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Pokemon Platinum

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OP ARCEUS FOR POKEMON PLATINUM Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum


Print this gorganhoul posted:


This code gives an op Arceus with unlimited stats. It will replace the first Pokemon of your party. L+R to activate. This has been my first code from pokesav platinum (
And it surprisingly works. One thing I forgot to mention is it won't obey until you have a higher rank/badge. Hope you enjoy this code! Sorry if it is too long.

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Region: UK/Europe | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
000000B4 CC1E34C3
000000B8 6C400000
000000BC 2A751B82
000000C0 71C47C51
000000C4 CFC28031
000000C8 F97503DF
000000CC AE267910
000000D0 63E6D1AA
000000D4 1AF00B97
000000D8 CFBB396D
000000DC 630B8A51
000000E0 FA66E2A4
000000E4 18001265
000000E8 5CF0BF28
000000EC 254AB0C7
000000F0 C6C6BABE
000000F4 CDF52328
000000F8 5955F4AF
000000FC 83E08692
00000100 06B5925A
00000104 6B6AC53F
00000108 2D92453F
0000010C 3447DA4D
00000110 8028FC36
00000114 E1F3C26D
00000118 D56F7C9C
0000011C 9D8B3AF8
00000120 36BC2E09
00000124 681E1038
00000128 25BCC362
0000012C 326EEE00
00000130 5D22DE78
00000134 FF4C9907
00000138 66EB1EA6
0000013C F7056EC2
00000140 43CD15A6
00000144 C1C4DE52
00000148 405E75E7
0000014C 14591312
00000150 614B9884
00000154 CA71C589
00000158 3B793D1D
0000015C 52598181
00000160 80EEBD57
00000164 7380C856
00000168 A35E3274
0000016C 7365ED66
00000170 9D6F72A2
00000174 62FA944A
00000178 B08B91A4
0000017C 82971C16
00000180 2BF7C7B2
00000184 F1327ADE
00000188 9124E29E
0000018C 1ACD4D7C
00000190 A945A537
00000194 9A2E1F90
00000198 6021B8F1
0000019C 81D52FC8
2000005C 00000001
0000B4D4 00000000
0000B4D8 00000000
0000B4DC 00000000
0000B4E0 00000000
0000B4E4 00000000
0000B4E8 00000000
0000B4EC 00000000
0000B4F0 00000000
0000B4F4 00000000
0000B4F8 00000000
0000B4FC 00000000
0000B500 00000000
0000B504 00000000
0000B508 00000000
0000B50C 00000000
0000B510 00000000
0000B514 00000000
0000B518 00000000
0000B51C 00000000
0000B520 00000000
0000B524 00000000
0000B528 00000000
0000B52C 00000000
0000B530 00000000
0000B534 00000000
0000B538 00000000
0000B53C 00000000
0000B540 00000000
0000B544 00000000
0000B548 00000000
0000B54C 00000000
0000B550 00000000
0000B554 00000000
0000B558 00000000
0000B55C 00000000
0000B560 00000000
0000B564 00000000
0000B568 00000000
0000B56C 00000000
0000B570 00000000
0000B574 00000000
0000B578 00000000
0000B57C 00000000
0000B580 00000000
0000B584 00000000
0000B588 00000000
0000B58C 00000000
0000B590 00000000
0000B594 00000000
