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Follow the dark path or use the light

LostMagic Cheats

Cheats and Tips for LostMagic


We have 8 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS.If you have any cheats or tips for LostMagic please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our LostMagic Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Bele's Magic Guide (Trio Rune)

Lv1|Fireball|Ice Shards|Wind Blades|Earth Wall|Trap|Heal Light
Lv2|Explosion|Storm|Wind Shards|Tough Armor|Curse|Light Armor
LM|Fire Rain|Freeze|Transport|Boulder|Poison|Restore
This is a list of all the trio runes I have discovered thus far.
Spell name|First Rune|Second Rune|Third Rune|Element
Fire King Fireball Fireball Fireball Fire
Ice King Ice Shards Ice Shards Ice Shards Water
Wind King Wind Blades Wind Blades Wind Blades Wind
Earth King Earth Wall Earth Wall Earth Wall Earth
Life King Heal Light Heal Light Heal Light Light
Dark King Trap Trap Trap Darkness
Final Fire Explosion Explosion Explosion Fire
Final Ice Storm Storm Storm Water
Final Storm Wind Shards Wind Shards Wind Shards Wind
Final Rumble Tough Armor Tough Armor Tough Armor Earth
Final Shine Light Armor Light Armor Light Armor Light
Final Dark Curse Curse Curse Darkness
Earth Explode Fire Rain Fire Rain Fire Rain Fire
Frozen Time Freeze Freeze Freeze Water
Flight Transport Transport Transport Wind
Big Drop Boulder Boulder Boulder Earth
High Bless Restore Restore Restore Light
Evil Bless Poison Poison Poison Darkness
Fire Dance Fire Rain Freeze Fire Rain Fire
Ice Dance Freeze Fire rain Freeze Water
Wind Dance Transport Boulder Transport Wind
Earth Dance Boulder Transport Boulder Earth
Light Dance Restore Poison Restore Light
Dark Dance Poison Restore Poison Darkness
The Beserk Fire Rain Explosion Fireball Fire
Flood Freeze Storm Ice Shards Water
Wind Lord Transport Wind Shards Wind Blades Wind
Barrier Boulder Tough Armor Earth Wall Earth
Fairy Trick Restore Light Armor Heal Light Light
Life Shine Poison Curse Trap Darkness
Last Rage Fireball Explosion Fire Rain Fire
Winter Wall Ice Shards Storm Freeze Water
Gather Wind Blades Wind Shards Transport Wind
Invincible Earth Wall Tough Armor Boulder Earth
Hidden Veil Heal Light Light Armor Restore Light
Big Brawl Trap Curse Poison Darkness
Death Gamble Wind Shards Light Armor Explosion Fire
Water Lord Tough Armor Curse Storm Water
Clip Wings Light Armor Explosion Wind Shards Wind
Falling Sky Curse Storm Tough Armor Earth
Life Thread Explosion Wind Shards Light Armor Light
Death Rain Storm Tough Armor Curse Darkness
Death Bullet Transport Curse Fireball Fire
Big Freeze Boulder Light Armor Ice Shards Water
Free Lift Poison Explosion Wind Blades Wind
Insane Rock Restore Storm Earth Wall Earth
Love Song Freeze Tough Armor Heal Light Light
Gold Song Fire Rain Wind Shards Trap Darkness
Blaze God Trap Earth Wall Fire Rain Fire
Ice God Heal Light Wind Blades Freeze Water
Sky God Fireball Heal Light Transport Wind
Stone God Ice Shards Trap Boulder Earth
Flash God Earth Wall Fireball Restore Light
Dark God Wind Blades Ice Shards Poison Darkness

Wi-Fi Battle Tip

When you play a wi-fi battle against another person, a commonly used technique for an easy victory is called a rush. Simply have all of your monsters go after the opponent sorcerer at the same time while you stay backa short distance rocketing off spells. This is an easy strategy to have a good shot at winning battles. Good Luck!

Really fast deaths (works on wi-fi too!)

At level 17 I was able to kill a level 50 in 20 seconds. You don't beleive me, do you? Try this hint for yourself and you'll see. This works only on evil mage/sage/wi-fi battles. Stay where you are and send out all your monsters to do the dirty work. It may be simple, but it works!

Best way to train/catch wyverns (blue dragon)

If you're at a low level, getting totally pwned on wi-fi o-(x.x)-o, and just can't beat a specific sage, you need to level up and get some better monsters. Go to the forest witch's home (or where it used to stand) and walk between the two circles south of it until you get a wild monster battle. All the monsters you'll fight will be 5 levels below you, so you should catch a few. After killing them all you'll get up to 3000xp. I'm already level 50 thanks to this *\(0u0 )/*.

Easy kill

Always Capture as much as mana crystals as you can to cast more magic for easier kills...

After you beat the game..

After you beat the game you start over on the file you beat the game you keep all the spells,stats,monsters,abilty to draw duo and trio runes. Bad side is monsters are stronger.


Unlocking Good or Evil Story Paths:
When you have beat the White Bishop you will be given a choice by the Diva of Twilight. You can either choose to keep your wand and branch off into the Evil storyline or you can decide to give up your wand and branch off into the Good storyline. Both storylines have different endings.
Unlock New Game with Bonuses:
Beat the game with a good or bad ending and you will be prompted to save. Save your file and then when you load you will start back at the beginning of the story but you will have kept ALL your stats, levels, and items. The enemy NPC's will have also increased in difficulty.
Unlock Bosses to use in Free Mode:
When you defeat a boss in Single Player mode you will be able to use them in Free mode. The only difference between the bosses other than appearence are the types of monsters you can choose to have in your party.

Selecting Good or Evil Story Paths

When you have beat the White Bishop you will be given a choice of either keeping or giving up your wand by the Diva of Twilight.
If you choose to keep your wand you will branch off into the 'Evil' storyline and if you decide to give up your wand you branch off into the 'Good' storyline. Both storylines have different endings.
New Game Plus Loaded Saved Data:
When you have beat the game with either a 'Good' or 'Bad' ending you will be prompted to 'Save'.
When you 'Save' your file and load the game you will start back at the beginning of the story but will keep all your stats, levels, and items and the enemy NPC's will have increased in difficulty.

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