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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Pack Shot

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Best Hero and Partner Pokemon?

cattakins asks:
Added Aug 1st 2010, ID #160039

Best Hero and Partner Pokemon?

What is the best hero and patner Pokemon other than Riolou and Skitty


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Guest answered:
Added 2nd Aug 2010, ID #345579


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Guest said: 10th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Treecko and cyndaquill
Guest said: 8th Sep 2015 | REPORT
riolu and shinx or pikachu and munchlax
Guest said: 3rd Oct 2015 | REPORT
Munchlax and Pikachu.
Guest said: 8th May 2016 | REPORT
Riolu and Chikorita
Guest answered:
Added 12th Aug 2010, ID #348843

Eevee and pikachu

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shubham7dec99 said: 15th Mar 2014 | REPORT
TAKE THIS TIP SERIOUSLY. Any starter is great but only if its stats are excellent compared to its level. My Chimchar had SpAttack 80 when on Lv. 27. How?
JUST GO TO SPINDA'S CAFE. When it opens, go to the Spinda juice stall and give it a gummi to make something. When you consume the drink made of that gummi, your IQ and any 1 stat will raise permanently. Fill your stomach in dungeons with apples. Use gummis in the above mentioned way for each pokemon ( partener and you ).
Guest said: 3rd Apr 2014 | REPORT
I go with the heart when i chose the pokemon starters, and that always worked for me :P (all the pokemons are great, you just need to train and give them alot of gummis) Dont hate, just my opinion
wand10101 said: 9th Jun 2014 | REPORT
I can't agree more!
Guest said: 28th Jun 2014 | REPORT
Treecko is beast with ranged attacks and riolu kicks butt with close up attacks sometimes my treeko take 1 damage unless supereffective or very powerful move 17-52and sometimes one hit ko! and my partner riolu uses many critical hits and the enemy takes heavy damage! I think treecko and riolu are the best

Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2010, ID #349871

riolu munchlax

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Guest said: 4th Mar 2014 | REPORT
riolu is very good and muchlax is tanky their perfect =)
Guest said: 8th May 2015 | REPORT
they're perfect
faser1999 answered:
Added 27th Aug 2010, ID #352381

Piplup and Chimchar a Water Fire fusion

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Guest said: 4th Mar 2014 | REPORT
chimchar and piplup arent the best combo but that depends on how you play the game. I dont play well with water types except totodilewho is very good.
Guest answered:
Added 1st Sep 2010, ID #353504

never shinx and treeko

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Guest said: 8th Aug 2014 | REPORT
i thought you couldnt use items in "boss" battles (e.g dialga) since it says like ' a strange power prevents its use'
Guest said: 24th Sep 2014 | REPORT
Chimchar and Pikachu are freaking powerhouses together. Pikachu has powerful long range at an early level and chimchar has powerful short range. But the can both learn yeah, try that on a boss. Eat it dialga.
Guest said: 28th Sep 2014 | REPORT
Only orbs are unusable on bosses seeds and healing items are allowed
Guest said: 16th Jun 2015 | REPORT
What about bulbasuar?
Guest answered:
Added 11th Sep 2010, ID #355614

riolu and piplup

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Guest said: 5th Sep 2015 | REPORT
I think shinx and treeko
bikabika answered:
Added 22nd Sep 2010, ID #357305

i am a luxray and the partner is lucario, luxray doesn't learn good moves but lucario does (when he evolvs)
so probaly:

lucario and eevee or charmender and mudkip

Guest answered:
Added 4th Oct 2010, ID #359379

Well i think your right about RIOLU(one of my favoret pokemon)being one of the best starter pokemon but insted of skity i would prifer pekachu

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Guest said: 25th Jul 2013 | REPORT
it is pikachu
Guest answered:
Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #359666


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Guest said: 2nd Feb 2014 | REPORT
staph with the caps :P
Guest answered:
Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #361576

I am a Volpix, and Ember is a dead useful skill... At level 20, it does around 50-70 ish. My partner was Meowth, and useful... He had hypnosis and Fury Swipes... He also gets an attack similar to quick attack, hitting 2 spaces away. Meowth is really good so far... Volpix is really good for boss fights... Link up Confuse Ray to a Willow Wisp and you have a good debuffer.

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
1st It's Vulpix, 2nd I Don't Like Meowth,, 3rd Just Shut Up!
Guest said: 29th May 2014 | REPORT
It's volpix in certain countries also he/she is stating his/hers opinion so really it doesn't matter if you don't like meowth he/she is just trying to be helpful to those who haven't played also is vulpix and pikachu good? I've played many times and in my second copy of PMD EoS I was a shinx and mudkip it worked fine but I still haven't tried vulpix and pikachu
Guest said: 30th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Meowth is a very good partner at first especially with it having payday(beat move ever) but they become pretty terrible later in the game what with there being lots of fighting types in later areas
Guest said: 3rd Nov 2014 | REPORT
50-70? My Vulpix was able to do about a hundred around that level. Maybe I overused Spinda's Cafe. Meowth is not the best partner. Unnoticed for a reason, he sucks.
Guest answered:
Added 5th Nov 2010, ID #365265

So far I am Eevee, and my partner is Vulpix. Went through the boss battles like a breeze. Eevee can learn Shadow Ball which is very handy when your fighting pokemon at a distance.