0000B598 00000000
0000B59C 00000000
0000B5A0 00000000
0000B5A4 00000000
0000B5A8 00000000
0000B5AC 00000000
0000B5B0 00000000
0000B5B4 00000000
0000B5B8 00000000
0000B5BC 00000000
0000B5C0 00000000
0000B5C4 00000000
0000B5C8 00000000
0000B5CC 00000000
0000B5D0 C0000000
0000B5D4 00000001
0000B5D8 00000000
0000B5DC 00000000
0000B5E0 00000000
0000B5E4 00000000
0000B5E8 00000000
0000B5EC 00000000
0000B5F0 00000000
0000B5F4 00000000
0000B5F8 00000000
0000B5FC 00000000
0000B600 00000000
0000B604 00000000
0000B608 00000000
0000B60C 00000000
0000B610 00000000
0000B614 00000000
0000B618 00000000
0000B61C 00000000
0000B620 00000000
0000B624 00000000
0000B628 00000000
0000B62C 00000000
0000B630 00000000
0000B634 00000000
0000B638 00000000
0000B63C 00000000
0000B640 00000000
0000B644 00000000
0000B648 00000000
0000B64C 00000000
0000B650 00000000
0000B654 00000000
0000B658 00000000
0000B65C 00000000
0000B660 00000000
0000B664 00000000
0000B668 00000000
0000B66C 00000000
0000B670 00000000
0000B674 00000000
0000B678 00000000
0000B67C 00000000
0000B680 00000000
0000B684 00000000
0000B688 00000000
0000B68C 00000000
0000B690 00000000
0000B694 00000000
0000B698 00000000
0000B69C 00000000
0000B6A0 00000000
0000B6A4 00000000
0000B6A8 00000000
0000B6AC 00000000
0000B6B0 00000000
0000B6B4 00000000
0000B6B8 00000000
0000B6BC 00000000
0000B6C0 00000000
0000B6C4 00000000
0000B6C8 00000000
0000B6CC 00000000
0000B6D0 00000000
0000B6D4 00000000
0000BDF4 00000001
0000BDF8 00000000
0000BDFC 1A4CE295
0000BE00 77310000
0000BE04 C151C4AB
0000BE08 C6955C11
0000BE10 57082D92
0000BE14 DC73B7F0
0000BE18 E7F8C6EF
0000BE1C 00C4D0B5
0000BE20 39804370
0000BE24 9391F2F4
0000BE28 5531E904
0000BE2C C35A0A96
0000BE30 3297DEDC
0000BE34 9AB342F1
0000BE38 8600B5C5
0000BE3C 433251DB
0000BE40 2C830F01
0000BE44 F98DE3FB
0000BE48 24481D7B
0000BE4C 770DBAED
0000BE50 5EBCF101
0000BE54 22FC9986
0000BE58 4FEF3845
0000BE5C 80C5BB97
0000BE60 8ACF84C1
0000BE64 5CF04D61
0000BE68 BC51DDEE
0000BE6C D43DBD26
0000BE70 25417157
0000BE74 950B6F79
0000BE78 607C2271
0000BE7C 6AEFA20D
0000BE80 8168FE53
0000BE84 3F9FB404
0000BE88 EAB083F2
0000BE8C 1FA1B902
0000BE90 DAC54095
0000BE94 20D0D3E3
0000BE98 C9A8ADD8
0000BE9C C175E5FC
0000BEA0 7AC0B958
0000BEA4 7D91387D
0000BEA8 B2F04A0F
0000BEAC 1134C38C
0000BEB0 F509161C
0000BEB4 8C0FC3B1
0000BEB8 918010C5
0000BEBC 0A474173
0000BEC0 FD61B4BF
0000BEC4 268B6F43
0000BEC8 A483AEAC
0000BECC 79680199
0000BED4 B9DBE55C
0000BED8 51D85177
0000BEDC 5327F887
0000BEE0 F3059F72
0000BEE4 83E9A908
0000BEE8 00000000
0000BEEC 00000000
0000BEF0 00000000
0000BEF4 00000000
0000BEF8 00E200E2
0000BEFC 00E200E2
0000BF00 00E200E2
0000BF04 00E200E2
0000BF08 00E200E2
0000BF0C 00E200E2
