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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller


Best deck

Question asked by Huskiebat6889 on
Last Modified:

Best deck

Hey guys, just a quick question: What's the best to have/build in this game?

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galbatorixme answered:

There is no such thing, any deck can be good, if you get the right hand, just make sure you don't have too many tribute summon monsters

KDavisJr86 answered:

Well, here's some tips, for a good deck.
1)focus on a specific type,or attribute monster. The most affective(or powerful). In my experience are LIGHT, DARK, spellcaster, fiend, dragon, and warrior.
2) have 40-42 cardsin the deck.

E-Hero, Neo Spacian, and D-Hero decks work well.

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Guest said: 6th May 2012 | REPORT
A zombie deck is pretty good, the monsters aren't that strong but the spelcards for zombie's are very usefull

nai answered:

In true duelist like me...i think dragon is the best deck..but don`t pick up red eyes b. Dragon or either tribute monster that low atk or weak effect...

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Guest said: 8th Aug 2011 | REPORT
ok i n my opinion E-hero and the dragon cannons and tiger catapult cards are the ones i had most fun in other words FUSION but Dragons never fail me oh and NEVER focus on red eyes blue eyes and cyber dark horn dragons!! they might be cool but u have to use variaty. Cyber dragons arent bad either
Guest said: 11th Aug 2011 | REPORT
How About Trying the Water Deck anyway that's my deck and I use all monsters with 1800 Atk and 1300 Def Like Sea Serpent and Gagagigo, Giga Gagagigo, Mostly Gogiga Gagagigo it has 2950 Atk, that's my Ace hehe but it has 7 stars which means it need 2 tribute summons

hope you Think well... ^0^
Guest said: 30th Jul 2012 | REPORT
Personally I do any kind of decks. I have a really good dark deck that goes perfectly with my dark magicians. Or I just have dd warriors and golden humuculuse together for a remove from plays.
Guest said: 6th Feb 2014 | REPORT
i like red eyes i have 3 in my deck and i use it for fusions, its quite useful, a good combination, is red eyes black chick and red eyes then u dont need to tribute you just need to sumon black chick and if you have red eyes in ypur hand you can sumon it in its place right away. also when fusing redeyes its could to have fusion substitutes like versago the destroyer one of my favourite cards for fusing black luster soldier and blue eyes ultimate dragon. obviously b.eyes ultimate dragon is difficult to summon anyway so i replace it with versago when i can.

sacrid16 answered:

You have to find what style of deck best suits you no one can tell you what deck to use. Beleive me I know first hand. That only you can make your powerful deck.

don of games answered:

Best deck huh

It depends on you're battle style because my m8 uses spell traps and mag alot but I att quickly without caution,
to make the best deck find your battle style thn keep thinking u'll get it soon.

Serairns answered:

I would have to say machines(Zane's Deck),dragons,or spell casters are the best decks.But those just suit me best otherwise depend on your on battle style,monster type,attribute, and stategy.

Guest answered:

it all depends on your style
mine is shoot first worry later so i use strong machine cards like cyber dragon

Guest answered:

well i use decks that wipe out the enimies field so they cant do anything like horus or sacrad scaribis that you can keep fliping and taking out there monsters or spells and traps then its just there just open for the picking

Guest answered:

personaly i would go with dark zane and but i dont mean any of those metal dragons or what ever i mean pure destruction and darkness only use dark monsters pack 10 traps and spells dont forget cards that boost monsters atk and above all never forget a swift gia the firce knight and a fiend megasayber P.S please dont mind my spelling but if you do i cant blame ya

Guest answered:

Hey guys does anyone know of a sure deck to beat amanel?

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Guest said: 18th Jun 2011 | REPORT
Just make a deck that counters his and destroys any monster or spell or trap he throws out a lot of counter traps and spells that destroy monsters and spells and just blast him

Guest answered:

if you cant find what deck you want just cheat Smile) but i recomended dark / dragon..

Guest answered:

I suggest u need an balanced deck with 10 regular monsters, 10 effect montsers , 10 spells, 10 traps.

