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Good Team to fight Red hint for Pokemon Heart Gold

Good Team to fight Red

Most people go crazy training to fight red, when if you've got some tough Pokemon in Fire red, leaf green, or any other GBA game, he's a breeze. Just migrate high level (mid 80's to 100) Pokemon of the following types: Ground, Rock, fire fighting, thunder and one Pokemon with a variety of types. What makes this easier, is if you've got a gameshark, because you can get (if you look up the codes) a level 100 shiny groudon what knows solar beam, eruption, volt tackle, and water spout. My team was:

Level 100 Marowak, (100) salamence, (100) groudon like mentioned above, 100 sceptile, (70) meganium, and (100) mewtwo. I recomend loading up on stat changing stuff like iron, but if you've got a gameshark, you're pretty safe.

*EDIT: Ok, so i see that he isn't that hard. A pretty good team (not gameshark): lvl 60 typhlosion, 54 snorlax, 45 feraligatr, 50 ho-oh, and some other tough pokemon
Edited: Mar 31 2011

Added by: argos12
Apr 7th 2010, ID#13472


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Dec 28th 2014 Guest
Mewtwo is faster and can insta-kill Pikachu
Keep using Psychic until Mewtwo faints (The other moves are useful to poke as well)
Then send out other Pokemon to take attacks while you revive and heal Mewtwo (If possible, poke the tanks like Lapras and Snorlax with powerful moves like Eruption, Aeroblast, and Thunder)
Then when throwaway faints, send Mewtwo out again and start blasting with Psychic again. Repeat until you beat him.

From: The guy with Typhlosion, Poliwrath, Jolteon, Scizor, Mewtwo, and Lugia
ID #491510
Dec 28th 2014 Guest
I had:
Typhlosion 67 with Eruption, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, and SolarBeam
Poliwrath 53 with Focus Blast, Surf, Ice Beam, and Hypnosis
Jolteon 53 with Thunder, Last Resort, Thunder Fang, and Double Kick
Scizor 59 with X-Scissor, Iron Head, Strength, and Bullet Punch
Mewtwo 72 with Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, and Rock Climb
Lugia 71 with Aeroblast, Waterfall, Ancient Power, and Fly
ID #491501
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
Red is strong so stack up on every useful items but he is very strong leading off with pikachu
ID #395823
Feb 7th 2014 Guest
My team was

Lugia lv.75
Piloswine lv. 60
Snorlax lv. 54
Lucario lv.37
After this it is just lv. 20's

And I lost like crazy.
ID #352766
Jan 18th 2014 Guest
ID #345306
Nov 24th 2013 Guest
Lets not have [i][/i] too much lv 1000's I used a level 87 blastoise and charizard level 84 and won WAY too easy
ID #321663
Oct 5th 2013 Guest
I used - Politoed lvl 69, Typhlosion lvl 100, Snorlax lvl 57, Raichu lvl 100, Dragonite lvl 100.
ID #312672
Jul 4th 2013 Guest
i have a


ID #295011
May 28th 2013 Guest
not meaning to brag but i used

93 mewtwo
me first,drain punch,aerial ace,psychic

93 lugia
aeroblast,calm mind,blizzard,recover

93 dragonite
outrage,draco meteor,blizzard,fire blast

93 togekiss
solarbeam,silver wind,sky attack,aura sphere

100 ho-oh
overheat,fire blast,solarbeam,sky attack

100 typhlosion
eruption,blast burn,rock climb,focus blast

on a scale from 1 to 10,how good was my team?
ID #286042
Mar 26th 2013 Sniviner
I used:

Level 86 Tyranitar
Earthquake, Payback, Stone Edge, Strength

Level 92 Dragonite
Outrage, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Fly

Level 100 Typhlosion
Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Blast Burn, Rock Climb

Level 92 Raichu(you heard me right!)
Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Focus Blast

