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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Resident Evil 5 Guide
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Guide
Complete guide to Resident Evil 5, includes 30+ videos with detailed gameplay and strategies to beat all the bosses. There is also a review of the g..
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A colleciton of cheats that includes unlocking an extra scene, unlocking easy mode, infinite rocket launcher, unlocking characters and unlocking alternate costumes.

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We have 20 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence please send them in here.

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Unlock Extra Scene

To be able to access the extra scene you will require an Action Replay DS. Go to the nearest save room and take the four crests out of the item box and then go to the Guardhouse. Get the Room 002 key and go to Room 002 where you will hear Barry's voice talking to someone when you try to open the door. When you go through the door you will be able to view the rest of the scene.


Unlockable Characters in Multiplayer
Unlock Forest Speyer:
Play as Jill and complete Classic mode.

Unlock Kenneth J. Sullivan:
Play as Chris and complete Classic mode.
Unlock Rebecca Chambers:
Play as Chris and complete Rebirth mode.
Unlock Barry:
Play as Jill and complete Rebirth mode. Unlock Wesker:
In Masters of Knifing get a Rank B.
Unlock Enrico Marini:
In Wireless play clear ALL Co-op levels.
Unlock Richard Aiken:
In Wireless Play clear ALL Versus mode levels.

Unlock Easy Mode

At the 'Main' menu hold Right on 'Rebirth' mode until the 'New Game' option turns green to confirm correct code entry and you will now be able to play both Rebirth and Classic modes under the very easy difficulty setting.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

Successfully complete Chris Redfield's scenario with Rebecca Chambers alive or Jill valentine's scenario with Barry Burton alive and save the game. Load the cleared game file to start with the Special Key in your inventory which is used to unlock the closet in Mansion 1F and access the alternate costumes. The alternate costumes are different in Classic and Rebirth modes.

Undead zombies

If you want to make sure that a zombie you have shot is really dead then linger an extra moment to make sure a pool of blood forms around the fallen monster. If you do not see a pool of blood shoot the zombie again as it is probably waiting for you to pass by so it can grab you.


Unlock Rocket Launcher:
When you beat any scenario in under 3 hours you will get the Rocket Launcher for your next run through the game. You receive the Rocket Launcher in your inventory when you start from your completed Save.
Unlock Masters of Knifing Mini-Game:
To unlock the 5 level mini game Masters of Knifing beat the game once in Rebirth mode.

Touchy touchy

Hi this is my first cheat for ds/when jill I standing with her hands on her hips touch her breasts she covers them and goes ooooo the same with her bottom and when chris plays with his gun touch his hair he feels his hair same with his bottom thanks dudes hope I helped

Getting the Shield Key @_______/_/

In Resident Evil DS, when you enter the dining room and leave Barry behind, don't leave the Emblem on the wall in front of you behind. Take it, you'll need it soon.
After you go out of the blue room, go to the dining room, and into the hall where you found the first zombie. Go to the far end of the hall to the right when you first walk in. Use your lockpick to open the purpleish door, and go inside. Don't worry, no zombies.
Once inside, go to the side of the room where you'll find a bookshelf. Push the bookshelf to the side and take the music sheets. Go to the piano and use the music sheets to play the song. A part of the wall will open up. Go in the open space now.
Take the gold emblem in the room. Then take the emblem you got from the dining room, and p..

Easy easy mode

On the panel to move your character. When you press "New Game" and the options for classic and rebirth. Hold right on the panel, for about 10 sec. Or so then the text will turn green. You will get double ammo and ink ribbions. It will not work with health. Also the Zombies are petheticly easy. One more thing if you plan to get the Infanite Rocket Launcher...... If you enter this cheat you will not get it. Believe me I tried.

Easter Eggs

If you leave your character for a while when playing, ill eill pose and Chris will think. If you tap them with your stylus they'll say huh

Faster zombie shake off (rebirth mode only)

Ok the fastest way to shake them off is to get out the stick and when they bite tap the screen like mad!(NOT TO HARD OR EATHER THE SCREEN WILL CRACK OR THE STYLIS WILL SNAP!)

This is funny

If you keep tapping jills chest or backside she will scream and jump forwards I havint tried this with chris and I'm not sure I want to lol

Decapitating zombies

You can decapitate zombies for a quicker kill. This works best with the Shotgun (the Magnum does it too, but you'll want to save your Magnum for boss battles). When a zombie comes after you, let them get close, and then point your Shotgun up and fire. This should decapitate them. However, the Shotgun does a good job at decapitating from a distance, too, which is what you should try to do if you are facing groups of zombies. Only use the pointing up method for lone zombies that you need to kill.

infinite rocket launcher and costume key

Infinite rocket launcher- beat classic or rebirth as jill in under 3 hours at the end save on a new slot (it appears as just rocket launcher)
Costume key- get the best ending with any character on rebirth or classic, it's in a room next to the room with a big mirror on floor 1 of the mansion and allows you to get a new costume depending on character and mode save on a new slot at the end (it appears as small key)

Additional ammunition

Once these S.T.A.R.S. Members have died or you have found their bodies, check them and you will receive some extra Handgun Ammo.
Kenneth J. Sullivan - Handgun Ammo x2
Forest Speyer - Grenade Launcher/Handgun Ammo
Richard Aiken - Handgun Ammo
Enrico Marini - Handgun Ammo
Note that you can only obtain Handgun Ammo from Forest's corpse in Classic mode with Chris, as he transforms into a zombie in Rebirth mode. Jill gets the Grenade Launcher in both modes.


Yeah I was woundering what to do when I get to the rusty boiler on the first floor of the Mansion when you go threw the matel red door on the right side, outside of the Mansion theres two Dogs and one Zombie I've killed them all, and they havent come back yet.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence cheats

Easy mode - Start a new game. When selecting Classic or Rebirth hold down the D-Pad to the right until the writing turns green. Then select your mode. You will get double ammo and the enemies are easily taken care of. The only downside is that you can't unlock the Rocket Launcher if you complete the game in under three hours.
Rocket Launcher - Complete the game in under three hours to unlock this. It never runs out of rockets.
Alternative costumes - Beat the game once and start a new game with the same character you beat the game with and on the same mode. Check the wardrobe in one of the rooms in the mansion and you can change clothes.
Master of Knifing mode - Beat the game once.
Wireless play characters -
Barry Burton - Beat the g..


These are a couple of tips so you wont end up dead and no way out :
First on the list is ammo, never use to much of it only the neccecary, because if your going to survive the Tyrants, Monkeys, and hunters at the end...i ended up with one 45. Shot and 2 pistol rounds, and I beat the game with danger health and it still took me 2 days.
Second on the list are the crows, you don't fight these, because they waste ammo and kill you quickly. If it can't be evaded then do it but it's not recommended.
Tyrant (second time)- you should have atleast 10 45. Revolver shots (magnum) because chances are if you are not as good as me with dodging then you'll die without these.
Mesh Monkeys (around the power switch)- You have to shoot them at the right time to n..

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

There are three types of healing herb found in the game - Green, Red and Blue. The below chart will list the the possible combinations and effects of each:
Green - Restores 25 percent of health
Green + Green - Restores 50 percent of health
Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health
Red - No effect alone
Green + Red - Fully restores health
Blue - Cures poison
Green + Blue - Restores 25 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Green + Blue - Restores 50 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Red + Blue - Fully restores health and cures poison
Note - No more than three herbs can be combined together. Therefore, it is not possible to combine three Green herbs and a Blue herb. Also, Blue herbs cannot combine with Red alone..

infinite rocket launcher

If you beat the game in under three hours you unlock a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo to use from the beginning.

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