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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy GameCube Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to go through and includes operating vehicles/animals/turrets as a droid, infinite health, unlock prequel trilogy characters and unlock Bounty Hunter missions.

More LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy GameCube Cheats and Tips

We have 50 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Nintendo DS : PC : Gameboy Advance : Xbox 360 : PSP

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Unlock Invincibility

In Free Play mode use 3CPO to unlock the first door in Episode IV: Chapter 5 - Death Star Escape then use a character who has force powers to put together the fridge in the room. The fridge will open and a Super Red Power Block will come out which will allow you to buy Invincibility in the cantina for 900,000 Studs.

Unlock Special Levels

When you complete the following tasks you will unlock the corresponding level.

Bounty Hunter Missions:

Purchase ALL Bounty Hunter Characters (Greedo,Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, and 4-LOM)

Episode 4 Character Bonus:

Complete ALL Chapters of the episode and collect 8 gold bricks

Episode 4 Minikit Bonus:

Complete ALL Chapters of the episode and collect 8 gold bricks

Episode 4 Super Story:

Complete ALL Chapters of the episode and collect 8 gold bricks

Episode 5 Character Bonus:

Complete ALL Chapters of the episode and collect 16 gold bricks

Episode 5 Minikit Bonus:

Complete ALL Chapters of the episode and collect 16 gold bricks


Unlock Characters

Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding character for purchase in Free Play mode.

Unlock Jawa - JAW499

Unlock Sand Trooper - YDV451

Unlock Beach Trooper - UCK868

Unlock Bespin Guard - VHY832

Unlock Bib Fortuna - WTY721

Unlock Boba Fett - HLP221

Unlock Tusken Raider - PEJ821

Unlock Death Star Trooper - BNC332

Unlock Ben Kenobi's ghost - BEN917

Unlock Gonk Droid - NFX582

Unlock IG-88 - NXL973

Unlock Lobot - UUB319

Unlock Ewok - TTT289

Unlock Greedo - NAH118

Unlock Ugnaught - UGN694

Unlock Palace Guard - SGE549

Unlock Rebel Pilot - CYG336

Unlock Skiff Guar..

Unlockable Characters and Bounty Hunter Missions

Pay the following amount to unlock the corresponding characters

Episode 4 Character Prices:

Unlock Stormtrooper - Pay 10,000

Unlock Imperial Spy - Pay 13,500

Unlock Sandtrooper - Pay 14,000

Unlock Deathstar Trooper - Pay 19,000

Unlock Beachtrooper - Pay 20,000

Unlock TIE fighter Pilot - Pay 21,000

Unlock Tusken Raider - Pay 23,000

Unlock Jawa - Pay 24,000

Unlock Imperial Officer - Pay 28,000

Unlock Imperial Shuttle Pilot - Pay 29,000

Unlock Grand Moff Tarkin - Pay 38,000

Unlock Greedo - Pay 60,000

Episode 5 Character Prices:

Unlock Lobot - Pay 11,000

Unlock Bespin Guard - Pay 15,000

Unlock Rebel P..

Unlock Prequel Trilogy Characters

Complete Challenge mode by collecting 10 Blue Minikits within the time limit allowed in the corresponding level.

Unlock TC-14:

Episode 4, Chapter 1

Unlock R4-P17, PK Droid:

Episode 4, Chapter 2

Unlock Padme, Anakin Skywalker (Boy):

Episode 4, Chapter 3

Unlock Battle Droid, B. D. (Security), B. D. (Geonosis), B. D. (Commander):

Episode 4, Chapter 4

Unlock Droideka:

Episode 4, Chapter 5

Unlock Clone (Episode III, Pilot):

Episode 4, Chapter 6

Unlock Luminara, Ki-Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti:

Episode 5, Chapter 1

Unlock Padme (Battle), Padme (Clawed), Padme (Geonosis):

Episode 5, Chapter 2

Unlock Geonosian:

Episode 5, Chapter 3

Unlock Cl..


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Episode IV Bonuses:

Collect 8 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Episode V Bonuses:

Collect 16 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Episode VI Bonuses:

Get 32 Gold Bricks.

Unlock LEGO City Playground:

Collect 60 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Stud Fountain:

Collect 99 Gold Bricks.

Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions:

Buy Bounty Hunters.

Unlock Cantina Gold Bricks:

Beat Story mode and ALL 10 Bounty Hunter missions.

Unlock Slave 1:

Collect ALL 180 Mini-Kits.

