémon without any issues and Ghost-type Pokémon work as well once again.
  Once you have defeated him, he will reward you with TM01 (Focus Punch) and 
  the Storm Badge.


Olivine Gyme - GLJ06
Leader:		Jasmine
Pkmn type:	Steel

Pokémon:	Magnemite	Level:	30
		Magnemite	Level:	30
		Steelix		Level:	35

Badge:		Mineral Badge
Description:	All Pokémon, including traded ones, up to level 70 will obey

How to defeat Jasmine:
  Depending on your current team, Jasmine can either be the easiest or 
  hardest Gym Leader depending on your team. Steel Pokémon are a rather hard
  bunch to hit and have few weaknesses, so you need to have a plan. Fire
  Pokémon are its main weakness, so if you don't have one, it is recommended
  that you go catch a Vulpix and/or a Growlithe on Route 36. Also you will
  want to have a Ground-type Pokémon for her two Magnemites, such as Onix or
  Graveler. First up are her two Magnemites. They are identical in level and
  in moves, so there is not much difference. Usually, they like to use 
  Supersonic to confuse you and then Thunder Wave to paralyze you. Then she
  will use Thunderbolt or Sonic Boom against you. The best way to counter 
  this is to have a ground-type Pokémon, like mentioned above. Fire-types
  works well on her as well. Finally, there is her Steelix. This is her
  worst Pokémon. Not only does it have a high defense, but it is at a very
  high level at  lv 35. It usually likes to Screech to lower your defense,
  and then use Sandstorm to damage any non steel/rock/ground-type Pokémon,
  and after that use Iron Tail and Rock Throw over and Over. Your best bet
  for defeating Steelix is to use a Fire-type and/or Water-type Pokémon.
  Once you have defeated Jasmine, she will reward you with the Mineral Badge
  and TM23 (Iron Tail).


Mahogany Gym - GLJ07
Leader: 	Pryce
Pkmn type:	Water/Ice

Pokémon:	Seel		Level:	30
		Dewgong		Level:	32
		Piloswine	Level:	34

Badge:		Glacier Badge
Description:	Allows you to use Whirlpool outside of battle.

How to defeat Pryce:
  Pryce has not changed much from his GSC days, only being about 3 higher
  then his old team. His moves have not changed much either, although his
  Pokémon no longer all have Icy Wind as a main attack. Anywho, his Seel has
  Icy Wind, Rest, Snore, and Hail. Icy Wind lowers your speed each time it
  hits, so be careful not to have it lowered too much. He will use Rest when
  Seel gets low on HP, and then Snore to damage you while sleeping. Snore
  also has a high chance of flinching, so be careful. Hail lasts several
  turns and hits any Pokémon that is not a Ice type Pokémon, so it will hit
  Seel as well. Electric Pokémon work best here. Dewgong is similar to Seel,
  but has much stronger moves. it has Rest, Sleep Talk, Aurora Beam, and Ice
  Shard. Auora Beam and Ice Shard are both strong Ice Type attacks, while
  Sleep Talk allows it to use one of those two moves while the user is
  asleep. Once again, Electric attacks work well against Pryce, but Fighting
  can also cause some serious damage. Finally, there is Piloswine, the
  powerhouse of his team. It is holding a Sitrus Berry, which will restore
  25% of its HP when it gets low. Its moves include Blizzard, Ice Fang, Mud
  Bomb, and Hail. All are very powerful moves, and can be hard to take down
  if your Pokémon are underleveled. Piloswine is weak to fighting, steel,
  fire, water, and grass moves, so moves such as Surf, Mega Drain, Iron Tail,
  any fighting moves, and Fire Blast are all good ones. Be careful about
  using Fire and Grass types, since they are weak to his attack. Once you
  have defeated Pryce, he will reward you with TM07 (Hail) and the Glacier


Blackthorn Gym - GLJ08
Leader:		Clair
Pkmn type:	Dragon

Pokémon:	Dragonair	Level:	38
		Dragonair	Level:	38
                Gyarados	Level:  38
		Kingdra		Level:	41

Badge:		Rising Badge
Description:	All Pokémon received in a trade will obey you. You can now
 		use Waterfall outside of battle.

