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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

arceus statue?

latios99 asks:
Added Oct 29th 2009, ID #146786

arceus statue?

What does the arceus statue do or mean?

Comment:(Nov 3 2009) do i have to be the last rank to get destiny tower?


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Glaceon answered:
Added 29th Oct 2009, ID #322347

As far as I know, Nothing. Rumor is Arceus has a 'cameo' after beating Desting Tower, but information is limited. Best way to find out is to defeat Destiny Tower.

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Guest said: 15th Dec 2012 | REPORT
i think arceus will came and join you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 27th Aug 2013 | REPORT
i think arceus will came and join you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, in this game, he doesn't. You just get a statue.
Guest said: 28th Mar 2014 | REPORT
DERPY FACE I GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 18th Jul 2014 | REPORT
you get a space orb
mysteryofsky101 answered:
Added 2nd Nov 2009, ID #322526

I do not know. I unlocked Destiny Tower but right now I'm to scared to go in it. My guess is that something happens and the statue comes to life and if you can defeat him, ho joins your team and if you can't beat him who knows what will happen. That's my guess so I wouldn't rely on it to help you but I hope that helped!


dralocon answered:
Added 6th Nov 2009, ID #322674

Hey guys what is the wonder mail code ? Can you tell me were I can find it????????

generalgibby answered:
Added 6th Nov 2009, ID #322685

Ok I Just beat Destiny tower today and.... All you do is see the statue of arceus walk up to it and say" this must be the legendary Pokemon arceus, the Pokemon who created everything." and then a Space orb fall and you keep it....and that’s it nothing to special. YOU DON’T EVEN GET ARCEUS…I don’t see why Nintendo didn’t put arceus in the game. Any ways have fun getting through Destiny tower….for just an orb…. That just raises attack stuff….

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Guest said: 12th Nov 2010 | REPORT
maybe you have to beat it the tower again with the orb to get arceus.that my guess.
Guest said: 25th Sep 2011 | REPORT
i think the orb is for girantinas orgin form
Guest said: 25th Jan 2012 | REPORT
HOW TO GET DESTINY TOWER 4 realzeyo i just got this game on christmast and yet im at the nightmare part and i played it 4.....8 days and i still cant find it!
Guest said: 5th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Neither of the first two on this one. The orb doubles all your stats.
Beta X answered:
Added 1st Dec 2009, ID #323525

Defeat Destiny Tower is the best bet. If nothing, then the Statue is for deceration.

DiamondDragoon answered:
Added 22nd Dec 2009, ID #324272

Has anyone tried taking the orb that falls back to the statue?

kingoftheworld10 answered:
Added 15th Mar 2010, ID #327549

I have spent every spare second of my free time for about 2 months trying to work out what to do and I have finnaly found out!,first,you must have every single Pokemon in existance on chimeco assembelly,(exept arceus)obviously!)and you must be level 100,then, once you've done all that, take the orb back there, it will start to glow and then arceus will come alive, beat him, and he will join your team.(BEWARE:arceus is level 100 too!)

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2012 | REPORT
Take the orb to where?
Guest said: 18th Jul 2012 | REPORT
You must of had some crazy dream bro :o
Guest said: 26th Jul 2014 | REPORT
even pokemon from X and Y series?
Guest answered:
Added 13th Jun 2010, ID #331426

its just a statue hy dont com alive!!! its 100f and really hard but you get space globe if you defeat destiny tower and the statue dont com alive!!!

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Guest said: 16th Aug 2012 | REPORT
actually i heard that the statue comes alive you battle it beat it he says something then turns back to a statue
Guest answered:
Added 13th Jun 2010, ID #331427

if you are level 100 and you have space globe go back to destiny tower pinaccle en arceus(level 100) will be alive you battle him if you win he join your team!!!

Guest answered:
Added 14th Jun 2010, ID #331948

guys NO OFFENSE HERE but arceus dosnt come to life im really sorry and WHY WOULD YOU NEED CHEATS my team is a lv 100 vaporeon, lv 100 shinx, lv 100 Shaymin, and a lv 100 manaphy and guess what i didnt cheat once because when i got explorers of sky there wasnt even any cheats for it yet so i was crushed, i havnt gotten destiny tower yet but i have a book guide on explorers of sky and trust me.... ARCEUS DOSNT COME ALIVE HE IS A MISSING POKEMON ON THE GAME AND.... there is 3 more mystery dungeons coming out i dont no when but there on WII i only know one of there names its pokemon mystery dungeon stormy. i wish arceus came alive and if your wondering how i got to lv 100 i cleared the zero islands and got all the items. the miracle chest and wonder chest helped me alot.