Level 87 Sceptile
Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Rock Tomb

Level 87 Vaporeon
Surf, Ice Beam, Brine, Blizzard

I trained like a mad man to get to these levels. The way I did it is that I got Erika's phone number and set my DS on Sunday morning. When I kept beating her with Typhlosion's Flamethrower, I kept on calling her over and over until my Pokemon got to these levels.
ID #267383
Dec 29th 2012 vibes2012
I Just Made some Pokesav Files to match RED's Team exactly for the action Replay for HG/SS. Message me if you're interested, but it should be on the AR Codes section here soon if it isn't Already.
ID #231118
Dec 8th 2012 Guest
ARCEUS: EVENT NOT AVADIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #216657
Nov 11th 2012 OhMyArceus
I beat Red with Arceus Level 100(Traded with Hacker)Level 82 Quagsire,Level 100 Groudon Level 35 Spheal (I didnt actually use it just tranining it)Level 100 Darkrai and finally Level 100 Latios
ID #207667
Nov 1st 2012 Guest
he's good
ID #203872
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
I beat him with lvl 100 arceous,NO CHEATS I TRADED WITH MY FRIEND!!

ID #199213
Aug 10th 2012 Guest
I beat red useing a lv 100 kyogre eathqake, ice beam, surf, and sheer cold and a pika chu that's a lv 15 qiuck attack, thundershock, growl( don't use him but you cuold lv him up)
ID #174347
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
i beat red with pikachu lv55 feraligatr lv78 lugia lv79 entei lv56 dragonair lv44 suicune lv41
ID #173171
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
I beat him so many times he's not there anymore!
ID #159829
Jun 26th 2012 Tabitha1010
how do you get two pokemon from professer
ID #157108
Jun 22nd 2012 mikehale
I beat him with a tyranitar for his pikachu and for the rest of his team, a red gyrados dragon dancing all the way.
ID #155746
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
I beat him with tyranitar for pikachu and for the rest of his team, a red gyrados dragon dancing all the way.
ID #155745
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
I beat red with Chuck Norris.
ID #151305
Jun 10th 2012 Guest

I've beaten Red several times and I never really had any problems with him. All of these pokemon and their movesets are accessible in this game and do not require any cheats or trades, just alot of time and patience.

Charizard-(100): Flamethrower, Steel Wing, Counter, Dragon Pulse

Dragonite-(100): Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Thunder Punch, Ice Beam

Snorlax-(87): Giga Impact, Solarbeam, Crunch, Body Slam

Pikachu-(94): Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack

Feraligatr-(92): Hydro Pump, Superpower, Ice Fang, Rock Climb

Steelix-(87): Iron Tail, Double Edge, Stone Edge, Earthquake

At first when you fight Red, Charizard is unavailable to you (until you beat Red the first time). So at first I used:

Ho-oh-(84): Sacred Fire, Extrasensory, Fly, Thunder

This team was very hard to put together and it took quite some time. When I first beat Red I had already taken up 347 hours!!!! Yeah, that's a whole lot of time. Training each of these pokemon was definitely a challenge but turned out to be fun. Trust me, this is a winning team that I sat and planned out for weeks. My strategies worked and I'm glad that I can share them with someone else. First, If you want a strong Charizard then teach it a steel type move. If you haven't noticed, Charizard is extremely weak against rock types. Because of the "Stone Edge Charizard" theory, people have pushed him to the side and pulled out a Blaziken, or Typhlosion. Well, don't push him away just because of one flaw. Overcome that weakness and teach it a steel type move. No one ever suspects it. His Flamethrower is extremely strong and can KO Red's Venusaur easily. He can also hold his own against Red's Snorlax with Counter. I chose to use Dragonite because it's really hard to get a Garchomp without trading one over. Dragonite's Draco Meteor is an instant KO towards any pokemon with a low special defense stat such as Pikachu or Lapras. His Ice Beam can take out Venusaur, and His Thunder Punch can take out Blastoise and Lapras. Watch out for Blizzard because it can KO Dragonite easily. Snorlax is great to have because of his ability to weaken Ice and Fire attacks. His Solarbeam can potentially KO Blastoise, Crunch can handle Red's Snorlax, Giga Impact can KO Pikachu, and Body Slam can possibly Paralyze any of them. Pikachu may look weak because of his size and defense, but he's not. His speed is unbelievable. Thunderbolt can KO Blastoise, Fatally wound Charizard, and KO Lapras. His Volt Tackle is insane. It can KO Blastoise, Charizard, and Lapras if used correctly. If you prefer Thunder because of the recoil damage, that's fine too. You can also use Ampharos if you prefer. Feraligatr is a must. If you don't have Feraligatr, I'm sure Meganium or Typhlosion can do well, but you will need a water type. His Hydro Pump can KO Charizard, and his Superpower can easily handle his Snorlax. Ice Fang can KO or deal alot of damage to Venusaur as well. Last but not least Steelix. His incredibly high defense repels any physical attack aimed at him though his speed does lack some help. Stone Edge will KO Charizard and even possibly Venusaur. Iron Tail can probably fatally wound Lapras and maybe Snorlax. Earthquake can KO Venusaur, Pikachu, and can hurt Lapras and Blastoise a little.