How to defeat Clair:
  Ah Clair...She is many things: The last Gym Leader in Johto, the last Badge
  before you have full access to lv 100 Pokémon, and so on. She is also one 
  of the only Gym Leaders that has a team change from GSC (Her third 
  Dragonair is replaced with a Gyarados). Because of that, she is not as weak
  to Ice attacks like she once was, but now has a Pokémon that is weak to
  Electric and one that is weak to Dragon attacks. The first Pokémon are her
  two Dragonairs. They are both similar in level, and both have Dragon Pulse,
  Thunder Wave, and Slam. The only difference is one has Fire Blast and the
  other has Aqua Tail. Dragon Pulse is a very strong Dragon move with 90 base
  damage. Thunder Wave Paralyzes your Pokémon, and Fire Blast and Aqua Tail
  are both very strong Fire and Water attacks respectively. Ice attacks are
  your best friend in this battle, since it is the only thing the two
  Dragonair are weak to. A Ice Pokémon caught from the Ice Path or the TM you
  got from Pryce are both good to use against them. Next up is old favorite
  Gyarados. It has Dragon Rage, Twister, Bite, and Dragon Pulse. Dragon Rage 
  always takes off 40HP every time it is used, no more or no less. Twister is
  a somewhat weak dragon type move, but does more if the Pokémon is using Fly
  or Bounce. Gyarados is 4x weak to electric attacks, so Thunderbolt or
  Thunder are both very good moves to use. Finally, there is Kingdra. It is
  her highest level Pokémon at lv 41 and is holding a Sitrus Berry. As for
  attacks, it knows Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, and Smokescreen.
  Kingdra is a tough Pokémon to beat since its only weakness is Dragon
  attacks. If you bought a Dratini earlier from the Goldenrod Game Corner and
  it knows Dragon attacks, use those. Otherwise, use your strongest Pokémon 
  against it. Once you beat Clair, she will not believe that you have proved
  yourself and she will tell you to go to the Dragon's Den and prove 
  yourself. Surf behind the Gym and go north until you find the entrance. 
  Defeat the trainers there... You will need a Pokémon with Whirlpool and
  Surf to get to where you need to go. Also, if you want a special Pokémon,
  you will need to have an empty slot in your party. Head on the left side,
  use whirlpool, and then keep following the path until you find the Dragon
  Shrine. Inside, talk to the dragon master and choose the following answers:
	Question #1: What are Pokémon to you?
	     Answer: Ally
	Question #2: What helps win battles?
	     Answer: Strategy
	Question #3: What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle?
	     Answer: Anyone
	Question #4: What is most important in raising Pokémon?
	     Answer: Love
	Question #5: Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important?
	      Anser: Both
  Once you answer right, Clair will come in and think you failed the test,
  mentioning that not even she has past it. After that, she will give you the
  Rising Badge. This does several things, all Pokémon received in trades will
  now obay and you can use the HM move Waterfall outside of battle. Head back
  the way you came, and Clair will then give you TM59 as well, which contains
  Dragon Pulse.

= Gym Leaders (Kanto) - GLK00 ===============================================
 Here are the gym leaders of the Kanto region and what Pokémon they use and 
 how to defeat each of them in a pinch.

Pewter City Gym - GLK01
Leader:		Brock
Pokémon Type:	Rock

Pokémon:	Graveler	Level:	51
		Rhyhorn		Level:	51
		Omastar		Level:	53
		Onix		Level:	54
		Kabutops	Level:	52
Badge:		Boulder Badge
Description:	No description available

