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New Super Mario Bros



by NMorgan


                       _  __             ______  ______ 
                      / |/ /__ _    __  / __/  |/  / _ )
                     /    / -_) |/|/ / _\ \/ /|_/ / _  |
                    /_/|_/\__/|__,__/ /___/_/  /_/____/ 

                            New Super Mario Bros.
                             For the Nintendo DS

                         By Nicholas Steven Morgan

                           Last Revised: May 2006
                                Version 0.3

          This document is Copyright (c)2006 Nicholas Steven Morgan


Table of Contents

     1. Guide Opening
          1.01  -  Version History
          1.02  -  Introduction

     2. Game Overview
          2.01  -  Story
          2.02  -  Controls
          2.03  -  Basics
          2.04  -  FAQs

     3. Walkthrough
     4. Boss FAQ
     5. Star Coin Locations

     6. Indices
          6.01  -  Enemies
          6.02  -  Items
          6.03  -  Warp Locations
          6.04  -  Secrets/Tricks
          6.05  -  Glitches

     7. Mini-Games
          7.01  -  Action
          7.02  -  Puzzle
          7.03  -  Table
          7.04  -  Variety

     8. Guide Closing
          8.01 -  Credits
          8.02 -  Legal Disclaimer
          8.03 -  Contacting Me

                              1. Guide Opening

Welcome to my very own New Super Mario Bros. FAQ/Walkthrough/Strategy Guide.
You can either pay $15 for a strategy guide, or use my guide for free.  Hey 
Prima, you should hire me.

Enjoy the document.  If there's anything you want to add, don't hesitate to
contact me.

                           1.01 - Version History

Version .03  -  28 May 2006  -  Finished every section except the Walkthrough
                                and the Star Coin Locations.  Basically I
                                finished all the smaller sections and have
                                yet to begin working on the longer sections
                                that will require more work.  Another update
                                coming soon!

Version .01  -  27 May 2006  -  Guide started today.  Finished the overall
                                structure of the document, including all 
                                background research, Table of Contents 
                                creation, and several sections completed.
                                More updates are coming soon.

                            1.02 - Introduction

After 15 long years without a true Mario Bros. sidescrolling platform game, 
Nintendo finally released a game that nods back to the 8 and 16 bit days where
Mario sidescrolling games were king.  The game released is called New Super
Mario Bros., which is the first true Mario Bros. sidescrolling game since SNES'
Super Mario World released in 1991.  Forget a complex story involving a talking
watering can, forget a tragic plot involving a Star Road.  This story, just like
the classics, coudln't get any simpler.  Hero (Mario) must rescue beautiful girl
(Peach) from evil villain (Bowser).  When playing New Super Mario Bros., you 
will discover may similarities from games such as Super Mario Bros., such as the
flagpole at the end of each level, from Super Mario Bros. 3, such as the 
overworld map screen, and from Super Mario World, such as the ability to carry 
an inventory item.  

Better Late than Never is how the saying goes, and although I would have
preferred a new Mario side scroller a bit earlier, I'll take it now.

                               2. Game Overview

This is a section for those of you that may not be experts at this game.  Most
of the information in here can easily be learned by playing the game, but you
might want to read this if you're new to the game, or just to brush up on the
game if you've been away from it for a while.

                                 2.01 - Story


Princess Peach has been kidnapped!  While enjoying a nice walk with Mario, the
beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom was whisked away by an unkonwn assailant.
How could this happen with Mario around?

According to eyewitnesses, the walk was going swimmingly when Mario and the 
princess spotted smoke billowing out of Peach's Castle.  The mustachioed marvel
immediately jumped into action and sped off toward the fire.  The moment he 
left her side, the princess vanished!

Who's behind Princess Peach's disappearance?  Who's behind the attack on 
Peach's Castle?  Are the two incidents related?  Didn't Bowser Jr. once think
Princess Peach might be his mother?

Looks like Mario's going to need all the Mega Mushrooms he can find to get to 
the bottom of this mess!

                                2.02 - Controls

Directional Pad: 

  Left/Right:  Move Mario/Luigi in the corresponding direction, move around the
               map screen.

  Up:          Enter a door, climb vines, climb ropes, climb up onto a ledge,
               grab onto a fence.

  Down:        Duck, enter pipes, do a ground pound (must be in the air).

Start:  Pause and unpause the game.

Select:  No usage.

A:  Jump, wall kick, confirm a selection on Map screen.

B:  Jump, wall kick, cancel a selection on Map screen.

X/Y:  Hold to run, pick up an item, punch through a fence.  

L/R:  Scroll the screen to the left or right to get a closer view.

                                 2.03 - Basics

When turning on the game, there are 4 different options.

1. Mario Game  -  This is the main portion of the game, the part that the
                  majority of this FAQ document is written about.  After 
                  choosing Mario Game, you will be presented with 3 different
                  files in which you can play.  You can also copy and erase
                  files.  After choosing an empty file, the game will start at
                  World 1.  If the file chosen is already in progress, then
                  the game will continue where file was last saved.

                  Map Screen - There are 8 Worlds in this game.  While on the
                               Map Screen, you can move around the Map by
                               using the Directional Pad, and select a level
                               to enter by pressing A.  Also, you will see all
                               8 Worlds on the bottom (touch) screen.  Before
                               you get to a world is will be discolored in
                               black and white.  However, after you have 
                               traveled to a World, it will become colored,
                               and if you choose, you can travel back to a
                               world by touching it on the Map screen.

                  Heads up Display - This is the Heads up Display when playing
                  through a level.  

                  .----------------------------.   Coins - How many coins you
                  | () x 05           Time 387 |           currently have.
                  |                            |
                  |                            |   Time - Time remaining.
                  |                            |
                  |                            |   World (top left): Displays
                  |                            |     what world you are in.
                  |                            |
                  |                            |   Lives (top right) Shows
                  |                            |     how many lives you have
                  |                            |     remaining.
                  .----------------------------.   World Progress Bar:
                  | W 1-1           Mario x 19 |     Shows how close you are 
                  |                            |     to the goal.
                  |  .----------------------.  |
                  |  |  World Progress Bar  |  |   Score: Displays your score.
                  |  '----------------------'  |
                  |                            |   Star Coins (bottom left): 
                  |  score 01732690            |     Shows how many of the 3
                  |                  Inventory |     Star Coins you've 
                  | ( )  ( )  ( )       Item   |     collected for each level.
                  |                            |
                  '----------------------------'   Inventory Item: 
                                                     If you have an extra item,
                                                     tap the screen to access
                                                     your inventory item.

                  Playing through a level - When starting a level, it will 
                  begin by showing your amount of lives and World.  When playing
                  through, the game can be paused.  If you've already beaten the
                  level, you can exit the level back to the map screen by
                  choosing 'Return to map' on the Pause screen.  

                  Midway Points - There is a midway point in each level.  The
                    midway point is the flagpole that appears by running past 
                    the midway point in the level.  The purpose of the midway
                    point, is if you lose a life, you will return to the midway
                    point as opposed to having to start at the very beginning
                    of the level.  In addition, the midway also saves collected
                    Star Coins.

                  Flagpoles - At the end of each level, there is a flagpole, 
                    which you have to touch to end the level.  The higher your
                    jump on the flagpole, the more points you will recieve.  As
                    little as 100 and as high as 8000 points can be obtained
                    depending on how high of the flagpole you touch.  Also, if
                    you manage to touch the very tippy top of the flagpole, you
                    will be rewarded with a 1-Up Mushroom for your high jump.

2. Mario Vs. Luigi  -  Mario Vs. Luigi is an interactive versus mode that uses
                       the DS' WiFi abilities to connect to other DS consoles
                       to play against a friend.  In Mario Vs. Luigi, there are
                       two different options you can choose.

                       1. "Compete with another New Super Mario Bros. owner."
                          This is what you choose if your buddy also owns a copy
                          of NSMB.  This is the preferred option, because the
                          load times are very fast, and you can play through
                          all games without any restrictions.  

