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Espeon or Umbreon?

MGFireBlaze asks:
Added May 31st 2010, ID #150663

Espeon or Umbreon?

Which of the two should I choose? caught between these two and want both but don't wanna train two.....


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Forgoten_Scars answered:
Added 31st May 2010, ID #330325

Well, it depends on whether you like to take things slow in this game or go through it fast. Espeon is quick and has strong attacks. Pick this if you're not wanting to spend a lot of time on things. If you're wanting something that's comparable to a tank; slow but well defensed, pick Umbreon. It's guaranteed to wear down your opponent.

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Guest said: 2nd Jun 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 9th Jun 2017 | REPORT
Umbreon is the best Pokémon
Guest said: 18th Jul 2017 | REPORT
Espeon is the best!! Duh! Don't need explanation..
Guest said: 18th Jul 2017 | REPORT
Volke answered:
Added 1st Jun 2010, ID #330353

Personally, I'd say ignore both and evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon, the best Eeveelution. I personally prefer to use Espeon of the two you mentioned.

Espeon's much better at attacking in general. It hits hard with Psychic and Shadow Ball, but otherwise it's lacking in the move department, save for Grass Knot. Pokemon such as Alakazam and Hypno are better Psychic types as they have more versatility. Still, Espeon gets the job done if you want to use it.

Umbreon...well, I've always felt that Umbreon should just be used in competitive battling. It's fine using it in-game, but it's a completely defensive-orientated Pokemon, and it learns few moves with any decent poewr, somethign which doesn't go well with it's poor base 65 Attack and 60 Special Attack. It's excellent defensively, but using it will make the battles drag out, and you'll soon grow bored of it.

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Guest said: 7th Apr 2013 | REPORT
I like Umbreon, simply because I can use it to wall pretty much anything. I originally wanted Espeon but evolved it to Umbreon by mistake, since then I've come to appreciate Umbreon.
Guest said: 1st Jul 2013 | REPORT
well i went for umbreon randomly and it really helps i dunno about heartgold but is black 2 beating the champ was a lot easier with umbreon if you think you want espeon get both coz if u do umbreon is great for buying time to use revives
so yeah i think umbreon but its your choice
Guest said: 15th Jun 2016 | REPORT
I agree
Guest said: 6th Jul 2017 | REPORT
Does anyone know if its easier to get one faster than the other

hatershateme answered:
Added 1st Jun 2010, ID #330360

I have to say Espeon.

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Guest said: 28th Dec 2016 | REPORT
No no no. It's got to no Leafeon!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 29th Jun 2010, ID #335863

I have both Umbreon and favorite is the Umbreon but it was hard to trade a eevee and then try and evolve it to the Espeon.

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #339979

i like umbreon it is great at catching mew and mewtwo and others espeon is easy to get just keep leveling up eevee but umbreon i have no clue how to get it but i love a challenge

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
You get umbreon the same way as espeon, except when it has high friendship, instead of leveling up in the daytime, you level it up at night.
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
I don't think you can catch mew, and honestly, the battle with mewtwo, out of hundreds of other battles where espeon's attack would be more helpful than umbreon's defense, really doesn't matter in comparison.
Guest answered:
Added 11th Sep 2010, ID #355494

If anyones wondering how you get either of them, just level Eevee up in the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon. High happiness is essential, when the girl in golden rod tells you that "it must really love you" or something like that then your close. Soothe bell also doubles its happiness and haircut work too.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Jan 2011, ID #379669

i got umbreon in my old game but i couldnt get passed the dark type person in the elite four so id go with espeon. im gonna choose espeon and see how it goes

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Guest said: 18th Jun 2012 | REPORT
espeon is phychic phychic has no effect on dark type.
Guest said: 26th Aug 2012 | REPORT
OK psychic is weak to dark type so if you try doing that u'll het in a worst spot thatn before if ur try to use espeon against the dark type leader and the weakness of dark types is bug i think...
Guest said: 10th Oct 2012 | REPORT
Bug and Fighting types are super affective on Dark types. I think Umbreon is better for a battle against a Dark type because it is a dark type itself. Espeon is not a good choice because Psychic types are weak to Dark types. If you have Espeon with mostly Psychic move it will be completely useless.
Guest said: 1st Feb 2017 | REPORT
Obviously is espeon.
Guest answered:
Added 27th Feb 2011, ID #389781

If you use espeon in the elite four against the dark type person it will probly faint....

