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Naruto: Path of the Ninja Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Naruto: Path of the Ninja

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Check out our cheats and find out how to unlock Kyuubi's power, the nine-tailed Fox's charka and the mini game.

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We have 8 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto: Path of the Ninja please send them in here.

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Freezing trick

Most of you will not know this
The trick is that if you go to tazuna's home in the land of waves ,you need the ninja whistle for this and you need to use it tazuna's home.
You will hear the enemy sound and screen will be black.
Sometimes the top screen will be shown when your during a battle and the touch screen will be blurr.
That's it,enjoy

Combination Jutsu

Okay, I figured out a new combination jutsu that was not listed in any of the walkthroughs.
Here it is:
Sasuke's Sharingan+ Lee's Primary Lotus= Hidden Leaf Hidden Wild Dance.
Sasuke + Lee's combo attack.
Sasuke uses his Lions Barrage, Then Lee attacks with Primary Lotus.
It only hits one enemy, though, but is pretty powerful when used.

Simple Fights

One technique I found useful in fights is Naruto's Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, if you charge enough chakra you're attacks will do a lot of damage, I managed to kill Kiba and Akamaru in one attack each because of how many attacks the clones got in, so at the beginning of a tough fight, use Naruto's substitution and Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsus.

ramen is cool

If you go into the ramen shop, you can eat ramen but only once a day(in the game). Naruto likes all the ramen, But if you eat with Sasuke he likes just about all the ramen except Miso ramen. He doesn't like sweet stuff either. Um, if you give someone ramen and they say they don't like it, then your chemistry goes down and that's not cool! I think "You Are Hokage" is as high as your chemistry can get. I don't know what the lowest is though. YEAH. THE END!

Easy Levels

When your at the chunin exams you should go to the end of forest of death and then keep using the ninja whistle to keep getting EXP and always battle the toad and 2 centipede they give the best EXP if you beat them.

chakra build up

When using attacks such as shadow clones inner sakura or fireball jutsu rubbing the screen up and down is not the fastest way to build chakra for inner sakura and shadow clone use a diagonal motion
For fireball jutsu use circles (not compelty sure about this one)

Unlock Kyuubi's Power

This is obtained when you have collected ALL 5 of the Ripped Scrolls. Here is a list of where to find them.
Ripped Scroll 1 - Storage
Ripped Scroll 2 - Land Of Fire Plains

Ripped Scroll 3 - Fire Calender (Hokage Basement)
Ripped Scroll 4 - Forest Of Death
Ripped Scroll 5 - Gaara Pursuit


Unlock Mini-Game:
The mini-game at the 'Main' menu is unlocked when you have completed the game once.
Unlock the Nine-Tailed Fox's Charka:
Collect ALL of the ripped scrolls and take them to the Hokage's basement and you will be rewarded with Naruto's new power-up.
Konohamuru Unlockables at Academy:
When you have beaten the game go to Konohamuru on top of the acadamy to unlock the following features. The diagram below shows you where the numbers correspond in relation to the areas of the screen.
[01] [02] [03] [04]
[05] [06] [07] [08]
[09] [10] [11] [12]

Unlock Fuji Fan:
Press 08, 11, 02, 05.
Unlock Jiraiya:
Press 11, 03, 01, 06.
Unlock Rasengan:
Press 09, 02, 12, 07.
Unlock Rajin's Sword:
Press 07, 06, 05, 11.
Unlock 4th Hokage's Sword:
Press 04, 07, 11, 05.

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