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Pokemon Heart Gold

Catching Raikou and Entei

Question asked by michaelhole137 on
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Catching Raikou and Entei

I've tried many times catching Raikou and Entei, but they won't stay in a single pokeball I chuck at them! They're currently at 1 HP, and are Paralyzed. I use my lv. 90 Wobbuffet to prevent them from running,but they keep using "Roar" to scare me off. Plus I've tried the Quick Ball, Fast Ball, Heavy ball, Level Ball, Ultra Ball, Great Ball, etc. But they keep breaking out of it without even shaking. Raikou and Entei are lv. 40, and my Wobbuffet is Lv. 90, so the level ball should be working, but it always fails. Any tips on how to catch these guys?

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Guest answered:

go to any city that has a route like ecutreak and run in and out the city and route and entei and raikou might be close so take your bike and ride in the grass to encounter them if its possible if their roar misses then use disable and keep throwing any pokeball at them and it might work.

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Guest said: 13th Dec 2013 | REPORT
A good thing to do is use false swipes on them to get them to 1 hp
Guest said: 16th Jul 2014 | REPORT
you don't have to use master ball. you cannot expect to capture it when you see it so stfu please. relax and be patient. they will always run on first turn if you dont use mean look. next step would be to make it sleep with red bar hp. you can use any ball but the best would be better like ultra ball. i prefer to save masterball. i actaully used fast ball on them and it took like 5-15 balls and involving more than 1 battle. and this will work on any legendary pokemon , they ARE VERY hard to catch. so dont think 1 ultra will work. you should make it sleep and/or other symptoms for the BEST result and if you dont wanna do that all then use masterball
Guest said: 17th Oct 2014 | REPORT
I caught Raikou on Heart Gold with a great ball, full status and HP. Encountered him by accident and thought what the hell, hes just gonna run anyway. So I threw it and it caught him, legit. I had heard of a 'cheat' back in the Red and Blue days that holding 'Down' & 'B' when throwing balls and acts as masterball, doubt its true but its just become a ritual for me now when throwing balls. Good luck.
Guest said: 31st Oct 2015 | REPORT
I caught Entei on my first try with an ultraball, but I would reccomend reducing their hp first, then flying to eucreak city until it appears nearby. if its hp is low, then start spamming ultraballs whenever you see it. It's all just a matter of luck, so just hoard ultra balls.
Or quickballs.
Or fastballs.

Guest answered:

you can only catch them with a master balls i have suicune raikuo and entei a seceret to getting them is to store all your pokemon in another persons pc box then restart the other person has to allow it though and a warning before you do your pokemon will disobey you till you have the right gym badge good luck!!!!

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PokemonMasterArianna said: 6th Jan 2013 | REPORT
Just so you know a Ghastly evolution would be a Haunter. Ghastly, Haunter, then Gengar. If you are in Ecruteak City and you use fly wait for Entei or Raikou to be on the left or right of the city. Routes 38 and 42. Keep flying back to the town til they are on those routes and they wont switch until you go south. or fly to another town or battle them. Just a little easier then some of this stuff I've read from others. I have had better chances with Fast Balls. I caught my Entei that way.

You CAN catch them without masterballs. I have Entei and caught him with a fast ball.
Guest said: 8th Mar 2015 | REPORT
You dont have to be rude - he's just trying to help
Guest said: 29th Jun 2016 | REPORT
I like wet sandwiches in between my butt checks. CATCH 'EM ALL!
Guest said: 30th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Caught Raikou in an Ultraball after putting it to sleep several encounters before capturing it. It's all about capturing it with the right Pokémon combo and amount of patience.

Guest answered:

If you've already seen Raikou and Entei, check the map on the pokegear to find where they are. Also I hold down B select to help catch pokemon most of the time.