Guest answered:
Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #438522

Umbreon. It's a tank and has VERY high Defense and Sp. Defense. It lacks in Attack and Sp. Attack though.
Espeon. I've never really been an Espeon person. On my HeartGold, it was totally non-helping to my team. Umbreon, on the other hand was great. So go Umbreon!

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Guest answered:
Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #454968

I would go for espeon because it is a psychic type and it has 2 tails oh,and about umbreon, I think it is weird because it has rings on it's arms. I also don't really like dark types. But I do like psychic though.

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
Espeon doesn't have two tails. Espeon has one tail that forks at the end, like a snake's tongue.
Guest answered:
Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #474520

It really depends on what your using the Pokemon for battle espeon defens umbreon

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Guest said: 26th Dec 2016 | REPORT
No Dark is immune to Pychic so Umbreon will win!
Guest said: 19th Jun 2017 | REPORT
learn to spell
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2017 | REPORT
Espeon can learn dazzling gleam by TM
Guest answered:
Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #494593

On appearance, I would go Umbreon. The glowing rings, red eyes, I love him! But, his moves generally suck, and has horrible attack stats. (someone above me posted about Umbreon's rings on his "arms"? Umbreon has no arms! And his rings are beautiful! :P )

On stats, I would choose Espeon. She's a better fighter, and in my first heartgold game, I almost beat Lance with ONLY a lvl 68 espeon. She also has excellent moves, and considering the low quantity of good psychic types, Espeon is better.

FYI, that Espeon's moves were:
Future sight
Shadow ball and

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Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
Mother of God nobody likes umbreon
Guest said: 19th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Mother of Gid no one lukes u
Guest said: 19th Jun 2017 | REPORT
very mature guys
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Apr 2012, ID #495227

Espeon. Screw Umbreon. I had both at lvl. 100 (no hack) and Espeon was the better choice. Sure Umbreon's a wiz at defense 364 hp at lvl. 100, but Espeon's attack is wicked, ([b]ONE PSYCHIC KILLS THEM ALL). I believe it's learned at lvl. 60 something. Psychic might not work on dark, but hey, how many darks can you name off the top of your head?


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Guest said: 29th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Umbreon, houndoom, mightyena, sharpedo, murkrow, sneasel, tyranitar, shitry, crawdaunt, absol, skuntank, spiritomb, drapion, darkrai
Guest answered:
Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #495750

You can get booth go to daycare put evlved evee in with ditto...

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Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
But she/he does not want both
Guest answered:
Added 20th May 2012, ID #508572

Espeon. Umbreon might have great defense, but come on, think of one great attack it can learn. It does hardly anything while espeon kills everyone with psychic. Definitely espeon.

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jul 2012, ID #523658

If it's a boy, umbreon. If it's a girl espeon

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
What does gender have to do with it? How does that answer the question? I personally think that's sexist.
Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
No if you like the moon umbreon if you like Sun espeon
Guest answered:
Added 30th Jul 2012, ID #526997

I evolved my Eevee into Umbreon mainly to deal with the first of the Elite Four, Will, thinking it would do GREAT against his psychic types...what I failed to realize was that some of his Pokemon are two-typed.

Meaning they simply exploited Umbreon's other weaknesses. Will NEVER used Psychic when I was using Umbreon.

So even without ever evolving Eevee into Espeon, I would choose Espeon next time.

(Umbreon's defense is good but I would much rather have Espeon's attack!)

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Guest said: 19th Aug 2012 | REPORT
Wait till eevee is at least lvl 30 but before lvl 36 to evolve it into espeon. than you can have an espeon that knows dark-type Bite and also its first psychic move psybeam. can take out first three people at Elite Four with bites against will and psybeams vs bruno and koga or whatever his name is
Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
No get umbreon wait till umbreon is level 12 (at night) and evolve it into a umbreon train it until level 50 it should know [Faint attack] [Assurance] [Bite] And [Baton pass]
Guest answered:
Added 26th Sep 2012, ID #541162

Forget only espeon or umbreon, if you are going to defeat elite four and lance go for a level 75 dragonite with vivid moves like flamethrower,surf,thunderbolt and hyperbeam.Believe me you will be able to sweap elipe four and lance in just minutes.Also go for accurate moves than more powerful but not accurate moves.

Guest answered:
Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #562499

Play espeon because shes a boss.

