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The Simpsons Game



by c0pp3rf3ild


Version: 0.26
Date: July 2008
Email: [email protected]
Copyright 2008/2009 by Joshua Reddin

0-	Intro
1-	Version history
2-	Characters & abilities
3-	Walkthrough
3.1- Land of chocolate
3.2- Museum of natural history (Bartman begins)
4-    The remaining collectables
5-    Cliches
6-    Legal stuff

0-	Intro

This walkthrough was made because I looked on the Simpsons game for DS 
on and saw that there was no guide, then I realized that 
I had completed it 100% so here I am, writing this now.

1-	Version history

0.01	- contents made
0.02	- Intro, Version history and characters & abilities sections made.
0.13 - first 2 levels written
0.18 - Around the world in 80 bites level written
0.2 - Minor portion of The Tree Hugger written
0.26 - Cliche list and Legal stuff written in
2-	Characters & abilities 

Move: + pad
Jump: B button
Attack: Y button
Jump kick: B then Y
Action: X
Pause: START button

Homer: The dad of Bart, Lisa and Maggie and husband to Marge, he is 
fat and wears a white shirt and blue trousers.
Abilities: Homerball- Activate: A button (when enough food is eaten 
                      Ball dash: Y button
                      Ball slam: B then Y
           Helium Homerball- Activate: X button
                    Gain altitude: B button

Bart: Son of Homer and Marge, brother to Lisa and Maggie, in normal 
Bart mode he wears a red shirt and blue shorts, but as his alter ego, 
Bartman, he also wears a utility belt, dark blue mask and dark blue 
Abilities (Bart): Slingshot: A button (Bart can shoot up, down, left 
or right. Just hold the + pad in the direction you want to fire and 
press the A button)
          (Bartman)- Glide: hold the B button while jumping
                     Grapple: (when prompted) X button
                     Zipline: jump then up on + pad when under a 

Lisa: Daughter of Homer and Marge, sister to Bart and Maggie, she 
wears a red dress, red shoes and a red necklace.
Abilities: Hand of Buddha (pink ports)- Activate: X button
                                        Pick up object: (it usually 
flashes) stylus
                                        Lightning: (once acquired) L 
or R button then touch enemy with stylus
           Hand of enlightenment (blue ports)- Activate: X button
                         Pick up Lisa: stylus

Marge: Wife to Homer and mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie. She wears a 
green dress with an orange necklace, her hair is very tall and blue.
Abilities: Maggie- Activate: release Maggie (when prompted) X button
        Mob Marge- Gather group rioters: (when nearby citizens) A 
                Gather single rioter: tap citizen with stylus
                      Riot: tap enemy or destructible item with stylus 
(only when you have active mob members)

3-	Walkthrough

3.1- The land of chocolate.

Ok, first level, let's go!

Playable characters: Homer
Enemies: Easter bunnies, white chocolate Easter bunny
-NEW ABILITY- Homerball

Start by drag and dropping the chocolate on Homer's mouth and let him fall 
asleep. You shall reappear in the land of chocolate! After you appear, run 
right, eating the chocolate as you go, until you see the white rabbit, jump 
onto the ledge and follow him! Destroy the bunny in your way and the cart, 
pick up the duff cap and proceed to the next level. Destroy the cart in your 
way and use the marshmallows to get over the stream, picking up caps as you 
go. Cross the bridge and destroy the mailboxes for extra chocolate. Collect 
the duff cap to start your first fight! There will be 4 chocolate bunnies, 
they are easy enough, and just 1 hit will kill them. Proceed to the next 
area. Kill the bunny and jump on the giant biscuit -NEW CLICHE- you should 
now have just unlocked the cliche "Double Jump". If you fall, -NEW CLICHE- 
you should now have just unlocked the cliche "Water Warp", you will appear 
just before the biscuit. At the peak of the biscuit, jump onto the next one 
then the next one. At the third biscuit, follow the chocolates to the fourth 
biscuit, and then jump to the floor. Go right, jumping the gaps then climb 
the ladder and go left. There will be the occasional enemy as you climb the 
cake, up the ladder and go right, you will notice a helium pipe. We will come 
back to this in the "The remaining collectables" section. Proceed to jump the 
gap and climb the ladder, climb the remaining ladder and prepare for your 
first boss fight!!
Name: White Chocolate Bunny
Hits to kill: 4-5
Description: A white chocolate Easter bunny which insults you as you fight 
Attacks: Kicking
Reward: NEW ABILITY: Homerball
After you kill it your new ability will auto activate and you will fall 
through the cake. This area is pretty straightforward so I will just tell you 
how to get the duff caps. Now use the ball dash attack to go forward with no 
trouble, running over all the bunnies as you go. At the ramps, jump after the 
ball dash to get the duff tokens. You will hit 2 cup-cake and they will make 
you jump so use it to get the tokens.
End analysis:
8/12 Duff Beer Caps!
2/27 Video Game Cliches!
Pet Homer Items Unlocked: Shaving foam and razor

3.2- Museum of natural history (Bartman Begins)

Second level, here we go!