Thanks for reading from: manaphyfan11

Guest answered:
Added 14th Jun 2010, ID #331949

hi guys its me again and from what youve told me on here i still stick to my judgement when i say arceus dosnt come to life but.... i just got destiny tower lol dont ask me how but i got it from a guy in spindas cafe and as soon as i conquor destiny tower i will come back and tell you whether or not arceus comes to life. its about time someone finds it out once and for all.

Thanks again from: Manaphyfan11

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jun 2010, ID #334461

I found on another web site that u have to go through all 99 floors of the tower and battle arceus but cant join ur team because hes only a statue. Someone needs to try the getting all the pokemon exsisting to level 100 and beat arceus. but if you do that, then what point will be left in the game? u will be invincible with the maximum rank, storage and bag size. there wont be much left in the game after that.

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Guest said: 6th Nov 2011 | REPORT
What's the web site?
Guest said: 6th Nov 2011 | REPORT
What's the web site?
Guest said: 17th Jan 2013 | REPORT
i dont no about all of you but im just happy with having the game
Guest said: 26th Jul 2014 | REPORT
me two:p
Guest answered:
Added 7th Jul 2010, ID #338449

listen pokemon fans THERE IS NO WAY To get arceus on your team yes its sad but think of the possibilitys nitendo could be saving him as a boss for the next pokemon explorers

Guest answered:
Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #338758

To get Arceus you first have to get to Destiny Tower. To get it you have to go to Spinda's Cafe and make a lot of gummi drinks. Eventually there will be a not on the bottom of your cup saying that you can go to destiny tower. Once you go there and get to the top you will get a space globe and you will leave the dungeon. Then go back to Destiny Tower (bringing the space globe with you) Arceus will come alive and you will have to battle him at LV.100.

Guest answered:
Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #338934

You guys are all worked up about nothing. Nintendo is make 3 new PMD games for wiiware coming out this year (2010) There called PMD Light Squad, Stormy Squad, And Fiery Squad, and the whole idea behind the game is to learn the secrets of Arceus. Ive almost 100%(ed) the game and there is no way you get Arceus. You do see the statue though. And by the way, if anyone of you has beaten all 5 secret episodes, at the end of #5 dont forget what Dialga says about the "Higher Being" Sorry for spoiling it to anyone but its true, And stop trying to get an Arceus. Its impossible. Trust me!

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Guest said: 12th May 2012 | REPORT
HOW!?!?! I wanna know, cuz it's no prob 4 me to go to a Wondermail S generator and get golden seeds and easy recruit. Oh btw I don't really call it cheats the missions the games give u suck.
Guest said: 25th Aug 2012 | REPORT
you probley used fricken cheats
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2012 | REPORT
OMG Guys sorry but you cant bring any items there so you cant bring the Space orb there so u cant get him
Guest said: 10th Mar 2013 | REPORT
why not go to destiny tower WITOUT the globe again?
Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #340051

[i]ive tried and failed but when people say take the orb back ur just gonna lose it cuz it says that u cant have any money, any items, ur level is on 1 and u cant b rescued. so its just gonna make u lose that orb but ive never tried it so i still have faith.

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Guest said: 15th Dec 2011 | REPORT
look up wondermail s generator and get another globe
Guest answered:
Added 29th Jul 2010, ID #344547

ok i dont care what all of you think but my opinion is that everypokemon can be from what i understand is that alot of you are just giving up on the whole arceus thing but i think you need to maybe obtain every pokemon in the game possible then if you want just level them all to 100 but idk whether or not you need to or not but yo atleast need the globe and take it back to him because if he dont join you then why make the game and can somebody tell me what type of pokemon you can take up there cause im a lucario and my partner is a glaceon and they are both lvl 100 i have almost every single pokemon but icant find sertain ones.. well i need help getting threw destiny tower cause when im in there i dont have my move list i have the starters list....

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Guest said: 17th Jun 2011 | REPORT
funny, because i am a glaceon and my partner is lucario[img][/img]
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Aug 2010, ID #345663

i used my level 100 iucario empoleon and darkai and i defeated arceus i finished destiny tower 99 times last year i had no problem it was easy now get every pokemon

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Guest said: 19th Aug 2010 | REPORT
i dont no about arceus or anythign coz im not that far but i no a site were u can get whatever item u want or pokemon and arceus isnt on the list anyway the website is caleed
Guest said: 28th Mar 2011 | REPORT
yeah right.ARCEUS ISNT IN THE GAME.HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY AND PROVE IT??? items can be brought.So no globe can be brought.2.Do you really think that they would let a lvl 1 starter go into a 100 lvl dungeon.without any items.And fight a lvl 100 Arceus???
Guest said: 20th Aug 2011 | REPORT
You cant bring in items, you cant bring in more than one teammate, and you are level one when you
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2011 | REPORT
The only possible way to get it is thru mods or possible future event code from wifi
Guest answered:
Added 4th Aug 2010, ID #346457

i havent unlocked destiny tower yet, but sme1 said it could be anything in the drink and i used my whole storage.