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Guest said: 24th Oct 2010 | REPORT
This is terrible advice. Why get any normal monsters if you can get effect ones with all the same stats, for instance? Also, I tend to put more monsters than magic/trap, since you are kinda doomed if you don't have any monsters/stalls in your first few hands.
Guest said: 23rd Mar 2011 | REPORT
That depends entirely on the playstyle. A deck of nothing but spell and/or trap cards is entirely feasible, albeit quite a bit harder to make than a regular deck. With the right spells deck destruction can become easier than regular combat.

smokydrft answered:

its deppend of your style
mine is spellcaster, using yami with dark magicians and awesome traps, i only lost 1 time, and it was against jaden :P

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Guest said: 12th May 2011 | REPORT
how did u manage to beat jaden and aster phenix in the game cuz i have only just manged aster but jaden beats me all the time can u plz help me?
Guest said: 20th May 2011 | REPORT
i think u shud get strong cards / tribute cards [not too many] and if you need to sacrifice 3 fiends get 6 diferent fiends etc so you dont need a style because you have all of them in one deck[color=red][/color] [strike][/strike] [strike][/strike] [spoiler][/spoiler] [spoiler][/spoiler]
Guest said: 31st May 2011 | REPORT
Against Jaden, try the effect monster which gains 2500 attack when it battles with warrior-type monsters. Sorry I forgot the name of the card, but it's a machine
Guest said: 16th Nov 2011 | REPORT
The name is kinetic soldier, ive got some of those in my deck, and i didnt lose to jaden at the last part, actually with that card at hand it is pretty easy.

Guest answered:

the best decks are ones built around card advantage (where you try and empty you opponents hand/field while filling yours) ...always use monsters with good effects its never about attack unless you build an otk deck this game one of the best decks would be a monarch deck ...and one more tip dont use cards that you dont get anything out of or what i would call a negative one, for example negate attack it saves you from getting hit but it gives you nothing in return or takes nothing from your opponent use cards that would destroy the attacking monster instead

Guest answered:

I made my own deck with every thing i like or is strong its awseome!

Guest answered:

just make your own my deack is filled with stuff
[dont use the sacraded beast cards there realy bad

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Guest said: 20th May 2013 | REPORT
My friend uses the sacred beast and other cards and destroys me every time

Guest answered:

ok, umm i keep trying to beat Chazz's Loser of Losers deck, but he keeps finding a way to beat me, can you tell me whats wrong with my deck?


Banisher of the Light X2

D.D. Assailant

D.D. Warrior X2

D.D. Warrior Lady

Golden Homunculus X3

Helios - TPS X2

Helios Duo Megistus X2

Helios Tris Megistus

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer X3

Morphing Jar

Spirit Reaper


Card Destruction

Dimensional Fissure X2

Graceful Charity

Grand Convergence X2

Mausoleum of the Emperor X2

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout

Sealed Gold Coffer X2

Smashing Ground X2

Soul Absorption X2


Macro Cosmos X2

Mirror Force

Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute

This is a good deck if you like good Defence with a good Offence. *Has gotten me past Amneal Easly (Its his deck)*

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greenfiredragon1 said: 17th Sep 2011 | REPORT
try an otk deck it worked well 4 me. try cards like vorse raider,gemini elf,mirror force,magic cylender,swords of revieling light,and fissure
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2012 | REPORT
good you must have dark mirror force to

Guest answered:

It took me agis to find my right deck i made around 10 differant recips, but i then found adding atrribute monsters with affects that help one another is a good thing to use E.F buster blader has an effect for every dragon in the graveyard you get 500 exta attake points so i use warriors and dragons :P

Guest answered:

use a roid deck like syrus just beef it up with the union monsters like xyz union monsters mirror force and magic cylinder is a must in every deck

Guest answered:

i use a dark world deck and it hardly ever fails. fill it with lots of cards that destroy your hand and make you discard cards like card destruction. the good thing about a dark world deck is you can have four of your strongest cards on the field within to or three turns.

zwpunisher answered:

I made a deck that is almost completely dinosaurs and havnt lost once Smile

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Guest said: 15th Dec 2010 | REPORT
i make a xyz formation deck it havent lost one too. i use cyber dragon and union monsters
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2011 | REPORT
same here i use it all the time never fails
Guest said: 15th Mar 2017 | REPORT
I use that too

Guest answered:

i used a deck that consists of level 3 or lower monsters and have gravity bind and level limit area b with me and different dimension capsule and sealed golden coffin to get these and i only lost once to jaden.

Guest answered:

There's one deck I made that almos never loses; it has The Horus the Black Flame Dragon Cards, Royal Decree, Lots of nasty effect monsters(Man-eater bug, newdoria, Night Assaliant, ect), and many powerful spells to stop just about anyone I face. I also put in 3 kinetic soldier cards to get the better of Jaden's hero deck(If Kinetic soldier is Attacked by a warrior monster, he automatically gets 2,000 ATK/DEF!) Just about no one I know can get a monster with 3,000 points on the field without magic or trap cards, and I also made a jacked up XYZ dragon cannon deck to get the better of Aster's and Banner's remove from play decks. These two decks have never failed me, and it's unlikely they ever will. Hope this advice helped!