Playable characters: Homer and Bart
Enemies: Security Guards, Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo
Ammunition: Light Bulbs

After the cut scene run right and jump the gap, break the barrel for a krusty 
koupon then slide down the Zipline, past the helium bottle and climb the wall 
and get the token. Climb the ladder and activate the switch (X). Now you are 
homer, use the fallen stalactite to jump the gap and climb the ladder NEW 
CLICHE- You should now have unlocked the cliche "switches and levers" and 
jump on the pressure pad. When the gate recedes climb the ladder to the next 
area. You will now fight a few guards, usually 1 at a time; they will take 4 
hits to kill. Activate the pressure pad to make the blocks in the wall come 
out, you are now Bart again. Jump on the blocks then the statues knees to get 
the koupon, return to the blocks and jump onto the statues bust and then the 
higher blocks. You will now come to a big gap, use the bartman cape glide 
(hold B while jumping) if you're lucky you will get the koupon while gliding. 
Pull the lever and the bridge will extend, you are now Homer! First cross the 
bridge, pass under the statues legs, beating any guards in your way but DON'T 
jump on the pressure pad, just pass it and pick up the duff cap on top of the 
mini statue that is in half. Now activate the pad. You are now Bart, Run 
along and jump on the blocks, going LEFT, you will have to glide to one of 
them, then climb the vines on the hall, jump off the roman helmet and onto 
the sword, kill the guard and get the koupon. Now proceed back onto the 
blocks but this time go right and onto the platform, kill the 2 guards and 
hold up on the + pad and shoot(A) to hit the target, then jump into the gap. 
Straight away run off the brontosaur's back and get the koupon in front of 
the mini-T-Rex then back on the bronto's back, onto his head and glide onto 
the canopy jump onto the nearby pterodactyl and then over the mini-T-Rex, or 
onto his head for the koupon, then pull the switch to extend a tongue from 
the mini-T-Rex's mouth. You are now Homer. Climb the ladder and jump off the 
bronto's tail onto the tongue, then at the tar pit (don't worry it's not real 
tar!)jump onto the bone in the middle then to the other side. Kill any guards 
on the way and activate the pressure pad !NEW CLICHE! You should now have 
unlocked the cliche "Pressure pads" You are now Bart. Go right and glide on 
the draft onto the pterodactyl. Jump onto the pterodactyl to the left and go 
down the Zipline, continue left until you get the krusty koupon, then retrace 
your steps to the volcano and on that pterodactyl, go right and pull the 
lever and get ready for the first boss fight of the level!
Name: Dolph
Hits to kill: 4
Attacks: Slingshot
Description: A punk-looking character, he has a brownish-green baggy shirt on 
and black shorts, his hair is draped down the right side of his face.
Shoot him to start the fight(to shoot down hold down on + pad and press A) 
then when the lights go out shoot the targets, then when the lights return, 
shoot him, after about 4 hits(I used light bulbs, with normal ammo it might 
be different) then go right. Straight when this area starts, turn around and 
get the krusty koupon, then go right, shooting the targets to let Homer 
proceed, as you can't go through the doors without him going first. Ok pause 
the game just after the castle area as the is an important target here, while 
Homer is destroying the fence, run forward and hit the 2 targets, as the one 
under the cannon will release a duff token for Homer, then prepare for the 
boss fight!
Name: Kearney
Hits to kill: 5
Attacks: None
Description: A bald kid wearing a white shirt and black shorts.
As the fight goes on, you will see 3 doors with Homer, Kearney or Ralph 
behind them you must shoot the target underneath Kearney to hurt him, after 
about 5 hits he will fall, letting you leave. In this next room, you must use 
the planets to get to the top, there will be a bit where you must use a small 
meteor to get to a ladder then climb the ladder onto Jupiter, then jump onto 
Saturn's rings. At this point there will be 2 planets, 2 flying saucers and 1 
rocket. Ok, this is all for: 1 koupon and the best spot to hit Jimbo. Jump 
onto the first planet, then onto the first flying saucer, slide down the 
Zipline then drop off of it right on top of the rocket, then use the rocket 
smoke to glide onto the second saucer. While on the second saucer, get the 
krusty koupon, now for the boss fight!
Name: Jimbo
Hits to kill: 20-21(I used normal ammo for this; it may take less with the 
light bulbs)
Attacks: Green plasma orbs
Description: Wears a woolly hat, black shirt with a skull emblem on it and 
blue jeans.
Ok, this fight is easy enough if you got the light bulb, either way, use the 
automatic slingshot (hold A) he is just above you so you will have to shoot 
End analysis:
7/9 Duff Beer Caps
18/18 Krusty Koupons
4/27 Video Game Cliches

3.3- Duff Brewery (Around the world in 80 bites)

Third level, Get ready!