Guest answered:
Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #366593


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Guest said: 22nd Feb 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 28th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Pikachu and riolu for the win!
Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2010, ID #367010

Riolu and Treecko or Mudkip

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Guest said: 4th Mar 2014 | REPORT
i wouldnt go with treeko. although he gtes quick attack early he doesnt learn the best grass type move.the best move i've had with him is mega drain wich isnt that good.
Guest said: 6th Dec 2014 | REPORT
riolu and treecko
Guest answered:
Added 17th Nov 2010, ID #367209

Shinx, Pikachu, Treeko, Eevee, Mudkip or Vulpix

Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #375785

Totodile and Treecko

Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376783

i would do chikorita and meow

Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376784

have you ever tried munchlax and pikachu

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Guest said: 26th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Munchlax can be gotten if you're a male.
Guest said: 26th Feb 2015 | REPORT
In time/darkness you can be a male of female munch lax but it is sadly only a partner in sky. Munchlax and pikachu were my first ever team and they were great. Sorry for spelling errors I'm on my iPad.
Guest said: 6th Aug 2015 | REPORT
on sky you cant have munchlax as your hero
Guest said: 8th Sep 2015 | REPORT
i beat darkrai in one try with munchlax and pikachu. all you have to do is let the only move pikachu can use be discharge and teach munchlax blizzard.If your at least level 55 then you'll wreck him.
Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376785

you can do torchick and riolu

Guest answered:
Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #377147

Totodile and Pikachu

Guest answered:
Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #377614

Riolu and Vulpix

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Apr 2011, ID #396617

The best team that I have used for this game has been Cyndaquil (Typhlosion) and Treecko (Sceptile)
With the move sets being:
Cyndaquil - Lava Plume
Eruption (deadly move)
Flame Wheel
and Swift (replaced with something better later on)
Treecko - Dig
Solar Beam
Razor Leaf (replaced with something better later on)
and Giga Drain/Mega Drain or whatever you find useful.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #397557

Maybe the easiest team and strongest for me I beated mewto in two tries he din't even hit me I just did two shadow balls with my espeon.

But if you take eevee and pikachu then evolve eevee into leafeon,espeon or glaceon. I'm going to try glaceon this time I hope this is useful,o and also learn eevee dig and/or pikachu dig also,thats going to be useful with dialga and also learn eevee shadow ball and pikachu some fighting moves like brick break and if he evolves learn it hyper beam or focus punch you never know it might come in handy! Hope this helps you bye xxxxx

Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #397558

Maybe the easiest team and strongest for me I beated mewto in two tries he din't even hit me I just did two shadow balls with my espeon.

But if you take eevee and pikachu then evolve eevee into leafeon,espeon or glaceon. I'm going to try glaceon this time I hope this is useful,o and also learn eevee dig and/or pikachu dig also,thats going to be useful with dialga and also learn eevee shadow ball and pikachu some fighting moves like brick break and if he evolves learn it hyper beam or focus punch you never know it might come in handy! Hope this helps you bye xxxxx

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Taurus05 said: 27th Nov 2015 | REPORT
You know pikachu can learn focus punch before it evolves. I taught him that and dig one time I played.
Guest answered:
Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #397998

Ok I would say pikachu hero,squirtle partner, or meaowth hero, chikarita partner, [other way around if you use sky] why you ask because my bff brooke higginbottom [best bud ever!!!] she has darkness I have sky she beat the game twice with those guys me? I keep making new games highest chapter I went was 11

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Guest said: 4th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Meowth i think is one of the worst pokemon in the game.He starts of with low attack and not the best defense.If i were you i wouldnt go with meowth
Guest answered:
Added 11th Apr 2011, ID #398196

Riolu and turtwig cause riolu has awesome attack and turtwig has awesome defence.

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Guest said: 22nd Sep 2014 | REPORT
Finally someone says Turtwig!!
Guest answered:
Added 4th Jun 2011, ID #409750

I chose Vulpix and Shinx. They're a pretty good team.

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KarnSama said: 27th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Same here, I'm the Shinx and my partner is the Vulpix in my team. it's a pretty good combination because Vulpix has some strong moves (and Roar is a hilarious move sometimes) and the Shinx can deal out decent damage.
This is just my opinion and what I've found playing the game though.
Guest said: 8th Sep 2015 | REPORT
you don't get exp. when you defeat a pokemon with roar you know.
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #414368

I would say Evee and Vulpix cause like vulpix is good in boss battles and evee you can evole into some pretty powerful Pokemon.

