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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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Plenty of cheats to help you in the game like getting items and sword powers to getting extra Rupees.

More The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats and Tips

We have 99 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass please send them in here.

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Unlock Fire Sword

When you have 10 Power Gems go to Spirit Island (South of Molida Island) and the spirit inside the cave will level up your spirit of courage and give you a fire sword which will do twice as much damage than normal. You can also take 10 Courage Gems to get a sonic wave from your sword which does damage in the direction you swing it or you can take 10 wisdom Gems to make your shield more resistant to enemy attacks.

Unlock Hidden Treasure Maze Heart Container

Go to Maze Island in the Northwest Quadrant and complete Beginner and Normal modes. This will unlock Expert mode where one of the prizes is the Heart container.

Defeating Bosses

Defeating Crayk, Bane of Courage:
At the beginning of your encounter with Crayak you will view the battle through his perspective. What you have to do is place Link in an area where Crayak can view him and wait for him to approach. Then shoot arrows at him and cracks will start appearing on his shell. Use your sword and attack him focusing on the damaged areas of his shell and eventually the shell will completely crack exposing his back and tail which has a blue area you need to strike with your sword. To get Crayak to stop moving when you battle him fire arrows at his face so he reverts to his battle stance. When he does this quickly get behind him and attack the tail. Keep doing this until the battle is won.
Defeating Cylock, Master of Wind:
To defeat this boss whi..

Triangle Gem on Link's head

This isn't really a cheat, more a random glitch. I found it myself, but I bet other people have found it. Anyway,here's how to do it.
1. Go into the Ocean Temple.
2. Get to the third floor.
3. Grab a Force gem. (it would be best to get the one on the bottom right)
4. Kill the Phantom with the key.(drop him down a hole) he will drop the key. Hold the force gem, and walk on to the key. You'll get it, and link will do his normal pose, but the force gem will sort of sit on his head.
5. Do whatever the heck you want. Lol
Hope you enjoyed using this glitch. (If you did|) it works every time.
PS: I've found a few others, and will post them once I remember/find them again.
PPPS: This glitch was not copied in any way.

Unlock Big Plays

During gameplay on Wi-Fi when you are playing an opponent you can unlock a 'Big Play' by completing any of the following tasks. Each time you complete four 'Big Plays' you will receive a letter telling you to go to the house at Cannon Island. There you will get a Golden part for your ship.
No Items:
Win without taking any item.
Win with a final score of 1-0.
No Miss:
Win without being taken down as Link.
Guardian King:
As the Phantoms take Link down 3 times.
In the last 20 seconds defeat Link twice.
Win without your opponent scoring any points.
Get Everythig:
Win with ALL the Force Gems turned your colour.
No Dribble:
Win without droppi..

Unlock Hidden Prince of the Red Lions Heart Container and Ship P

Board the Traveler's ship in the Northwest Quadrant which is called 'The Prince of Red Lions' and fight the character on it. In the time given you have to hit him in exchange for treasure. If you then leave and return he will tell you to hit him 100 times and when you accomplish this task you will be rewarded with the Heart Container. If you carry on playing after that you will get more treasure and random ship parts.

Unlock Hidden Bow Shooting Range Heart Container

When you have the Sun Key go to Molida Island and Romano's hut which is now a Shooting Range. When you score over 1700 points you will get the Bow Quiver Upgrade and if you get over 2000 points you will get the Heart Container.

Unlock Golden Ship Parts

There is no method to unlock Golden Ship parts, they appear randomly throughout the game like the normal ship parts except they're Golden and appear a lot less frequently. This has been done by Nintendo to encourage Online game with the WiFi trading feature.

Flying Using Chickens

On Mercay Island, at the docks, there are a lot of chickens running around. If you manage to catch one (lead it into a corner so it can't escape) tap it to pick it up. Next go to the south-west corner of the docks and there is a little island over some water. If you walk into the sea carrying the chicken you can glide across to the island and go up the steps there is a treasure chest up there.

Evil chicken!

Ok, if you corner a chicken anywhere in the game, start attacking with slash or stab attack (slashi sword horizontally or vertically), it won't work with a homing attack. Anyway, if you attack and hit it 4 times, it will turn red and start following and attacking you. But that is not the end of it. A bunch of chickens will be flying around, and if one touches you, you lose 1/2 a heart. It's fun to do, but not very helpful.
Let me know what you think. A lazy gamer, Marthmaniac.