If you need Steel Wing for Charizard or your own Pokemon, it's right outside of the house next to Mt. Silver. Clair will give you Dragon Pulse for beating her gym. If you want Counter, then find a Slakoth on Route 25 and level it up until it learns Counter then breed it with a Rhyhorn at the day-care (make sure the Rhyhorn is a female). Baby Rhyhorn should learn Counter, and then breed that with your Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard(Baby Rhyhorn must be male). If you want Thunder Punch for Dragonite, you will need a heart scale. Go to the Move Rememberer in Blackthorn city and it should be in Dragonite's move list. The old lady sitting by the table in that same house with the Move Rememberer will teach it Draco Meteor if you two (You and Dragonite) have a strong bond. If you want a Volt Tackle Pikachu then you will need to catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest that has a light ball. Breed the Pikachu holding the light ball with a normal Pikachu and the offspring should learn Volt Tackle when hatched. If you want Iron tail then you need to keep the TM that was given to you or you need to find a Smeargle. Use Smeargle when fighting a wild Onix or Steelix and try to time Sketch correctly after they use Iron Tail. If done correctly, Smeargle will Sketch out Iron Tail and learn it as a new move. Then breed Pikachu (which must be female) and Smeargle (Which must be male) and the offspring should know Iron Tail. If you want both moves (Iron Tail and Volt Tackle), take the Pikachu that knows Iron Tail and give it the light ball. Breed it with another Pikachu and the offspring should learn both moves. That's pretty much it for moves. If you want a Steelix, go to Cliff Cave and be patient. It's only a 10% chance of finding a wild one, so it's going to take some time.

When I was training my pokemon, I was training them individually and I would usually level one up 30 levels, and then train another one. I stocked up on Carbos, Calcium, Zinc, Protein and Iron so if one of my Pokemon needed extra base points, I would use them. I'm an EV trainer, so I don't particularly like using Rare Candies, but it is a faster way of leveling up your pokemon, so if you want, you can use some of them (P.S. If you use too many Rare Candies on your pokemon, it will grow weaker than the average pokemon.) If you need a good place to train, go to Mt. Silver or Victory Road. Each of the Pokemon give you anywhere from 600 to 2000 exp. I would recommend catching a Chansey because they can sometimes carry lucky eggs. Finding one is difficult and I believe they can only be found on Route 15. It's only a 1% chance of finding one, but if you do and it's carrying a lucky egg, then it's your lucky day. The Lucky Egg multiplies the amount of experience you get by almost 3x. I would carry some ultra balls before I go looking for a Chansey because they can be hard to catch.