Playable characters: Homer and Bart
Enemies: Barney, Bumblebee man, Comic book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, 
Kearney, Police chief Wiggum, Otto, The foreign exchange student
Ammunition: Boomerangs

Straight away you will start as Homerball, use the ball dash to break the 
barrels. Run over Comic book Guy and go near Otto -NEW CLICHE- You should now 
have unlocked the cliche "AI running into walls" Now go back, deactivate 
Homerball if it is still on the walk over the man hole cover to get launched 
up. Jump on the pressure pad. You are now Bart, use the chimney draft to get 
on the giant beer pump, and use the cover to get launched, then use the 
bartman cape glide (BCG from now on) the get to the platform with the 
exchange student. Jump next to the lever and pull it. You are now Homer. Get 
off the Das Pretzelhaus and go to where Otto was, knock him out and go right 
destroy the barrels and go up on the cover, onto the big beer tap, left for a 
Duff cap and right for a pressure pad. After the pressure pad has been used, 
you are now Bart. Jump down, and use the cover on your right, as with homer, 
the taps are: left for a koupon, right for the pad, on top of the Das 
Bratwursthaus there is a koupon as well. Afterwards go right to exit the 
area. As you can see, you have to get to the pinatas, go right and when 
Bumblebee man shows up tap the Y button -NEW CLICHE- you should now have 
unlocked the cliche "Combo Punch". After he's down, climb the ladder to your 
right and knock out the exchange student. Go left and up the next ladder, 
right and pull the lever. The chimney is now smoking, from the left-most side 
of this platform, jump left and use the BCG to get to the chimney. Use the 
draft to go onto the above platform and jump onto the moving platform. BEFORE 
YOU DESTROY THE PINATAS! Go right and use the Zipline to get a koupon, then 
go back to the chimney, platform and destroy the pinatas. You are now Homer. 
Go up all the ladders; activate Homerball at the right side of the top 
platform, the ball dash left and jump at the edge of the platform to get the 
three duff caps. Proceed to the floor and go right, jump on the crate, climb 
the ladder and get the chilli, NOW DESTROY EL SUPER TACO!!! In France, go 
right and knock out Barney and Bumble bee man, and use the pressure pad. You 
are now Bart! Use the draft from the vent and get on the first level of  the 
Eiffel tower go right and use the trampoline -NEW CLICHE- you should now have 
unlocked the cliche "Trampolines" to jump onto the back of the snail and get 
the koupon now go back left using the trampolines: on the left, use it to 
jump up to get the koupon, the onto the platform on the left for another 
koupon; then on the right for a high koupon, and to get on the highest 
platform on the Eiffel tower. Pull the lever; remember that yellow platform 
under the first level of the tower? It now moves. You are now Homer. Use that 
moving platform to go to the first level, then use a trampoline to get to the 
top and activate the pressure pad. Turn into Homerball and use Ball dash to 
follow the trail of duff caps (it is not necessary to jump while in ball 
dash) and go right once on the Moulin Rouge. "Cool Scotland! I've never been 
to Africa" - Bart.  Go right and get the duff caps, then activate the pad. 
You are now Bart use the BCG on the bagpipes draft and get on the statues 
hand. Get rid of Willie and continue right. Use the Zipline to get to the 
lever, pull it. You are now Homer. Pass under the statues' legs, and use the 
bagpipes to jump up onto the beer tap, then onto the kangaroo's glove to get 
a cap, then use the pressure pad. Use the manhole cover on the right to get 
to the ladder, then activate the pressure pad. You are now Bart. Turn left 
and use the bagpipe fumes to get the coupon, then go right and use the cover 
to get to the ladder where Homer is. When up there, go right and use the 
Zipline OR jump on the forked kangaroos for a small boost. Either way, you 
will get on top of a shack which says G'Duff use the lever here to deactivate 
the beer current. You are now Homer. Jump off onto the ground floor and go 
right, picking up the caps on the way. Use the boat to get across the gap, by 
now you might have low health, so until you get a checkpoint you will have to 
restart the area. You will meet Bart here, but go up the ladder and knock out 
Barney. Go left and jump on the pad. You are now Bart. Climb the ladder and 
go left over the gaps. Knock out Wiggum and destroy the barrels above the 
ladder so you can go forward. Use BCG over the gap and climb the ladder go 
left, but DON'T pull the lever! Instead use the BCG to get a koupon, then go 
back up and pull the lever. You are now Homer. Go left past Wiggum and climb 
the ladder. When you get to the top, go left past Kearney and double jump OR 
ball dash over the gap when you pass the lever for a Duff cap. Then return to 
the top and go right, then use ball dash on the super meatball. Hopefully 
here you will have enough calories to do a few ball dashes. If not then this 
will take a small while there are 2 options:
1 - You already have enough calories: first use the cover to jump on the 
flagpole, then jump to get the cap on the left. Then get back down, go 
forward and use the ramp to ball dash and hit the statue of liberty.
2 - You don't have enough calories: get the cap in the same way as above, 
then proceed to climb the flagpoles to get the hotdogs, then jump back down 
and ball dash over the ramp.
Either way, for every hit, the flagpoles will change position. All in all, it 
should take 4 hits, then just destroy the burger to become the new eating 
CHAMPION!!! Oh yeah, and end the level.
End Analysis
41/41 Duff beer Caps!
40/40 Krusty Koupons!
7/27 Video game cliches!
Pet Homer Items Unlocked: Tennis Ball