                       2. "Play with a person who doesn't have New Super Mario
                          This is what you choose if your buddy does not own 
                          his or her own copy of NSMB.  If your friend does not
                          own a copy, choose this option, and your DS will act
                          as a host to play against your friend.  However, the
                          load time will be longer, and you can't play all 
                          versus mode games.

                        After choosing one of the options, your Nintendo DS 
                        will begin searching for your opponent (you friend).
                        After he or she is found, the games will begin, and
                        may the best man win!  

3. Mini-Games  -  The Mini-Games you might remember from SM64DS, which most of
                  these Mini-Games came from.  However, there are a few new
                  Mini-Games that are brand spankin new for this game.  When
                  you choose Mini-Games, you will be presented with 1 of 2
                  options to choose from.

                  1. "Vs. Battle"
                     This is what you choose if you have friends you'd like to
                     play the Mini-Games with or against.  Up to 4 players can
                     play in these multiplayer Mini-Games.  If you choose this,
                     once again, you will be presented with 1 of 2 options to
                     choose from.

                     a.) Create Group - If you choose this option, your DS will
                         create a server and act as a host to host the 
                         multiplayer session.  If you choose to be the host,
                         then your friends will have to find your server and
                         join it to start playing with you.

                     b.) Join Group - If you choose this option, be sure that
                         one of your friends has already started a server by
                         selecting "Create Group" first.  After a group is
                         already created, you can join it, and start the
                         multiplayer Mini-Game session.

                     After the games begin, you will start to play the 
                     Mini-Games, and the best man or woman will win!

                  2. "1 Player"
                     This is what you should choose if you do not have a
                     friend to play against.  After choosing this option, you
                     will be presented with 4 different categories of 
                     Mini-Games.  They are: Action, Puzzle, Table, and Variety.
                     Each category of Mini-Games can be selected by touching
                     the screen on the left side, and each category has several
                     Mini-Games within it, which can all be selected by 
                     touching that game on the screen.

4. Options  -  Options is a simple section of the game where you can change two
               properties of the game.  You can change two different things.

               1. Sound - You can change sound from Surround, Stereo, and 
                          Headphones.  Stereo or Surround is the best if you
                          are using the DS speakers, but if you have headphones,
                          it will sound the best if you choose the Headphones
                          sound option.

               2. Controls - You can change the controls if you want, though I
                             highly do not recommend it.  There are two 
                             different types of Controls, which changes the 
                             buttons that control Dash and Jump.

               After you're done adjusting the options, choose 'OK' at the
               bottom of the screen to return back to the main menu.

                                  2.04 - FAQs

If you have a question not answered in this section, contact me and ask me.  
Assuming it's an intelligent question, I will answer you back and as long as
it's not too obvious, it will be added to this section.

Q: How do you get into World 4 and World 7?  I have beaten the game, but can't
   seem to access these Worlds.  What can I do?

A: To access World 4 and World 7, you must defeat the World 2 and World 5 
   bosses as Mini Mario.  This will cause World 4 and World 7 to open up

Q: How do you access the secret Classic Mario music by touching the flagpole?

A: In order to see Fireworks and hear the Classic SMB music, you need to
   touch the Flagpole with a certain amount of time left on the clock.  To
   hear the classic SMB music and fireworks, you can either finish with 111,
   222, 333, or 444 left on the clock.  This will cause that classic music to
   play, and 1, 2, 3, or 4 fireworks will appear respectfully.

Q: How do you access to secret Toad Houses at the beginning of each World?

A: To do this, you must touch the flagpole with a certain amount of time
   left over.  There are 3 different types of Toad Houses, Item, Lives, and
   Mega.  If the time on the clock is x11, x22, or x33 when you touch the
   flagpole, the Item house will appear.  If the time on the clock is x44,
   x55, and x66, the Lives house will appear.  And if the time on the clock
   is x77, x88, or x99, the Mega house will appear.

Q: How do you get to World 9?

A: Sorry, the World 9 secret is just a rumor.

                                3. Walkthrough

This is the meat and bones of this New Super Mario Bros. document.  After 
choosing "Mario Game" on the main menu screen, pick a vacant file, and your
New adventure will begin!  You will then watch an opening cinema of Peach
getting kidnapped and taken to the World 1 Tower.  Thus the game begins!

                                  3.01 - World 1

World 1-1
Begin the game by running to the right and stomping on the Goomba.  There are
3 Question Mark blocks there, hit them for a Powerup, and 2 coins.  Continue to
the right, collecting loose coins, and hitting bricks for extra coins.  Jump
over the pipe, and then over the pit there.  To the right, you will notice a
Question Mark block.  Hit it, and a MEGA Mushroom will emerge.  If you grab
the Mega Mushroom, you can simply run to the end of the stage, plowing through
everything in your way.  By the time your Mega Mushroom wears off, you'll be
at the flagpole at the end of the stage.  

If you decided not to get the Mega Mushroom, simply run to the right, hitting
the bricks and getting coins as usual.  Jump on the pipe, and then onto the
set of bricks to the right, and jump off of it to get a Star Coin.  There is
also a Powerup inside one of these bricks, so drop back down and jump up to
hit it.  You might need to get a running start to manange to jump that high.
To the right, you will notice 3 sets of 3 bricks, 2 sets lower, and 1 set
higher.  There are 3 invisible coins in between the two lower sets, so jump
up in hit them.  Now jump ontop of them and hit the bricks above to reveal a
Vine!  You can either climb the Vine if you want, but you do not have to.

Up the Vine: If you decided to climb the vine, climb it to the top into the
             bonus clouds above.  Jump through the red coin ring to the right
             and quickly rush to the right to collect all 8 Red Coins before
             time runs out.  If you collected them all, you'll be heavenly
             rewarded with a 1-Up Mushroom.  Then, continue to the right, and
             drop down through the hole where the clouds are.

Forget the Vine: If you decide not to climb the vine, then just continue to
                 the right.  There is a pipe to the right, that you can go 
                 down if you wish.  Inside is a few coins, a Powerup, and a
                 Star Coin.  However, to the right, hit the 3 blocks and jump
                 over the pit.  You'll see an area with a Star Coin below 3
                 bricks, which you can easily get by doing a Ground Pound 
                 (Jump + Down) on them if you are big.  

The paths rejoined, hit the question mark block there for an extra coin.  
Continue to the right past another pit, over a pipe, and over another pit.
Then, climb the large staircase to the right, and make a leap at the flagpole
to finish the level!

World 1-2
You will start by falling high from the air.  Do a Ground Pound if you can to
break the bricks below and get the coins there.  The first Question Mark block
is a powerup, so be sure to hit it and grab the powerup.  To the right, hit the
blocks to get the coins.  Continue to the right until you see the first Star
Coin, which can be obtained by jumping on the bricks, and doing Wall Kicks.
Get the next brick to the right for another Powerup.  To the right, you will
notice another set of bricks, which can be used to get a 1-Up Mushroom.  You
will have to jump ontop of this set of bricks, and stand on the rightmost
of these bricks.  Jump up, and hit the bricks above, to reveal a 1-Up Mushroom.
If you are big, simply break the right to the right of that, and it will fall
down.  However, if you are small, you must follow it to the right and collect
it when it falls from the above platform.

Kill the two enemies to the right, and then continue to run underneath the
narrow area.  You will have to run and slide to get through here if you are
Super Mario.  To the right there is a pit, and there is a powerup in the brick
above this pit, so get it if you want or need it.  Past the pit, there is the
2nd Star Coin, do a Ground Pound to get it.  After this, jump onto the large
wobbly see-saw type platform and get the coins above it.  To the right there
is a pipe with a Piranha Plant inside.  You can go into this pipe if you want
for a small bonus room.  If you opt to do this, you will come back out via the
pipe 2 to the right.  After this area, use the two pipes to get past the giant
pit there.  Use the next see-saw platform to get to the other side of the next
pit, then go into the pipe at the end to finish the level.

From here, just jump onto the platform, and get your best leap at the flagpole
to finish the level.

