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9 super Pokemon in box 1 of PC L R Action Replay Code for Pokemon Pearl

Print this Umbreonmaster2.0 posted:

Jul 18th 2007, ID#1194 9 super Pokemon in box 1 of PC L R

This gives you a Arceus, Darkrai (shiny), Charizard (shiny), Manaphy, Electivire, Umbreon (shiny), Absol (shiny), Pikachu (Ash's pikachu). Press L+R to activate. PokeSav generated. Tested and works. All looks legit except ID says 00000. A little messed up. Super long but works. Copy and paste.

Region: Unspecified | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E001e250 00000010
015b012b 01530157
01490151 0000ffff
1001e260 00000000
2001e520 00000016
E000c370 00000088
1479c8ca 17d00000
A8474300 2d4d05a3
D0867ff5 3b2c6a71
C2b86eb9 06b133b7
Bf647486 d20483b9
E11f5143 ad7d56a2
E6f2fb0d 1ece34f5
2f0df690 817bab56
848c1307 5671cd03
58117d4c 27eb49ea
F9aa3493 43ff9bb0
E23c86b2 9a011129
361db226 7a28910e
95962e37 f62294c2
D5d927e3 32c3298c
4c92f4c1 de53e5ea
7612027a a449ca8e
E000c3f8 00000088
Bb12bb10 288a0000
3c0a7019 845f3afc
85523983 2053af7d
443dab59 b5e5b98c
2ffe3fc7 74cf410a
F557bd38 2b56ce80
Ffeab93c 4823540a
626b6521 b071c02d
254b078b 573490ea
65937f71 9a14fd35
739f70f2 483f98e3
A2abcd3d 9a736297
1f36c3a1 0ab9be9a
Cb09d498 69b0bf11
4c1c533a 90dbaf19
5b2ca893 162569bb
00215741 67256f80
E000c480 00000088
E9fce9fe ffa60000
166e2e80 034ae2b4
B541f0c4 31ff7108
024392a8 98f70ac4
Adf4aaca bef23da8
0755a077 6bcd5a68
0186a943 ae4c1e8a
9c18db78 f0d5684d
2255417a 4377af4b
Ec25cee4 25d1ba05
1834f237 8964a041
F81df4b4 dabbf82a
279cb1d1 cc0915e1
33803579 7b9f0c34
E49c3070 3fe2ae74
28df202c ffd2f553
199ad8d7 a761536f
E000c508 00000088
706a06f6 df4d0000
19de87d9 73797e8b
8d86ea8c 33c6d360
90219cba 92268a1d
45cd75e8 ff28db9c
10b0db45 13a04435
05a80e4a 7e230669
83f97dc1 1930768c
94878676 1de23e10
3ee51578 0d03632d
3b8d45b1 3f55b007
A14ebd96 39c659fc
B306f6e8 8ce151f3
7bb41872 678e34e7
1e5ebb88 5fdc719b
9aec0053 3d8bd562
44f87bec 941c61ed
E000c590 00000088
5a8118fa de420000
1831ec60 31307cbe
9aef2571 658ef280
11870c47 cbc2b69c
64a30254 70a57af7
A54600ce 5f4fd70b
1dc39464 e4d27f71
7f3df20e 16ac0630
C77d47b8 f4d27b16
7458677f 27d87110
D0894bf4 10837f38
Ccec1ae3 41a9e09b
58bd279e 13f3a00f
3c68c194 a3b0271d
1502be2b 38182a0f
4829d437 d2d02110
Bba54210 81aeee8e
E000c618 00000088
6a0fb1fe 04110000
60b47664 1a1bd1bd
65de950d a81491f8
Be760bf5 e2ec9b4f
Ab17d10a f46c669a
5d0d3eb4 7342cf41
C578227b 28446737
E829f99a 12ce59bf
18559376 138b9276
0369ffb9 6118efd2
Ab1d0be4 dd595dca
4e582806 db6702c5
Cafeb6cd b69fdf0c
731cbdc3 0c1bfec6
55f0e48b 654cd2fc
44fbdd57 21ed6abe
24d10585 922f9bd2
E000c6a0 00000088
1df51df4 f0f60000
62761e4b 0352acc2
040721f9 2b3cd1db
72ef3b66 2924c65c
97c43234 bfb93771
Ba4b3be0 e599ee53
5a804da5 523fc782
9b4b7630 9bd6e771
66ab8d4c 0eaaf2a7
00a73649 0a3dd9e3
B54c8784 504f9e20
2921d6db 13257b28
699453ad 5e8da02c
21a8dbdf c94dae6f
93914446 dfc43913
Cecc7adc 247be9fc
8d921406 815aaa25
E000c728 00000088
13fe13fa e2df0000
005f5dd1 44bf41ad
0a9830b0 591cf683
4458a84f 54e8cd0c
61873842 cd2131f5
A4845620 50b5b170
3576d13c f64b30ea
56a762b0 afb56153
85a0a9dd 0867c576
798c4135 ac5cb141
1f785a5d ed56a426
28bf222a 5fc9d6fb
6a6021ef bd8efad2
Ff4eafab de4e5dc6
561af32f 699b1e3d
Bcb83aa8 e09880dd
73f72146 e193b915
E000c7b0 00000088
F4cecef6 c8f20000
Ee811b90 b8e505f7
4dd24d28 3dea1109
21d97257 08cf9a3e
Be07ed13 0d8d371e
0464fb3d 44669278
9f97eb98 5518671b
Ef35b92a 4d6453c7
8a8379d2 aebd2176
28baee8f c6e9ca22
E356bdd5 61164226
67ebf4eb f135d718
95f740b2 27bc3c0d
F8867b38 a8fef661
5cc05b81 e5bd542c
9b99bad6 bc1d6a3c
727658c5 98f0b353
D2000000 00000000



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