How to defeat Brock:
  Brock has not changed much since his GSC days, although his Pokémon are
  about 7-10 levels higher then they were previously. One advantage that you
  have is that all of his Pokémon are 4x weak against Grass Pokémon, so
  people with a Meganium or a equally strong Grass type will do just fine.
  Also, Sunny Day + Solarbeam will pretty much wipe Brock out very quickly.
  First is Gravler, which has Earthquake, Defense Curl, Rock Slide, and 
  Rollout. You have seen this all before, so there is nothing new. Grass and
  water types work well here, so use Surf or Solarbeam. Second is Rhyhorn,
  which has Earthquake, Scary Face, Sandstorm, and Horn Drill. Scary Face
  lowers your speed twice, and Horn Drill has a 30% Chance of knocking you
  out if it hits, but it happens so rarely and has such low PP that it is
  very rare. Make sure you bring along a revive or two just in case, though.
  Rhyhorn is the same as Gravler and goes down quickly to Grass and Water
  attacks. Omastar his is third and his first dual-water type Pokémon. It has
  Spike Cannon, AncientPower, Brine, and Protect. Spike Cannon is a move
  similar to ones like DoubleSlap and such. Brine does damage based on what
  your HP is. When your HP is above 50%, its base power is only 65. However,
  once it goes below 50%, it will double and be 130. Make sure your HP does
  not fall below 50% when battling Omastar if you can help it. Protect
  prevents any damage for that turn, but decreases in accuracy if used again
  right after. Omastar is 4x weak to Grass, and 2x weak to Fighting, Ground,
  and Electric attacks. Next up is his trademark Onix, which has Rock Slide,
  Iron Tail, Sandstorm, and Screech. Once again, nothing that you cannot
  handle on your own. Use either Grass or Water attacks on it. Finally, there
  is Kabutops, which has Rock Slide, Aqua Jet, Endure, and Giga Drain. Aqua
  Jet is like a water version of Quick Attack, so it will go first no matter
  what your speed is. Endure allows it to survive a attack that it wound
  normally faint against, but like Protect will fail the more it is used.
  Like Omastar, Grass is the most effective against it overall. Once you 
  defeat Brock, he will reward you with the Boulder Badge and TM80 [Rock


Cerulean City Gym - GLK02
Leader:		Misty
Pokémon type:	Water

Pokémon:	Golduck		Level:	49
		Quagsire	Level:	49
		Lapras		Level:	52
		Starmie		Level:	54

Badge:		Cascade Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Misty:
  Misty has changed quite a bit since she first appeared as a kid in FRLG,
  now looking more like a teenage girl. Besides Golduck, each of Misty's
  Pokémon have a secondary type that you can fight against. She is about 5
  levels higher then she was in GSC, so make sure you have raised your team
  enough. First up is Golduck with Water Pulse, Disable, and Psychic. Water
  Pulse is Misty's signature move which has a 20% chance of confusing your
  Pokémon, and Disable makes it where you cannot use your last move for
  several turns. Golduck is the only pure water Pokémon, so Grass and
  Electric attacks are all good. Her second Pokémon is Quagsire, which has
  Water Pulse, Amnesia, Rain Dance, and Earthquake. Rain Dance will cause its
  Water Pulse to become stronger, while Amnesia greatly increases the Special
  Defense of the user. Electric attacks will not work on it, so Grass attacks
  are the best way to go. Third is Lapras, which has Ice Beam, Sing, Water
  Pulse, and Body Slam. Body Slam has a 30% chance of paralyzing you, while
  Sing will put you to sleep. If you are already paralyzed, it will not work.
  Fighting, Rock, Grass, and Electric moves are all very powerful and will do
  2x damage. Finally, there is Starmie, which has a Sitrus Berry for when its
  HP gets low and has Water Pulse, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam, and Recover.
  Recover can be tricky, since it restores 1/2 of the users HP. Starmie has a
  number of weaknesses, including Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric and dark
  attacks. Once you have defeated Misty, she will reward you with the Cascade
  Badge and TM03 [Water Pulse].


Vermilion City Gym - GLK03
Leader:		Lt.Surge
Pokémon type: 	Electric

Pokémon:	Raichu 		Level:	51
		Electrode	Level:	47
		Electrode	Level:	47
		Magneton	Level:	47
		Electabuzz	Level:	53