3.4- Springfield Logging Factory (The Tree Hugger)

Fourth level, new character!

Playable characters: Bart and Lisa
Enemies: Logger, Wood chip Logger
Ammunition: Saw Blades
Special conditions: Time trial
-NEW ABILITY- : Hand of Buddha (HoB)

As soon as you start, go right and activate the HoB(X) and move the tree 
trunk (Stylus) onto dead grass mark on your right. Pick up the Malibu Stacy 
seal that was in its place. Use the trunk to jump the gate, careful once 
you're on the floor though, the will be a Logger and a wood chip Logger, That 
combination can be deadly, so get rid of them with jump kicks (Y while in 
jump) when the wood chip Logger (WCL) shoots the chips. Once they are dead, 
arrange the trunks so you can jump on the branch to your left and grab the 
seal that's on the crane. Then rearrange them so you can pull the lever. You 
are now Bart. Turn around and break the barrel and kill the snake, pick up 
the saw blades. 

5- Cliches

This is the FULL list of Cliches and their statements from The Simpsons Game 
for DS, in the numeral Order found in The Android's Dungeon. (NOT in the 
order they are found!)

1- Double Jump- "Oh, a double jump. That's real original."
2- Crossover- "Crossing the barriers of space, time, and good taste, the   
dreaded comic book cameo also plagues video games."
3- Wooden Crate- "Ah, the crate. As seen in everything."
4- Copy Paste- "Great Caesar's ghost! The reuse of levels is an unoriginal 
affront to gamers everywhere and almost ruins my appetite."
5- Combo Punch- "Hello, Street Fighter 2 called, it wanted its gameplay 
6- Collectible Placement- "You just spent three hours to get one item. A life 
well spent."
7- Chasm Death- "Expect a plagiarism lawsuit from Wile E. Coyote."
8- AI Running Into Walls- "In case you didn't already know your game sucked."
9- A Wizard Did It- "Sometimes illogical plot devices are needed for the sake 
of gameplay... as if!"
10- Trampolines- "Trampolines. Where have they been before? Oh right,
11- Time Trial- "If your games boring - just add a stopwatch!"
12- The Doors- "Video games filled with doors that never open. Sounds 
13- Switches and levers- "What would video games be without switches and 
levers? Original."
14- Re-used Enemies- "The same bad guy, but now with a different-colour 
shirt? What a gyp!"
15- Pressure Pads- "It takes a fat loser to make these work"
16- Obvious Weakness- "A must-have for masters of the obvious"
17- Lava- Lava. As original as sand, snow, water and jungle. That is - NOT 
18- Lame Tutorials- "Oh I'm too lazy to read the manual! I need help! Wah! 
19- Key Card- "News flash! A key card is really... a key."
20- Invisible Barrier- "An invisible barrier. Sorry, your precious game 
doesn't go on forever."
21- Water Warp- "Don't you know that you never learn how to swim until the 
22- Giant Saw Blades- "Giant saw blades, by any other name, would still be as 
23- Flying Boat- "A flying boat. What next, an underwater plane?
24- Evil Genius- "Every single one e rip-off of Lex Luthor!"
25- Collecting Every Collectable- "Worst Cliche Ever!"
26- Enemy Spawners- "Infinite bad guys from a small door. Way to rip off the 
clown car."
27- Elemental Enemies- "Nice. Steal from Dungeons and Dragons - for only the 
millionth time!"

6- Legal stuff

I am not too sure what to write here, apart from that my walkthrough is ONLY 
to be posted on THESE SITES.

If anyone else posts my guide without my say-so, I'll come at you like a 
shark with legs! And my lawyers will be all over you like a hot flannel!!! If 
you want permission to post this walkthrough, just email me, I will look at 
your site (include it in the email) and respond.