Treasure Salvage Locations

When you are confronted with a group of Pirate ships destroy them and you will notice that the last ship you destroyed in the group will leave a red 'X' on the map. Go to this location to salvage treasure.

How to put sea crest on sea chart

At the bottom of the ocean temple in the room with the sea chart upside down close than open your ds

Cuco Phantoms

When in a room full of phantoms or reaplings, go into a safe zone and pound with the hammer. Make sure it is huge. The phantom/reapling will hear it and rush over. Make the hammer huge again and whack it. It should now have stars spinning around his head, and will not see you or chase you for 5-10 seconds. You can use it unlimited times. This is useful for dungeons with many phantoms. Hope this helped!

Temple of the Ocean King Glitch

In the Temple of the Ocean King, once you have the super spin attack that you receive from one of the side quests, if you perform the super attack on the blue floor that makes noise, there will not be any noise, making it a lot easier to kill the phantoms and on top of that, you moving a lot faster while doing the attack than just plain running.

off the map cliff

At the isles of dead,go to the pyrimid where the guy died.hookshot the 2 sighs
When you are on the other side.bounce off and you can jump a cliff that isnt on the map.

I hope you find this a weard thing


After you get the great spin attack, go to mercay island, go up left of the temple of the ocean king and use it on the trees. If you hit a certain place on the trees you will recoil and teleport behind the trees and you can run around outside the boundaries of the game. There isnt anything here but it's fun to do!

defeating bellum

Bellum, Evil Phantom
Bellum will start off jumping in a pool of purple stuff. When he comes out use your grapple hook to get the slime off him, but be careful because he shoots slime at you that take half a heart and if they miss you they'll turn into eye monsters. Once the slime is off use the grapple hook to pull him towards you and start whacking him in the eye. After a few hits Bellum will regain consciousness and move up to the second floor.
Bellum will jump out of the pool and attach his tentacles to the wall, and he's left his eyes open like an idiot. Use your bow to shoot the eyes, one tentacle will try slapping you while eye monsters will fall from the ceiling. Repeat the process and shoot the eyes until he drops back to the first floor, repeat what you did..

DS Refrence Island Explored!!!

Heres some info
The island is Named Dee Ess island upon landing on it
You need a shovel
There are enemies on the top screen of the island Look at your DS
The island has Gorons
There is a game on the bottom screen(the Goron Game)Look at your DS
There is a Boing Oing statue that will tell you about treasure where the menu button is Look at your DS Again
Go to the Speakers once again look at your DS dig and your shovel will hit stuff including Large Rupees,Rupees,Snake Nests,and Beehives Dont be afraid of Bees or Snakes use spin attack to kill them
Above and below the speakers almost all the way there are digging holes look at your DS for refrence
Thats all my info for now!
I hope you lik..

Block Attacks

You do not need to use a shield to block attacks. Swinging your sword is also a way to block some attacks.

Kill the Bosses!!

Here's how to kill the frist 3 bosses and how to kill the Armoured Dragon on that one island (sorry, I forgot the name of the island).
Spirit of Power-Use your boomerang that you got in the temple to hit the 3 spirits and combine them back into the one (this takes a few times, but don't give up!!), then hurry and hit him while he's together.
Spirit of Courage-Take bombs and throw them into the cyclones to hit him in the air. Then, while he's down, throw more bombs at him (I've tried the sword, it dosen't work) until he dies.
Spirit of Knowlage-On the top screen it shows where the scorpian thing is heading. When you see yourself in the upper screen (you should have your bow and arrow out) point your arrow at the screen as best as you can and shoot it. It w..

ds island

Read above it looks like a ds and shaped like a ds on a ds game go to the southern part of the southeastern sea east of the goron island it has the gorons on it there is a mini game here and you can get prizes I got a blue rupee an upgraded bombchu bag and a big green rupee also there is treasure (get your shovel out) CAUTION: when you dig there will be no rupoors but there will be rupees or (dun dun dun) bees or snakes

Chicken mating season Lol

Requirements: graple hook, 2 cucoos, and you

Ok what you do have your graple hook equipted and target 2 coucoos any order
They will ram each other and stay close until you go in side or leave the island

Not a hint an easter egg I found one day lol
Darkmega11 out

how to get chickens easily

To get chickens easily just have the grappling hook and use it on a chicken. It will bring then chicken to you. Also, do not hit the chicken too many times with weapons. The chicken will turn red and you will get destroyed by chickens, it's fun to see but dangerous.