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Guest said: 9th Oct 2011 | REPORT
All of ya'll's got to defeat darkrai before you even think about getting the bottle with Destiny Tower location on the bottom! I ain't got to he top of the tower yet, but if that helps I've done my part.
Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2010, ID #349891

hears what i dont get. when you go to destiny tower you cant take anything with youso that tells me that you cant take it back

Guest answered:
Added 18th Aug 2010, ID #350582

i heard in some websites that you have to recycle 450 items in spinda's cafe. and you unlock this weird place.. you fight arceus in the 13F? i don't know...

Guest answered:
Added 13th Sep 2010, ID #356001

there's supposed to be some way to get arceus, try beating desiny tower a bunch of times. the second time it (hopefully) won't give another SG, and the statue comes to life or something. If not, bring your SG, secret slab, mystery part, and go to a bunch of dugeons.

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Guest said: 26th Jul 2011 | REPORT
you cannot have items on this dungeon . so why bring ?
Guest answered:
Added 31st Oct 2010, ID #364195

no way to get arceus c'mon look the data in the file for mistery dungeon 3 and look the pokemons avaiable

Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2010, ID #372816

i believe you can get arceus,this game does have 493 pokemon...

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Guest said: 21st Jan 2011 | REPORT
in the game dialga is number 493 not arceus
Guest said: 10th Apr 2011 | REPORT
in sky dialga is 483 and i have arceus so way
Guest said: 30th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Maybe you need palkia dialga and giratinia to get arceus and the orb.
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #378295

hello guys you can take items with you at desteny tower hello and you can use cheat or something else you have to go with the leader only and it is easy way for me !!!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2011, ID #385832

I've got every Pokemon & they are all on level 100 I beat arceus like 30 times trust me he can't join you ...................unless you hack the game if you do your going to hell

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2011, ID #385844

All I no is there is a statue get a pic of battling arcus and we''ll believe it

Guest answered:
Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #386403

You can get arceus I got him yesterday and his attack streangth and everything is 999

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Guest said: 14th Jul 2012 | REPORT
maximum health is 999 thats right but max attack stats etc. is 255 so you got no point there
Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #388018

YOU can't GET HIM OK!!!!
You will never be able to get him so stop getting your hopes up coz it's never going to happen!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #388720

I tink you cud get him. U can't bring items, but what if you only bring the leader 2 you're team? Can someone show a pic of this at least?

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #388721

I tink you cud get him just try bringing the leader only and see if they allow items in the tower. Or you cud come dere alot of times. There is 2 side 2 dis so someone post a pic of a battle w/arceus plz!

Guest answered:
Added 25th Feb 2011, ID #389233

I went up to the statue after I evolved and my Pokemon just said something gay about it. Then I got the space globe. -_-

Guest answered:
Added 26th Mar 2011, ID #394658

I've done it three times. You can battle Arceus in the end but you have to level you to 100 IN the destiny tower(Which is very hard without cheats). If you are level 100 before going into the dungeon and you inish the dungeon at level 80 than nothing will happen. One more thing is you can't recruit Arceus. Each time you beat Arceus all that happens is he goes to the back of the room, theres a big flash and he becomes a statue again. There will be another orb but this time there will be some shiny writing on the Arceus statue. It will say that you are the one who conquered the original one or something like that. Thats all that happens.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #397576


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Guest said: 29th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 13th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Prove it.
Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #397577


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Guest said: 28th Oct 2011 | REPORT
i've already tried that you dont get anything!!!
Guest said: 17th Mar 2012 | REPORT
well i just wanna say that i have played this game alot and i have followed over 100 different forums on this subject obviously from my research there is a way to get arceus but it is complicated i will find out and tell every forim so this can finnally end
Guest answered:
Added 27th Jun 2011, ID #416370

Bring ONE of the three legendary dragons (Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina)And get to the 99th floor and a orb that powers up the dragon comes out of the statue(I recomend to bring Giratina to change it's form to Origin Forme)

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #422932

I have used cheat codes to only UNLOCK the dungeon, but I only used them after that point to cointer act restrictions, such as using the level up codes to get my primal dialga back to level 100. After that it was still quite a bit of a challange to defeat the tower, but this girl did it! And so I will tell you what happens. Your character aproches the statue, and a light of some sort will appear. After the light fades, your character is left with a great treasure called the space globe! The data says the following. The ultimate globe, it holds the power to pass through space and time itself. A held item that boosts the power of the pokemon's moves. The effect is a signifiant increase in the power of moves used. I regret to have to say that there is no way, even with cheat codes, to recuit the alpha Pokemon, creator of all the Pokemon worlds and dimentions, Arceus.