Guest answered:

2 words... deck destruction. get spells, traps, and monsters that clear your enemies field and prevent attack. for example. magician of faith, penguin soldier, swords of revieling light combo. you get three turns of safety,so just make sure 2 of 3 is completing the chain over and over. morphing jar and card destruction work well too if you can flip it on your turn. robbin goblin and zombie are great too if you use a defense deck. your opponent attacks for you, doing the damage so you don't have to worry about annoying traps. oh, and decks with over 45 cards typically suck. too much chance to draw an unnecissary card and not the one(s) you need.

Guest answered:

Decks are quite hard to make, unless you know what you work well with, and you must know what you will draw, (eg, have a few of the same effect card so you can almost be certain about what you will draw...). you need a good balance aswell, but remember to include 2 good powerful monsters, and 3 fusion monsters. 2 power monsters because if one gets destroyed, then the next one will be able to take up the rear. but make sure you dont use them both at the same time. because if you do, he can destroy both at once, like if you have them both in your hand too. besides this get a good balance of cards in your deck (around 40-45 cards) preferably over 40 because opponents usually have 40. if you have run out of strategies, then you should play good defence monsters and run down the opponents deck.

Guest answered:

nah man my deck has all the lvl monstors and some union monsters like xyz cards and that i have only lost about 2 times really i just need to know say something if you think my deck will fail in the next steps of the game?

Guest answered:

Best deck I've had is a warrior/earth deck, with buster blader as the "leader" card, can't remember the full deck though cos was on my old playthrough. At the moment I'm playing a E.Hero deck, with polymerisation fusion gate etc works well cos you can just get beasty fusions out on the first turn and own people.

Guest answered:

I would recommend some cyber dragons and have the X Y Z machine cards. All ways have some strong traps like magic cylinder or mirror force possibly rageki brake.

Guest answered:

The deck I used is mostly consisting of special summon so it's easy to have many monsters on the field at same time.

Guest answered:

I like a deck which can wipe an enemy out at the least time possible, but magic and trap is my weakness

Guest answered:

Well, I think that a really high recomended deck is spellcasters. Here is a great recipe.

Magicians Return: 40 Cards

Dark magician X2
Gemini elf X3
Mystical elf X2
Breaker the magical warrior X1
Buster blader X1
Copycat X2
Dark magician girl X2
Magician of Faith X1
Magicians Valkyria X3
Skilled Dark Magician X3

NOTE: By having 2 magicians valkyria on your field will make you invinsible from battle.

Cost down X1
Heavy Storm X1
Magical Dimension X1
Mausoleum of the Emperor X1
Mystical Space Typhoon X1
Polymerization X1
Premature Burial X1
Sages Stone X1
Swords of revealing Light X1
United We Stand X1
Yami X2

Call of the Haunted X1
Magic Cylinder X1
Magical Hats X1
Magicians Circle X1
Mirror Force X1
Negate Attach X1
Sakuretsu Armor X1
Trap Hole X1

NOTE: I have never lost with this deck and I have battled with it about 50 times. And with every deck you use, always put in mirror force and magic cylinder. It is an amazing way to negate an attack AND get some prize for it

Zen Hyperion answered:

I recommend LV Monsters and XYZ cards. Oh and don't forget that useful Marshmallon or that Destiny Hero - Dasher Foolish Burial combo that allows you to special summon a drawn monster card. Cyber dragons are useful too.

Guest answered:

It depends like I like warriors and dragons it is called idragons's and slayers! It includes half warriors and half dragons

cyberdragon100 answered:

The best deck I got is called RA for the sun god it contains

(3) x-head cannons
(1) injection fair lily
(3) cyberdragon
(1) marshmallon
(2) proto-cyber dragon
(3) shining angel
(3) y-head dragon
(3) z-dragon head
SPELLS ____________________________________________________
(2) enchanted arrow
(1) future fusion
(1) limiter removal
(1) mage power
(1) mystical space typhoon
(1) overload fusion
(3) polymerization
(3) sealed gold coffer
(1) united we stand
(2) brain conrol
(1) call of the haunted
(1) graceful charity
(1) pot of avarice

(2) reckless greed
(1) ceasefire
(2) draining shield
(1) mirror force
(3) sakuretsu armor
(2) brain conrol

This deck has never lost for me hope you like it Smile comment on it if you think you can make it better!!