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Guest said: 7th Feb 2014 | REPORT


Their first evo walks on 2 legs but you need patience to evolve
Guest said: 4th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Never go with mewoth hes sucks!
Guest said: 28th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Some are very good. If you are patient, you can get a good pair with eevee. Try that! If you want, maybe Chickorita, or skitty? Skitty isn't very good, but does walk on 4 legs.
Guest said: 8th Apr 2016 | REPORT
What are you talking about?. Skitty is amazing because normalize makes all of her moves stab and she can learn a huge number of moves
Guest answered:
Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #422215

I am a rioulu and pikachu

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Guest said: 9th Apr 2013 | REPORT
Eevee and Riolu r jus great!!! Eevee can learn Shadow Ball which is a great long distance move and Riolu has great Attack power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 1st Jul 2013 | REPORT
Guest said: 19th Jul 2013 | REPORT
torchic and rilou
Guest said: 29th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Torchic and Treeko are really good. In fact they're the best.
Guest answered:
Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #425100

I say the team is vulpix as team leader and riolu as the partner cause vulpix has some really good moves and riolu has a really good defense.

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #425185

If you want a good attacking team then get rioulu and totodile defense phanpy and turtwig sp.attack squirtle and cyndaquil sp.defense again phanpy and turtwig speed vulpix and this is sorta true munchlax

Guest answered:
Added 17th Sep 2011, ID #441224

To be fair my fav team(s) is treecko (hero) and riolou (partner) or charmander (hero) and treecko (partner) not because there cool but because what they can DO!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 10th Oct 2011, ID #446669

[b]I would suggest the combination of Riolu(leader) and Pickachu(team mate), they provide good attacks, both can learn dig and they cover for the others type-dissadvantages(except for psycic types). This team works just as well with pika as leader and riolu as partener

Another good combo would be Riolu with anyone. RIOLU KICKS SOME ASS

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Guest said: 3rd Mar 2014 | REPORT
Yeah riolu is best
Guest answered:
Added 29th Oct 2011, ID #451621

An EXTREMELY great partner is squirtle because at level 22 or 28( I think ) it learns protect. Why protect? Because when facing bosses (a lot better chance if toy have a move that goes a in a straight line ) set you partner to wait there ( tactics, squirtle, team) , star protect ONLY(moves, squirtle, team), then star exclusive move-user( iq, squirtle, team). Next move down-right(you should see squirtle stay in place and the boss aproaching squirtle), next move up-right ( squirtle should use protect and the boss will attack him and it will say "miss"). Next move up-right (if you can't, move up, protect should still be in effect, boss will attack, again "miss"). Next face the boss and use any "straight-line" attack ( even if is not very effective). Keep repeating the process by using your straight-line attack. After a couple rounds later, squirtle will use protect again. Eventually you will defeat the boss and most likely not even get hit!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #454442

I am riolu and my partner pikachu but you need a starly
And a legendary Pokemon but not a grass leaf water or ground you need the team which have different fighting styles. try it hope it helped.

Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2011, ID #455957

I chose Pikachu as leader and charmander as a follower, I prefe this combo due to charmander learning scary face and smokescreen which is awesome against bosses, and pikachu can learn thunderbolt, agility and double team which is good against monster houses.
When you get a charizard that knows heatwave and pikachu that has learnt discharge, this will completely demolish monster houses big or small.
Before I had this team I used riolu and charmander which for a beginner is quite handy, second was treecko and squirtle, although this was an alright team choice, I prefer Pikachu and charmander from the others, Hope this helped.

Guest answered:
Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #463882

My team is Vulpix (hero) and Chikorita (partner).
I never fainted ONCE. No joke.
Most people think Chikorita is useless, but she acts as a really great bodyguard. In her early levels her defenses skyrocket, then later on the attack + sp. Attack became more powerful. She has the IQ skill Bodyguard and can learn reflect + light screen, and when you link them together, almost nothing can hurt her when she defends you. She also learns Aromatherapy so clean out those heal seeds. Last move should be Razor Leaf to defend herself, or maybe a good PP move like Tackle or Body Slam (better because of more power + paralysis).
Vulpix, on the other hand, has Imprison, helpful for outlaws/bosses, confuse ray, and some other ghost type moves and extrasensory, and TM Dark Pulse, which is really helpful for monster houses. Her IQ skills are great too, learning Acute Sniffer in the earlier stages of IQ, and stair sensor later so stupid dungeons like dark crater wouldn't be such a problem. However, as she gets around level 35-40, only 2 of her stats increase by ONE when she levels up...
Anyway, this combo was great for me. But then again any combo will do, none are better than others, but I'm just saying my personal experience with mine. :D

