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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Cheats for Nintendo DS

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Eevee-lutions QuestAdded 29 Jul 2013, ID #18007
Murph has a Quest or a Ranger Contest to bring all seven evolutions of Eevee . (It is not really a contest for Rangers, it's just a pain in the neck only for you.)
This is my order:

Leafeon is in fields of Vien Forest . Go where Blastoise (WITH A FLOATZAL) is and go on your Floatzal. Go Left. There should be two stops. IDK which one but I lean towards the one that is further.

Vaporeon is in Almia Castle . When you go to the 'dining room' Go to the right. Go on the path where you'll get Ninetails. But the room before has Vaporeon. It'll charge at you, be aware. :D

Glaceon is near Almia Castle . You have to capture an Empoleon to get it. Go to the exit of Almia Castle and ride Empoleon. When you go down, go to the first left and go back up. There should be Glaceon near an Empoleon.

Espeon is in Hippowdon Temple Go in to the room FILLED with arrows. There should be a room to the farthest right and only Espeon should be in there.

Umbreon is in Chroma Ruins Go to floor where there are 2-3 Driflim passages. Go to the one on the right where there should be a door that need Phy Power. Near the door should be Umbreon.

Flareon is in Volcano Cave But the passage on the right. Get a Torkaol and ride upwards. Go all the way up and there will be a place where only Flareon and Torkoal is.

Jolteon is in the path between Haruba Village and Hippowdon Temple . Go to the left of the Ranger Center and go up. There should be Jolteon, charging at you. :D I prefer getting Jolteon last because you don't need another Pokémon to get it like Flareon or Umbreon. Also, it's really close and not far away from a town/village.

Take the boat to Pueltown and run the rest of the way to the Ranger Union . There, report back to Murph . In reality, yelling "WHY?!"
Thanks, and comment below if this helps you at all.


A Really Easy WayAdded 7 Jan 2012, ID #16626
The Best Way For Alot Of People Is Using Snover, Or Any Other Ice Poke assist, Snover Only, Freeze the boss Pokemon after a couple of of circles flick the snow ball at the boss Pokemon and repeat. After time has ended you should have the partner Pokemon bar should be filled then repeat.
Fight Darkri AgainAdded 17 Feb 2010, ID #13200
When you have completed the game return to the top of Alturi tower and you will find a man there. Talk to him and you will be able to fight Darkri again but after you have fought him you will lose ALL your Pokemon.
CelebiAdded 28 Jun 2009, ID #11785
If you complete all of the quests, there's a special quest, Quest 54, that lets you capture Celebi. You'll need Doudo, and a few fire, ice, flying, ghost, and dark pokemon. Talk to Ollie's Mom to accept it.
partner pokemonAdded 25 Feb 2009, ID #10395
This is where to get these partner pokemon... But you have to get them on quests...

Snowver- in the volcano, boyleland- quest
Pacarisu- school, by vein town- quest
Sneasel- lmia castle, hia valley- quest
Cranidos- vein forest- quest
Starly- hipodawn temple- quest
Shieldon- on peril cliffs- quest
Gible- in the volcan, boyleland- quest
Piplup- hia vally- quest
Hipopotas- in the hip9odawn temple- quest
Chimchar- croma ruins- quest
Turtwig- on breeze hill- quest
Mime jr.- you make friends with it in the cardo ship- catch it on a quest
Machop- peril cliffs- quest
Kricketot- in the partner farm- sister asks you for help saying there is a ghost hat.
Misdreavus- at the chroma ruins- quest
RANGER NETAdded 25 Jan 2009, ID #10134
Go to EB Games in Melbounre Centrel or Shouthland and use ranger net and seek new misions and then you will have new missions.
Unlock the Capture ArenaAdded 4 Dec 2008, ID #9731
When you have beaten the main storyline you will be able to ride Wailord from Haruba Village to Capture Arena.

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