Guest answered:

first, you have to get all 8 badges, then go to new bark city, next, go into the lab, talk to proffeser elm, he gives you a master ball, now you can choose to go to etreak city and fight ho-oh in that tower, and the guy next to the tower will let you through, go up all levels, reach the top, theres ho-oh. or u can use it to catch enti.(remmber, master ball does not fail, at all, so you have on chance and one chance only)

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Guest said: 21st Oct 2012 | REPORT
you dont have to use a master ball cause i caught it on a ultra ball thanks to my ampheros that got it paralyzed it takes 3 ultra balls unless you do a glitch that you tap on the pokeball on the skrenn 2x before a rock
Anguson said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT
Actually, it is possible for a master ball to fail. It happens, but it is extremely rare, even rarer than finding a wild shiny!

mashuka answered:

You can use a masterball like they say or you can take your time use the masterball on mewtwo (I highly recommend) go for more of the sleeping method as soon as you see them. once they are asleep then weaken and them keep them asleep and use balls like timer balls from Kurt those will help

if this help just let me know with a comment

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Guest said: 5th May 2012 | REPORT
my pokemon dont now any moves that make pokemon sleep!
Guest said: 2nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
i am gonna try entei or raikou (first 1 i met) to cath them with an timer ball

Guest answered:

It's all about chance and luck. Trust me. I've already caught Raikou and he had full hp!


Guest answered:

with time and luck i cought entei and latias with a poke ball no cheats full hp

Guest answered:

Try to put it to sleep first whith a drowzee and use a net ball but if that dosent work gel an electric type and paralyze raikou or entei

Guest answered:

You can weaken them slowly over time, get down to a slice of RED on the health bar, then use Ultraball

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codyjoseystephan44735 said: 14th May 2012 | REPORT
I used disable,mean-look,and a pokeball when heath down
Anguson said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT
I've tried that. They both have about 1 HP left, and they wont shake in any kind of ball I throw: poke ball, great ball, ultra ball, heavy ball, nest ball(with my level 75 ace, of course), net ball, and many more. None of them shake once.
Guest said: 13th May 2015 | REPORT
try putting them to sleep

Guest answered:

I figured, just buy like 100 ultra balls and keep trying until you get them. Its all in the luck of the draw

Guest answered:

I recommend a lv 39 dugtrio with arena trap ability, keep throwing ultra balls when it's at low hp and pray it doesnt use f***ing roar.

Guest answered:

Use mean look so they carn't escape then use hypnosis so they carn't use roar then just keep using a ultra ball and you will catch them and trust me it works I have both of them including suicune, latias and latios

Guest answered:

I used block with my snorlax changed to dratini and paralyzed it then it fled.. But the next time I used block again, lowered enteis hp to yellow and caught it one shot with fast ball.. But in all the times I've played heart old and the older gold and silver I never had any dramas with catching entei.. It was the other two I usually cbf like right this second suicune is not staying in any of the balls I throw at it >:Z lolol and id agree with using master ball for mewtwo.. Wish I hadve!!

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Anguson said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT
I used my master ball on HO-OH. I had a harder time catching Articuno. Mewtwo was hardly a problem for me.

Guest answered:

Woo!! Just caught suicune with a pokeball.. After using 3xfastballs, 6pokeballs, 8xgreat balls, 12x ultra balls and a bunch of dusk net and quick balls hahaha.. Cheering.. So I actually do believe in chance and luck in what ball you use to catch them with.. In running into them in the first place, I basically stayed in ecruteak taking one step out of it n back in works for me.. Its the town that has better access to olivine n goldenrod routes.. And it also seems with everyone you catch the other (obv.not suicune) seem to move ALOT faster!!

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Anguson said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT
I caught Suicune on the second attempt. The first one near Cerulean City, the second in the Burned Tower. It gives you two chances to catch it without fighting the Pokémon League a second time!

Guest answered:

all you need to do is have a party of strong Pokemon (I recomend levels 80 and up) that have a move that just adds your attack or something. Keep using that move until you only have 1 Pokemon left and then use a timer ball. Works like a working charm.


Guest answered:

Umm I think it works if you use a quick ball on raikou it took me one time

Guest answered:

Every time you move to a different route/city they will move to different ones to hope this helped

Guest answered:

Every time you throw a pokeball a number between 1 and 265 is.generated. If rhe number is higher than the catch rate then the catch fails. If the number is lower than the catch rate then the pokeball shackes

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Anguson said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT

Guest answered:

Use the ar code for unlimited masterballs and run in to it and throw one or use meanlook and throw pokeballs (ultraballs) I reccomend you do the the second one because if you don't have ar the first one is kind of hard. Hope I helpedSmile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:

I was riding a bike in grass and entei appeared. It didn't have full hp, so I just threw one ultra ball and entei stayed in. I´ve been trying to catch it like forever! I guess I was just lucky.