Guide to minikits and extras

Here is a list of each level's minikit vehicle, extra, and extra description

Secret plans: imperial star destroyer, extra: super blasters (double blaster power)

Through the jundland wastes: jawa sandcrawler, extra: fast force (force takes less time)

Mos eisley spaceport: landspeeder, extra: super lightsabers (double lightsaber power, purple sabers)

Rescue the princess: millenium falcon, extra: tractor beam (flying missions; sucks in enemies)

Escape from the death star: y-wing, extra: invincibility (invincibility)

Rebel attack: TIE advanced, extra: score x2 (double score)

Hoth battle: AT-AT, extra: self destruct (x button, self destruct while playing as a droid)

Escape from echo base: snowspeeder, extra: fast build (build faster)

Falcon flight:..

Easy 2 million!

Keep playing "A New Hope" Secret plans/Mos Eisley Spaceport- They give you around 250,000 studs!(Make sure you do free play and get every single stud- even the silver!

Infinite Stud Fountain

If you build a pile outside the spaceport when you have collected ALL 99 gold bricks you will create a fountain which spews out a neverending supply of Lego studs.


Hello, this is my first submission and I think this is a great cheat. Here are the instructions on how to start.

1. Make sure you have two Gamecube controllers.

2. Go into the game and go to Episode V. (I think, check each episode for the level name.)

3. Go to the level "Mos Eisley Spaceport" in free play. (Check for that level in each episode.)

4: Get to the double score zone.

5. Now hit start on your second controller. Make sure by this time you have over 2,000 studs on your person.

6. Now change to your second person.

7. Last but DEFINETLY NOT LEAST, you keep killing your first player character. Since this is a double scre zone, when you pick up your characters money again it will be DOUBLED!!!

Now I will finish with a cheesy phrase...Oh ..


This is a funny hint what happend was I was going to play this game as i'm about to play my mother calls me And when I come back this commercial thing about lego star wars ii is on This is how it is done by the title screen don't push any buttons for about 30 seconds and a commercial will come on it's very funny Hope you enjoy it.

Wow thats a lot of studs

Well people, if you own lego star wars II and have collected a few power bricks, you have probably found that some of them allow you to buy score multipliers at insane prices.

I know it seems worthless, but BUY THEM. Just save up enough cash and buy x2, and you will be able to get lots of cash. But why so pricy?

Well, here's your answer: each multiplier stacks on top of the other. So, suppose you bought x2 and x4. Turn them both on, and you have think about it with x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10 all turned on. That totals up to x3840.

Go into a double score zone, and you've got x7680. Wow thats a lot of studs.

Be Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you use the code CL4USH you can unlock Santa's hat and clothes and if you enter the code TYH319 you can unlock Santa's white beard.

I hope you have fun with evil/good Santa!!!!!!!!!!

Underworld Glitch and Boba Fett underground

The Underworld glitch can be done at the level Jedi Destiny (episode VI, chapter 5). Go to the part where you are in a red room and go to the bottom left. You will fall through the floor and if you press any direction on the Control Stick, you will walk around. If you stay still, you will decend and if you jump, you will ascend. And for the Boba Fett underground glitch, you need to have bounty hunter missles. Jump and press A again. Just before you hit the ground, press Y. If you did it at the right time, you will shoot the missle as if you were still in the air and you will fall through the floor.

Get people from Lego Starwars 1.

Buy "Use Old Save" once you've unlocked it but you must have LSW1 data saved on the same memory card and when you unlocked some one in LSW1 you get him in #2 but it's only in free play and when you exit you can't play as him/she like the made up people.

Skeleton Farmer

Go to Episode V, Chapter IV, Dagobah. You must select Free Play for this to work. You must also have bought, unlocked, and turned on the "Extra Toggle" feature. Once in Dagobah, get to the point where you build the tractor (in Story Mode, the trailer would have been used for R2-D2 to go up the "platforms"). Press R or L accordingly to select the skeleton. Hop in the tractor and drive it into the muck. Just before dying, jump out of the tractor and land on the ground. If you attempt to walk with the skeleton, his bones will not function, but he will move. In other words, he will walk without moving his legs. DO NOT switch to another character; you will need to repeat the process all over again. I do not know if this works with other vehicles or levels. If it does, feel free to sumbit it. ..

Easter eggs

I have found a couple of funny easter eggs! 1. If you are playing as slavegirl leia, hold x to make her dance. 2. If you hold down x while playing as a gammorean guard, he will pretend to play his axe like a rock star! Have fun!

Easter egg

On episode 5 where han solo is frozen by carbonite use lando get close to leia and press b.Lando will kiss leia on the hand.(try that with a stormtrooper hat on)(Darth Vader:"hey sideous I thought we got rid of that love program")

Lea's a STRIPER!

Remember in Episode 6 how Jaba captures Lea. Lea goes from her bounty hunter suit (Boush) to a bikini. Somebody (Jaba) had to undress her! Plus if you hold down X wile being her she dances. She's always makingout with Han, you can do a thing where lando kisses her hand by pressing B, and lets not leave out the cheat where she rubs her head on the Emperor groin submitted by Madnessman 1026. It kinda explains why he laughs that way when he's in the Cantina. Try doing that cheat in Fee play and switching to Emperor to Beach Trooper (who by the way is weiring a speedo!).

