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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

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Unlocking the Capture area and info on re-battling Darkrai can be found here.

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Unlock the Capture Arena

When you have beaten the main storyline you will be able to ride Wailord from Haruba Village to Capture Arena.

partner pokemon

This is where to get these partner pokemon... But you have to get them on quests...
Snowver- in the volcano, boyleland- quest
Pacarisu- school, by vein town- quest
Sneasel- lmia castle, hia valley- quest
Cranidos- vein forest- quest
Starly- hipodawn temple- quest
Shieldon- on peril cliffs- quest
Gible- in the volcan, boyleland- quest
Piplup- hia vally- quest
Hipopotas- in the hip9odawn temple- quest
Chimchar- croma ruins- quest
Turtwig- on breeze hill- quest
Mime jr.- you make friends with it in the cardo ship- catch it on a quest
Machop- peril cliffs- quest
Kricketot- in the partner farm- sister asks you for help saying there is a ghost hat.
Misdreavus- at the chroma ruins- quest

Fight Darkri Again

When you have completed the game return to the top of Alturi tower and you will find a man there. Talk to him and you will be able to fight Darkri again but after you have fought him you will lose ALL your Pokemon.


If you complete all of the quests, there's a special quest, Quest 54, that lets you capture Celebi. You'll need Doudo, and a few fire, ice, flying, ghost, and dark pokemon. Talk to Ollie's Mom to accept it.

After you beat the Game and nothing to do.

O.K you have done everything all the Wi-Fi events and caught regigigas and celibie and bored so much you are about to throw it away ,and you just can't level up your styler unless you leveled it up to the last level then you got to do somthing this is just a fun game I made but can't post so after you beat the whole game this is what you do

Mission Last!
Catch Frosglass no Poke-Assist
Find Prof.Hastings Diary thing at the school rread it.
Catch Regice
(thid is riddle so try to catch the Pokemon and comment on the pokemon then i'll say if it is right) Sharp beak of the clouds it dances with joy and it sways my dragon type pokemon is)

where to find certain pokemon that are hard to find

No.1 probopass is in the croma ruins behind a sealed door you need psy power 1v.3 or higher to get to him.
No.2 kriketune in the vien forest you need a floatzel and go to the far left side of the vien forest use floatzel's ability to swim down the river he will be among other Pokemon such as forretress and other Pokemon that are kind of hard to get to.
No.3 lickilicky he is on the cargo ship in the room where you go to see kincaid and after the ship crashes into the school's pier.

secret cave

its in vein forest.

Celebi Quest

To get the Celebi you must take all the quests and so go to ollie`s mom and go to vien forest and go to ollie that stand inn the forest and swim to the bridge where the waterfall is an go after Celebi you must have an doduo.

A Really Easy Way

The Best Way For Alot Of People Is Using Snover, Or Any Other Ice Poke assist, Snover Only, Freeze the boss Pokemon after a couple of of circles flick the snow ball at the boss Pokemon and repeat. After time has ended you should have the partner Pokemon bar should be filled then repeat.

Extreme Help for Capture arena people

Toxicroak-Preety easy just try to circle around the poison blobs instead of next to them.
Lucario-When he gets super fast it gets hard right(wrong) when he gets super fast you have more of a advantange do to him staying in one spot for the time he is in speed form.
Heatran-Tough for beginners,but beatable all you have to do is to watch out for the lava puddles.
Cresslia-Medium she is tough at but just follow her movements to see how she is going to throw the next attack simple.
The 3 and 4th generation eevee forms- get leafeon first then glaceon then umbereon since umbereon cannot make puddles or set stuff on the ground
Yamega and Gliscor-Get yamega then carfully figure gliscor's plan to catch him
4 weavile and drapion- Re..

Approaching Pokemon causing field damage

To approach Pokemon that charges towards you with an attack, simply provoke it by go going near it, dodge it's attack, then approach it from behind. I have never seen a Pokemon that can attack too soon after it's first fail attempt.
To approach slime-leaving Pokemon, you have to either be quick to approach it before it makes a move, or approach it from the front, or wait till it stand still.

King of Kingdra

Do want a kingdra go to the sea of wailord and where you fought the Team Dim Sun grunt there will be a Kingdra this will helpmif you like to go underwater

5 Elusive Pokemon!!!

Here is a helpful hint for all of you who are struggling with completing your browser. In my opinion, the five Pokemon that are the most elusive are Ninjask, Lickilicky, Porygon-Z, Flygon, and Glaceon. These Pokemon, with the exception of Glaceon, are not needed in any quests, making them the hardest to find. Here is the location of each of them:

Ninjask- Chroma Road, hiding in the second tree that requires Tackle 1. This is in the area where Giarrafarig are found, (hint hint...Tackle 2) and is before the old man that tells you that the Chroma Highlands are north.

Lickilicky- Cargo Ship, in the room where Mr. Kincaid was originally residing. Barlow "Target Clears" the door and he bashes his way into Kincaid's room. This is where Lickilicky can be f..

Masterful Capture (How to get and catch Regigigas)

First of all you need allof the Pokemon on the Browser and All complete quest then get Regice Registeel and Regirock then go to Hippowdon temple where the sliding Rooms are go to the middle and get warped.
Catch Regigigas- First get a lot of steel type pokemon including Bronzor Bronzong Scizor and registeel try to get the Pokemon that can have a longer steel type Pokemon assist. O.K now just make sure you have at least 3 steel type Pokemon so just if you run out of time you don't have to use something sucky just stay calm and by the time you know it you caught Regigigas ( In this note: Regigas cannot follow you around but you can fight as many timese as you want)

Eevee-lutions Quest

Murph has a Quest or a Ranger Contest to bring all seven evolutions of Eevee . (It is not really a contest for Rangers, it's just a pain in the neck only for you.)
This is my order:
Leafeon is in fields of Vien Forest . Go where Blastoise (WITH A FLOATZAL) is and go on your Floatzal. Go Left. There should be two stops. IDK which one but I lean towards the one that is further.
Vaporeon is in Almia Castle . When you go to the 'dining room' Go to the right. Go on the path where you'll get Ninetails. But the room before has Vaporeon. It'll charge at you, be aware. :D
Glaceon is near Almia Castle . ..

Game Cheats

Be very careful with your game cheats. To help me capture Regigigas, I put infinite styler energy, and when I turned it on the game corrupted and I have to start all over again.

i dunno about this but...

This might help...
U can capture regigigas once the ranger browser is complete and you can keep it for as long as you want!!!!!


Go to EB Games in Melbounre Centrel or Shouthland and use ranger net and seek new misions and then you will have new missions.

Where To Catch Rotom In Platinum

To catch Rotom in Platinum one of your Pokemon needs to know the move cut.After you beat eterna cities gym go into eterna forest you will find the gym leader.Then talk to her and she will leave,then use the move cut and go in the old cheatou like in the show and find the tv and click a on the tv then there he is.GOOD LUCK!!!

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