Badge:		Thunder Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Lt.Surge:
  All of his Pokémon share a common weakness: Ground. If you got a Golem,
  Onix/Steelix, or a similar ground Pokémon with Magnitude or Earthquake,
  this will be a easy battle. Otherwise, make sure to bring your strongest
  Pokémon. His first Pokémon is Raichu, which has Thunder Wave, Shock Wave,
  Quick Attack, and Double Team. One common trend you will find with most of
  Surge's Pokémon is most of them will have Shock Wave (A move that does not
  miss) and Double Team (A move that makes it hard for you to hit his
  Pokémon. Thunder Wave is a nasty move that paralyzes you, so be careful of
  that. Like I said earlier, a ground Pokémon will be immune to all besides
  Quick Attack, so use that. Next up is the two Electrode he has. Both have
  Double Team, but one has Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, and Light Screen, while
  the other has Screech, SelfDestruct, and Charge Beam. Light Screen is a
  move that halves Special Attack moves, Screech lowers your defense two
  levels, Selfdestruct is a powerful Normal move that knocks out the user,
  but does a ton of damage to your Pokémon, and Charge Beam is a somewhat
  weak Electric move, but has a very high chance of increasing the users
  Special stat, making the move do more damage. Ground, once again, is the
  way to go, since all of their attacks outside of Selfdestruct are Electric
  moves. Third is Magneton, which has Supersonic, Double Team, Shock Wave,
  and Mirror Shot. Supersonic has a chance of confusing you, and Mirror shot
  is a average damaging steel type attack that also has a 30% chance of
  lowering your accuracy. Magneton is the only dual type Pokémon on his team,
  so Fire attacks will work on it. Finally, there is his Electabuzz, which
  has Quick Attack, Shock Wave, Light Screen, and Low Kick. Low Kick does
  damage based on the weight of the Pokémon he uses it on. Lighter Pokémon do
  not take as much damage, while heavy Pokémon take the most. Like all the
  other Pokémon on Surge's team, Ground will work the best. Once you have 
  defeated Lt.Surge, he will reward you with the Thunder Badge and with TM34
  [Shock Wave].


Celadon City Gym - GLK04
Leader:		Erika
Pokémon type:	Grass

Pokémon:	Jumpluff	Level:	51
		Tangela		Level:	52
		Victreebel	Level:	56
		Bellossom	Level:	56

Badge:		Rainbow Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Erika:
  Erika has not changed much since FR/LG or GSC, although her team is now
  much stronger, on average being about 10 levels higher. Unlike the previous
  two gym leaders, several of her Pokémon have multiple types, with Jumpluff
  having a flying type and Victreebel having a Poison type. She has multiple
  weaknesses, with the most effective being ice, fire, flying, and Psychic
  for Victreebel. Her first Pokémon is Jumpluff, which has Leech Seed,
  U-Turn, Giga Drain, and Sunny Day. Giga Drain is her staple attack, which
  has a base of 60 damage and the Pokémon using it recovers 1/2 of the damage
  done to the other Pokémon. U-Turn is the same move Bugsy uses, which
  damages the Pokémon and then switches out to another one. Leech Seed slowly
  saps your energy at the end of each turn and recovers some of Jumpluff's
  HP. Finally, Sunny Day is a move that boosts Fire attacks, but also allows
  the instant use of Solar Beam. Jumpluff is majorly weak to Ice attacks, so
  use Ice Beam if you have it. Her second Pokémon is Tangela, which knows
  Ancientpower, Wring Out, Giga Drain, and Sleep Powder. Ancientpower is a
  rock Move that has a small chance of boosting Tangela's stats up. Wring Out
  is a normal type move that does more damage depending on the users HP. It
  is based on this: 120 x Your Current HP/Your Max HP. The lower your HP is,
  the weaker the attack is. Sleep Powder does what is says: Puts you to
  sleep. Next is Victreebel, which has Sunny Day, Grass Knot, Leaf Storm, and
  Razor Leaf. Grass Knot is similar to Low Kick in that the higher the weight
  of the Pokémon, the more damage it does. Leaf Storm is like Overheat where
  is has a very high base damage of 140, but lowers the users attack two
  levels. Finally, Razor Leaf is a average grass attack with a higher crit
  ratio. Victreebel is also weak to Psychic moves due to its Poison type, so
  that might be a type to use. Her final Pokémon is Bellossom, which has
  Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Giga Drain, and Synthesis. If she uses Sunny Day
  before using Solar Beam, then it will not require any charging up.
  Synthesis is also affected by Sunny Day, since it will recover 2/3s of its
  HP when it is in effect. The best Pokémon to use during this battle is fire
  Pokémon, since Sunny Day benefits them most of the time more then Erika's
  own Pokémon. Fire Blast and Flamethrower are both good ones to use, as well
  as Ice Beam and Blizzard. Once you have defeated Erika, she will reward 
  you with the Rainbow badge and with TM19 [Giga Drain].


