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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

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We have several cheats for you including an easy way to defeat the monsters in caves, stronger attacks and getting more money. We'll also tell you how to get a random item from Natalie.

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We have 20 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon please send them in here.

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Dungeon Passes

When you complete the following tasks you will recieve the corresponding Dungeon pass.
Dannan Cave Pass:
Defeat the Golum in the Kasmir Ruins.
Greed Cave Pass:
Defeat the Battle Tank in the Dannan Cave.
Carmite Cave Pass:
Till 100 squares on your farm.
Toros Cave Pass:
Till 50 squares in the Carmite Cave and defeat the Greater Daemon.
Kasmir Ruins Pass:
Till 100 squares in the Misty Bloom Cave and defeat the Siren.
Misty Bloom Cave Pass:
Till 100 squares in Mt. Gigant and defeat the Dragon.
Clemens Cave Pass:
Till 100 squares in the Toros Cave and defeat the Chimera.
Mt. Gigant Pass:
Rescue Cecilia in Clemens cave and defeat the Rafflesia (parasitic plants).


Unlock Axe:
Talk to Bianca who is the girl in the right mansion in the third part of the town after the second day.
Unlock Scythe:
Talk to Rosetta who is the girl in the store with a sprout when you have plowed enough soil in the farm.
Unlock Fishing Rod:
Talk to Sara who is found by turning right at the first part of the town and going down the stairs and running to the end of the port.
Unlock Hammer:
Talk to Leo the Blacksmith when you have plowed the 50th soil. Leo is found in the second store of the right in the first part of the town.

Easy way to defeat the monsters in caves

Basically what you have to do is to destroy all the monster generators, and save your game before you go to the main Boss. Then, (I did this in Carmite cave), I went down to the room with the last generator, defeated it, then go up to the door enough that it opens, but DO NOT go through it. Instead, go back up to the save point and save. Then, the next time you come in the cave you can go straight to the boss without having to destroy all the generators again. This means that you can go and buy loads of potions etc, then go straight to the monster without having to waste all your energy and items destroying generators. So when you get to the boss, you'll have full HP and RP, therefore it'll be easier to defeat them. Hope this makes sense!

Empty Bottles!

I. Go to Mist's house, and go look in the kitchen on the shelf. You will find an empty bottle.
II. Go to Jasper's house. Look through the boxes in the basement. You will find an empty bottle.
(P.S. You will also find a bottle of Rollabouti, which is important for a side-quest involving a bar owner...)
III. (This can be possible during the first spring, if you have a pet monster with a freindship of 3+ by 22 Spring. If not, you'll have to wait until the next year.)
Buy an egg from Nuemann before the day of the Egg Festival (23 Spring). On the day of the festival, give the egg to Jasper at the park. You will win the contest, getting 5000g and an empty bottle.
P.S.S. Empty bottles can be given to Edward the doctor if you have 3 medicinal herbs and ..

Need a Brush?

After catching a monster or more, go speak to Felicity in Neumann's shop, she'll give you a brush. :D

how to deafeat carmite

to defeat carmite you will need 1 of the cheap braclets a charm and a silver necklace u can get this from jaens place and the boss wont do much harm

Lots of money

Go to a cave and get some ore (saffire, silver etc) and get as much as you can. If you have a friend go to the big shell on the beach and link together. When you trade your ore it will go up a level and sell for more money. Trade back and forth as many times as you want till level 100. Saffire level 100= 70000g. Silver level 100= 40000g. So you can do this as much as you want if you have a friend. Hope this helps with money problems


Ok so get starberry seeds go to carmit cave so plant lots of them in a few days they should grow the can be shipped for a lot of money fill as much as you can than sell sell sell!!

grimoire battle

Ok I will give you the heads up the dragon in the mountain is not grimoire it's just a normal dragon you will how ever have to fight the grimoire at the end of the game so make sure you go in at a very high level as this boss is really hard and I mean hard so there is the heads up from me

big money

Ok this trick can take some time and you will need a friend with the same game all you do is go and dig up some diamonds and then take them to the mysterious shell and trade them over to each other as they will go up a level get the diamonds up to level 100 and then there value will be come 98000g just for 1 diamond do this trick when ever you need cash I did it and after a while I managed to get 2 million gold now you are basicaly set for your game and you can do this as many times as you like I hope thi helped everyone who is allways strapped for cash

strong attacks

Ok the simpelest way to do this is get a friend with the same game then get a wind sword and trade it between you and your friend untill it reaches level 100 now go and get a days sleep and then go to any cave now you shuld be doing some mean ass damage hope it helped all thoughs people stuck on bosses

Free Check-up

Here's a nice thing to remember.
Whenever it's a Holdiday, Edward gives free check ups, which can be really hand at the begining of the game.

Easy money

Buy the seed maker,some fertilizer and one pack of seeds.Plant the seeds and put fertilizer on one.When you harvest them put the one that is level 2 in the seed maker.Sell the others.Plant the level two seeds and put fertilizer on one.Repeat over and over as long as you like.

Treasure hunt [summer 26]

First you should go to Godwin the mayor at the park
And join the contest.....he will say "dead end"
You should run because your time is your price
You can find the book in the Carmite cave...
Go inside the cave..the book is on the second floor, then a dead end where there is an "ant machine"..
When you are there inspect the rocks and your character will say that there is something buried there.. Then dig it.. And you will find the book..
Before the contest go there and inspect the rocks your character will say "That's strange.It seems like something should be here..."
If you give it to the mayor at exactly 20 minutes your price is 200,000g and 2000w
If you give it more then 20 minutes you will choose your price; money,wood or empty b..


if you want to get alot of money get alot of straberry and plant them in carmit cave wait for them to grow plant alot the more money you get plant them evry were you can i did and i get alot of money every 2 days

to make friends happy

To make friends happy talk to them on holidays

Easy Leveling

All you got to do is kill something until it spawns a chest then stand behind the chest. Like this O @
you^^chest ^Monster Spawner
Then the monsters will get caught on the chest and you can kill them with minimal damage done to you Smile hope I helped!

Grim... wat ever his name is... * MUST READ*

Okay, I'm Awesome Crossing, and yes I finnished the game rune factory. Just wanna give you a heads up, the dragon you fight first(the one on the mountain) is just a dragon. At the end of the game is the grim... What ever his name is. He is much bigger and stronger. I suggest you level up BIGG and battle him, or buy action replay ds and put on the max hp/ rp.

-Awesome Crossing :D

Get Random Item From Natalie

Ok, this isn't really a cheat, but it is kinda funny. When you go to Natalie to buy a recovery potion (you'll need a bottle, 3 medicinal herbs, and some money) Shell give it to you, but in the dialogue it will say something like
You Got: ?????
The question marks will be something Random.
So far shes given me Insect Skin, Eggplant, Squid, Skull, and some other funny things that I can't remember.
By the way, you still get your recovery potion, it's just fun to see what she says.

Infinte Rune Points

First, plant any kind of plant and wait until harvest time.Then, DO NOT harvest the plant instead collect the orb.The next day the same amount of orbs will appear.Enjoy!

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