Chicken Rage!

Try to trap a chicken then attack it for around 4-5 times, then the chicken will turn red an it will call it's friends to attack you by flying towards you. A great way to die. :D

Finding the mermaid

After you talk to the fisherman about finding the mermaid, exit his house and go south until you reach a bridge with a pool of water on each side.then kill all the monsters around that run down to your boat then go back to the bridge the mermaid could be anywhere off the coast, once you see her don't run towards her, stay back and use your boomerang and hit her.after you hit her she will ask you to apologize and she will want to visit the fisherman.go to his house and you will find she is not to him then go talk to linebeck.he will say she came by then left.last go to the fisherman again and the mermaid will be in the little pool in his house.

The Chicken Cheat

If you read the title don't just scroll past it, looking for a different cheat. When you are on mercay island and you see a treasure chest in the southwest corner of the big area with lots of houses.theres no place to hookshot, you can't jump it, how do you get that chest??? You creep up slowly on a chicken,
Pick it up, and when you try and jump that distance, the chicken flys you over the really far distance. This works everywhere there is a chicken and a long distance.
8xXxLuCaRiOxXx8 out.

Cyclone Slate Location and Secrets

The Cyclone is a fabulous Slate found in the hidden secrets of Uncharted Island. Uncharted Island is found west of Isle of Gust. Solve the Puzzle and enter the cave to get the Slate from the Golden Frog Chief.
Golden Frogs: There are 6 of these frogs hidden in the ocean for you to Hunt down to get there mark of travel. When you get their mark, use the mark on the slate to come to that location next time you want to come here as well as having the gold frog head on the sea chart so you know where to find him next time you forget the mark.
Golden frog Locations:
NW Sea Chart: North of Isle of Guest
NE Sea Chart: Bottom of the Chart, approximately between south of Maze Island and South of Isle of Dead
SW Sea Chart 1: North of Molida Island
SW Sea Ch..

Archery Game

After getting the bow and arrow, you can go to Molidia Island to play an archery game for a Heart Container. Lots of people are stuck on this, but it is deceptively simple. Aim right in front of you, in the center. All targets pass through this area while you can shoot them. When it starts, you might need to move your stylus a bit to be able to shoot them. Later, in chaos mode, keep waiting for targets to be at the middle.
Hope I helped.

Isle of Dead: Secret Cave

In the Isle of Dead in the bottom right corner of the map you will find a tree.
You will also see some stone squares on the floor under you. Each slab counts as one yard. Go West and count 13 squares along the way, stop on 13. Next, go seven spaces North using the squares to help you. Stop on the seventh and dig there. You will find a secret cave!
In there you can find a power gem and a few rupees behind the crack in the wall, so bomb the wall, get the cash and power gem, then exit. This time, go west until you find some stairs, avoiding boulders and keese as you go along.
Go up the stairs, then go east to a chest containing a Treasure Map. Then go east and shoot an arrow at the switch to open a door to the sacred graveyard. Enjoy the extremely small side..


To get easy money and ship parts go to molida island when you have the bow get over 1700 points in your attempt to guarantee a ship part if you already have it then you can sell it sometimes if you hit over 2000 he'll give you a golden part it's only happend twice for me but I'm still goin on it lol if you hit anywhere under 1700 but above 1450 he'll give you a treasure which usually starts at helmaroc plume then goron amber then pink coral then black pearl loops it goes in a cycle

The final boss

When fighting the final boss as you go up the stairs whach the top screen because enemys will fall from the top of the level. When you get to the final part remember to look at the top screen and wait for the eye to open and then stop the time and draw the phantom hourglass on your screen thats what the sacred cress is. Good luck.

Money island

OK you want money quick and fast in this game.Go to gust island and there will be a bunch of those little purple and Grey guys all around the island. Kill them all to make hundreds, because every time you kill a group of those Grey things you get 20 rupees.

Rupee tips

1. You can be in mercay island town area and break all the bushes to get lots of rupees.
2.dig around towns for a while to get hearts and tons of rupees.
3if you kill the king ship in bottom right areait leaves red X to salvage out. You can sell what you get and do that over and over again. can buy stuff from beetle,save return to title screen add a day and you can buy new stuff again. Main point you can sell it all to treasure teller...