Guest answered:

I caught Entei with a fast ball on full health the first time I encountered it. Heartgold was my first Pokemon game so I didnt know whan it was. When I realised what I did I was like :D try fast balls

Guest answered:

I put entie to sleep and he has 1 hp left and fleds after I attack him my feraligator is at lvl 100 and I used lvl balls but they don't catch him.

Guest answered:

If you want to really catch them then get one of your Pokemon to learn mean-look and make sure you have plenty of poke-balls.

Guest answered:

In heartgold it's really simple to catch them. I have caught Entei and Raikou with only 4 badges and 'weak' Pokemon, without any problems.

1) The best way to encounter them is from Ecruteak City. Go there. If Raikou/Entei are at route 38/42 you can go to that route without they will switch routes themselves. If they are not, just walk between route 37 and Ecruteak City until they are at route 37/38/42.
2) First make sure they have a good nature (Raikou: Timid/Modest - Entei: Timid/Modest/Adamant). You can only catch them once so they have to be good! You can do this by obtaining 'Synchronize Abra' in Goldenrod City Game Corner (for 200 coins). It costs a bit of time but is really usefull! Collect 1000 coins, save and turn off the power until you've got the right Abra nature and ability.
Make sure your first encounter with Raikou/Entei is with the right Abra. So they have a 50% chanse of being the 'right' nature
3) After that, make them weaker (reduce HP) and make sure they have a status problem. Best option is making them sleep. (Gastly: Hypnosis - Other: Sleep Powder - ...) They will flee after each attack but from Ecruteak you encounter them a lot so this don't cost you much time.
4) Catch a Wobbufet with ability 'Shadow Tag'. You can find him in the Dark Cave. You can catch him from Route 31 when you have 'Surf'. Now Raikou/Entei can't flee anymore. When the're asleep, you have a lot of chanses to catch them. Alternative: Gastly/Haunter/Gengar: Mean look.
5) If you haven't catched them with Wobbufet, turn off the power and retry. Use Great/Ultraballs are special balls to catch them.
6) Bit of luck Smile

Guest answered:

The way I caught both follows:
1. Catch a good level 13 gastly and leave in the daycare.
2. Plug your DS in over night and leave it open.
3. That Pokemon should be about level 30.
5. Buy about 15 ultra balls
6. Open the pokegear
7. Find one or the other
8. Make sure that Gastly is first in your party
9. Use curse
10. Wait a day before going back to the same one
11. Encounter it again
12. It will be on red health
13. Use hypnosis and chuck some balls
14.totally dominate with your new legendary.

ilias01 answered:

It is not so difficalt.I get their HP's at red and then I used 1 ultra blall. Then I found them again and I threw an other ultra ball.It was esily.

(That was when I was 4 years old.Now I haven't any problem I have action riplay)

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Guest said: 15th Feb 2016 | REPORT
Are you five now?

Guest answered:

I do recommend NOT using fly, because they will literally be on the opposite end of the map...but what I do is look at your map...if they are way away from you, take your precious walking time (Or biking time, whatever works.) to Ecruteak City (The city with the Geishas and the radio tower.) and walk to either 38 or 42 routes! If they don't show up close or there at all in those areas, run back and fourth between them until one of the two show for catching, what I did was level up my Misdrevus and use mean look, then confuse ray, so they have a chance of harming themselves rather than your pokemon. I used every pokeball type in my inventory so I can't really help you with that....

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Guest said: 24th Feb 2016 | REPORT
in soulsilver i have caught one with a pokeball on my first try and while it was at half health with no status problems

Guest answered:

Use taunt to prevent it from using roar and the catch rate is higher if it’s asleep or frozen

AvaBruno answered:

Use taunt to prevent roar then make it fall asleep or freeze it. Asleep and freeze increase catch rate


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