0000BF10 00E200E2
0000BF14 00E200E2
0000BF18 00E200E2
0000BF1C 00E200E2
0000BF20 00E200E2
0000BF24 00E200E2
0000BF28 00E200E2
0000BF2C 00E200E2
0000BF30 00E200E2
0000BF34 00E200E2
0000BF38 00E200E2
0000BF3C FFFF00E2
0000BF40 00000000
0000BF44 00000001
0000BF48 00E200E2
0000BF4C 00E200E2
0000BF50 00E200E2
0000BF54 00E200E2
0000BF58 00E200E2
0000BF5C 00E200E2
0000BF60 00E200E2
0000BF64 00E200E2
0000BF68 00E200E2
0000BF6C 00E200E2
0000BF70 00E200E2
0000BF74 00E200E2
0000BF78 00E200E2
0000BF7C 00E200E2
0000BF80 00E200E2
0000BF84 00E200E2
0000BF88 00E200E2
0000BF8C 00E200E2
0000BF90 00E200E2
0000BF94 00E200E2
0000BF98 00E200E2
0000BF9C 00E200E2
0000BFA0 00E200E2
0000BFA4 00E200E2
0000BFA8 00E200E2
0000BFAC 00E200E2
0000BFB0 00E200E2
0000BFB4 00E200E2
0000BFB8 00E200E2
0000BFBC 00E200E2
0000BFC0 00E200E2
0000BFC4 00E200E2
0000BFC8 00E200E2
0000BFCC 00E200E2
0000BFD0 00E200E2
0000BFD4 00E200E2
0000BFD8 00E200E2
0000BFDC 00E200E2
0000BFE0 00E200E2
0000BFE4 00E200E2
0000BFE8 00E200E2
0000BFEC 00E200E2
0000BFF0 00E200E2
0000BFF4 00E200E2
0000BFF8 00E200E2
0000BFFC 00E200E2
0000C000 00E200E2
0000C004 00E200E2
0000C008 00E200E2
0000C00C 00E200E2
0000C010 00E200E2
0000C014 00E200E2
0000C018 00E200E2
0000C01C 00E200E2
0000C020 00E200E2
0000C024 00E200E2
0000C028 00E200E2
0000C02C 00E200E2
0000C030 00E200E2
0000C034 00E200E2
0000C038 00E200E2
0000C03C 00E200E2
0000C040 00E200E2
0000C044 00E200E2
0000C048 00E200E2
0000C04C 00E200E2
0000C050 00E200E2
0000C054 00E200E2
0000C058 00E200E2
0000C05C 00E200E2
0000C060 00E200E2
0000C064 00E200E2
0000C068 00E200E2
0000C06C 00E200E2
0000C070 00E200E2
0000C074 00E200E2
0000C078 00E200E2
0000C07C 00E200E2
0000C080 00E200E2
0000C084 00E200E2
0000C088 00E200E2
0000C08C 00E200E2
0000C090 00E200E2
0000C094 00E200E2
0000C098 00E200E2
0000C09C 00E200E2
0000C0A0 00E200E2
0000C0A4 00E200E2
0000C0A8 00E200E2
0000C0AC 00E200E2
0000C0B0 00E200E2
0000C0B4 00E200E2
0000C0B8 00E200E2
0000C0BC 00E200E2
0000C0C0 00E200E2
0000C0C4 00E200E2
0000C0C8 00E200E2
0000C0CC 00E200E2
0000C0D0 00E200E2
0000C0D4 00E200E2
0000C0D8 00E200E2
0000C0DC 00E200E2
0000C0E0 00E200E2
0000C0E4 00E200E2
0000C0E8 00E200E2
0000C0EC 00E200E2
0000C0F0 00E200E2
0000C0F4 00E200E2
0000C0F8 00E200E2
0000C0FC 00E200E2
0000C100 00E200E2
0000C104 00E200E2
0000C108 00E200E2
0000C10C 00E200E2
0000C110 00E200E2
0000C114 00E200E2
0000C118 00E200E2
0000C11C 00E200E2
0000C120 00E200E2
0000C124 00E200E2
0000C128 00E200E2
0000C12C 00E200E2
0000C130 00E200E2
0000C134 00E200E2
0000C138 FFFF00E2
0000C13C 00000000
0000C140 00000000
0000C144 00000000
0000C148 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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