Any luck?

LMAO when I saw this one.

Go to 'Escape From Echo Base' in freeplay; go to the room with the fans in the floor; there's a back room (towards you) with an R2 door; switch to Artoo and open the door; There'll be several Stormtroopers in there ice fishing!

There's also a Lego pile that makes a sled that does a figure-8 around the holes, but I haven't figured out what that's for yet.

Baby, you can drive my car...

This one's fun, and useful too. Go into 'Secret Plans' in freeplay. You need to have, at least, a jedi and a stormtrooper. Access the stormtrooper-only areas. In a back room, there are stalls with big shower heads over them. Use the Force to activate the individual showers. Flowers and plants will grow. Mow them down with your lightsaber for lots of studs. In the first row on the right there's a red brick. In the row on the back wall, you'll get parts to build a little car. Hop in, and drive about the ship (more fun than walking!) Eventually you'll come to the crane room. Drive (carefully) onto the floor jack. It will raise up and you can get a minikit.

Drunk Walker

This is funny to see, if you've got this far in the game; Go to Ep. V Chapter 1 'Hoth battle'. Swtch on 'deflector shield' and select 'Imperial shuttle' (works with other ships, but shuttle is best) then fly slowly near an AT-ST; it will continue walking, but lean over to one side.


In the escape from echo base, go to the room where you pull the levers and play as han solo or luke skywalker(tatooine). Now do the diving jump onto the glass in the front and slide to the top. You will do a handstand!

How to make...

This is how you make priness leia

You put ever thin beige than put leia hair that put a purple litesaber.and you put leai body.

Easter Eggs.

Here are some really cool Easter Eggs[Extra like stuff].

Dancing Leia:

Princess Leia [Slave] hold X and she does a dance.

Rocking Pig:

The pig like guard[forgot how to spell his name] hold X and he plays a air guitar with his axe.

Fluting Lando:

Be Lando[not place guard,well I didn't try it] and go up to Princess Leia and then press B.

Extra People in free play mode:

Buy "Extra Toggle" and you can be musk rats[the brown and fast animals that some times appear when you destroy the cans], mouse droids, and more like a skeleton and some more but you can't be them out of free play.

Super people:

Be a ghost[if you have one] and foes can't see you and you can't get hurt but you can get stunned by some one that stun..


This is funny. Get an e walk. Get the super e walk gun and enter episode 4, level 4. Go through the level until you come to the room packed with soldiers. Get the e walk. Shoot your gun. Boom! Two or three hit should have them gone, as opposed to a single attack for every guy.

Operate Vehicles/Animals/Turrets as a droid

So, one day me and my friend were messing around in Lego City and found this cool cheat. OK, First buy the self destruct cheat in the game. Now, go to any level with something you can operate. Choose a droid to play as(you might want to have an old Lego Star Wars 1 save and the cheat for it to access more droids). Go to the part of the level with something you can operate. Switch to a person who can operate it normally (like Boba Fett)and get in. Turn on the self destruct cheat. All without touching the ground, jump out, switch to the droid, and self destruct. You will respawn inside the operatable item. Also, with a turret, when you jump out and self destruct the turret will explode too. You will not respawn but you can still jump out. If you have a friend playing or another controller,..

Laser bolt goes through wall!

Well, it's more of a glitch than a cheat, but it's cool! In the hallway, when you step on the panels to make studs drop from the ceiling, go to the left area and pull both of the levers. I'm not sure if it works with anyone else, but use Princess Leia as your charachter, an Bob Fett as the other. Now you only see flowers as well as space, but shoot between the window and right side lever? You see a laser bolt go through the wall before your very eyes!(Come to think of it, "before your very eyes!" sounds really weird!)

See further on areas of the level twice

In Secret plans, go to the corridor where four stormtroopers ar taking two rebels hostile, and look out the windows. I don't know if it works in every window, but you will be able to see the ending area. Another, you have to do free play and do Hoth battle or which ever is 5-2, and swich to artoo-detoo and activate the panel in the beginning all the way to the left and switch to a Jedi or Sith and double-jump in the corner facing the starting area with the crate and not the thing that gives you a heck of a lotta studs, and double-jump while the crate is destroyed, then double-jump in the corner and you will see the area where you pull the levers and coffee or whatever it is that comes out and the snowtroopers that warm their butts on the movable vent or whatever it is.

