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The Simpsons Game Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for The Simpsons Game

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Check out our cheats to find out how to unlock Clichés, create prison for police, get past the guards on the town hall level and how to turn normal.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for The Simpsons Game please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 2 : PSP : PlayStation 3

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Easy Completion on 'Mythos Of Marge' Level:

An easy way to finish the Mythos of Marge level is to stand in the ash tray and wait for the dragon to return there. If you then punch it while it is inside the ash tray you will not be harmed by the fire because there is an invisible shield in the ash tray.

Pet Homer Mini-Game - Homer Actions

When using Pet Homer, tap his right knee to make him kick. Tap his left foot to tickle him.

Pet Homer Mini-Game - Trip Maggie

Tap Maggie when she appears to make her fall over.


To unlock items for Pet Homer and Clichés you must collect ALL the Duff Beer Caps, Krusty Koupons, Marge's Coupons, and Malibou Stacy Cards. Note: It is possible to go back to older levels to use new powers you have unlocked to get something you have missed.

Enter the Cheatrix

On the level where you have to remove the poles, you can push the enimies off the edge if you push them with the poles and then they die... It saves you alot of lives!!

prison for police

on the level mob rules by the town hall use lisa's budha power to move bins to block entrance drag police over bins and let go to imprison them rather than attack


In the Duff Brewery you go to the part with a boat and jump down the pit for the clitche "Chasm Death"

Yokel Invaders

In the episode yokel invaders everytime you have defeated all of them you qucikly have to get the hearts to raise Bart's health


In the Duff Brewery you go to the part with a boat and jump down the pit for the clitche "Chasm Death"

turn to normal

On the level land of choclate at the end when he's a big ball press A button toturn him back to normal

Unlock Clichés

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding cliché will become unlocked.
Unlock Chasm Death Cliché:
In the 'Bartman Begins' level, when you reach the gargoyle head do not press the button. Run over the edge.
Unlock Invisible Wall Cliché:
In the 'Mythos Of Marge' level, on the cigarette nest jump to the left and get very close to the wall.
Unlock Water Warp Cliché:
In 'The Land Of Chocolate' level, swim in the liquid chocolate when you reach the bourbon biscuits.
Unlock Double Jump Cliché:
In 'The Land Of Chocolate' level, simply double jump.

town hall level

To help you get past the gards use the other people that help you to kill them bye useing you're pen click the gards with you're pen and they'll beat them up

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