Trust me, it's not easy training your pokemon without cheating or trading, but I did it and look at my team, it's unstoppable. If you want to copy my team or model your own after mine, then so be it. You'll see what I'm talking about. If you want a good team than it will take a whole lot of time and effort as you can see. I hope my advice was a lot of help and If you need extra advice, go to It'll tell you everything and anything you need to know about Pokemon like where you can find a certain item or where you can find a certain Pokemon. It was a lot of help for me.Anyways, good luck with your training and discovering your perfect team. I will continue to experiment with new Pokemon Teams and new strategies for beating Red. Thanks -Bryan1996
ID #151299
Jun 4th 2012 Guest
My Pokemon are Meganium (Lv.56) Snorlax (Lv.54)
Alakazam (Lv.52) Ho-oh (Lv.52) Tentacruel (Lv.51) Togekiss (Lv.51). Do you think I could POSSIBLY beat Red?
ID #148832
Jun 2nd 2012 Guest
I defeated red with my dialga level 100 and my blaziken level 71 easy.
ID #148176
May 24th 2012 Guest
[color=blue][/color] beat him with a feraligtr lv80 dragonite lv70 charizard lv40 spiritumb lv75 tyranitar lv68 snorlaxlv60
ID #145041
May 16th 2012 Guest
nah....i beat him with pikachu lvl.88 lapras lvl.80
snorlax lvl.82 venusaur lvl.84 charizard lvl.84
and blastoise lvl.84
ID #142722
May 5th 2012 Guest
I beat him with a:
Lv:69 Feraligatr
Lv:67 Victreebel
Lv:67 Crobat
Lv:68 Ampharos
Lv:65 Arcanine
Lv:52 Donphan

P.S I didnt use Donphan in the battle
ID #139516
Apr 13th 2012 Guest
Off topic, but i deafeted both the elite four and whats his face and red with only one try each. (Lance and the elite four took about 35 min.) Ps i am only nine and a girl hehe!!!!!!!!!!
ID #133010
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
I beat him with a level 95 feraligatr
ID #130595
Mar 26th 2012 Guest

ID #126458
Mar 26th 2012 Guest







ID #126456
Mar 12th 2012 GenOneWillAlwaysBeTheBest
I totally beat him with no one over level 55:

55 Shuckle- Rock Smash, Rollout, Rest, Safeguard, holding quick claw to strike first [lol]
54 Heracross- Megahorn, Earthquake, Endure, Reversal
holding Focus Band
54 Ampharous- Strength, Flash, T-punch, T-shock
holding Amulet Coin
53 Seadra- Hydro pump, Surf, Dragonbreath, Icy Wind
holding Dragon Fang
54 Jynx- Ice punch, Lovely kiss, Dream Eater, Psychic
holding Nevermeltice
53 Typhlosion- Fire punch, Flame Wheel, Dig, Cut
holding Kings Rock.

my heracross ko'd pikachu in one hit with earthquake
my jynx put espeon to sleep and ate his dream.
Heracross earthquaked and reversal'd snorlax to death
Typhlosion disposed of venusaur with firepunch/dig
My shuckle and seadra beat charizard
Ampharous showed Blastoise the light with 2 thunderpunches.

there you have it. SIMPLE. and no cheating! screw cheaters.
ID #122622
Feb 29th 2012 p o k e m o n
ID #119255
Feb 29th 2012 p o k e m o n
ID #119253
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
i beart him with lv 69 agrron
ID #97782
Dec 10th 2011 Guest
i hvnt got to him yet but im planning to use probably only 2 pokemon, ive beat 1 gym in the kanto and these are my main pokemon so far:
typhlosion (lv.55):
lava plume
lapras (lv.56 (egg from my platinum game)):
ice beam
dragon pulse (im not sure but he does have a dragon type move)
tell me if im missing anything important
ID #94080
Dec 7th 2011 Guest
i got 4 arceau's lol
ID #93321
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
I did it my using-
Dewgong Lv. 35 Seafoam Islands Ice Beam Blizzard Avalanche Sheer Cold Feraligatr Lv. 99 Starter Surf Whirlpool Hydro Cannon Rock Climb Meganium Lv. 99 GTS Razor Leaf Magical Leaf Bullet Seed Rock Climb Gothitelle Lv. 31 Poke Transfer (I really havent summaried it or battled with it anyway) Mewtwo Lv. 75 Cerulean Cave (have not battled or summaried) Tell me yours.
ID #90800
Nov 15th 2011 Guest
I beat red with

