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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes unlocking characters including Boba Fett, Emperor Palpatine and Yoda. We also tell you how to unlock the Bounty Hunter missions and the Prequel Trilogy characters.

More LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : PC : Gameboy Advance : Xbox 360 : PSP

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At the bar in the Mos Eisley cantina enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock ALL Characters - UDLRAB

Unlock ALL Clothing in Character Editor - 867539

Unlock ALL Weapons in Character Editor - BIGGUN

Unlock 500,000 Bonus LEGO Studs - HGIGHF

Unlock 10 Extra Studs - 4PR28U

Unlock ALL Extras - ABACAB

Unlockable Characters and Bounty Hunter Missions

Pay the following amount to unlock the corresponding characters

Episode 4 Character Prices:

Unlock Stormtrooper - Pay 10,000

Unlock Imperial Spy - Pay 13,500

Unlock Sandtrooper - Pay 14,000

Unlock Deathstar Trooper - Pay 19,000

Unlock Beachtrooper - Pay 20,000

Unlock TIE fighter Pilot - Pay 21,000

Unlock Tusken Raider - Pay 23,000

Unlock Jawa - Pay 24,000

Unlock Imperial Officer - Pay 28,000

Unlock Imperial Shuttle Pilot - Pay 29,000

Unlock Grand Moff Tarkin - Pay 38,000

Unlock Greedo - Pay 60,000

Episode 5 Character Prices:

Unlock Lobot - Pay 11,000

Unlock Bespin Guard - Pay 15,000

Unlock Rebel P..


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Episode IV Bonuses:

Collect 8 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Episode V Bonuses:

Collect 16 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Episode VI Bonuses:

Get 32 Gold Bricks.

Unlock LEGO City Playground:

Collect 60 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Stud Fountain:

Collect 99 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions:

Buy Bounty Hunters.

Unlock Cantina Gold Bricks:

Beat Story mode and ALL 10 Bounty Hunter missions.

Unlock Slave 1:

Collect ALL 180 Mini-Kits.

Unlock Invincibility

In Free Play mode use 3CPO to unlock the first door in Episode IV: Chapter 5 - Death Star Escape then use a character who has force powers to put together the fridge in the room. The fridge will open and a Super Red Power Block will come out which will allow you to buy Invincibility in the cantina for 900,000 Studs.

Unlock Prequel Trilogy Characters

Complete Challenge mode by collecting 10 Blue Minikits within the time limit allowed in the corresponding level.

Unlock TC-14:

Episode 4, Chapter 1

Unlock R4-P17, PK Droid:

Episode 4, Chapter 2

Unlock Padme, Anakin Skywalker (Boy):

Episode 4, Chapter 3

Unlock Battle Droid, B. D. (Security), B. D. (Geonosis), B. D. (Commander):

Episode 4, Chapter 4

Unlock Droideka:

Episode 4, Chapter 5

Unlock Clone (Episode III, Pilot):

Episode 4, Chapter 6

Unlock Luminara, Ki-Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti:

Episode 5, Chapter 1

Unlock Padme (Battle), Padme (Clawed), Padme (Geonosis):

Episode 5, Chapter 2

Unlock Geonosian:

Episode 5, Chapter 3

Unlock Cl..

Character Unlockables

Unlock characters for 'Free Play' mode complete the following tasks and then purchase them from the store for the corresponding amount of Studs.

Unlock Snowspeeder:

Complete the 'Hoth Battle' level

Unlock K-3PO:

Get ALL cannisters in level 'Hoth Battle' and then buy in the store for 630 studs

Unlock Tusken Raider:

Get ALL cannisters in level 'Tatooine' and then buy in the store for 200 studs

Unlock Stormtrooper:

Get ALL cannisters in level 'Blockade Runner' and then buy in the store for 300 studs

Unlock Probe Droid:

Buy the 'Extra Vehicles' extra and then then buy in the store for 500 studs

Unlock Tie Fighter:

Get ALL cannisters in level 'Trench Run' and then buy in the store for 1000 stu..

Character Creator

Go on the character creater and make someone.

Then, you will see a switch, activate it and an enemy will come down to kill. But if you go on those three steps (the highest) then press the down arrow key to fall off. Press the switch again after that and the 4 band members should come down.

Also if you buy the 4 members of the bith band and use their instruments as weapons, get it out by pressing B and stand still to see your person play it.

P.S. An easy way to get loads of studs is to go on Episode VI Chapter III The Speeder Chase it will offer up to 120,000 and more, thats if you can find them.

How to make indiana jones

This is how you make indiana jones on the lego star wars ii game for ds:

1. Get a cowboy hat.

2. Get obi-wans head.

3. Get the 33rd body on the list of bodies

4.get the brown pants.

Choose your character

Want to get your favourite character. 1st go into a episode. 2nd go in a completed battling chapter. 3rd choose free play and go out and if you check the character thing you should have all bought characters

How to create samus aaron and her in the metriod suit

to make samus aaron:remember you must have all items #1 go to character creator #2get princess leia's head #3 get the blue 28th item #4get the seventh item thats blue #5 skip the cape and go to the heads (masks or tops) #6 get the 8th item thats orange hair (long)#7 give her one pistal,or it could be the gun that black with red,i gave her the grey

to make samus in her suit:remember you must have all items #1get leia's head #2 get C-3PO's botty (must be orange unles you wanna change the style lol) #3 get the 38th pair or legs that should like dark brown on the top and orange on the foot part #4give her a jet pack i gave her white but now im changeing it to green so you probably should to #5give her the red mask,the one that the guards that where all red #6this is a step ..