World 1-3
World 1-3 is a level using the tree top platforms that is reminicent to Super
Mario Bros. (1985).  However, in this version, there is a twist. ;)

Jump onto the red platform and then another jump to the right to get the 4
coins sitting there.  Get the Question Mark block that is ontop of the twisting
treetop platform for a powerup.  Continue to the right over another pit and
you will see a Spin Block.  You can use this Spin Block to get the first Star
Coin if you want to.

Continue to the right onto a moving tree platform, then a long straight green
tree platform, then past 3 more moving tree platforms, and you will come to
a platform with a Question Mark block and a brick.  Hit them both for a Powerup
and a coin.  Defeat the green Koopa Troopa there if you want to, then go a bit
more to the right over the next pit and you will earn the check point.  
Continue to the right some more and use the row of four consecuitive moving red
tree platforms to progress to the right, and be sure to get the Star Coin that
is lurking in between the 3rd and 4th of these platforms.  

To the right there is a Red Ring.  Jump through it to access the 8 Red Coins,
then quickly rush to the right and collect all 8 Red Coins.  If you were too
slow and didn't get all 8 coins, then you will not get anything, but if you
were able to get all 8 cCoins, you will be rewarded with a 1-Up Mushroom.
Finally, to the right is another moving red tree platform.  Use it to jump to
the flagpole to finish the level.

World 1-Tower
Jump up past the Dry Bones and you'll notice two blue Question Mark blocks,
one on each side of the screen.  The left one is a Powerup, while the right
one is a coin, so get them both.  You'll notice the moving platforms above.
Be absolutely careful not to get squished in between these two platforms, 
because it will result in immediate death no matter what Powerup you have.
Jump up through a series of 5 of these moving platforms, and you'll get to
an area with a Dry Bones.  Avoid the Dry Bones because he cannot be killed,
and use the blue platforms to the left to jump upwards some more.  To the
right, there will be a set of 5 moving platforms that could possible squish
you again.  Wait for the opening to open and quickly run through so that
you don't get smushed.  Then, jump up another platform, and run through 
another platform that could possible smush you.  There is a Star Coin to
the right, so I recommend getting it if you can get past the Dry Bones.
Also, the Question Mark block there is a Powerup, which I recommend you to

Above, there is a set of four more moving platforms.  Wait for them to
form four giant steps, and quickly run up the steps to the area above. To the
left there is a pipe, jump in it, and it will launch you high above.  Continue
to the right and jump up to the area with the next launching pipe.  Jump into
this Pipe, and it will launch you high above.  If you hit the moving platforms
by accident simply get into the pipe and try again until you succeed.  At the
new high area, there is a Question Mark block that holds a Powerup, which I
recommend you to get.  Just wait until the moving platform moves underneath
the Question Mark block, jump on the platform, and hit the block to reveal the
Powerup.  Then, go into the large doorway, and prepare to fight Baby Bowser.

The fight with Baby Bowser should be easy.  Just jump on his head 3 times and
he will die.  This action is pretty simple, he's just like Boom Boom from SMB3.
You can also kill him with enough Fire Power if you choose to.  Whichever works
for you.  After killing him, Baby Bowser will bring Peach to 1-Castle and your
quest will continue. 

                                  3.02 - World 2

                                  3.03 - World 3

                                  3.04 - World 4

                                  3.05 - World 5

                                  3.06 - World 6

                                  3.07 - World 7

                                  3.08 - World 8

                                  4. Boss FAQ

There are a few Bosses and Minibosses in New Super Mario Bros.  This section
is a source to find descriptions, strategies, and locations of each of these
bosses.  It will break down all the best methods to defeat each boss.

Boss: Baby Bowser (Version 1)
Type: Miniboss
Found in: 1-Tower, 
Description: A small cowardly miniboss similar to Boom Boom in SMB3.
Strategy: In order to defeat Baby Bowser, you must jump on his head 3 times, 
          or shoot him with enough Fire Power until he dies.  After you hit
          his head, he will retreat into his shell, but he will not come out
          right away like Boom Boom does in SMB3, which has thrown me off a
          few times.  He can jump into the air, and will roll into his shell
          from time to time, but that's about his only real attacks.  He is
          a very easy miniboss.

Boss: Baby Bowser (Version 2)
Type: Miniboss
Found in: 
Description: Baby Bowser is now wearing a mask and is equipped with green 
             Koopa Troopa shells.  Watch out!!
Strategy: In order to defeat this version of Baby Bowser, you must wait for
          him to throw a green shell at you, and then throw it back at him.
          If the shell hits him, quickly approach him and do a Ground Pound
          on him or else no damage will be inflicted upon him.  Do this
          twice to defeat him.  Of course, you can always just shoot him with
          enough fireballs until he dies too, which works just as well.  Keep
          in mind that you cannot jump on the head of this version of Baby
          Bowser, because if you get too close to him, he will simply retreat
          into his spiked shell for safety.  

Boss: Classic Bowser
Type: Boss
Found in: World 1-Castle
Description: The Classic style Bowser fight, adapted straight from Super Mario
             Bros. (1985).  

                             5. Star Coin Locations

There are 3 Star Coins in each level of the entire game.  While the Star Coins
can be spent to open up Mushroom Houses, they are also fun to collect, and
add some extra playability to the game before you beat it 100%.  The three Star
Coins found in each level are generally in tough to reach locations, and some
of them will give you quite some trouble to find.  This section will tell you
how to find each and every Star Coin in the entire game.

World 1-1
1st Star Coin - After one of the pipes, there will be a row of bricks after it.
                Jump onto the pipe, and then onto the row of bricks.  To the
                right of the bricks is the Star Coin, so leap up and grab it.
2nd Star Coin - After the area where the Vine is, is another Pipe.  Go down
                this pipe and you will be taken to an underground area.  The
                2nd Star Coin is at the end of this area above the horizontal
                pipe.  Stand on that pipe and jump to get it.
3rd Star Coin - Towards the end of the level, there is a small alcove in the
                ground restricted by a row of 3 bricks.  The 3rd Star Coin is
                in this alcove, so just do a Ground Pound to break the bricks
                and get the Star Coin.  You must be Super Mario to break the

World 1-2
1st Star Coin - At about 20% into the level, there is a ledge on the upper half
                of the screen and the Star Coin is in there.  Just do a wall
                kick off the 4 bricks to the left to get up there.
2nd Star Coin - At about 40% into the level, the Star Coin is sitting within
                a series of bricks.  Just do a simple Ground Pound to break 
                the bricks and collect the Star Coin.  Remember, you must be
                Super Mario, or the bricks will not break.
3rd Star Coin - Jump on the last see-saw platform towards the end of the level,
                and stand on the left side to make the right side go really 
                high.  Before it becomes too steep, run to the right side of
                this platform, and jump onto the narrow path at the very top
                of the screen.  Continue all the way to the right and you will 
                discover a secret area with the Star Coin in it.  After 
                collecting the Star Coin, just jump into the pipe there which
                will lead you to the end of the level.

World 1-3
1st Star Coin - At about 15% into the stage, there is a Spin Block.  Jump on
                this Spin Block and spin high into the air, and land on the
                platform high above.  Then, there is another Spin Block here,
                do the same thing again, and you'll land on a platform that is
                extremely high in the air.  Bounce on this platform to the very
                top of the level and the Star Coin is right there. 
2nd Star Coin - After you get the first Star Coin (follow my instructions),
                spin downwards and follow the path of coins.  The path of coins
                will lead you to another platform with a Star Coin on it.
3rd Star Coin - At about 60% through the level, there is a row of four moving
                red tree platforms.  The 3rd and final Star Coin is sitting 
                on the top portion of the screen in between the 3rd and 4th of
                these platforms. 

World 1-Tower
1st Star Coin - At about 30% through the level, the first Star Coin is 
                located on the right side of the screen.  It is being guarded
                by a Dry Bones, but they aren't hard to get by, so just smash
                his head in, and collect the Star Coin
2nd Star Coin - Find the Pipe that launches you high into the air, and go into
                this Pipe.  Then, slide down the left side of the wall.  As you
                are sliding down the wall, you'll see a door.  When you see 
                this door, do a Wall Kick to get to it.  Go into the door, and
                the 2nd Star Coin is here around all the moving platforms.  
                Just be careful not to fall into a pit.
3rd Star Coin - In the area with the Pipe that launches you high into the air,
                jump up through the blue platform into the area with the moving
                spike platforms.  Work your way up, and the 3rd Star Coin is
                right there.  It's at about 60% through the level.