Guest answered:
Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #483446

I preffer a totodile & chimchar or a pikachu & riolu becouse a totodile can use water pulse and that can confuse the enemy or bosses and he also can learn a lot of distance moves but also dig what is verry effective against bosses a chimchar can learn dig to and his ember flametrowher are verry strong when he's around level 20 and he can also learn smokescreen and pikachu & riola the things why you could choose them has already been said so

Guest answered:
Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #483807

Chikorita and Pikachu. Chikorita has a lots of healing moves, and it can learn bullet seed. Pikachu knows discharage and agility which are good for monster houses.

brittybites answered:
Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #485815

My current team is Munchlax (hero) and Pikachu (partner, but this in is in Explorers of TIme. Pikachu has pretty strong attacks, especially with Dig and quick attack, but when I was in the Temple of Time I had to switch off Dig since it was not working very well. A Munchlax can find helpful items in dungeons with it's skill, and has a pretty good defense. For some reason it's easier to level up Munchlax instead of Pikachu; and when Munchlax levels it gets more HP points than the Pikachu. (Not sure if it's because of the hero/partner thing)

Guest answered:
Added 29th Apr 2012, ID #502410

Riolu-leader Shinx-partner got to darkrai with this team.

I also recommend Piplup-leader and turtwig-partner, Pikachu-leader squirtle-partner, and Vulpix-leader Riolu-partner.

Guest answered:
Added 12th May 2012, ID #506011

The best team I had was a pikachu and a riolu.

Guest answered:
Added 28th May 2012, ID #510874

I was a Riolu and my partner was a phanpy.

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Guest said: 24th May 2014 | REPORT
my partner was Riolu and I was a phanpy
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #512567

Totodile and pikachu there the best team.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #513295

pikachu and charmander are the best once pickachu learns discharge monster houses are going to be so easy and plus whenever a physical attack hits pikachu the enemy is stunned so pickachu would a realy good hero or partner ecsepcailly with the water dungeons than there is charmander who can learn flamethrowerr which is good for long distances and dig but also when the hp is low his attacks are alot stronger

Guest answered:
Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #521312

Pikachu (hero) and mudkip (partner) or pikachu (hero) and eevee (partner)

Smile-Pebble answered:
Added 15th Jul 2012, ID #523233

Hello. Normally, I choose my favourite Pokemon as the hero - Skitty :D, Here is why:

Skitty is A normal type, this means she can learn lots of moves of different types to cover up her partners weaknesses, but unfortunatelly, not hers.

She has the Abilities Normalize (useful) and Cute Charm! When she hits there is I think a 20% chance the foe will be in love with Skitty.

She has a bonus move! And a strong one, too. What's that move? Well, it's Zen Headbutt!

Partner: Anyone. The partner for Skitty is anyone. Skitty is nice with any partner whatsoever. But who do I reccommend?:


He learns epic moves, I herd I liek him, and they're awesome!

Guest answered:
Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #525629

Totodile learns an ice type move and can take out grass so I chose totodie leader and turtwig friend.

Guest answered:
Added 29th Jul 2012, ID #526666

I recomend Munclax as a hero,because he is a good tank (lets say :D) and the partner Mudkip to protect munclax fight tipes moves :D

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Guest said: 16th Mar 2013 | REPORT
In Explorers of Sky, Munchlax can't be a hero. Would vice-versa work?
Guest answered:
Added 1st Aug 2012, ID #527535

Pikachu and Charmander :D But I prefer Riolu and Skitty, I have them as hero and partner right now, Skittys good because it learns Sing which is good for boss battles so you can put them to sleep and Zen Headbutt which is quite a powerful move. Riolus better because it learns Force Palm and Brick Break and when it evolves into Lucario it can learn... Aura Sphere, Close Combat and loadsa other epic ones :D

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Aug 2012, ID #528486

I'm Piplup and my partner is Riolu. Piplup is pretty strong and Riolu can learn tons of strong moves. Right now Piplup can use Pound, Whirlpool, Drill Peck, and Hydro Pump. Riolu can use Quick Attack, Bite, Counter, and Force Palm. I'd say my team is strong. Smile BTW Piplup is lvl 46 and Riolu is 47 which is 1 lvl more than my Piplup :D

Pravinj answered:
Added 4th Aug 2012, ID #528632


REXthecharizard answered:
Added 6th Aug 2012, ID #529236

Pikachu and charmander

Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2012, ID #532624

Riolu and eevee

Guest answered:
Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #532945

Umm... Be careful if you have Eevee as a partner because it's ability, Run Away, can get quite annoying at times... Since if she gets any less than 50% of her HP, she'll run away and not attack... Although Eevee can learn the IQ Skill "Stair Sensor" quite early on as well... (Stair Sensor tells you the direction of the stairs if it wasn't obvious.)

Meowth doesn't learn very good moves until Faint Attack around Level 20, so if you want a good support Pokemon at the beginning of the game, don't chose Meowth...

The starters usually take more Exp. To level up than other Pokemon. But they also end up with the best stats.