Saffron City Gym - GLK05	10:13 AM 10/02/2013
Leader:		Sabrina
Pokémon type:	Psychic

Pokémon:	Espeon		Level:	53
		Mr. Mime	Level:	53
		Alakazam	Level:	55

Badge:		Marsh Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Sabrina:
  First up is Espeon, which has Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Skill
  Swap. All three of Sabrina's Pokémon have Skill Swap and it is her
  signature move for HG/SS. Skill Swap changes abilities with your Pokémon,
  so be careful of using a Pokémon that might have a really good ability.
  Calm Mind increases Espeon's Special Attack and Defense each turn, making
  it more powerful and harder to hit. Psychic and Shadow Ball are both a very
  powerful Psychic and Ghost move in that order. Next up is Mr. Mime, which
  has Mimic, Light Screen, Psychic, and Skill Swap. Light Screen halves the
  damage of Special attacks, while Mimic copies your last move. Its only
  attack outside of Mimic is Psychic, so dark users will have resistance.
  Finally, there is Sabrina's Alakazam, which has Psychic, Skill Swap,
  Reflect, and Energy Ball. Reflect halves the damage of physical attacks,
  while Energy Ball is a powerful Grass type move that has a 10% chance of
  lowering your Special Defense. Once you have defeated Sabrina, she will
  reward you with the Marsh Badge and with TM48 [Skill Swap].


Fuchsia City Gym - GLK06
Leader:		Janine
Pokémon type:	Poison

Pokémon:	Crobat		Level:	47
		Weezing		Level:	44
		Ariados		Level:	47
		Ariados		Level:	47
		Venomoth	Level:	50

Badge:		Soul Badge
Decsription: 	No description available.

How to defeat :
  Her first Pokémon is Crobat, which has Confuse Ray, Screech, Wing Attack,
  and Supersonic. Screech lowers your defense two levels, and Supersonic and
  Confuse Ray have a chance of causing confusion. Ice, Electric, Rock, and
  Psychic attacks are all effective here. Second up is Weezing, which has
  Toxic, Explosion, Sludge Bomb, and Double Hit. Sludge Bomb is a special
  poison move which has a 30% chance of poisoning the target, and explosion
  is a very powerful move that causes Weezing to faint, but does a lot of
  damage to your Pokémon. Weezing is the only pure Poison type on her team,
  so you can really only use Psychic against it to get a super effective hit,
  since Weezing has levitate and cannot be affected by ground type moves. Her
  third and fourth Pokémon are Ariados, both being the same level but having
  two different moves. Both have Poison Jab and Pin Missile, while one has
  Swagger and Night Shade and the other having Psychic and screech. Swagger
  increases your attack two levels, but causes you to become confused, while
  Night Shade does damage based on your current level, so if you are lv 50
  you will take 50 damage. Psychic, Ground, Fire, and Flying are all
  effective. Her final Pokémon is Venomoth, which has Double Team, Psychic,
  Sludge Bomb, and Signal Beam ans has a Sitrus Berry for when its HP gets
  low. Double Team increases its evasiveness, which allows it to dodge your
  attacks the more it uses it, and Signal Beam is a bug type move that has a
  10% chance of causing confusion. Like Ariados, it is weak to Flying, Fire,
  and Psychic attacks. Once you have defeated Janine, daughter of Koga, she
  will reward you with the Soul Badge and with TM84 [Poison Jab].