Sycther lv 98 false swipe pursuit leer held item everstone
Feralligatr lv 99 hydro cannon surf whirlpool waterfall held item amulet coin swampert lv 99 hydro cannon whirlpool waterfall surf held item lucky egg ps i was the one who talked about the haunter and pidgeotto thingie.
ID #87606
Aug 25th 2011 Guest
i beat red
with lv 72 charizard\venusaur\blastoise\mewtwo
ID #70127
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
I beat red with a typhlosion level 100, (i hadn't even HEARD of action replay until i got raquaza and finished the game) Mewtwo level 79, granbull level 97, Pidgeot (Shiny) level 39, Shuckle level 89, and an arceus (pokemon movie 09) level 100. Typhlosion was holding kings rock (i have not taken that item off of him since my game time was 5:45! my game time is 299:05 right now) his moveset is FlameThrower, Rock smash, Cut, and Trick room. i dont remember anything else since i beat red at (time = 119:55) thats all i remember. srry guys he WAS easy. the last battle i remember completely was red, and i beat him with 2 pokemon. Ho-oH level 55 (Fly, Extrasensory, Fire balst, and flamethrower) it specialized in speed and was not too good with HP. the second was a japanes kyogre (GTS) with hydro pump, surf, sheer cold, and Thunder. blastoise , snorlax, , lapras and venusaur was easy, but by the time i got to his last pkmn, charizard,m kyogre fainted, and my ho-oh had 78/170 HP. When i won,it had 8/170 HP.EASY YAY!
ID #69042
Aug 16th 2011 Guest
i beat red with: a lv 70 typlosion,92 infernape,70 heatran,70 mewtwo,80 staraptor,70 garatina beat that suckas.
ID #67757
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
I beat him with a lvl 100 torterra;earthquake frenzy plant stone edgeand rockslide and a lvl 77 ho-oh and a dialga
ID #63967
Jul 10th 2011 Guest
i beat red with my lv 100 kyogre,rampardos,thyplosion,snorlax,latias and latios

ID #56462
Jul 6th 2011 Guest
Wow. My team was-

Hitmonchan Lvl 90- Got from Karate King
Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Low Kick

Luxray Lvl 90- National Park (Sinnoh Sound)
Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Bite

Hypno Lvl 90- Safari Zone
Psybeam, Confusion, Dream Eater, Light Screen

Lapras Lvl 95- Union Cave
Sheer Cold, Perish Song, Ice Beam, Ice Punch

Yes, I didn't have a full team. I use these 4 Pokemon for pretty much everything now. My other members are Typhlosion Lvl 90, Venusaur Lvl 90, but I didn't use them against Red.
ID #55253
Jun 30th 2011 Guest
Yeah, Red's a breeze LOL
ID #53614
Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
Cheats are only to use for extra convenience, not for battling the hardest Trainer in the game- he's not the hardest if you include link battles those people can have all 100s.
Here's what I used for each of his Pokemon-
Pikachu-Donphan Lvl 79
Lapras-Kadabra Lvl 80
Blastoise-Sceptile Lvl 85
Venusaur-Typhlosion Lvl 80
Snorlax-Hitmonchan Lvl 70
Charizard-Blastoise Lvl 75
ID #51540
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
His Pikachu has low Sp. Defense, so Special attacks should KO it pretty fast. I beat him with-
Lvl 67 Typhlosion
Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Cut, and Strength
Lvl 67 Feraligatr
Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Bite, and Hydro Cannon
Lvl 67 Meganium
Magical Leaf, Hidden Power, Rock Smash, and Frenzy Plant
Lvl 89 Dragonite
Dragon Pulse, Thunder Wave, Protect, and Rock Climb (I like to breed in moves)
Lvl 90 Dugtrio
Sucker Punch, Magnitude, Dig, Hidden Power
Lvl 67 Poliwrath (I agree with KoolKat Pokemon-This one is useful)
Surf, Waterfall, Drain Punch, Hypnosis

My alternates are Mewtwo Lvl 80, Kyogre Lvl 79, and Hitmonchan Lvl 83.
ID #51189
Jun 17th 2011 blaber31
I beat red with just a level 81 feraligator and 32 hyper potions
ID #49820
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