Shinx learns Discharge, but other than that, not many good supporting or murder moves (what I call the moves that have the potential to "1 hit KO" most enemies)

That's all I know, but it's from all my Pokemon game experience, which counts for other games as well. The only combinations I've played with are (Leader, Partner) Treeko, Eevee; Piplup, Chikorita; Treeko, Piplup; Charmander, Eevee. I personally find Treeko to be the best leader and Eevee the best partner, but it's your opinion...

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Guest said: 11th Oct 2012 | REPORT
What good partner is there with vulpix? I was thinking of keeping skitty or phnapy. Suggesions wanted
Guest said: 29th Nov 2012 | REPORT
With vulpx I suggest Eevee. Speaking of eevee, how about a partner for mine that is not electric type?
Guest answered:
Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #532990

Torchic and piplup

Guest answered:
Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #535002

I am shinx lv 31 know bite,thunder fang,quick attack,hidden power. Partner:riolu lv 31 bite,force palm, focus punch, quick attack. Hidden power works really good in crystal cave. And the fighting type moves that riolu knows covers shinx'es weaknesses against rock and ground types. Shinx'es bite and Riolu'es bite fend of psychic Pokemon that have vast amounts of strength against Riolu. I have collected all the gummies I could find and had them puréed at the cafe in sky version and gave shinx and riolu an even amount It increased there power and defense and sp. Defense and sp. Attack immensely. That is one of the best combos I've used so far and I haven't even beat dialga

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #540519

Mudkip and Phanpy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beat the game with them O3O

Guest answered:
Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #541491

I would say just choose your favorites. If all these different answers prove anything is that so many combos are good.

Guest answered:
Added 9th Oct 2012, ID #543776

Riolu and pikachu or shinx
Riolu is in fact one of the best starter becaus throughout the story you rarely come across types that are effective against fighting types and an electric type is a good partner for me because they level up quicker than other types (excluding bug type) which is good for those who encounter the problem of having their partner being to low a level than they are

Guest answered:
Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #544757

If you use Action Replay Codes, the best team would be Eevee and Eevee! :D
Although, I did this and when I did the extra story things it showed the hero and partner as their original and stuffed up the game so IF YOU DO THIS, DO NOT DO THOSE EXTRAS UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED!!! (It stuffed up because Team Charm never arrived)

Guest answered:
Added 19th Oct 2012, ID #545428

The best is a Fire+Water team or Water+Fire.
But if your a bit skilled in this kinda games already,
You could take something badder.
I cleared the game easily with:
Hero: Shinx
Partner: Squirtle
Now it's:
Hero: Luxray
Partner: Squirtle
Squirtle is cute so I'm not evolving it :D

Guest answered:
Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #550488

Riolu and Vuplix

liamrocke answered:
Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #550489

Piplup and chimchar or Charmander and Squirtle the point is Fire and Water or Water and Fire

Guest answered:
Added 18th Dec 2012, ID #557862

Pikachu and Riolu. Pikachu learns moves like discharge which take apart monster houses He/She also learns moves like Slam and Thunder bolt at a low level which are exceptional at taking chunks out of opponents health. Pikachu also has good all round stats. It also deal with the partner's A.K.A riolu's weakness to flying types. Riolu is great because He learns moves such as detect which are useful when it comes to bosses, He also through TM learns some epic moves like focus punch (which by the way one hit K.Oed primal dialga when riolu was only Lv 34) Drain punch and poison jab which are all good sweeping moves. If you prefer the more defensive style he is also useful learning toxic to poison you're opponents and you can then sit back and use substitute or detect and watch you're opponent slowly fade to the point where a basic attack would be enough to finnish it off. He can also learn moves like earthquake which are good distance moves. And when he evolves my god! He is possibly one of the best sweepers in the game then! He can learn moves like Aura sphere, Dark pulse, Dragon Pulse, Flash cannon Metal claw,Close Combat and Focus blast to name a few, which used right could one hit K.O so many Pokemon! So yeah, they both have good stats good typing ranges and put together few weaknesses, whats not to like? Hope this helps!

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #558698

I say Pikachu and Treeko so that Pikachu handles flying types and Treeko gets the ground pokemon

Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2012, ID #559518

Charmander & bulbasaur

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #561808

I tried the combo of Vulpix as a leader(which is somewhat unusual, everybody makes her the partner, which I did before and she was horrible) and Shinx as the partner, they're a pretty sweet team.
With Vulpix's imprison and flamethrower she's a great alternative for sleep/stun seeds.
Shinx learns discharge which is super for monster houses and such.
Their only downside is they are both weak to ground attacks, but the only place that's been a problem for me was the Northern Desert and Quicksand Cave. I'm not sure about other dungeons as I'm still on the guild graduation but it's a sweet combo.
Also, if shinx is your partner, make him eat a violent seed and keep using imprison on Dialga and it's easy to beat him. ( I did it on level 42 with my partner on level 41)

Guest answered:
Added 9th Jan 2013, ID #563695

Riolu and Shinx they are the strongest!I completed the whole whole game with them, they level up really fast, I beat primal dialga first go and they where level 47 and 46!

