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Obtaining Zoroark cheat for Pokemon Black


Obtaining Zoroark

If you have the three shiny legendary beasts from the movie event, Raikou, Entei and Suicine on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold or Soulsilver you must send them to Black or White you will be able battle a Lv.25 Zoroark and be able to catch it.

Added by: JOLTEON42 Dec 21st 2010, ID#14985



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Jul 26th 2013 Dan2248 Avatar Dan2248
ive got level 100 shiny zoroark
ID #300519
May 17th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i already got celebi lv.100
ID #283216
Apr 8th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you get celebi in pokemon soulsilver without cheats?
ID #271850
Jan 24th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you get a celebi! im about to blow up!!!!
ID #245880
Nov 2nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
do you need any paticular ds or attachment for this
ID #204339
Oct 12th 2012 Pokemon9557 Avatar Pokemon9557
hey you want a victni level 35 for a zorua or zoroak any level must be more than level 8.
ID #195262
Oct 5th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you type in codes there is nowhere i can??
ID #191764
Jul 25th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
if you were the person that asked how to get terrakion cobalion and virizion go to mistralton cave to get cobalion and catch this you will have now triggered terrakion and virizion [pinwheel forest [opposite where you defeated team plasma near the bridge there is a little opening go down the stairs and go to the right and go through a log and you will hopefully see a black hole like wqhere you enter pinwheel forest and terrakion is in victory road there is a black opening in a place near the top go in and hes there] now good luck remember you have to go to cobalion first
ID #168322
Jul 24th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
hello where to get kuyrem
ID #168027
Jul 14th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
I can give you a Pokemon say which u want here and it's yours my gift to u
ID #164015
Jun 23rd 2012 Mr.H4CK3R Avatar Mr.H4CK3R
for the people that have an ar but the cheats don't work your supposed to update your action replay before putting in the cheats.
ID #156110
May 28th 2012 rickyesquivel22 Avatar rickyesquivel22
I need a cheat code for trading pokemon from soulsilver to pokemon white
ID #146538
May 19th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
to blackmustang the way i beat the nimbassa gym is with a lvl 20 pignite and a traded lvl 15 servine
ID #143449
May 7th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
you need streankth to go to giant chasom go through the cave then go to the center of the field then click on the water then it will snow go up the stairs go in the door then catch him
ID #140325
Mar 9th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
i caught virizon,cobalion,and terakion with ditto on pokemonblack
ID #121620
Mar 3rd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
i have catch virizon, cobalion, terrakion, thundurus, kyurem and zekrom without cheats
ID #120025
Feb 13th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
Me too. Is there any other way? No?
ID #114627
Nov 19th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i only have one gym badge. but if you at least one of the lengendary beasts will it work? i wish i didnt delete my old file i beat the game on that file:( i thought you had to go to lostorn forest and the lady in the camper growls at you and it looks like one of the lengendary beasts but when catch it its a zourark
ID #88546
Sep 24th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i need an ar code for Zoroark and Zoura. Please get me one!!!!!
ID #76328
Aug 30th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
[color=red][/color] YAY FOR CUPCAKES
ID #71252
Aug 13th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
My ar card wont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #66968
Jul 29th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
it rules
ID #62392
Jul 26th 2011 gamemaster96 Avatar gamemaster96
ID #61437
Jul 26th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
hey somone happy whit my cheat to catch kyurem

yeah that long cheat
ID #61315
Jul 11th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
my cheat for that zoroark wont work if i activate it it stays on the white screen if i deactivate it i can go to my game so i say Z0MG4HAX
ID #56893
Jul 4th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
hvor dan kan jeg få en sekrom
ID #54670
Jun 29th 2011 blackmustang Avatar blackmustang
ID #53443
Jun 29th 2011 blackmustang Avatar blackmustang
i cant beat the nimbasa city gym leader i have a lvl 35 dewwot and a bunch other pokemon and i cant beat her
ID #53439
Jun 28th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i cath kyurem how talk to evreyone in nimbasa city
and soemone give jou the hm strengt go to giant chasm
go in there en romuve the boulders go to the end of giant chasm theres a hole uitside if you got trough
you here a rrrroooooooouuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr
and theres just snow go aroundand you see a cave go in there and kyurem is there weak him but first
get lot of poke bals dusk balls arnt good
ID #53022
Jun 26th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
you can get the cone at 0.00
ID #52546
Jun 25th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
what time can you get a castelia cone?
ID #51987
Jun 19th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you get the golden egg on display at black city
ID #50446
Jun 18th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
what is the best way to beat the pokemon league
ID #50190
May 23rd 2011 Meekay Avatar Meekay
i got zoroak by trading an egg with someone for there egg
ID #44529
May 17th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
to the person who asked how to clone pokemon all you have to do is type an arceus code in to the action replay for soulsilver that gets you the bad egg then find the get rid of the bad egg code use the get rid code then click the pokemon you want to clone and click switch then hold L R then when its done switching release the two buttons and press b then go to your party and youl have the cloned pokemon! shabam that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #43579
May 17th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #43565
May 13th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
No you do not have to beat the game to get kyurem. You head up to Giant Chasm, north of route 13. In the center of the forest is a drained lake, when you approach afforementioned lake, kyurem will roar and freeze the forest over. At that point simply head north to the cave and he's right in front of you.

Bring lots of timer balls.
ID #42792
May 2nd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
To get kyurem u got 2 beat the game first
ID #41096
Apr 30th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
@ flammoxx: It came out in Japan last year. Tons of people bought it in that language, so they can get it faster. Personally, I think its useless cause' half the people can't read it. Lol. But people figure they're way around it I guess.
ID #40780
Apr 30th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I Like Cake
ID #40657
Apr 29th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
Help!!! i want to clone my pokemon but i dont know how. Please tell me!!
ID #40558
Apr 27th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
if you side juck you suck
ID #40175
Apr 23rd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
does the enti have to be from event or can it be from action replay pokemon platium
ID #39168
Apr 19th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i have black it's here[size=12][/size]
ID #38283
Apr 16th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you get zorua without celibee or the 3 shiny legendary beasts[strike][/strike]
ID #37820
Mar 30th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
where do you go to type in the cheats at i cant figure it out can you help me
ID #34868
Mar 29th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
ummmm I LIKE IT!!!!
ID #34729
Mar 27th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
sure i do want to catch kyurem
ID #34462
Mar 26th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
you wanna know how to get kyurem
ID #34381
Mar 20th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
mine does that to
ID #33417
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