How to make an adventurer and its monsters

this is how to make an adventurer and its enemy monsters

1:get the head thats under the head thats under the really black head with yellow eyes

2:get the bodie thats under the bodie thats next to the pink bodie

3:get the legs thats next to the green legs

4:you can skip this step,but if you wahnt to give him a cape or a bag,thats unminded

5:give hm orange hair (or enny other one if wahnted)

6:give him the knights sword thats under the broom

now for enamie #1,the furless head wolf

1:give him bossk's head witch looks like a wolf

2:give him the bodie next to the red LEGO bodie

3:give him the legs on top of IG's legs

4:thats it,if you wahnt you could give him a hat or weapon,i didint though

enemy #2,the crazy ..

How To

To get Boba Fett, get all the minikits in chapter V level 4.

To get Emperor Palpatine, unlock all freeplays.

To get Yoda, beat level Destiny on story mode.

I don't know all the characters, but to get a lot of them, you have to find minikits.

Really funny thing i just found out...

Ok first things first, get a jedi inside the cantina,then go to the very start of the cantina where the bacta tanks are ans stuff and jump on the middle table..ok now listen very carefulley,...when your on the table make sure you are just a little bit from the seat below you...ok now take one step foward so your in the middle of the seat and should floating on air now, double jump...........your guys cape will floating,his arms and legs will be flailing and it will look like hes falling!!!! Very hilarous if you still don't understand ill have a revised descreption by tommorow I gotta check some stuff on my game first.

How to create game and watch

this is how to create game ad watch but remember you must have all items

1:give him the head with yellow eyes

2:give him the shirt under the classic lego piece

3:give him the leg thats next to the one on top of he pink legs (it should be black)

4:i hink we skip the cape,i ferget it he has one or not,if so--give him the black one

5:give him the head thats on top of the red mask,thats next to the ghostie head

6:give him the broom or the blue cup

i hope you enjoyed reading this...AND COMMENT!

How to make robo cop,and ennamies

wele start off with robo cop and remember,you must have ALL items

1:give him the head on top of the monsters head next to yodas head(it should look mad with a bruze comeing on his face

2:give him the bodie next to jango fetts bodie and the legs should go with the bodie

3:skip the legs

4:skip the capes

5:give him that hat right under R2-D2's head (it should be white)or give him the hat under the yellow head

6:give him the grey gun or the black small one

now for an ennamies

how to make the commander

1:give him the head on top of jabbas monster's head

2:give him the head over top of the head over top of jango fett's bodie

3:give him the leggs thats next to the sripper's legs

4:give him a white bag for te mo..

How to make lego mario brothers

first well do mario,remember,you must have all items

1:get him the second head

2:get the 42nd shirt that looks like red and brown

3:get he 33rd pants it should be dark red the color of the red shirt

4:give him the second object,that red hat

5:im not to sure that to give him as weapo,so just keep it blank if wahnted

bonus step 6:get the yellow cape like super koopa if wahnted

now is luigi

1:give him the same as mario's head

2:counting from the bottem,give him the 23 shirt thats black and green,the sleaves are black,the shirt is green

3:give him the 31st leg,thats green

4:skip capes

5:give him the hat that green next to leia's mask that looks like a bears face

6:probably no weapon for this dude lol


Destiny minikit #10

Use Boba or Jango fett's jettpack to go right by the shelf, use the jettpack to go up(don't hold doown any thing but A) and when your comeing down, quickly press forard at the third shelf and then when your on the shelf, dobble jump again to go to the top and getting the last minikit.

Attack of the no head!

im not shure if this is a glitch or an ester egg

if you unlockedal items,at the cantina or enny level on free play,get a clone trooper,storm trooper,snow trooper,or the one on the right top lol

onece done,at the bottem screen,it will have a icon thats hats,or sabers,or guns,

go there,give him a hat or glasses, or ask,or evan moustach,and the trooper will not have a head!!!!!! the item you picked will be floteing in mid air!

hope you enjoyed reading this,and ADD cOMMENTS!

How do we unlock Boba Fett?

How do we unlock Boba Fett?

Attack of the floteing hats!

this isnt actually a cheat,its an easter eg,its pretty wieerd,quick,and easy to do,oh and also HOLARIOUS!

get eny alienn or robots head!(the wierd grey robot,the wolf,bith band,jabbas monsters,NOT YODA OR THE FORCE!greedo's head,NOt the wierd thing that looks like a bag head with two balls on the side,the wierd giant ant head,enny R2-D2 head collor,the last REALLY WIERd head at the last row) and get enny bodie leg (cape if wahnteD)and for the head choose outa these two the green hat that is next to the hat that looks like a bear or he third white and yellow hat,by picking these two,they both will flote in mid air and start walking around like a wierdo!its fun and funny lol

i hoped you enjoyed and ADd COmmeNTS!!!!

Sandbox how to win

All you have to do is get true jedi stadus. What part of "get true jedi stadus in all levels" don't you understand?

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