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #564601

Riolu & Pikachu. Pikachu can use discharge, which is excellent for a monster hause, and Riolu can learn very powerfull moves or use tm's like Focus Punch, which comes in handy for dusknoir, dialga, palkia, darkrai, and any other boss.

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #566839

My current team is Torchic, with Riolu as my partner. It's a pretty balanced team!

Guest answered:
Added 13th Feb 2013, ID #570864

I always use Pikachu as a starter and a partner who can learn Waterpulse ans well as Brick Break and/or Iron Tail. My moveset: Quick Attack, Iron Tail/Brick Break, Thunderbolt, and Discharge. Partner moveset: Water Pulse, Iron Tail/Brick Break (whichever I don't have), and two attacking moves with good pp.

Staffy1 answered:
Added 15th Feb 2013, ID #571201

My Pokemon are me as Riolu and partner Meowth. This Has been a good team for me and I obliterated the game

Guest answered:
Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #576694

I think that Blaziken(torchic) and Sceptile(treecko) are the best because there are a lot of wild Pokemon at the beginning weak to fire and grass-type moves. Also because of Blaziken's large range of TMs that it can learn. Plus, who wouldn't want a starter that can learn both Dragon claw and Solarbeam!?!

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Guest said: 29th Jun 2015 | REPORT
YES someone finally agrees with me Smile
Guest answered:
Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #579159

Vulpin and shinx. They are an invincible duo.

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 25th Apr 2013, ID #584501

NEVER Eevee and Shinx.. It's such a struggle for me so far. Eevee's normal moves serve no advantage and every hit does a good number on it, and although Shinx learns some decent moves, half the time I'm too busy using it to defend my eevee. Horrible decision.

Guest answered:
Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #591299

The first time I played, I had totodile as myself and chimchar as my partner. MAYBE SPOILER ALERT! There was this whole elemental triangle-thing that I had w/me as water, partner as fire, and grovyle being grass; We had each others back! Lol

Second time playing was me as torchic and eevee for my partner, for no reason except that my sister's favorite Pokemon is eevee....

Guest answered:
Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #596964

I chose a Riolu and my partner is a Chikorita. I haven't beaten the game yet, but they are really good so far where I am.

Guest answered:
Added 20th Jul 2013, ID #597514

I used a Riolu and Charmander , it's up to you, you will never know the outcome if you don't try. There is no "best" duo for this game, so just use your favorite Pokemon as a partner and take the personality test and answer truthfully. :3

Guest answered:
Added 29th Jul 2013, ID #598759

Shinx as leader and riolu as partner, there great together and work very well!

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jan 2014, ID #612863

Charmander (hero and later charizard) along with a totodile ( partner, later feraligatr) almost always works for me

Guest answered:
Added 16th Feb 2014, ID #617355

I chose riolu and shinx and shinx and they got me past the story and post story so I thought they were a pretty good team

Guest answered:
Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #618469

Bulbasaur as main and mudkip as partner they make an awesome duofusion water -grass you'll breeze right through the bosses like they weren't even thare

Guest answered:
Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #619011

I liked a torchic and riolu combination with riolu as the leader.

Guest answered:
Added 15th Mar 2014, ID #619830

This was my best team. They had awesome stats. ( I had taken them to Spinda's Café when it had opened and gave them those gummi drinks... Just talk to Spinda at the top left corner. It will ask which item you want for the drink. Give it a gummi. It will give you a juice, beverage, puree, etc of the gummi . Just drink it. It will raise your IQ and 1 of your stat permanently !! )
Chimchar became a killer because it's SpAttack was somehere at 80 when I was on Lv.27, Riolu Attack 76 when Lv.27. Riolu took out the troublesome rock and water types with Bite, Force Palm, and Drain Punch. Chimchar removed the rest with Nasty Plot, Ember, Fire Spin and Flamethrower.

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Apr 2014, ID #621377

Rayquaza and Mew

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Guest said: 31st May 2014 | REPORT
huh? how the hell did you get rayquaza and me?????!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 21st Jul 2014, ID #633580

Charmander and treecko - covering lot of weakness and actually good movesets and stats

Eventually vulpix+riolu. Vulpix has good Sp. Def and learns some status moves (Confuse Ray ftw :P), while riolu, after evolution, is able to learn A LOT of moves, which is enough to cover weknesses

Guest answered:
Added 7th Aug 2014, ID #635640

Pikachu as leader and chikorita as partner.
Pikachu learns discharge which comes in handy for monster houses and for the guild graduation, and learns powerful moves such as slam and thunderbolt earlier than most. Chikorita covers Pikachu's ground type weakness and Pikachu covers Chikorita's flying type weakness. Also Chikorita learns moves like kight screen that are useful for the whole team.