                                  6. Indices

This is a section of indice lists of some of the things in this game, such as
Enemies, Items, Warp Locations, etc..  I will provide a full description and
analysis for each thing talked about, so if you ever have any questions while
playing NSMB, just revert to this section, and your question will be answered.

                                  6.01 - Enemies

There are many enemies in this game.  Most of which have been adapted from
previous versions of Mario Bros. games such as Super Mario Bros. and Super 
Mario 64.  However, some enemies are completely new.  This section provides
a brief summary and description of each enemy in the game.

Amp - An Amp is the spark enemy that is found primarily in Towers and Castles.
      This enemy was adapted from Super Mario 64, and will send a jolt of
      electricity through your body if touched.  Currently there is no way
      to kill an Amp, so just stay away from it.

Balloon Boo - This ghost belongs in the Boo family of ghosts.  It shares all
              the same properties of an ordinary Boo.  When you turn away from
              it, it will head towards you for an attack and increase in size.
              However, if you turn to face it, it will become shy and stop
              moving, decreasing in size.  

Banzai Bill - This is the giant version of an ordinary Bullet Bill.  It is so
              big and can take up half the screen easily.  While they may be
              too large to jump over, if you can jump on a block or a higher
              platform, then jump ontop of them, they will die just like an
              ordinary Bullet Bill.  

Blockhopper - This enemy, inspired from Super Mario Bros. 3, is a fake version
              of an ordinary Question Mark block.  While they look like an
              ordinary block, they will constantly be shaking, and when you
              get close to them, they will get up and move around.  Like their
              name suggests, they can hop around to attack you.  The best way
              to defeat them is with a Ground Pound, and often times, they
              will leave a Powerup behind for killing them.

Blooper - A Blooper is the classic underwater squid enemy that originally
          came from Super Mario Bros. (1985).  All they do is swim around
          underwater, and will hurt you if you touch them.  However, if you
          stand on the sea floor and don't move, they can never harm you,
          but you must be ducking if you are big.  The best way to kill
          them is by shooting a Fireball at them if you have firepower.

Bob-omb - A Bob-omb is the classic bomb bad guy that walk around randomly.
          Evenually, their fuse will light, and after this happens, they
          will explode a few seconds later.  Jumping on them is a sure way
          to light their fuse.  Also, in later stages of the game, if they
          touch fire, they will light up.  Watch out, because there really
          isn't any way to kill them other than to let them explode on their
          own accord.

Boo - A Boo is the classic ghost enemy that originally came from Super Mario
      Bros. 3.  When you turn away from a Boo, it will approach toward you
      for an attack.  However, if they get too close, just look towards it,
      and it will become too shy and stop moving.  There isn't any way to
      kill a Boo, so your best strategy is to just avoid it alltogether.

Boomerang Brother - A Boomerang Brother is a boomerang version of the
                    standard Hammer Brother, except as its name suggests, it
                    throws Boomerangs.  The boomerangs thrown are very large
                    and kind of hard to avoid.  The Boomerang Brother will
                    jump up and down, and the boomerangs thrown will come
                    back toward him, meaning you must avoid each of his
                    boomerangs twice.  The best way to kill him is with 
                    Fire Power, but he can also be killed by jumping on his

Broozer - A Broozer is a new enemy found only in this game.  It is a Ghost
          enemy found primarily in Ghost Houses.  When they see you, they will
          become enraged, and can punch through bricks or blocks that stand
          in their way to get to you.  They can become quite annoying, as there
          is no way to defeat them.  However, they are useful for opening up
          new paths that are otherwise restricted by the bricks.

Bullet Bill - A Bullet Bill is a bullet enemy that is shot out by cannons in
              many levels.  This enemy has been seen time and time again in
              many different Mario games.  Their only attack is to fly at you
              and hope to hit you.  The only way they can be defeated is by
              jumping on them, but I recommend just avoiding them all

Buzzy Beetle - A Buzzy Beetle is a beetle enemy that has a hard shell, which
               fireballs cannot penetrate.  They are tough enemies, and suited
               well for battle.  They are often times found on ceilings on the
               underground levels of this game, and will drop down on you for
               an attack when you get too close to it.  The best way to kill
               it is by jumping on its shell and kicking it away, though I 
               do recommend just avoiding them all together.

Chain Chomp - A Chain Chomp is another enemy that is traditionally found in 
              Mario games.  It is the round enemy tied to a chain on a stake
              that has many properties reminicent to a dog.  Though they are
              tied to a stake, they will lunge toward you if you get too 
              close.  If you are feeling bold or greedy, or both, you can 
              approach his stake and do a ground pound on it to release the
              Chain Chomp from his post and recieve several extra coins.
              There is not a way to kill the Chain Chomp.

Cheep-Cheep - A Cheep-Cheep is the fish enemy that is found swimming around
              stupidly underwater.  It's just a standard fish, and he has
              no attacks or AI whatsoever.  Basically he just swims around
              and will harm you if you get too close.  Just avoid it, and 
              it will avoid you.  The only way to kill it is with fire power.

Cheep-Chomp - A Cheep-Chomp is a more aggressive, more dangerous version of
              the simple Cheep-Cheep.  It will follow you around if you get 
              too close to it, and if you don't swim away from it quickly, it
              can devour you whole!  The best way to get rid of them is with
              fire power, though avoiding them all together is not such a bad

Coin Purse - A coin purse is the enemy filled with coins that originally 
             starred in Super Mario 64, now he's making an appearance in NSMB.
             He will disguise himself as a single coin, then when you get
             close to him to get the coin, he will turn back into his ordinary
             self and try to steal coins, then run away.  If you can catch
             up to him and jump on him, he will give you coins, and if you
             jump on him enough times, he will die and release a 1-Up Mushroom!

Crowber - This is a black crow enemy that flys high in the air for a while, 
          then when they are ready, will sweep down to attack you.  These
          enemies are only found in the stages of World 8, and their black
          feathers serve as a symbol for evil.  The best way to kill them is
          to use fire power, or just avoid them all together.

Deep-Cheep - A Deep-Cheep is a green version of the simple Cheep-Cheep.  It
             will swim towards you when you approach it, and you will have to
             swim away quickly to avoid it.  The best way to kill them is with
             fire power.

Dry Bones - A Dry Bones is a skeleton version of the standard Koopa Troopa that
            made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3.  This enemy cannot
            die.  You can stomp on his head to disable him for a while, but
            somehow he will always get back up and come back to life! 

Fire Brother - This is another variation of the standard Hammer Brother.  This
               variation will spit fireballs at you!  Usually they are found in
               pairs, making their fire twice the work to avoid.  The best way
               to kill them is by giving them a dose of their own medicine and
               shooting fire at them.  However, they can also be killed by
               jumping on their heads.  Watch out.

Fire Snake - A Fire Snake is an enemy found mainly in the desert stages of
             World 2.  It is a long snake comprised of fire links, and will
             jump around.  This enemy was originally found in Super Mario Bros.
             3.  A Fire Snake cannot be killed in this game, so the best thing
             to do when you see them is just avoid them.

Flame Chomp - Another enemy that made his debut in SMB3.  This enemy is a fire
              version of a standard Chain Chomp.  While this enemy is not 
              restricted by a chain, he flys through the air, and has a long
              path of fire that follows him.  He will constantly attack you,
              and can shoot fire out of his mouth at you.  They can be killed
              by jumping on his head.  However, like a Lakitu, they often come
              back a few seconds after killing it.  

Giant Spiked Ball - A Giant Spiked Ball is just a larger version of an ordinary
                    Spiked Ball.  This really isn't an enemy, but rather more
                    of an obstacle you need to avoid.  It will roll along a
                    platform, and will harm you if you touch it.  The best
                    thing to do is just avoid them, as there is no way to kill
                    a Giant Spiked Ball.