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #565431

It's a pretty tough choice, you could teach your umbreon stuff like hyperbeam or giga impact then give it some defensive powers such as moonlight and rest etc, umbreon is also very charming :P Gotta love the fact it loves the moon just like me. But anyhow, for a full on striker you should do espeon but if you feel your team is so squishy you'll be 1 hit KO by enemies I'd pick umbreon to with maybe a offensive edge.

Lucastmore answered:
Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #575753

Well, they are both awesome, but espeon is awesome, and probably one of the best eeveelutions.

Guest answered:
Added 15th May 2013, ID #587763

Why are people under the impression that Espeon is a female? The vast majority of both Espeon and Umbreon are actually male. Only 12% are female.

Also, if anything, Umbreon should be female; if we take the Asian principles of Tao into account, Yang (The Sun/Day) is male energy, while Yin (The Moon/Night) is female energy.

I have both and like both ;)

Guest answered:
Added 25th Jul 2013, ID #598314


Umbreon's bulky defenses and hp can be great, but poor attack base hurts him alot.

I used espeon in my heartgold, if you don't faint by psychic, will be killed with shadow ball/hidden power fighting. Also he can boost her super defenses and attack with calm mind, his 130 super attack base is awesome, nothing to go in the trash. And I prefer espeon's design than umbreon's. Also, you can learn him signal beam with the move tutor and go with:

Signal beam
Baton pass

You should give him leftovers, he already will make lots of pain in the foe's team. Modest nature is good, go with calm if you want more sp.defense. Have attention with pursuit. Baton pass if you're fighting with a dark type.

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Jan 2014, ID #615208

If you want a high defense Pokemon go for Umbreon if you want a high attack Pokemon go for Espeon. But I prefer Umbreon.

Guest answered:
Added 9th Feb 2014, ID #616790

Ive had both espeon and umbreon going against the elite four, as well as dragon types like dragonite, and honestly, espeon is simply a tank, I maxed the speed and attack out and it'd destroy any Pokemon it went against in the first move or two. Especially if you give it shadowball along with psychic and if you can teach it a dark type move like bite or something stronger and it can even win against the dark type trainer at the elite four using shadowball Smile umbreon just wasn't strong enough to do much damage until it's a much higher level than it's opponent. And dragon Pokemon are only good until lance when they get wiped out cause their strength is also their weakness against other dragon types.

Guest answered:
Added 4th Mar 2014, ID #618776

Umbreon all the way I don't know what the use having sunlight is on espeon as anymove can easly take it below half health whereas umbreons moonlight is essential and can easly heal through all non super effective attacks also there isnt much Pokemon like umbreon whereas if I wanted a special attacker like espeon id just go for alakazam

Umbreons confuse ray further contributes to it's tankness as you take damage less often

Dark pulse
Confuse ray
Impish nature max hp equalize defences

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #631175

Umbreon ,during any battle with you'll need him/her

P.s I've had the same umbreon since I was 7

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Sep 2015, ID #669759

Clone the eevee and get all 4 good eeveelutions
Umbreon- the staller
Espeon- The psychic type madhouse
Vaporeon- The bulky and strong water type
Jolteon- The all out electric type

And in the last slot put either dragonit or kingdra

Guest answered:
Added 15th Jun 2016, ID #680543

Well I guess that is depends on what kind of Pokemon you want. Umbreon is more on the defensive where as Espeon is more on the offensive. It also depends on the way you want to battle. If you wanted to bring down Pokemon over a while and defend well against most attacks then go for umbreon, if you want to wipe out other Pokemon fast but have a risk of getting K.O d sooner go for Espeon. It also depends on what type you want, if you want dark then go with umbreon and if you want a psychic go with Espeon. And perhaps if you like both then get both. Also, you can choose between the 2 if you like the colours of one more than the other then choose that way. I personally have been debating it for a while now but at the moment I am preferring to use umbreon because I respect it as a Pokemon and I love using it. But it is all up to how you want to battle and what Pokemon you want. But again it is all up to you, the trainer and what kind of Pokemon you would want, what type, colour, how you battle with it and how much you like the Pikemon over all and which you prefer.
I hope that helped you decide.✌🏻️👻

Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2016, ID #686097

Umbreon, it's a tank and it's only weakness is Pokemon that you would not see battling bug, who would you see that has a caterpie on their team. Fairy and fighting and Umbreon look good doing it and if it was a battle Umbreon vs Espeon Umbreon would win.


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