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Pokemon Heart Gold Pack Shot

Pokemon Heart Gold

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the best team ever made(not joking-they are poke gods!) Action Replay Code for Pokemon Heart Gold

Print this momoflyer6 posted:

Jul 29th 2010, ID#5968 the best team ever made(not joking-they are poke gods!)

this code replaces the 6 pokemon in your party when you push L+R. all of them are shiny, amazingly strong, lv 100, pokesav goodness.
arcanine(magic guard-no recoil damage or poison or burn damage)
aqua tail, volt tackle, flare blitz, brave bird

glaceon(no guard-attacks never miss)
sheer cold, blizzard, surf, focus blast

misdreavus(normalize-makes all attacks normal type)
skill swap(makes him untouchable), shadow force,super fang, thief

the rest are good too. theres also a forteress and charzard and gyrados, whom all have amazing stats, moves and abilities as well

I highly suggest putting in this code. its very long, so use the code manager. other than that its a really really good code.

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E00000A8 000000EC F6F912F5 80110000 22EE84E8 3E3AB87D 206AD816 232DA0D4 40ACECAB 51BBFC1E 585AFBAC 1502FDCA 84479D79 600F259F 5F40EDC4 FA60DAD8 9242E9F0 711CB28D 29A86FF2 ECF02827 8BC872D3 388F5F96 F7518D5B 3402963E B77EEDA6 15B20603 6AAFDB19 C0DA4F75 4551C164 CE10E729 21164DD1 1D773F2D 2CFB4BB3 8EB9331B F5F221F4 C58527B2 B418EA52 612B9C7C FBAA494E AC9186A3 5C19FD9D F2CF2BA4 013D182D 7E890FB9 06D0EFE2 20B1B039 6416992E 6B1F32A0 EE388A24 A7AD9174 68300FBA 752D8486 AAE479AF 3F9DA978 3A7620A9 0798B07E DCD9AA9C 2D109168 05A73172 313A0CDF 2B322FE8 00000000 E0000194 000000EC 3507D10B 2CD30000 49964BD4 7FABD6B9 60877C9B C31DC0F9 DC31DE1C 993FFC1C 35760610 7F11B173 6E4867E5 CC6D247F 31B343C9 043B372A 8425629B D600FE94 D47FFEE6 BFAA6457 2C24AF78 0F1FB28D 8225D84A 05364277 9DCC6673 AD731997 B5A0EE12 0CD865B7 1D5F0EBB 235BBCBB BF4C8E49 C16A40AC 39990FBA F11715F0 5E096136 0EE7CA71 FC696F87 B97520BF D587F58C 693D30F8 5040ED11 A5A7C79D EC8BA1CD 08C616CB F80FE80F DAA507D9 41ACB08A 5FBCBD0F B67AEB48 0D3DDF8B 300A38B5 FB68D665 E0DF2F5E 291E4C14 141D39FA 64B4A610 347F51AE EE0952B8 4E8E188D 25DB1174 8210185D 00000000 E0000280 000000EC D602320B 24820000 9CF4488C FBF541E9 743FE56D 29E7FF79 58E0434C AC8B7DD1 EB1446F8 A722DCD7 78385B1E B0018568 9429CFBD 84B7CCDB DCFC08F9 3A966921 180EBA6A 45720116 9D1EA006 7A7B6F98 06647222 416A8BE5 F113114D F2176B85 469254C1 9358FAE3 DB649EAD 67FB491E D8ED7184 D94FA7D8 931F8733 CA281224 16B10AE9 B57E63EC 037549B1 E5DD2E79 DD40BDF0 03DD989D 033A7EFD BAC41DFD 867C7925 019BCB79 D21F29A5 A2A2B96B E733097C A863DE69 8F623D83 9F20ACE3 B9CC17F6 17279A3F 77832E31 F86AF445 4B3D06BE 7B4EA8BD C044A38F DAC3E356 7CB06C87 1394A5C9 42D83E3E 00000000 E000036C 000000EC 87748708 A36E0000 134387E8 AB21A7A6 37723CCE FE432074 4271EEC4 687373E1 5806146B FEA6FBF2 FF83A458 D832232E 8086B8AC 2516EE1B 7B0E8C33 B03E86F7 A883CBB0 42046000 FAAEC1D0 A75BCB44 AFE5E9D2 4CEFA441 27DC477C 380D4276 E7776496 5AB4AA9B 605D0A59 89DF261C 68548F5A 97440D14 2591E5CD 5D2A7095 11D3D4C6 B18D6C47 1494A5F2 9A7D9982 DF83DCEF 6968EA9C 711906D6 B7FDCBC1 4642CA91 846F124A 4843FA74 91366796 BBB8CD62 DBC90ECC F1C4C9B0 EA89EAA7 647A673D 14DEFFAE F5A3BEC6 299FE5A7 55BDDA78 17B7DC4D D7477BC7 7D047740 323B6A7D 3F82153C FBDCA115 00000000 E0000458 000000EC D10FD10D 88EA0000 3540785C 3690900E 98F19E0E 5B20EB98 AEAB913C FB2AC4EA E29F6306 F1585765 01798C13 4A6FAEAB 51129EF3 29CC04DE CFC95A1B 7C66A7B3 7999A91F D02C1730 58539E0A 54C6AF78 9D2374CE 29E0E6EE DFEFE773 7F202DD3 42A7AD12 C586B822 799EE7BF 2AD3C377 72D6AA78 5F9025B5 E44E6331 8E0FD37D 7DBBDD98 CEAD2B04 50F7D27C E9ED531A F83138D3 1C270D87 9EFC708F 93963BF5 2B4FFF76 75B76EF7 01E43899 9EEF410A 26599AFE 5FF4A724 5F5597BD 8E1DAB39 BBA7E387 51CD5C01 07E3B60E 6829F4FD 09309BA3 CC1082BA 9160BD1F FA4C8757 C041C207 45046345 0632B0EA 00000000 E0000544 000000EC F9F1F9F7 7E9F0000 D54E75E9 3B780241 EAB749CF B74755EB 97ACFAC5 5448B7B3 D1B63347 6D2083B8 078AB5CF C0D11C2B 828E655A 4C0E5568 FE13E138 48C9F397 57C91153 3CDF0044 48E8C3D3 5440B211 B3A6ED8D BB6AB27C F22BB0B3 E9BA8E0E BBCCF948 91FD7ABB 8B2B039B 387F10AE 84027C88 36013197 09CC77B6 4D476A25 F8641203 3874ACF7 5A6A323B 52E04BD7 A10B1DE1 ED465359 7A8C6FEA C52AD42A D77A3AAB 0FF33BCC 4897B4AE 15D7D85C 46DF2A5A 635E8436 ACF63882 07F56FE3 6E079113 FF01F307 B6F8D09D 1637877D EEDF2811 E52B52C0 4AB3DECC AA26E18C E846F0D4 203BF9C4 A4724D60 00000000 D2000000 00000000


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5 comments, latest first.
May 14th 2013 Garchomp27
it works perfectly, get weak pokemon put them in your slots then press L and R go through an opening Pokemon Center for an example and there you go it works.
ID #282737
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
ID #59749
Jan 17th 2011 Guest
What code manager
ID #25858
Oct 28th 2010 Blackdrago247
when do i press the buttons
ID #16572
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
Messed uup mmy game don try this
ID #9798
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