Goomba - Here is an enemy that no Mario game can be without.  This traditional
         Mario Brothers enemy is found scattered throughout the Mushroom 
         Kingdom.  All they do is walk along.  They have no attacks, but if you
         bump into one, it will harm you.  The 2 main ways to kill them is by
         jumping on his head, and by shooting a ball of fire at them.

Hammer Brother - A Hammer Brother is a classic SMB enemy that jumps up and down
                 and throws hammers at you.  The hammers are thrown at an 
                 arched angle, so you can get close to him, and he'll throw the
                 hammers right over top of you.  The best way to kill him is 
                 with fire power, but jumping on his head will also kill him.
                 These guys are often found in pairs, so watch out!

Koopa Paratroopa - A Koopa Paratroopa is another classic SMB enemy.  It is an
                   ordinary Koopa Troopa, but has wings, which allows it to fly
                   into the air.  Like Koopa Troopas, there is a green version
                   and a red version of this enemy.  The green version will
                   fly up and down, while the red version flys left and right.
                   When stomped on, they will become ordinary Koopa Troopas.
                   Then, just kill them the same way you'd kill an ordinary
                   Koopa Troopa.

Koopa Troopa - This is the turtle warrior sworn loyalty to Bowser.  They are
               turtle enemies, and their hard shells are supposed to keep them 
               safe from danger.  However, if you jump on them, you can pick
               up their shells and use them for a weapon.  There is a green
               version and a red version of this enemy.  The green version 
               will walk right off a ledge, while the smarter red version will
               turn around when he gets to a ledge and continue the other way.
               The best way to kill them is with fire power, or by jumping on
               them and using their shell as a weapon.

Lakitu - Lakitu is the enemy that floats around above in a cloud, throwing
         Spinies at you as an attack.  If you can find a high enough platform,
         jump on his head to kill him.  Then, you can ride his cloud to high
         areas, and discover new secrets!  Be warned, however, the cloud does
         not last forever.  Also, if you kill Lakitu, a new Lakitu will soon
         appear, so take caution. 

Mega Cheep-Cheep - This is the Mega sized version of a standard Cheep-Cheep.
                   They are very large and can take up half the screen.  They
                   are no smarter than an ordinary Cheep-Cheep, so just shoot
                   fire at it to kill it, or just avoid it all together.

Mega Deep-Cheep - This is the Mega sized version of a standard Deep-Cheep.
                  They are very large and can take up half the screen.  They
                  will swim towards you if you get too close.  They can be
                  killed with a fireball, but avoiding them is not such a
                  bad idea.

Mega Unagi - Unagi is the Eel enemy that made his first appearance in Jolly
             Roger Bay of Super Mario 64.  However, this is a Mega sized 
             version of Unagi the Eel.  A Mega Unagi will start on the left
             side of the screen, and when he sees you, will start munching
             on everything in his path in an attempt to kill you.  He is so
             large that he takes up the entire screen, so be sure to swim
             to the right faster than Mega Unagi can eat his way to the right
             or you will quickly become eel food.  You cannot kill him.

Mini Goomba - This is a smaller version of an ordinary Goomba.  These Mini
              Goombas are primarily found in small pipes that can only be
              accessed as Mini Mario.  Though they are small, they can still
              be killed the standard way by jumping on them.

Paragoomba - This member of the Goomba family has wings and can fly.  He
             will fly in the air, and will swoop down for an attack after
             seeing you.  Jump on him once and he will turn into an ordinary
             Goomba, then kill him using the same methods you'd use on a
             standard Goomba.

Piranha Plant - The Piranha Plant is the standard plant enemy found in many 
                Mario games.  He is only found in pipes, and will pop his
                head out for brief intervals.  The only way to kill them is
                with fire power.  Note that if you stand too close to their
                pipe, they will not come out.  There is also a version of
                the Piranha Plant that shoots fireballs at you, so be 

Pokey - Pokey is the cactus enemy that is found mostly in desert levels.  
        A Pokey has many different parts of his body, and the top part
        will always be his head.  All he does is move around, but the fact
        that he is very tall makes him sometimes difficult to jump over.  The
        best way to kill him is by jumping on his head, shooting fire at 
        him, or throwing a Koopa shell at him.

Scuttlebug - These are the spiderlike enemies that are primarily found in
             caves and other eerie areas.  They hang from ceilings and will
             drop down when you get too close to them.  You can kill them
             with fire power, or just avoid them all together.

Skeeter - A Skeeter is the mosquito enemies that made their debut in
          Super Mario 64 that glide along the surface of water.  They will
          glide around on the water, and will drop bombs on you if you are
          swimming underneath them.  The only way to kill them is to jump
          on their heads.

Snailicorn - A Snailicorn gets his name from a combonation of a snail and
             a unicorn.  They lurk around in caves, and walk around a 
             platform, and have no problem latching onto a ceiling to be
             upside down.  The large horn that comes from their shell is
             very dangerous, so avoid that.  They can only be killed by
             hitting a brick that they are walking on, but other than that,
             the smartest thing to do is just avoid them.

Snow Spike - A Snow Spike is a new enemy to this game, found in one of the
             snow levels in World 2.  He will stand at the end of a ledge,
             gather snowballs and throw them at you.  That is his only attack.
             He can easily be killed with a fireball, or by jumping on his

Spike Bass - This is a spiked fish that will leap out of the water to attack
             you when you are standing on a platform above water.  If this
             fish is successful, he will swallow you whole, and that will be
             the end of you.  Always take caution when you see them jumping
             out of water below.  The best way to kill them is with fire power,
             but a new one will appear if you kill one, so watch out.

Spike Top - This enemy belongs to the Beetle family.  He is mostly found
            lurking around on cave ceilings.  He has a hard shell, and a
            giant spike coming from his shell, which protects him from getting
            jumped on.  They can only be killed by hitting a block that they
            are currently climbing on.

Spiked Ball - A Spiked Ball is not really an enemy, but rather a moving
              obstacle that you must avoid.  They will roll back and forth on
              different platforms, and their spiked surface will harm you if
              touched.  They cannot be killed, so your best bet is to just
              avoid them until they roll away.

Spiny - A Spiny is the enemy that Lakitu throws from his cloud.  They have
        spikes on their shells, so do not try to jump on them!  They have about
        as much AI as a Goomba -- in other words they just walk in a straight
        line with no attacks.  They can't be jumped on due to their spikes,
        but fire power is a good method to defeat them. 

Splunkin - This is a new enemy found only in NSMB.  It is the walking pumpkin
           enemy that is found mostly in Ghost Houses and other eerie places.
           He can walk back and forth and will harm you if he can get to you.
           Jump on him once, and he will become red, and become much faster.
           Jump on him twice to defeat him.

Squiggler - These are smaller versions of Wiggler the Worm.  They look just 
            like Wiggler, except are much smaller.  They are mostly found in
            the later stages of the game, and come from pipes.  To kill them,
            just jump on them, or use fire power.

Sumo Brother - This is a very large, very fat, version of the standard Hammer
               Brother.  Like a Hammer Brother, he throws hammers as his main
               attack.  However, he can jump into the air, and due to his 
               large body mass, upon hitting the ground again, it will 
               temporarily stun you if you are standing on the ground when
               he lands.  Other than that, there aren't any differences from
               a standard Hammer Brother.  Just jump on his head or use fire
               power to kill him.

Super Dry Bones - As you might have guessed from the name, this is just a
                  larger version of an ordinary Dry Bones.  However, mere
                  jumping will not easily make it fall apart.  You must use
                  Ground Pounds to make this stronger Dry Bones incarnation
                  fall apart.

Super Piranha Plant - This is just a much larger version of an ordinary 
                      Piranha Plant.  They are not found in pipes, but rater
                      are found growing from the ground.  They do not attack
                      any differently than ordinary Piranha Plants, but their
                      large size can be quite an obstacle to jump over.  The
                      only way to kill them is by shooting three fireballs
                      at him.

Super Thwomp - This is a larger version of an ordinary Thwomp.  When you get
               close to him, he will crash his massive body down for an 
               attack.  Be sure to steer clear from him when this happens, as
               his massive body can crush even the toughest of blocks.  He can
               not be killed, so the only thing you can do is lure him down,
               and run past him as he resets on his way back up.