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Guest said: 10th Dec 2011 | REPORT
what are the fusions
Guest said: 25th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i think u should use more monsters . i use a dark deck . monsters 3 armored zombies ,3blue eyes white,2clown zombie,3dark magician,2dragon zombie,2dunames dark witch,gemini elf,gil garth,king of yamimakai,melchid four face beast,red eyes black,2rogue doll,2ryu-kinhin,2ryu-kinhin powered,shinng abyss,summoned skull,the gross ghost,the liiusory gentleman,zoa,vorse raider,arcfiend of gilfer,dark magican girl,spirit reaper,magcican of black chaos,zera the mant,axe of despair,creature swap,dark magic attack,dark magic curtain,dark magic ritual,3darkmagicans tome of black magic,fissure,3plasma zone,polymerization,sages stone,2thouand knives,zera ritual
Guest said: 25th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i think u should use more monsters . i use a dark deck . monsters 3 armored zombies ,3blue eyes white,2clown zombie,3dark magician,2dragon zombie,2dunames dark witch,gemini elf,gil garth,king of yamimakai,melchid four face beast,red eyes black,2rogue doll,2ryu-kinhin,2ryu-kinhin powered,shinng abyss,summoned skull,the gross ghost,the liiusory gentleman,zoa,vorse raider,arcfiend of gilfer,dark magican girl,spirit reaper,magcican of black chaos,zera the mant,axe of despair,creature swap,dark magic attack,dark magic curtain,dark magic ritual,3darkmagicans tome of black magic,fissure,3plasma zone,polymerization,sages stone,2thouand knives,zera ritual

Guest answered:

This may not be the best but it works for me

Elemental Heroes

E-Hero Avian
E-Hero Burstinatrix
E-Hero Clayman
E-Hero Sparkman
Breaker the Magical Warrior
D.D. Warrior Lady
E-Hero Airman(Stratos) x 3
E-Hero Bladedge
E-Hero Bubbleman
E-Hero WildHeart
Night Assailant
King of the Swamp x 3

Brain Control
E-Emergency Call
Future Fusion
Graceful Charity
Heavy Storm
Lightning Vortex
Miracle Fusion x 2
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nobleman of the Crossout
Polymerization x 2
Premature Burial
Sealed Gold Sarcophagus
Smashing Ground

Call of the Haunted
Mirror Force
Torrentrial Tribute

Fusion Deck
E-Hero Erikshielder(Electrum) x 3
E-Hero Flame Wingman x 3
E-Hero Mudballman x 3
E-Hero Rampart Blaster x 3
E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman x 3
E-Hero Steam Healer x 3
E-Hero Tempest x 3
E-Hero Thunder Giant x 3
E-Hero Wildedge x 3

Stratos(Airman) play and keep hand full. Use future fusion and miracle fusion to get alot of fusions out, go for one-turn kills. King of swamp helps alot with fusions, ex: sparkman and swamp can fuse to make E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman. You can poly and miracle as well. I beat the game with this deck so yeah. Now just because you may be able to summon alot o fusions you should still reserve.

Guest answered:

I don't know, but I have managed to beat nearly every opponent each time with 2 of my decks. First one focuses on special summoning quickly plenty of warriors and the Mystic Swordsman. Must cards: Marauding Captain, Command Knight, All Mystic Swordsman cards. Other deck focuses solely on keeping the duel going and going until the opponent runs out of cards, or you deal the damage to his life points without any attacks to you. Cards to mention:Wall of Revealing Light, Level Limit Area B, Wave-Motion Cannon, Bowganian etc.

Guest answered:

Here are some personal receipes that are generaly beating anything but few weaknesess the main thinking of some of these receipes is to have equal chances to draw a monster or spell&trap card so the main mix is 20 monsters and 20 spell&trap(usualy 10spell%10trap)

The black flame dragon deck is one of the best and it can be beaten only by effect monsters that have an effect that activates when they faceup in oponents turn but thats not so big problem is it?

There are 2 types of black flame dragon receipes I use one is pure lv and the other based on negating spell trap and effect monsters lacks a bit attack boost but I think you get that from 3000 of monarchs attack.

Nagate spell trap effect deck:


3x cyber dragon
3x horus black flame dragon lv4
2x horus black flame dragon lv6
2x horus black flame dragon lv8
1x jinzo
2x manju of the ten thousand hands
1x the earth - hex-sealed fusion
2x the light - hex-sealed fusion
2x zombyra the dark

Ritual & fusion:
2x shinato, king of higher plane
1x cyber end dragon
2x cyber twin dragon
1x the last warrior from another planet

2x big bang shot
2x brain control
1x enchanted arrow
1x future fusion
2x giant trunade
1x magical malet
1x mystical space typhoon
1x premature burial
2x shinato's ark
2x wicked-breaking flamberge - baou

