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Mega Man ZX Advent Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mega Man ZX Advent

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Check out our cheats to unlock Survival mode and Boss Battle mode. We'll also tell you how to unlock the Advent Quiz mini-game and the secret Model A.

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We have 7 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man ZX Advent please send them in here.

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Unlock Secret Ending

Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting and wait until the credits end to view an alternate ending.

easy biometal upgrade in highway one

normally you would have to break some blocks with model f to get to a switch, slow down time with chronoforce, hit the switch and go as fast as you can to the door that leads to the biometal upgrade, but there is a much much easier way, just go right in front of the door with megaman a (the one with giga crush) and use giga crush, the door will open and you can get the biometal me, this does work, i'm not kidding!

early secret disk in oil field 2

you do not need the light weight upgrade to get the secret disk in oil field 2,just slow down time with chronoforce's time bomb and get in the small place where if you step on it without light weight it falls, it will fall but very slowly so either use,mini mega man a, hedgeshock, or grey to get through the small space and boom!you have the secret disk!

Monthly items

Every new month there will be different items in certain rooms in the raider base. The rooms you look into are the ones on floor 1. The debris blocking the two rooms can be cleared by talking to the raider there and when he asks for a donation give him 100 ec or 300 ec (Just to be sure I gave him 300 ec but you could try 100 ec) and leave (what I did was use the transever to transport from oil field area 3 to oil field area 3) and when you come back there will still be debris but there is a room exposed and in the room will be several boxes just destroy them and they will ALWAYS give you a health item, a BM item or some ec (they will not drop BM upgrades, life-ups or subtanks) and in one of the boxes will be a random health healing item or something like that (like a lollipop which heals 5 health). To get into the second room you must first defeat the final boss, Albert, and then return and go to the level 1 in the oil field area 3 and talk to the raider and he will ask for a donation of 100 ec or 300 ec so give it to him and leave and come back and the second room will be exposed and there is only two large boxes in the second room which only drop the big form of ec and the biggest health item. But they might drop a useable chip (like the ones you get in item section B). These are cool things that would be pretty cool to have. You only get each chip once and the Room A items will only appear once per day. Hope this helps everyone!


Unlock Boss Battle Mode:
This mode becomes unlocked when you complete Boss Survival mode.
Unlock Advent Quiz Mini-Game:
This mini-game becomes unlocked when the game has been completed.
Unlock Mega Man Antique Mini-Game:
This mini-game becomes unlocked when the game has been completed on the Beginner or Expert difficulty setting.

Unlock Secret Model (Model A):

When you have collected ALL 24 medals from the bosses start a new game and play until you get Model A and you will also get the secret model in your inventory.


Unlock Boss Survival Mode:
Successfully complete the game with both characters.
Unlock Maniac Mode:
Successfully beat the game on Expert mode.

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