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Guest said: 23rd Aug 2014 | REPORT
Ihave chimchar and riolu chimchars ember and riolus quick attack from behind is realy useful
Guest answered:
Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #639920

The best Pokemon team there is was my team: team Mockery

Hero: Shinx

Partner: Squirtle

Shinx kick moster houses ass all day long with discharge and for any ground or rock types with lightning rod squirtle would abliterate. Pls if shinx got low on health squirtle can tank hits with bodyguard ( body guard is a iq which lets it take hits if shinx is low on health ) HOPE I HELPED :D

Guest answered:
Added 20th Sep 2014, ID #640438

Vulpix as leader and Chikorita as the partner are the best combination I've had so far.

At level 21 she learns Imprison which stops any Pokemon from attacking for a few turns which is enough to knock them out and with a bunch of awesome moves like Faint Attack, Extrasensory, and Flamethrower she is hard to be beaten.

Chikorita can learn moves like Synthesis, and Aromatherapy that can help her and the rest of your team. She also learns long range moves like Magical Leaf, and Razor Leaf.
I hope this helps!

Guest answered:
Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #641601

I personally like unusual combos, and although mudkip is used quite a bit, my team was;

Leader: chikorita (male). I chose chikorita because I'm a defensive player. It's defensive stats are high and it never disappoints. Also it's final evolution is amazingly beautiful.

Move set; Synthesis for obvious reasons
Magical leaf because it's a long range attack (I think haven't played in a while) it's powerful and it's quite charming
Light screen for partner
Solarbeam for bosses with the drought ability

Partner: mudkip (male) because it helps with the weaknesses. Also it's amazingly awesome and strong. He's pretty physical so I have light screen to help with his defense.

Move set; Rock tomb or rock slide to get rid of chikoritas flying weakness and also to slow opponents down
Dig because it's awesome and to help with later poison types
Surf or any other strong water move to help with the final battle to the final half of the story
Rock smash or brick break (if possible) for those annoyingly difficult (at least to me) ice types

For chikorita, give the bow you get at the beginning. For mudkip, give a power band for stronger physical attacks (water moves get a boost anyway). Fun fact, when I created this team I named my chikorita, Sollux and my mudkip, Eridan ironically. I was laughing throughout the game due to this (free cookie to whoever gets this reference). This team worked for me and I know people have different playing styles and I respect that this team may not be for everyone.

Guest answered:
Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #642820

Is luxray and Delcatty a good team? Team Wolverine!!! Open to any comments. Pleas no rude ones.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Dec 2014, ID #648699

Charmander and turtwig

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Guest said: 24th Dec 2014 | REPORT
turtwig and chimchar are the best
Guest answered:
Added 1st Jan 2015, ID #651467

Piplup hero, Meowth partner, let me tell you why:
With these movesets, they can super-effective ANY single type in the game, although dual-types get tricky sometimes.
Piplup: Pluck, Surf, Ice Beam, Brick Break
Meowth: Thunderbolt, Faint Attack, Dig, Hypnosis
Hypnosis is lethal against bosses, as they become targets for a few rounds. Thunderbolt does good AoE damage. Faint Attack never misses. The rest are just powerful moves used to defeat certain types. As you may notice, Piplup has four moves all of a different type, that is because Piplup can learn these IQ skills:
Type-Advantage Master and Sharpshooter, the first raises Crit rate for super-effectives, the second raises crit rate in general, so with four types of moves, it can super-effective many things, which means many crit strikes. Meowth only has one type weakness, and it learns an IQ skill that increases type-damage. So super-effectives do more damage both to and from. With three types of moves, it deals a lot of extra damage while only taking massive damage from fighting types. Both of them learn a skill that makes them recover from statuses more quickly. In conclusion, this team is designed to kill.

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #653432

My hero is Riolu and squirtle I chose them because it actually suits the game when squirtle cries it's like the things happening are real and Riolu is the quite one which suits his apperence plus I have a team of Riolu squirtle misdrevus and drapion it's beast especially when drapion can use acupuncture

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #653527

I'll say Bulbasaur for starter since it is part poison type so the poison traps don't affect it and it can learn sleep powder and synthesis later on. Then maybe eevee since it's quick attack can be very useful when a attack in a monster can protect you if you are the only one that entered in there. Plus the ability strengthens her normal types moves. Or maybe Riolu cause the fighting type moves comes in handy in defeating Sableye, Dialga, Darkrai and or dark/steel type pokemon. Or we could just go fire/grass/water combo.

Sire HC answered:
Added 30th Jan 2015, ID #654510

I think the best is Pikachu and Bulbasaur. Pikachu has discharge to make monster houses cry, dig to wreck the final boss,Spoiler:

click to reveal
Feint to work around protect, thunderbolt for close-range combat, quick attack for long range combat, and, with special band, my level 23 pikachu had over 70 special attack. Just get a few ginseng wonder mail codes and congrats, you have a killing beast on your hands. Bulbasaur can Razor Leaf to take own anything in it's line of sight, has leech seed so it rarely faints, poisonpowder to make all non-steel/poison types cry, and can tank hits for HOURS. And, almost any enemy that gives one trouble, the other can take. Add in a few partners, and the game is practically done already.