Become that droid from jabbas palace

you know that droid you can ride in side jabbas palace well you can be him heres how note you may need extra toggle

1, go to jabbas palace on freeplay

2, make sure you have a sith

3,start it and go to the room with the cells ( as in jail) And use the dark force on that round floor spot

4,ride on that spiderish droid drop down the hole i recomend already having invincibility

5, it may take a little while but eventually u should be inside the droid but it looks like you are the droid

warning do not jump you will come off and you can't attack while inside it i know its useless but its kind of cool unfortinutly can't get past the next part as it

Unlock stuff

Heres some stuff you can unlock:

Super stories: to unlock an episode's super story, you must beat all the levels in the episode and collect the required number of gold bricks.

Bounty hunter zone: to access the bounty hunter zone, you must unlock all of the game's bounty hunters (for those who don't know, the bounty hunters are boba fett, bossk, 4-LOM, IG-88, dengar, and greedo).

Lego city: to enter lego city, you must collect 60 gold bricks, and then go outside the cantina and build a giant ? Mark with them.

Stud fountain: to get the stud fountain, you must collect all 99 of the gold bricks in the game. Afterwards, go outside the cantina and construct an imperial star destroyer to unlock the stud fountain.

Extra characters: to play as normally u..

Boba fett's missles

Hey, have you ever wondered if you could shoot missles like jango fett in the original lego star wars? Well, to tell the truth, you can! Here's how: go to the level called "the great pit of carkoon" (episode VI level II) when you reach the upper deck of jabba's ship (the last part) go to the second floor.

Go to the side closest to the screen, and destroy the box thing and then construct a grapple pad. Use the pad to reach a balcony. Then, hop to the next balcony, and then hop to the last balcony, where the power brick awaits.

Pick it up, beat the level, and you will be able to buy "bounty hunter missles" from the extras menu. Buy it, and then boba fett will be able to fire missles with the Y button!

The droid-in-the-car glitch

This is a neat glitch. In order to use this glitch, you must have the "self destruct" extra. First, turn on self destruct. Then, enter free play mode, and find a vehicle. Now switch to a character who is next to a droid, so you can toggle to the droid quickly. Then, hop into the vehicle, hop out, and, while in mid-air, switch to the droid and self destruct. You will reappear as the droid and you will be driving the vehicle. Try this with different vehicles, and you might just find a few fun glitches! Have fun!

Get cash from a jawa

Here is a trick you can do get a lot of cash from a jawa. First, go to the "Mos Eisley Spaceport" level in freeplay mode.

Then you must open the gate in the beginning, get in your landspeeder and drive through. When you first come into the next area, there should be a ramshackle wall made of legos.

Switch to a bounty hunter and blow up the wall. Now drive your landspeeder over to the car wash thingy and pull the 2 levers that appear. Once your speeder is all nice and clean, drive it over to the jawa walking around nearby.

There will be a short scene where the jawa walks over to your landspeeder, stops for a few seconds, and then drops a bunch of studs.

Collect and enjoy!

How to make Princess leia dance

Hold down X. Or after she builds she will dance.

The Easey Way Out

Getting Extra Togle and Red Brick upgrades is the best! An example is the "self destruct" upgrade found in Hoth Batle in the second Tie Fighter only acess gate. Non-Bounty Hunter droids will explode by pressing X. It regains all your health. Dosn't lose studs, and the best part is that these characters R2D2, C3P0, ect. Do not draw attention to enemies so you can get in some free kills. Extra Togle gives you a few spechial characters in Free Play. Two of Which are the Mouse Droid and the Womp Rat. They're the fastest characters in the game and as log as enemies aren't already on your tail they have the same effect as the storm trooper helmet. A good combination is having both so rou can use quick silent assaults with the Mouse Droid.

Leia and the emeror

In any level during two-player take the Emporer and Leia(slave) and turn on invincibility. Have leia back towards the screen and have the Emporer in front of herthen use the lightning on her. When she her haed will boble a couple times on the Emporer's groin....its very entertaining and funny to watch

Episode IV, Chapter 2: Getting C-3PO

Since I don't know how to get C-3PO right, I got him wrong. Kill him in his cage (I think you can only do it with Obi-Wan, but maybe Luke can do it), then wait for him to regenerate.

Walk into the previous room, and C-3PO should be part of your party! Easy, right? Yeah, it's hilarious. Of course, I may be wrong. So just to be sure, kill 3PO twice. Or maybe three.

OK, so I sometimes have anger problems...

Easir way to make the droid go into the vehicle and way to go u

The easir way is to pick a character that jumps then hop on the vehicle (not in it)

Then just toggle to a droid and self destruct

And to get under the vehicle do the glitch above then get another droid to go next to the vehicle then self destruct and then the certain droid SHOULD be under the vehicle

How to become that spider in jabas palace

When you see that spider robot you jump on it then fall off the cliff (any one of the holes in the palace) stay on the spider even when you fall when it comes back to life have a different person push it off.

Have fun

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