Sushi - This is a new enemy found only in NSMB.  A Sushi is the shark enemy
        found in some of the underwater stages.  A Sushi is very large, and
        will attack you if you get too close.  They cannot be killed with
        fire, so don't even try.  The best thing you can do is just avoid him
        when you see one.

Swoop - These are the bat enemies found in some of the underground cave 
        levels.  They will be found sleeping on the ceiling above, and when
        you get close to them, they will wake up and swoop down for their
        grande attack, then fly away.  They can be killed by jumping on their
        heads, or with fire power.

Thwomp - This is an ordinary version of the Thwomp.  They are large grey blocks
         and have mean faces.  They are found at the ceiling with their eyes
         closed, but will come crashing down to attack if you get too close to
         them.  They cannot be killed, so just avoid them.  The best strategy
         is to run past them as they are going back up to reset for another

Unagi - Unagi the Eel made his debut appearance in Jolly Roger Bay of Super
        Mario 64, and now he's back for a new adventure.  However, this time
        there are many Unagi the Eel enemies, and they can be found in various
        underwater levels.  Stay away from his hole in the wall, and he will
        leave you alone too.  

Whomp - Ah yes, the Whomp.  These are the walking blocks with faces, that 
        were originally found in Super Mario 64.  The blocks, although they
        are enemies, are required to safely pass some areas.  They will slam
        their faces against the ground when you walk by in hopes to smush you
        in the process.  However, due to their sluggish movements, you have
        plenty of time to react.

Wiggler - Wiggler is the catepillar enemy that was originally seen in Super
          Mario World.  Wiggler will walk along the ground at his own merry
          pace.  However, jump on his head, and he will become so mad and
          start charging at you.  Wiggler cannot be killed by jumping on his
          head, so use fire power or shells to defeat him.

                                  6.02 - Items

This useful section is a small list of all the items in the entire game, and
a brief analysis and description of each.  The Mario Bros. series is full of
unique items.  This section will go over every item and all its uses.

1-Up Mushroom - This green mushroom will reward you with one extra life upon
                collecting it.  They can be obtained in various ways, such as
                hitting a brick, collecting Red Coins, as Mega Mario, and a
                few other ways.  These special Mushrooms are supposed to be
                scarce, and move along just as an ordinary mushroom does.

Blue Shell - This new item is a brand new feature to NSMB.  If you get a Blue
             Shell, you will turn into Shell Mario.  These special Shells
             are very scarce in this game.  As Shell Mario, if you run and
             start to dash, you will retreat into your shell, and glide around
             just like an ordinary shell.  You will kill all enemies in your
             path and break all bricks.  You move very fast while in this
             shell, and you can move faster in water stages too!  

Coin - A Coin is the most common item in the entire game, and they are found
       EVERYWHERE.  Just collect them and you will earn 50 points for each one.
       After collecting 100 coins, you will earn an extra life.  Coins are
       mostly found sitting in plain sight, but can also be found in bricks,
       obtained by shooting fire at enemies, and a few other ways...

Fire Flower - This nifty powerup is found seemingly everywhere in this Mario
              Bros. installment.  When you get a Fire Flower, you will have 
              Fire Power, which allows you to shoot enemies to kill them. 
              Fire Flowers are mostly found in blocks, but can also be found
              in a few other places.

Mega Mushroom - Here is another new item that isn't found in any other Mario
                game.  A Mega Mushroom will turn Mario into a Giant!  Mario 
                will have this power for a certain amount of time (like a
                Starman), and then will shrink back to normal size.  As Mega
                Mario, a meter will appear at the top of the screen.  The 
                more items, enemies, and pipes you smash as Mega Mario, the
                higher the meter will be.  Upon turning back into regular
                Mario, the higher your meter, the more amount of extra lives
                you will recieve for your descruction.

Mini Mushroom - This item is just the opposite of a Mega Mushroom.  It will
                turn you into a Mini Mario, which is just a smaller version
                of Mario.  As Mini Mario, you can jump a little higher, and
                get much more air time.  There are a few areas that are too
                small for ordinary Mario to get into, so you must be Mini
                Mario to get into these areas.

Mushroom - This is a common Mushroom.  They are mostly found in ordinary
           bricks, and will turn a small Mario into Super Mario.  They are
           a very common item.

Red Coin - Jump through a Red Ring, and 8 Red Coins will appear.  Your job
           is to collect all 8 Red Coins within the short time period, or
           they will disappear.  If you manage to get all 8 Red Coins, you
           will be hansomely rewarded with Powerups or 1-Up Mushrooms.

Red Ring - A Red Ring is a small ring that you run or jump through to 
           trigger the 8 Red Coins to appear.  There is one Red Ring per
           level, and you will not get any second chances, so make the
           first one count.

Spin Block - A Spin Block is a new unique block that you can stand on.  It has
             a spinning surface.  Stand on it and jump, and you will spin high
             into the air, and float back down slowly in a propellar motion.
             While spinning down, you can press down while you're doing this
             to quickly spin down in a drill motion, to attack enemies or
             break through bricks.

Starman - A Starman is a pretty uncommon item that will give you temporary
          invincibility as long as you have the power.  While you're
          invincible, you can not get hurt, so run through as many enemies as
          you can to automatically kill them.  Your Starman power will only
          last a few seconds, though, and then you'll turn back into regular
          Mario.  Starmans are mostly found in bricks.

Switch Block - There are 3 different types of Switch Blocks found in this
               game.  A Switch Block is a switch you can hit that will make
               strange things happen.  Here are the 3 types of bricks.

               Question Mark '?' Switch - A Question Mark Switch will make
                                          strange, and seemingly random
                                          things occur.  They can be either
                                          temporary or permanent, and the
                                          range of events that can happen is
                                          quite broad.

               Exclaimation '!' Switch - An Exclaimation Switch will make
                                         the outline of bricks appear for a
                                         temporary amount of time, usually
                                         will allow Mario to get into areas
                                         he otherwise wouldn't be able to
                                         get to.

               P 'P' Switch - A P Switch is a switch that comes from SMB3.
                              Hittine one of these will turn all coins into
                              bricks, and bricks into coins.  Sometimes this
                              allows you to access secret areas, but this
                              effect is only temporary, so move fast!

                               6.03 - Warp Locations

There are a few Warp Zone Locations in this game, similar to that of classic
Mario games.  Warps in this game are accessed by finding secret cannons and 
jumping into them.  Here is a list of all the Warp Worlds in this game and
how to get to them.

World 1 Tower to World 5 - 

World 2-A to World 5 - 

World 3 Ghost House to World 6 - 

World 4 Ghost House to World 7 - 

World 5 Ghost House to World 8 - 

                               6.04 - Secrets/Tricks

There are many secrets and tricks in this game that can be used to maximize
game playability.  This is a list and decription of the ones I know about. 
If you know of any I'm missing, contact me and I will add them.

Play As Luigi
Thank Goodness Luigi is in this game, I don't want to hear fans whining and
starting rumors like the way they still do about SM64.  Anyway, to play as
Luigi, go to the file select screen, and hold L + R, then press A to choose
your file.  If done correctly, you will hear Luigi's voice, and you will begin
to play as Luigi.

Save File Stars
Next to each file, you can get up to 3 stars.  These stars, while they do not
add any extra functions or playability to the game, they act as a symbol of
accomplishment.  To get 1 Star next to a file, just beat the game once.  To
get 2 Stars next to a file, complete all levels including World 4 and 7 all
Cannon Levels, and find all secret exits.  To get 3 Stars next to a file, you
must collect all the Star Coins, and spend them all.

Save Whenever You Want
Normally, you can only save after beating Towers and Castles.  However, after
you beat the game, you will be able to save the game wherever you want simply
by pressing pause and choosing 'Save' from the Pause Menu.