Guest answered:
Added 2nd May 2015, ID #661630

I'd say Cyndaquil bc 1: adorbes! 2: It knows awesome moves like flame wheel and quick attack.

Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2015, ID #668683

I think I am the only one who has gone with this team
Hero- Chikorita
Partner- Skitty

Chikorita has very good IQ skills like fast friend. Which is really useful for recruiting Pokemon and natural gifter, which is amazing because it means when you use a berry or a seed, all of your team get affected so you can use a violent seed and all of your team gets the power up and quick seeds are good to use too. It can also learn pierce hurler, which means that throwing items like sticks hit all the Pokemon in a line, not just the first one ,and bodyguard.
My chikorita's moves are:
Razor leaf- good ranged move
Natural gift- you can change the type of this move by giving it certain berries which is INCREDIBLY useful
Tackle- good PP and decent damage, might swap for body slam
Synthesis- Heals you
I don't bother with aromatherapy because with natural gifter using a heal seed has exactly the same effect

Skitty is very powerful with it's normalize ability because all moves are STAB. It learns faint attack later on which has very good PP, never misses and has a good power rating. I also have fake out which is a good support move and is pretty powerful, sing to help kill bosses or outlaws easily and tackle because tackle becomes really powerful with it's ability

Just try it

Guest answered:
Added 21st Nov 2015, ID #673670

Shinx and Charmander!! They do good.

Shinx : Thunderbolt,Iron tail,Wide slash, and Crunch

Charmander : Flamethrower,Dig,Fire Blast, and Slash

II don't like dishcharge at all....

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jun 2016, ID #680836

My team carried me through the whole game without evolving:
(Note: some of these moves require tm teaching or high levels)
-Bullet Seed
-Razor Leaf
-Giga Drain
Bullet Seed and Razor Leaf were linked by Electivire so that a 6 move combo could be available if you were lucky. It also helps as a great distance attack for big bosses so you don't have to waste valuable turns moving forward and becoming vulnerable. Giga Drain is just for some basic health recovery, and mine had a +3 boost from the Ginseng you get early in the game for extra punch. Rest was for long boss battles/dungeons where you don't want to waste recovery items.

-Fire Blast
-Heat Wave
Flamethrower is a basic distance attack that helps to keep foes off your back in dungeons. Dig is a strong attack that can protect Torchic's weaker defenses and keep it alive in rough times, as well as help against electric and poison types. Fire Blast is indispensable for it's sheer power, and Heat Wave sweeps the room and is great for bosses who work in groups. (earlier in the game I had Vacuum Cut for this purpose because it could be found easier.)

Hope I helped! :3

Guest answered:
Added 5th Mar 2017, ID #687942

Leader: Charmander
Partner: Turtwig
1.grass covers all fire weaknesses covers some grass weaknesses (ice and bug I think,)
4.Turtwig learns long distance moves early on
5. Turtwig ALSO learns healing moves
6. Turtwig ALSO learns bullet seeds, which hit up to 5 times and great for battling Spoiler:

click to reveal

7. Matching personalities

Ember +1
Hidden Power
Fire blast
Why? Ember is early on, used Ginseng to boost it. Hidden power is random, but it's just a good, strong, attack that looks cool. Fire blast is AMAZING for battling ghosts in walls and master houses or boss fights with many enemies. Flamethrower is long distance, and all of the fires are STAB, duh. At some point in game I had metal claw, dragon rage, and dragon claw, which are all good if your looking for a type variety.
Bullet seed
Energy ball
Giga drain
Leaf storm
Why? First, teach him razor leaf, it's long ranged, and early on, then replace it, Bullet seed is by TM, but I found mine in Spoiler:
click to reveal
If he's low on health, just switch off all his moves but giga drain. Leaf storm and Energy ball is STAB. Synthesis is good, and I'm not a big fan of strategy, I just go all out; but grass Pokemon are good at Reflect and Light screen and all that.

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2017 | REPORT
Take Shinx and Piplup. They are gr8. If u want a third one, choose Trapinch/Gible. In other words, Luxray, Empoleon and Flygon/Garchomp can beat the game
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2017, ID #691071

I think chimchar and chikorita work good. Chimchar learns flamethrower (good ranged attack), overheat (good for monster houses), dig (totally op), and slack off (good if you are out of Oran berries). Chikorita learns energy ball (good ranged attack), mega drain (nice if low on hp), magical leaf (another decent ranged move), and synthesis (hp restorer). I have beat every boss first try except for dialga (he took 2 tries because of roar of time).


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