Seafoam Island Gym - GLK07
Leader: 	Blaine
Pokémon type:	Fire

Pokémon:	Magcargo	Level:	54
		Magmar		Level:	54
		Rapidash	Level:	59

Badge:		Volcano Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Blaine:
  Blaine's first Pokémon is Magcargo, which has Overheat, Sunny Day, Smog,
  and Rock Slide. Overheat is a powerful Fire move that has a base damage of
  140, but lowers the user's Special Attack two levels. Because it is holding
  a White Herb, it will use it up when Overheat is used. Sunny Day increases
  the strength of Fire moves, and for Magcargo that would be Overheat. Smog
  is a Poison move that has low power and is slightly inaccurate, but has a
  high 40% chance of poisoning your Pokémon. His second Pokémon is Magmar,
  which has ThunderPunch, Confuse Ray, Overheat, and Sunny Day. Like the
  other two, it does have a White Herb attached to it, so it will not have
  its status go down when it is used. ThunderPunch makes it hard for Water
  Pokémon to stay alive, so use a ground type if you have one. Finally,
  there is Rapidash, which as Quick Attack, Bounce, Overheat, and Flare
  Blitz. Flare Blitz is a powerful 120 base attack move that does 1/3 recoil
  damage to Rapidash, but also has a 10% chance of burning your Pokémon.
  Bounce is a similar move to Fly which has the user going up in the air on
  the first turn, and attacking on the second. It has a base power of 85,
  but also is slightly inaccurate with only a 85% accuracy. However, it also
  has a 30% chance of paralyzing your Pokémon. Once you have defeated Blaine,
  he will reward you with the Volcano Badge and with TM50 [Overheat]


Veridian City Gym - GLK08
Leader:		Blue
Pokémon type:	Miscellaneous

Pokémon:	Pidgeot		Level:	60
		Rhydon		Level:	58
		Machamp		Level:	56
		Gyarados	Level:	52
		Exeggutor	Level:	55
		Arcanine	Level:	58

Badge:		Earth Badge
Description:	No description available.

How to defeat Blue:
  As far as his Pokémon goes, his Pidgeot has Whirlwind, Mirror Move, Return,
  and Air Slash. Mirror Move is a interesting flying type move that copies
  your last move if you made one, and fails if you did not. Return is a
  normal move that does damage based on how your Pokémon like you, and on a
  trainer like Blue it does a lot of damage if you are not careful. Finally,
  Whirlwind is a rather nasty move that causes your current Pokémon to be
  switched out for another one. Ice and Electric moves are recommended here.
  Rhydon has Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn, and Thunder Fang. Stone Edge
  is a move that has 100 base damage and has a higher chance of striking a
  Critical Hit, but is only 80% accurate. Megahorn is a powerful Bug type
  move that has a base damage of 120, but has a low accuracy of 85%. Be
  careful when using a water Pokémon against Rhydon because of its Thunder
  Fang, but if you can use Water and Grass attacks. Machamp, one of the few
  new Pokémon for a gym leader, has DynamicPunch, ThunderPunch, Stone Edge,
  and Earthquake. Dynamic Punch is a very low accuracy move (only a 50%
  chance of it hitting), but has 100 base power and will always confuse you
  when it hits. Flying and Psychic moves work best against Machamp here.
  Gyarados has been greatly underleveled from GSC, and has Waterfall, Ice
  Fang, Dragon Dance, and Return. Waterfall has a base damage of 80 and has
  a 20% chance of causing you to Flinch. Dragon Dance increases Gyarados's
  Speed and Attack up one level when it is used, so be careful and knock it
  out quickly if it starts using it a lot. Electric works best here, since it
  is 4x effective against Gyarados. Exeggutor has Psychic, Hypnosis, Leaf
  Storm, and Trick Room. Leaf Storm is similar to Overheat in that it lowers
  Exeggutor's Special Attack two levels when it is used. Trick Room is a
  weird move that causes the Pokémon with the lower speed rating to go first,
  which works in Exeggutor's favor due to its crappy 55 base speed rating.
  The only way to counter this is to have a even slower Pokémon, although
  that would be hard to come by. Dark, Flying, Bug, and Ice moves all work
  well on Exeggutor. Finally there is Arcanine, which has ExtremeSpeed,
  Flare Blitz, Dragon Pulse, and Roar. ExtremeSpeed is a powerful and
  accurate move with 80 base damage and allows the user to go first. Dragon
  Pulse is a very accurate Dragon move with a 90 base damage. Finally, Roar
  is similar to Whirlwind where it will cause another Pokémon to be brought
  out. Once you have defeated Blue, he will reward you with the Earth Badge
  and with TM92 [Trick Room].


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