World 4 and World 7
After beating World 2 and World 5, you will be taken to World 3 and World 6
respectfully, and skip right over World 4 and 7.  While this acts as a short
cut to the end of the game, you might still want to access these extra Worlds
after beating the game and beat them just for fun.  To get to World 4, you
must beat the World 2 boss as Mini-Mario.  Likewise, to get to World 7, you
must beat the World 5 boss as Mini-Mario.  Then, instead of proceeding to the
next World as usual, you will drop through cracks in the ground, and will be
taken to World 4/World 7.

                                  6.05 - Glitches

I have noticed one glitch while playing NSMB.  Usually I like to keep my
eye out for glitches, but I've only been able to find one so far.  If you
know of any I'm missing, please contact me.

World X-X - Dry Bones Glitch
In the area of X-X where all the ferris wheel platforms are moving in a circle,
lure one of the Dry Bones onto these platforms from the nearby platform, then
jump on his head to make him fall apart.  While his body will stay in one
location on the ferris wheel platform, his head will not become a child to the
parent ferris wheel object, and will move left and right, which is an

                                 7. Mini-Games

As soon as you turn the game on, there is an option to play the Mini-Games.
These games are silly small games, similar to a game you'd find on a cell
phone or a PDA, that are just good for passing the time.  However, NSMB keeps
records of your previous scores, so trying to break a new record can become
extremely difficult if you've played the Mini-Games a lot.

This section is just an analysis and general strategy of every Mini-Game in 
New Super Mario Bros.  Remember, there are 4 categories of Mini-Games: Action,
Puzzle, Table, & Variety.  This section will cover all the Mini-Games in all
4 categories.

                                 7.01 - Action

Game: Snowball Slalom
Description: Rub the Touch Screen to roll the snowman's head to the goal before
             time runs out!  Rocks will slow you down, so avoid them!
Strategy: In this game, you must roll your Snowman's head to the end goal 
          before the 20 seconds of alotted time runs out.  The best way to do
          this is getting out the stylus and rubbing it against the touch
          screen in a forward direction.  You can also steer the snowman's
          head left or right.  At the beginning of the race, the snowman's
          head will be very small, but as it rolls forward against the icy
          surface, it will collect snow and grow to be very large!!  Avoid the
          rocks, and Penguins, and race to the finish line in under 20 seconds.

Game: Lakitu Launch
Description: Shoot as many Spinies as you can into the flying shells within the
             alotted time.
Strategy: In this game, notice the two sets of Lakitu platforms soaring around
          on the top screen.  Get out the stylus, and drag it against the
          touch screen to launch the slingshot and shoot Spinines into these
          platforms.  The Toads will constantly reload the slingshot, so you
          don't have to worry about that.  Be sure to aim the slingshot in the
          right direction, and give it the right amount of power.  At the end
          of the 30 alotted seconds, your score will be tallied, and the game
          will be over.

Game: Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!
Description: Slide over the Touch Screen to guide the Bob-omb out of the way
             of the incoming fireballs.  Watch out for Bowser's flame breath 
             too.  How long can you survive?
Strategy: In this game, you control a poor little Bob-omb who is about to get
          fried, and you must keep him out of danger's way for as long as you
          can.  Use the stylus to drag around the Bob-omb to help him avoid the
          random fireballs, and Bowser's breath.  Be sure to keep an eye on
          Bowser so he doesn't flame our little Bob-omb friend.  At first, the
          fireballs are quite lite, but as time goes on, more and more will 
          appear, making the area denser with fire!  After the inevitable
          occurs and our Bob-omb friend gets toasted, your score will be 
          counted and the game will be over.

Game: Whack-a-Monty
Description: Whack Monty Mole whenever he pops out of a hole!  WHACKITY 
             WHACK!!!  You'll lose points if you hit poor Luigi by mistake.
             Be careful!  How many Monty Moles can you whack?
Strategy: This game is very similar to the classic Whack-a-Gator game you
          have probably seen at amusement parks.  There is a 20 hole grid,
          made up of 4 columns and 5 rows of holes.  Slowly, Monty Moles will
          start to appear from the holes.  Use the stylus to touch these
          Monty Moles when they appear to Whack them.  You will recieve one
          point for each Monty Mole you whack.  However, be careful not to
          hit the green Luigi, because 3 points will be deducted for each
          Luigi you hit.  At the start of the game, things will be calm and
          easy, but towards the end of the game, Monty Moles and Luigi's will
          be coming out of every hole, and utter choas will occur!  At the
          end of the 30 second Whacking period, your score will be tallied,
          and the game will be over.

Game: Balloon Racing
Description: Blow into the Mic to send Yoshi flying skyward.  Yoshi's balloons
             will burst if he hits a Shy Guy.  If all the balloons pop, Yoshi
             will fall.  Can you reach the goal before time runs out?
Strategy: This game is by far the easiest way to feel lightheaded.  You need to
          blow into the Microphone to help Yoshi's balloons soar into the air.
          I find it less of an advantage to blow directly into the Microphone,
          but rather at the screen.  The object of the game is to help Yoshi
          to the goal at the top, however, the Shy Guys that are flying above
          wish to stop that from happening.  Guide Yoshi to the top without
          hitting the Shy Guys.  Yoshi has 2 balloons, but if you hit a Shy
          Guy a balloon will pop.  If both of Yoshi's balloons pops, then he is
          a goner.  Also, you need to get to the goal in under the 20 second 
          time limit.  When you get to the top, your time will be recorded, and
          the game will be over.

                                 7.02 - Puzzle

Game: Wanted!
Description: It's easy to get lost in a crowd!  Find the one who disappeared
             and touch him!  There he is!
Strategy: At the beginning of each round, a Wanted! poster will appear on the
          top screen with either a picture of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Wario
          on it.  Your job is to search for that character's head on the touch
          screen, and when you find him, touch the head to score the point.  
          This is a timed game, and the game will continue forever until your
          time runs out.  For each correct answer, 5 seconds will be added to
          the clock.  The game will give you incredibly easy people to find
          in the beginning rounds, but as the rounds progress, they will become
          harder and harder to find the suspect!

Game: Which Wiggler?
Description: Touch the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that matches the one on the
             top screen.  Choose carefully, though; he has a terrible temper.
Strategy: This game is similar to the common "find the differences" game that
          is commonly found on the back of cereal boxes.  You have to have a
          quick eye to find the differences in this timed game.  One Wiggler 
          will be on the top screen, and several Wiggler's will be on the Touch
          Screen.  Your job is to identify the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that
          matches the one above, and touch him to clear the round.  This is a
          timed game, and you will earn 5 seconds for every correct answer, and
          you will lose time for ever incorrect answer.  After all of your time
          runs out, the score will be tallied, and the game will be over. 

Game: Hide and Boo Seek
Description: Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding!  Can you find them
             all before time runs out?
Strategy: In this game, you must carefully watch the screen for Boos.  When the
          giant Boo turns the light off, you need to use the stylus to light up
          areas of the screen to reveal those ghosts from the dark.  Anywhere
          from 1-4 Boos can be on the screen at once, and you're only given 3 
          seconds to reveal them.  If you can't find them all before the 3 
          seconds are up, your score will be tallied and your game will be over.

Game: Puzzle Panel
Description: Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen.  Touch a panel
             to turn over the surrounding panels.  Harder levels will take more
             turns to solve.
Strategy: One of the few games that aren't timed.  In this game, you need to
          examine the puzzle displayed on the Touch Screen, and using the 
          stylus, make it match up to the puzzle displayed on the top screen. 
          When playing this game, there will be a grid, which starts out small
          4x4 grid of Mushrooms and Feathers.  When you touch a tile on the
          bottom screen, it will change, and so will all 8 blocks that it 
          touches, into the opposite block.  You need to do this so that the
          puzzle below matches the puzzle on the top screen.  You are given
          a certain amount of turns, usually 1-3 turns, and 3 hearts.  If you
          mess up, you will lose a heart.  You will recieve 3 hearts again
          after completing round increments of 5.  After losing all 3 of your
          hearts, your score will be recorded, and the game will end.