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Guest said: 29th Aug 2012 | REPORT
You did your best but i wont give up
Guest answered:
Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #437783

You guys if you bring space orb with you if you go there but it says all of you're items will be lost!!

Guest answered:
Added 14th Sep 2011, ID #440721

I am going to try some of these and I will tell you what happened.

Guest answered:
Added 4th Dec 2011, ID #461336

There is no point in trying, arceus does not join your team, I've tried 145 times, and I counted and beat him, he does not join!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #482119

Can someone post a vid on youtube fighting arceus plz

Guest answered:
Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #495744

You obviously cannot get Arceus. First of all he was not even programmed into the game. Second it is IMPOSSIBLE to bring the space globe because the dungeon removes all items. Third, your level goes down to 1. Fourth, you are not allowed to recruit pokemon. Fifth, the game does not allow bosses in 99 floor dungeons. Problem solved.

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Smile-Pebble said: 15th Jul 2012 | REPORT
Thank you! Your like the only sane person on these pages! Case solved!
Guest answered:
Added 30th Jun 2012, ID #519370

Wait he can be 16 types beat him 16 times maybe or get palkia dialga and giratinia then lvl to hundred in tower and beat him 16 times he might join you?

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2012, ID #522801

YOU CAN'T GET ARCEUS, OKAY!!! WHOEVER SAYS YOU CAN IS LYING. The only way you could ever get arceus in pmd3 would be if you hacked the game and re-wrote the coding for the ENTIRE FRICKIN GAME!!! Trust me. I actualy got a look at the coding (won't tell you how) and I can asure you, He is NOT IN THE GAME, SO DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME. By the way, the statue is just a cameo aperance, (check ment to add mystery and make you want to by the three sequals on the wii. Please, do the smart gamers a favor, and stop lying about Arceus. Why do you guys even want him, anyway? It would only destroy any game balance pmd3 had anyway

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Guest said: 11th Sep 2012 | REPORT
yeah just like the guy that says he is a programmer, if you arent lying prove it and put up some of the game coding stuff on this website
Guest said: 30th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Whatever, saw the coding. Your just lying to prove a point.
Guest answered:
Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #526083

In theory, they don't just put Pokemon statues in a Pokemon game without some meaning to them ( remember the groudon statue), I'm a lvl 100 eevee so I'm not the best Pokemon for the job, but has anyone tried to beat desteny tower with every Pokemon in a row to get arceus, it's a very, very long shot but it could work, nothing is imposible, I'm currently working on recruiting every Pokemon and will try this (I'm probably going to die :( but it's worth a shot) ill also try the other methods posted and will report back. And for all of you who keep insulting people for wanting arceus, just because something seems impossible doesnt mean we can't have a dream.

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Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012 | REPORT
Good luck, I hope you succeed.
Guest said: 13th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Good luck dude your the best
Guest answered:
Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #526479

Right, just like in diamond and pearl, they put the regigigas statue there becaues they knew it was possible for people to obtain it

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #536311

To Manaphy fan 11 you need cheats because you can't bring anything with you and you start as level one

Guest answered:
Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #557225

So far I've heard 4 good story's and I'm going to challenge them bbe back with results

Guest answered:
Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #571420

Iam going to try then I will tell you how it ended up I will tell the truth because I don't lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also how do you get the 3 legendary dogs .

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Guest said: 26th Jul 2014 | REPORT
who are they?
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jun 2013, ID #592999

Ok I got every last Pokemon and all at lv 100 and I went to the tower and beat it with every last Pokemon, once you beat it with every last Pokemon enter the tower 1 more time as the Pokemon you started with and go to floor 100. Arceus will teleport infrount of the staue and fight you, hes at lv 50, you beat him and he does join you're team. Ive done all of this without mods or cheats or rewriteing codes so now you know how =)

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Guest said: 26th Jul 2014 | REPORT
100th floor?
Guest said: 13th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Post a pic.
Guest answered:
Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #659122

Plz help me so ok I finished Destiniy Tower but nothing happened I didn''t see the Arceus statue and get the space globe HELP


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