Hope I helped so you can become a rupee master as I am. I usually have at least 5,000 rupees frome these tips and I'm sure you will too.

Get lots of money, treasures, and ship parts fast

This way is much faster than slashing bushes, etc. The best ways you can do after you have 2-3 maps. You have to have a few hundred dollars to do this, so sell some treasures if you must. It will quickly be turned into thousands.
There are 2 games you can do- the ship-cannon game (on Bannan island) and the Goron game. Choose 1 and play it about 20 times. Hopefully, you will get a better score each time and will start to be able to get a good prize with each try. You will probably get several 100-200 rupees. Most prizes you can sell for at least 50 and many sell for 800.
You can do it more if you want. Then go to your home island and sell stuff at the treasure shop. Don't sell ship parts that you have only 1 of, since it's hard to get all the parts you need. The game..

uncharted island help

If you chart the map like linebeck said,you will realize it`s a whale.the first one you hit is the tail part of the island(or upper-right).the second one is the blowhole(or upper-left).third is where you go upstairs(or flipper).the last one is surrounded by water near the ship(or the eye).the path will open and you`ll get a cool item.


you now the part were you have to find the two secret bases find a tree in the middle of the island or near it and dig in front of it and there is the second secret bases

Phantom Hourglass Secrets

These arn't really cheats, these are more like secrets and minor things in the game.
1. Seagull Shooting.
Yes thats right, you can shoot seagulls, but apparantly it's not that easy to everyone unless you know how. When you want to go seagull shooting, just get into your boat and use your cannon. You can only shoot the seagulls near you, not far away from you. Cannon shooting is only designed to aim at the sea (or where you press on the Touch screen), which makes it hard for you to shoot the seagulls away. When there are close enough, very possible really close to your ship, you can shoot them and they blow up in the air. Once you shot a seagull and it blow up, all other seagulls fly away. Very fun activity on the sea when your waiting to get somewhere.
2. Be..

Unlockables - Items & Sword Powers -

To obtain the following do what it says:
Boomerang: Temple of Fire.
Shovel: Discover the Wayfarer's first hideaway and open the treasure chest. (Molida Island)
Bombs: Temple of Wind.
Bow and Arrows: Temple of Courage.
Bombchus: Goron Temple.
Grappling Hook: Temple of Ice.
Hammer: Mutoh's Temple
Now to increase the your swords power:
To get these powers you must collect 10 or 20 of each gems and take it to Spirit Island.
10 Power Gems: Link's Sword is coated in flames, increasing it's damage.
20 Power Gems: The Flames burn hotter and the damage is dealt is increased.
10 Wisdom Gems: Link's Sheild becomes stronger, able to deflect more powerful attacks.
20 Wisdom G..

Items, Treasures and Ship Parts

Hey I have lists of every item, treasure and ship part you can get throughout the whole game.
Hearts: These will replenish one of your hearts
Rupee: This will add rupees to your rupee collection depending on what type of rupee it is.
- Green Rupee adds 1 Rupee
- Blue Rupee adds 5 Rupees
- Red Rupee adds 20 Rupees
- Large Green Rupee adds 100
- Large Red Rupee adds 200
- Large Gold Rupee adds 300
Rupoor: This is the opposite to what the rupees do. Instead of adding rupees, they take away rupees from you so watch out. These are black rupee looking, and will take away a certain amout depending what size they are.
- Small takes away 10 rupees
- Medium takes away 50 rupees
- ..

Easy Bellum Fight

Sup, here's a easy way to deffeat Bellum easily; it's all in the fairies you use!
-When he's sticking to the wall with his tentacles, DONT USE THE RED FAIRY!
Rather, use the blue fairy so that you have more deffense. By doing this, he
Dosent do a full heart of damage.
-When he's runing around the floor in circles, still use the blue fairy.
HOWEVER, when you stop time to attack his eye, switch to the red fairy. This way you do more damage while your not venerable to attacks. Then switch back to
The blue fairy and repeat the process until he dies.
-When he turns into the phantom knight person just stop time once(still useing the blue fairy) and Celia will say how you need to wait untill the eye opens.
Than Celia gets captured and y..

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