Game: Coincentration
Description: Pay attention to where the falling coins land.  Tap the blocks to
             retrieve the coins.  Choose wisely: if you pick the wrong block,
             the game will end.
Strategy: Before the game starts, Wario will throw a coin purse into the air 
          and all the coins will spill out and land on the 3 rows of blocks 
          on the Touch Screen.  However, so many coins fall, that it is hard
          to tell which blocks have coins and which do not.  Start tapping
          blocks with the stylus to break bricks.  The more coins you collect
          from the bricks, the higher your score.  However, if you break a
          brick without any coins in it, the game will end, and your score will
          be tallied and recorded.

                                  7.03 - Table

Game: Memory Match
Description: Pick two matching cards to make them disappear.  Clear all the 
             cards to win.  If you make three mistakes, Luigi wins.
Strategy: In this game, Luigi will deal out 8 cards, and you have to turn them
          over and match them up.  After turning 2 cards over, if they match,
          they will be removed from the table, but if they don't match, they
          will be turned back over, and it will be up to your memory to 
          remember those cards.  If you mess up 3 times in a single hand, Luigi
          will win.  In the later stages of the game, Luigi will deal out more
          than 8 cards, and some will be turned over for a brief period to give
          you a clue.  The game continues on until you are out of coins.

Game: Picture Poker
Description: Get a better hand than Luigi to win!  If you're confident that
             your hand's the best, increase the number of coins in your bet!
Strategy: You start out with 10 coins to start in this betting game.  This is
          a Mario-version of the standard game of poker.  Using pictures of
          Mario symbols instead of 13 cards of 4 suits, you need to match up
          symbols to get different combonations to win the game.  The 
          possible different combonations you can get are listed on the top
          screen in the top left.  They are pair, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, full 
          house, 4 of a kind, and 5 of a kind.  All different symbols have
          the same value, despite the symbol pyramid on the bottom left of
          the Touch Screen.  Similar to a real game of poker, you will be
          dealt 5 cards.  Use the stylus to choose which of those 5 you wish
          to keep, and which you wish to exchange for new cards.  Also, you
          can change the amount of coins you wish to bet by tapping the 'Bet!'
          symbol in the top left of the Touch Screen.  Good luck!

Game: Pair-a-Gone
Description: Match up cards horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to remove
             them from the table.  Clear all the cards to win!
Strategy: In this betting game, you start out with 10 coins.  The object of
          the game is to clear all the cards from the table.  You need to match
          up the cards either horizontally, vertically, or diagaonlly to make
          them disappear.  Start by touching a card with the stylus, and then
          touch another matching card that's touching that card to make them
          disappear.  Then Luigi will deal 2 new cards to make up for the ones
          you just got rid of.  Eventually Luigi will not have any more cards
          to deal.  Keep pairing up cards, and eventually they will all start
          to disappear.  If you can clear the table, you will win the bet.
          However, if there are cards left that cannot be paired, you will
          lose the bet.  Good luck!

                                 7.04 - Variety

Game: Mario's Slides
Description: Guide Mario down the slides to the Star.  Draw lines on the Touch
             Screen to create new routes for him.  If Mario lands in a Piranha
             Plant, it's game over!  Collect five Stars to move up a stage.
Strategy: In this game, a Mario head will start at the very top of the screen,
          and slowly move its way downwards along the white lines to the 
          bottom of the screen.  You will notice Piranha Plants and a Star at
          the bottom, you must direct Mario so that he touches the Star and not
          the Piranha Plants.  The way to guide Mario is by drawing lines on
          the Touch Screen to create paths for the Mario head to move down
          long.  You can only draw straight lines, no curved ones.  The lines
          will create new paths for Mario.  Every time you direct Mario to a 
          Star, you will earn a point.  However, if you accidentily direct 
          Mario to a Piranha Plant, it will be the end of the game.

Game: Sort or 'Splode
Description: Guide black Bob-ombs to the black carpet and red Bob-ombs to the
             red carpet.  If you bring in the wrong Bob-omb, it will explode,
             and that's no good!
Strategy: When this game starts, Bob-ombs will being pouring out of the hatches
          on the top and the bottom of the Touch Screen.  Your job is to use
          the sylus to drag the Red Bob-ombs onto the red carpet and the Black
          Bob-ombs onto the black carpet.  At the beginning the game is easy,
          but as time goes on they will emerge at such a rapid pace.  The best
          strategy is to work on one color at a time, and then revert back to
          the other color when ready.  Of course, Bob-ombs about to explode
          should be your first priority.  The game will end when you
          accidentily drag the wrong Bob-omb onto the wrong carpet, or when
          one of the Bob-ombs explodes.

Game: Bounce and Trounce
Description: The sky is thick with Fly Guys!  Help Mario stomp on their heads
             by tapping on him.  Tap Mario on the left, right, or center to
             make him bounce left, right, or straight up into the air.
Strategy: In this game, there will be a bunch of Shy Guys, and you must stomp
          on their heads.  For each Shy Guy you stomp on, you will recieve
          one point.  The more points you have, the better you do.  To control
          the Marios, you need to use the stylus to tap him which will make him
          jump into the air.  Throughout the entire game, there will be 3 
          Marios flying through the air.  Even if one falls through the bottom
          of the screen, he will be replaced by a new one.  If you let 3 Marios
          fall off the screen, the
          game will be over and your score will be tallied.  

Game: Bob-omb Squad
Description: The parachuting Bob-ombs have targeted your precious garded!  Use
             your slingshot to knock them out of the air.  Hit Lakitu to blow
             them all up at once!
Strategy: In this game, you control a giant slingshot at the bottom of the 
          screen.  The parachuted Bob-ombs keep coming from the sky, and you
          must use the slingshot to hurl balls at them to stop them.  Use the
          stylus to control the slingshot to hurl balls at them.  Remember,
          you can control both direction and power by where you aim, and how
          far the slingshot is pulled back.  Like most of these Mini-Games,
          it's easy at the beginning, but gets hard fast.  When it gets too
          frantic to kill all the Bob-ombs, aim for Lakitu at the top of the
          screen.  Hitting Lakitu will blow up all the Bob-ombs in play, 
          which clears the screen.  There are four flower bushes at the bottom
          of the screen.  After all these bushes are destroyed, your score will
          be calculated and the game will be over.

Game: Trampoline Time
Description: Draw a line on the Touch Screen to create a trampoline.  You can
             draw up to three lines at a time.  Use the trampolies to bounce
             Mario to safety!
Strategy: At the start of this game, there is a giant trampoline at the very
          bottom of the screen.  It is there by default, and is designed to
          protect you.  However, after 3 bounces, it will disappear, leaving
          the bottom pit open.  The object of this game is to use the stylus
          to draw trampolines on the screen, which Mario will bounce off of.
          You want Mario to bounce into the doorways on the right side of the
          screen.  Each time you bounce a Mario into the doorways, you will
          earn one point.  A total of 3 Marios will be in play at the same
          time.  After 3 Marios have fallen off the screen, your score will
          be tallied and the game will end.

                                8. Guide Closing

Yes yes, I know, I hate goodbyes.  This is the section that wraps up the
entire document.  I really hope you enjoyed my New Super Mario Bros. document.

                                  8.01 - Credits

Matt Morgan - My brother, who gave me this wonderful game for my birthday.

Jack Miller - My friend from school, who gave me information on the cannons
              in this game.  Plus he's a cool guy.

Jörg Seyfferth - For being the guy who created the ASCII Text Generator, which
                 is what generated the "New SMB" text at the top of the 

Chicken Wings - No reason really.  I just like wings.

                              8.02 - Legal Disclaimer

All of the text in this document is copyrighted(c) 2006 Nicholas Steven Morgan.
The guide may not be reproduced in any way, in part or in full, without full
written expressed permission by the author, Nicholas Steven Morgan.  It may not
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The guide may not be sold or traded for any personal gain, including but not
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Please do not plagarize my work.  Remember that we live in a world of 
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you steal my work, word is likely to get back to me, where I will then press
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                               8.03 - Contacting Me

Please only contact me to talk about this strategy guide.  I do not want or
need any e-friends, and I certainly don't want anybody contacting me just to
learn my ASL.  Sorry I just had to get that out.  On the likewise, I can always
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Please make sure you have thoroughly read the document, INCLUDING THE 
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