2x light of intervention
3x royal decree

Horus dark flame dragon pure lv deck:

1x armed dragon lv10
2x armed dragon lv3
2x armed dragon lv5
1x armed dtagon lv7
2x element dragon
3x horus black flame dragon lv4
3x horus black flame dragon lv6
2x horus black flame dragon lv8
1x jinzo
2x masked dragon
1x twin-headed behemoth

3x big bang shot
2x brain control
2x giant trunade
2x level up!
1x premature burial
2x shrink
2x stamping destruction
1x the graveyard in fourth dimension
2x wicked-breaking flamberge - baou

3x royal decree

Guest answered:

I can't believe none of you mentioned ftk and otk decks. These decks are definately the most powerful, however they're so strong most consider them cheap so you shouldn't use them against real people because they might get mad and turn off the game mid duel. There is a reason they make cards forbidden and this is the main reason. Out of all of them my favorite is the last turn otk because it has a higher success rate than the others. You can also use the dark magician of chaos damage loop, exchange spirit, ring of distruction+ spell pain/barrel behind the door, or butterfly dagger elma. Just look them up online they're easy to find.

Romanlegend6 answered:

Well I have a deck that really great for me because I have been using it for a while now. Basically it's random cards plus good cards from other players. By the way it has a total of 74 cards in it. It may seem like a lot but it always has more cards than the other players. :D

Guest answered:

Actually , the strongest deck in entire Yu-Gi-Oh game is Istant Win type deck . It consist powerful spell card like Final Countdown , Wave Motion Canon Etc .

Guest answered:

I tend to use monarchs they make good cards for sticky situations

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Guest said: 27th Dec 2011 | REPORT
I don't know about the monarchs... I like to use suijin and the 2 other gate keepers

Guest answered:

I would have to say just about any deck you think is good is a good deck. It's all about finding your style and how you prefer to duel. I personally love my red eyes black dragon family (Red eyes b. Chick, red eyes b. Dragon, red eyes b. Metal dragon, meteor b. Dragon, b. Skull dragon) and I have a few other cards I liked but those dragons have saved me many duels

Guest answered:

Well, I ALWAYS liked exodia... I don't know if you want to use an exodia deck cause it's a little bit risky... I would probably use a lot of cards like SANGAN and WHICH OF THE BLIACK FOREST and a lot of other cards that allow you to get cards from your deck to your hands such as DIFFERENT DIMENSION CAPSOLE. Also, you should have a lot of stallers such as messenger of peace... Or gravity bind... Try not to have your deck too big. Try for 40 card......

Guest answered:

A good deck is usally a dragons/spellcaster or a light fairy deck. That is my best one and has never failed me.

Guest answered:

I like water monster because when you have 'A Legendary Ocean' on the field you downgrade lv 5 and 7 monster 1lv what means you need for lv 5 0 tributes and lv 7 only 1!
I recomend to use tornado wall to when you have the ocean on the field then you are immume to battle damage(monster still can die).

Guest answered:

A zombie deck is also pretty good, the monsters aren't that strong but the spellcards for zombie's are very usefull.

Guest answered:

A really fun deck that works, but needs more testing, is my destiny hero deck that spams dark paladin by using cards like embelem of dragon destroyer to get buster blader to hand, works with diamond dude as well, and use toon table of contents with skilled dark magician to summon dark magician, plus it thins your deck. But, the best deck by far is my chain burn, although I could really use one day of peace and cardcar d. Look up chain burn on yugioh wikia, but my deck list for chain burn goes like this.

3 lava golemn
1 marshmellon
1spiriy reaper
1 morphing jar
2 metal reflect slime
2 Ojama trio
2 chain strike
3 just dessert
3 secret barrel
1 magic cylinder
3 dimmension wall
3 chain detonation
2 chain healing
3 threatening roar
3 accumaled fortune
1 cease fire
3 corpse of yata gasura
3 pot of greed

Usually wins, love to chain things together, can probably beat any other deck. XD joking, clogs up sometime but that's why I run marshmellon and spirit reaper. I tried to make this deck based on the 2012 banlist, so you could, if you wanted to add more chain strike and Ojama trio instead of some drawing cards.

Guest answered:

I always put the xyz trio in my deck, and cyberstein, blue eyes shining/ultimate/white dragons, future fusion, overload fusion, stuff like that. Generally a machine/dragon deck.

But the best deck is something that works for you. I modified my original deck to fight kagemaru and it worked out better. Just don't put in too many spells/traps/high level monsters or ull find urself with a useless hand very often. And find effect monsters that compliment each other. Also don't use reload or magical mallet because if you put a good deck together, then you wont need them.


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